to lazy to list them all orz

WOW????  I don’t even know what to say at this point.  I’m honestly very honored and kind of in shock that so many people would follow this blog.  I’m really very flattered!  I know I’m not great at graphics at the moment but I will work hard to make things that I like and that hopefully other people can enjoy as well!  Thank you all so much!  I will try to get better!

(also this isn’t in alphabetical order bc i’m TOO lazy for that)

(also you should follow every graphic maker i list because they are what i aim to be like and they constantly inspire lil ol’ me)

(also sorry this is so close to my last follow forever?  orz)

(OMG ok one last thing: this is not my main blog, my main is smartwaterofficial that is why aarakitas is not following u ok here we go)

Friends (i consider them friends!!!):

bokuhina | k-haruichi | marshmellowcoco | itiserica | bokutos | trows | agendertetsuya | thankscorelton | haibaleon

Graphic makers:

alexbenedetto | yachibot | mmatsuokah | mmasato | aominae | escarletes |
-jenjam | zeino-edits | aoimine | akahshi | suzuyajuzoo | voronasdouglanikov | sexuoh | sagararei | izumou | ssousuke | md0rma | tsukiyma | zetsueen | hawuka | fallencrows | taitetsu | iwazukas | lordzuuko | bertholdts | seiikas | seiirins
kurogamis | mrpikachew | kachimatsu | keiko-chan | nijishuuzou | kicse | kigeky |
sawamuhra | mmakotoz | bakaramen | thejacketslut | ohbirds | whitnerded |
imayoshishouichi | gurrenlagging | akashis | matsuokav