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do you think you could make a contained version of your newest theme?


LALISA VERS. 2. 「 CODE 」 /   LALISA VERS. 3. ( w/ header )CODE

  • 300px posts header dimensions: 605 x 130px
  • 400px posts header dimensions: 705 x 130px
  • view original post and features here


DO: enjoy it, edit it to your fancy, make it nice n pretty, use good color schemes, leave the credit intact, change it up to your liking, leave some feedback if you have any issues/comments/suggestions
DON’T: use it as a base code, redistribute/repost it elsewhere, lift any bit of coding (including fonts) from this theme and put it elsewhere without permission, alter the credit in any way, take heavy inspiration to the point that it’s nearly identical, claim any part of this theme as your own


character aesthetics: Mick Mundy –– Snipin’s a good job, mate! It’s challengin’ work, outta doors. I guarantee you’ll not go hungry. ‘Cause at the end of the day, long as there’s two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead.❞

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How do you organize your characters? And if you have a lot of them and you're too lazy for profile sheets, what do you do?

i use google docs to keep track of my characters, since i haven’t found anything as useful (i love custom fonts, too, and i can change the color of the page when my eyes hurt). i also take advantage of the spreadsheets for names and family, as well as other important information.

i use a lot of random generators and i compile my vague ideas into a doc for “character concepts”. i especially use this one.

as for profile sheets, i usually go looking for some. most of them are vague enough to use, but when i’m feeling especially lazy, i use this:




Misc Details:

most of the time though, i just have separate documents for my characters. they usually look like this:

[name, gender/sex, age, zodiac]

[appearance details, vague personality details]


- this character is allergic to fish

- they also really like collecting buttons

- they want to garden, but they kill every plant they touch

i do it like this, because even if it’s a little unorganized, it’s something i can just toss in there for later, so i don’t forget. i’m a messy writer. so, so messy.

How to make gifs.

Okay, doing this because lot of people asked me this lately.

What you need:

  • a video (can be a DVD or a downloaded movie, doesn’t matter)
  • VLC media player
  • Photoshop (I use cs5) (downloads)

I’m going to make this gif:


Open the video of which you want to make a gif in VLC player (VLC player automaticly opens when you put a DVD in your computer). scroll to the point that you want to gif using this thingy:

Now, we are going to slow the video down (because we want to cap all the frames). For that I use the shortkeys ’[’ for slower and ’]’ for faster. For the Hobbit I usualy use the speed 0.10 because it’s HFR (other movies I use like 0.30). You can change the shortkeys as you want in ‘preferences’. It’s under 'extras’. 

Then, go to 'shortkeys’

Mine’s in Dutch but it looks the same. Now look (also in shortkeys) for the action 'take video snapshot’ (videomomentopname maken). For me the shortkey is 'x’

You can change the shortkey by doubleclicking on it and pressing the key you want. I choose for 'x’ because it’s an easy one xD. Okay, when you’ve done that click 'save’. You only have to do this the first time, now it’s saved you can skip this part in the future. Next, back to the video. Before you press play, make sure to slow it down using ’[’, then press play and keep holding down the 'x’ key during your gif moment. All screenshots will be automaticly saved in “my images”.

Actually making the gif:

Open photoshop. Go to file -> scripts -> load files into stack.

(this one is in English yay!). Click browse, select the screencaps you’ve just made (using shift if you’re on Windows). Then click 'OK’

Now Photoshop is going to load the layers. This may take a while depending on how many screencaps you’ve loaded and how big the video file is (the Hobbit version I have is 1920 x 800, which is about as big as it gets). When Photoshop is done, select this thingy in the bottom right corner (make sure you have the animation window on, see the menu 'windows’).

Then select “make frames from layers”. And after that select “reverse frames” (because photoshop loads the files backwards idk why).

That’s it! You’ve made a gif.


This gif tho, is not Tumblr ready. If you want to make a big gif, change the size to 500px. Gifs for photosets with two gifs next to each other 245 px and for three gifs: 160 px. Image -> image size. Before you do this you can crop the gif if you want using the crop tool that is selected in the picture below.

Change the width to 500 px and click 'ok’.

Now propably, the gif is waaaaaaaaaaaay to fast. Change the speed to something reasonable (I often use 0.1 sec) by selecting all frames (!) and then clicking on this arrow:

Then select 0.1 seconds or click other to enter your own speed (like 0.07 or something). Now adding a PSD. You can make them yourself or download them. I usually use those I’ve made in the past because I’m lazy also I’ve found that the PSD I made really fits with the bag end scenes. So I’ll just open one of the gifs I’ve made before in a new window.Then I select the “make-your-gif-nice-thingies” and drag them to my new gif.

Now, we’re going to add the text. Simply select the text tool, click on the gif and type. 

You can change the font and fontsize in the left top corner and when the text tool is selected you can drag your text to whatever place you want it to be. Now we have the problem that it’s not readable in every frame so: right mouse click on the text layer -> blending options -> select stroke.

I usually use these settings:

Click “OK”. Make sure you do this for every frame. Now I add the watermark (also using the text tool). This gif is still too big for tumblr (it’s 30 frames now). We have to make sure the gif is under 1 MB (damn you upload limit) (you can check this by going to file -> save for web and devices).

The gif is 1.184 mb and we still have to sharpen it! So I’m going to delete half of the frames alternately. (we can do this because we took screencaps at 0.10). (I just hold down ctrl and select frame 1,3,5 etc). Deleting half the frames makes the gif twice as fast! So now I need to change the delay to 0.15. Now I’m going to sharpen it (so it looks nice ok). Select the first frame and the layer that goes with it -> go to filter -> sharpen -> sharpen.

As you can see first frame and layer are selected, oh and btw: the blue circle shows the delete button that I used in the previous step. Now, you can select the second frame and layer and press ctrl + f (this repeats the sharpening action). Keep doing this untill you’ve had all frames. aaaaaaand you’re done! Go to file -> save for web and devices.

As you can see it’s under 1 MB and can now be uploaded to tumblr! Make sure the looping options are on 'forever’ otherwise it will only move once. Click 'save’ and name it whatever the hell you want. and tadaa! 

§.•´¨’°÷•..× [ PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY TRANSLATIONS OR SCANS (◡‿◡✿) ] ×,.•´¨’°÷•..§

Things I changed from the previous profiles:

  • calling these resumes instead of personal profile
  • fixed Azusa’s university (in Tsubaki’s I called the school Hekizan, it’s actually Aoyama)
  • new font

As always, do not repost these. When I say that I mean don’t upload them on WeHeartIt/Photobucket/etc.

It feels like I haven’t translated anything in ages. I was either busy going out and meeting up with friends I haven’t seen or being lazy. School starts in 3 days and I’ve been living a nocturnal lifestyle orz.

Mizuji is a part of a cow that’s supposed to be around the shoulderblade… and from what I understand is pretty expensive lol but I couldn’t find the English equivalent to it

edit - fixed a typo

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Storyshift Chara. On a bad day. In the middle of a genocide run. Maybe. 

This is more a remake of what I see happening during a genocide run in Storyshift. No idea what the actual dialogue is (if there is one).

I don’t even know at this point. But hey. I’m p’ happy with this. So it’s staying. 

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