to lazy to shade :p


Men of Baahubali — As Antithesis to the Trimurti 

In Hinduism, the cosmic functions of creation, protection and destruction are personified as the three deities - Brahma the creator, Vishnu the protector and Shiva the destroyer. Deriving a parallel akin to the Women of Baahubali I made earlier, we have the three leading male characters here representing the reverse of the divine trinity

my friends and i were talking about our super old art from like middle school today and we found a drawing one of them had made of all of us as different kind of mermaids and i was a seahorse mermaid!! so naturally i decided to do a redraw :’)

Look, it’s Flowey! My favorite character. :D He looks annoyed, though, but he’s on the surface so it can’t be that bad. Yeah, I had zero idea on how to shade the grass, so I just gave up. :/ I see a lot of inconsistencies in the shading that I’m too lazy to fix. :P

It was on my dash again…

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Hello? || Jac &a Rayka

Jacquetta hopped along her eldest brother almost never let her out so when she got a taste of freedom she took it. She had a red ribbon tied around her fluffy white neck a bell dangled from the middle of the bow. She shifted into her most human form as she neared a meadow watching bread-and-butterflies float around. She laughed spinning round and round till she grew dizzy laughing as she fell back falling asleep in the lazy afternoon shaded by tall grass and flowers.