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Why do you post your cute little fics on tumblr only? I always fear to loose someone. I love you anyway <3

Aww I love you too! <3 To be honest, I post them here only and not on AO3 for two reasons:

The primary is that I’m lazy. I’ve answered so many prompts by now that gathering them all up and making a huge multi-chapter thing on the Archive with all the proper tags, warnings, etc just seems…daunting. I have considered it and may yet do it someday but as of right now it just seems like too much work. 

The second reason is that frankly the response here tends to be better. I love seeing all the likes and reblogs, reading the things people write in the tags, realizing that I’ve gained little groups of new followers with every round of prompts - that kind of instantaneous feedback is vital for my fragile lil ego. 😉

the tumblr aesthetic™
  • using excessive commas,,,,,,
  • all lowercase bc fcuk grammar
  • shortening down words bc ur lazy™
  • using  ™ wayy too much™
  • rAndOm miX oF lOweRcaSe and uPpEr cAse sEntEnCes
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • tagging ur thoughts about everything in the tags hoping in vain that someone will read them and love u
  • excessive use of ???? bc why not (via @mikltea)

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random cute class 1A thoughts about sleeping

  • Jirou would absolutely do that “put the sleeping guy’s hand in water to see if he pees himself” thing to Kaminari
  • (he doesn’t, thankfully. Jirou is a little disappointed. Kaminari never finds out who did that to him)
  • Bakugou is not a morning person at all and the poor soul that tries to wake him up one day gets punched in the face. Bakugou is still asleep. he often kicks his blanket off in his sleep. is a very heavy sleeper
  • Iida sleeps in one position and one position only. the other kids try to move him into a different one one day and he will always go back into the position he was originally in. this fascinates the class.
  • Jirou sometimes plugs her earphones into her pillow when she feels scared at night, and listening to her heartbeat helps calms her down
  • Izuku mutters in his sleep. it’s just as disturbing as when he’s awake
  • Ochako chews on EVERYTHING b/c she’s used to starving herself to keep from eating and wasting money. some classmates have woken up to her chewing on their shirts/hair before. 
  • Tokoyami sleeps with his covers over his head
  • Kouda sleeps with a nightlight. it’s bunny-shaped. he also sleeps with a stuffed animal.
  • Aoyama absolutely HAS to sleep with the covers on. even when it’s like 100 degrees he just can’t sleep without them on
  • Todoroki can’t sleep unless he’s on a tatami mat. but he is able to fall asleep when he’s near someone he’s comfortable with. this ends up causing some awkward situations with Izuku and Momo
  • Momo needs to sleep on super plush beds. she can sleep on lower-quality stuff, but she often tosses and turns and usually doesn’t sleep as well. she needs her cushy bed
  • Mina moves around a lot in her sleep and will accidentally punch or kick anyone close by. often kicks off her blankets
  • Sero prefers sleeping with thin blankets or without any. he doesn’t like feeling hot. has no fear and often sleeps with his feet hanging off the edge of the bed
  • Kaminari drools in his sleep. often. also snores. a hurricane could come and he still wouldn’t wake up.
  • Tooru is a cuddler and will cuddle against anyone who’s close by, regardless of who it is.
  • Tsuyu sleeps with 3 blankets on and curled up in a little happy froggy ball
  • Shouji sleeps with his limbs all splayed out and with a single blanket. prefers having a really big fluffy pillow 
  • Kirishima both drools AND sometimes sleep punches people. will sometimes activate his quirk in his sleep and ruin his shirt
  • Satou is also a cuddler and always ends up hugging his pillow in his sleep
  • Ojiou sleeps with his tail wrapped around him like a cat and will curl up in a little ball. prefers sleeping with thin blankets. is a pretty light sleepr

when you follow a mental illness blog and then they turn their life around and suddenly start reblogging nothing but #recovery and #positivity

like, i came here for memes about my suffering, miss me with that healthy optimism shit