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Okay so I been thinking

Y’know how in season 2 of Young Justice, Raquel gets married, but they never actually show or say who she’s getting married to? Weird, huh? It always bugged me.

But. What if. They didn’t say who she was marrying. 

Because it was another lady.

Season 2 aired on cartoon network and Greg et al were under some restrictions about what kind of relationships they could have on their show. Greg has said multiple times he’d like to have non-straight people/relationships in Young Justice, but was never allowed to because of the rigidity coming down from the network of where the show was airing. So maybe this was a clever way of side-stepping those restrictions.

Think about it…they never say who she’s marrying…they never indicate the gender of the person she’s marrying…

So…just saying. Maybe Raquel has a wife.

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I kind of developed this headcanon a few days ago where Eddie has a habit of taking notes on EVERYTHING in class, but the teacher changes slides too fast so he misses info sometimes and gets frustrated. Well Richie notices this because he sits right next to Eddie, and to help out he stops the teacher before he has time to change slides and asks a question, even if its a question he already knows the answer to. He stalls for awhile by keeping up convo while Eddie catches up.

“wait wait wait that’s how you spell photosynthesis? that’s so dumb”

“alright alright wait so humans don’t go through photosynthesis? why? what if i want to be lazy and not go out and get my own food and energy?”

“what the fuck do you mean plants aren’t actually green?” 

“the sun gives plants energy? how?” 

“what do you mean the equation for photosynthesis is respiration’s equation backwards?” 

“can you explain again how plants grow-”

“got it, richie”

“why have we been staring at this slide for five minutes? MOVE ON TEACHER DUDE”

5 Signs You Treat Your Reader Like an Idiot

(1) Overusing Adverbs

For Example: “Get out, Michael. I swear to God, get out before I try to kill you. I wasted two years of my life on your pathetic cheating ass. Get out!” Tara yelled angrily.

Adverbs are, more often than not, useless additions to your writing. Looking to the example above, adding “angrily” to the end of the line tells the reader nothing new. The reader knew Tara was angry, because Tara is clearly yelling at Michael. The dialogue alone is enough to portray this, and I’m sure with the full scene, the reader doesn’t need any extra help. Adverbs clutter up your writing and weaken your writing. Trust the reader to catch on without the adverb.

(2) “As if” Phrases

For Example: Mrs. Winters lingered over Bryan, her stern face glaring down at him, as if daring him to speak out again.

You don’t need to explain why characters are doing what they do. “As if” phrases are explanations we don’t need. Your writing needs to be strong enough to portray that Mrs. Winters wants Bryan to shut up.

(3) Exposition in Dialogue  

For Example: “Hello, Bridget, my ex-girlfriend who cheated on me with Brad”.

I wrote a whole post on this last week, because exposition in dialogue is absolutely terrible, but I will say it again. Using dialogue to explain things is usually just lazy writing. Dialogue needs to sound the way that people actually talk. Keep in mind that the characters know more than they say, and rarely need to explain it.

(4) Lazy Research

For Example: The curtains opened and Jared lifted the wand. With a wave, he instructed the winds start playing. The hall filled with the melody of flutes, clarinets and trumpets.

To the untrained eye, Jared is a decent conductor, and is doing a fine job leading the orchestra. To a musician, this scene would come off as weird. The stick a conductor uses is a baton, not a wand. Trumpets are not wind instruments. These details aren’t enough to completely ruin a story, but if you have a character interested, you need to do research. Know what you’re talking about. Using the right words, terms that are only used within the community (for this example, words like staccato or laccato tell musicians how to play a note).  If you have a character who is a musician, learn about music. If you have a character who does ballet, learn what a pliée is, and what an arabesque is. Don’t assume your readers won’t notice if you mess up on small details. The small details matter.

(5) One Dimensional Characters

No matter how minor a character is, it is your job to make them matter. Every character should have some sort of story. It might go untold, but characters need to be people in the universe you created, not plot devices there to guide your main character to what they need to do. This is especially true when writing women. Many female characters are written with the purpose of being a love interest to your main character, and they deserve more than that. 


hi folks! as most of you will know, i’m currently taking a gap year. i’ve received so many questions about this (mostly asking me for advice) so i thought i’d just gather all the questions and the information i’ve gathered and make a little guide about it all! :-) i’ll be going through why i’m taking one, the advantages and disadvantages and what i’ve learned so far!

► what is a gap year?

first thing’s first: what is a gap year? according to the cambridge dictionary, the definition is as follows: ‘a year between leaving school and starting university that is usually spent travelling or working.’ most people will take a year out before starting uni, but it’s also often taken to prevent a burn out or stress from overwork in later years. the reasons for taking a year out before starting uni vary, but the most common reason is to have fun and explore the world before getting down to some serious studying. as a result of this, young people will have a chance to get to know themselves, and the world around them, a lot better. in general it’s seen as a positive thing, although the opportunity can be wasted if the year is spent being lazy and not doing anything interesting.

► why did i decide to take a gap year?

i made a post about this back in july (2016), but i’ll briefly explain this again. in my case, there were a few reasons why i decided to take a gap year instead of going straight to uni after graduating. the first being that the course i want to do is super expensive compared to the normal courses in my town, so my parents wanted me to work and save money to pay for it myself! since i really want to do the course, i totally didn’t mind the idea of working for a year and saving up the money. the second is that i was only 17 when i graduated, so i’d be moving to barcelona at a really young age to study there. that was something my parents and i weren’t so sure about (considering my age). a few other factors are that i wanted to finish my musical education before leaving, i wanted to have some fun and travel a little before studying and that i wanted to feel really ready for the move. 

► should you take a gap year?

i get asked a lot by my followers if i think they should also take one, and i honestly think it’s way too personal to let anyone else decide! you need to think of the reasons why you would want/ need to take a year out first. i suggest you make a list of reasons why and reasons not to. if one list has better reasons, go with that one! i also suggest you talk to your family, teachers or anyone else you know taking one/ or has taken one. but if you need a little more help, i’ve made a little list of the advantages and disadvantages that you can take a look at below.

► what are the advantages?

there are so many so i’ll try my best to list them all!

  • you don’t have to study: for some people this is a huge advantage. if you’re not too keen on studying, taking a gap year provides a nice long break to enjoy before going to uni to study even harder.
  • you can do the things you couldn’t as a student: think about it: you have a whole year to do whatever you want to! as a student you’re bound to certain activities like going to school, studying, etc. now you’re not in school you can travel or pick up a hobby you didn’t have the time for/ the money for/ or just plain couldn’t before!
  • you can experience the working world before your peers: this is an advantage i regard really highly. i’ve been working for almost 8 months now, and i have discovered so many things about the working world that i wouldn’t have otherwise known. you’ll find out how to find real jobs/ go to interviews/ etc before any of your peers. and with that comes the money.
  • → money: if you choose to work. you’ll be payed good money depending on the job, and with that money you’ll be able to travel or buy things you couldn’t before! you can save it for later life too, which will help you out a lot in the long run.
  • you’ll get to know yourself better: if all your friends decide to go to uni, you’ll probably not be able to spend all that much time with them anymore, leading to you being alone more often. but don’t worry! this can be a really good thing. you’ll get to know yourself better, and by working/ travelling/ picking up a hobby you can really work on yourself. i found that high school really messed up my ideas of myself by trying to fit in. you really get the chance to look after yourself better and to nurture your true nature and personality more.

► what are the disadvantages?

when there are advantages, there will always be some disadvantages!

  • you will feel a little isolated sometimes: if you don’t know anyone else taking a gap year, it’s very likely you’ll feel slightly isolated at times. friends going to school or uni will have a very different schedule than you, so you won’t always be able to hang out with them. this is very easily remedied by keeping yourself busy and active though!
  • you might get out of the habit of studying: because you won’t be in school or taking a course, you might find yourself getting out of the old habit of studying. i noticed how fast my hand got tired when writing for example! this isn’t a huge problem, because you can always keep your habits alive by following online courses or learning a new language for fun!
  • you might become less motivated: this sort of ties in with the previous point, but it’s possible you’ll notice yourself get lazier and lose motivation. the habit of routinely studying and doing your assignments won’t really be necessary during a gap year, so it might be hard for you to get back into the swing of things later on.

That’s it! Hopefully this was helpful to some of you!  :-)

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Spare Key || Bangtan Reaction

Jin / Seokjin

Jin would look at the key in his hand and wonder why it was given to him. Of course he was happy you trusted him so much but he thought it was a little early to be trading house keys, It wasn’t until you explained what it was for that he relaxed a little bit and nodded.

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Suga / Yoongi

Yoongi wouldn’t even question it. He would understand why it was given immediately, as one of the main things he loved about you was the fact that both of you would lay around all the time.

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J-Hope / Hoseok

Hoseok would stare at the key for a few minutes before turning back and looking at you with wide eyes. He would try to hand the key back to you but when you wouldn’t accept it he would begin to ask a million questions. The moment you answered the main one he would calm down and laugh at the reason behind it.

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Rap Monster / Namjoon

Namjoon would ask you straight up if you thought it was a little too soon. He would mention the fact that you two had only been dating for a few months, and then you would tell him about how you were just too lazy to let him in. He would roll his eyes at your reason but accept the key gratefully.

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He would be quiet for a while, trying to think about why you had given him the key. Sure he came over a lot but didn’t you think it was a little soon before he moved in. Jimin tried not to show how confused he was but failed when you picked up on it almost immediately. You laughed as he explained his thoughts, only to tell him the real reason and have a blush flood over his cheeks.

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V / Taehyung

Taehyung would be trying to cover the smile on his face, knowing right away why you had given him the key. He thought it was cute and adorable how you were too lazy to let him in. He knew he would lose it soon enough and you would either have to make a new one for him or continue to let him in again. There was never going to be a change between that and this.

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The little child would have a heart attack. He would take one look at the key you offered him and you would see the colour drain out of his face. You would take one look at him and burst out laughing, instantly explaining to him that it was only because you were to lazy to let him in every time he came over.

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Okay but during Epi 6, which was filmed during the hiatus, Julie once again hinted Even’s story with the zoom in and the song lyrics. We know that Henrik said that they were gonna be busy filming Skam when going home after gullruten. And then Julie meets up with Thomas two weeks ago (around when Epi 7-8 is filmed, I think) and decides to cut Even’s story + Henrik’s screentime, just because Thomas said yes to come back. Honestly this would explain why we never got an actual explanation between the fight and now got a lazy version of it. And how Even is suddenly friends with the boys again.

The clip last Saturday introduced the girl plot + Even’s plot, and I believe that we were supposed to get a Even & Sana scene this week. And then epi 9 would have been all about Sana and Yousef, plus more about the balloon squad + the girls.


I Wanted It to be Real

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

‘You have to sit with us at meals. I’m not talking to Dev and Niall.’

‘I wouldn’t ask you to.’

‘You can’t flirt with Agatha.’

Baz sits down on his bed, staring me down. ‘Neither can you.’

I turn so we’re face-to-face and cross my legs. ‘And you have to be nice to my friends.’

‘If I’m sitting with you and being civil to you, then you have to at least try not to embarrass me with your table manners.’

‘Then you have to eat,’ I say. I don’t know where that one came from. ‘And you have to pull out my chair, since you’re such a gentleman.’

‘Fine,’ says Baz. ‘You have to open doors for me.’

‘You have to call me darling,’ I say, snickering.

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I want… I want a fucking conquering ADHD movie. 

A movie about a girl who grows up undiagnosed bc ADHD is severely under diagnosed in girls. 

It shows her struggles growing up, people getting angry at her when she’s five for her symptoms. Her having meltdowns because she just doesn’t understand why shes Like This. She forgets things that her mom tells her, she gets borderline obsessed with certain things that catch her interest, only to drop them a month later in favor of something new. She struggles in school, her room is a mess despite her mom telling her to clean it every day. Her sleeping and eating schedules are a disaster. She’ll try to cook food but almost always burn it, just because she momentarily forgot about it and 5 minutes turned to 50.

Her life is pretty much hell and she doesn’t know why, but she has a feeling its her own fault. Her family says its because she’s lazy, and she agrees bc she doesn’t know any better.

Then, around 15, she gets the diagnosis. And she doesn’t get it at first, bc thats what little boys have. You grow out of ADHD once you mature, right? She starts explaining her symptoms again to the doctor: chronic memory problems, difficulty with concentration, irregular sleep patterns. Because thats nothing like what ADHD is. 

But then the doctor tells her no, that’s exactly what it is.

So she’s put on some meds, and suddenly her grades go up, and she’s got a bit more spring in her step, and she feels oddly productive.

She adjusts to life with meds, figuring out who she is on them and who she is off them, and does her best to manage her ADHD the best she can. She still forgets, she still procrastinates, she still has meltdowns. But now she has the tools to manage them better.

She goes to college bc her family pressures her to. That’s actual hell. She has at least two meltdowns within the first week, but she tries her best. She has her pills in a days of the week container so she doesn’t accidentally overdose or forget. She has alarms on her phone for everything. She forces the distractions away so she can work, and sometimes shes successful, sometimes she ins’t. Its hard. But she manages.

She makes a friend in college and the two of them get really close, before the friend finds out about the protagonist’s ADHD. The friend doesn’t really ‘get’ it, but they’ve heard of it and how it affects people. 

The friend helps our MC through many meltdowns, as well as through a few of the classes they have together. MC vents to them on occasion, and they listen. The friend reminds them to do things when they forget, and bugs her to start things she’s been putting off when she needs an extra push.

She isn’t magically cured by the end. The movie ends with her 30 years down the line, at a stable job she landed by constantly fighting her ADHD to apply. She’s better now, knows how to manage herself so she’s self sufficient. It’s still difficult, but she’s happy, and healthy, despite what she thought she was gonna grow up to be. She’s learned to live with her disability, and it’s a happy ending.

What’s in My Mouth?//Christian Yu

A lot of these have been sitting in my notes for awhile now because i didn’t think they’d be good enough to share but ahh why not.Hope whoever reads this enjoys it! feel free to hit me up,ask me questions.

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“Babe,” Christian called out from the bedroom.We both had the day free and decided to be lazy within each other’s company.

“Yeah,B?” I replied after filling up Lori’s bowls.

“Can we do the what’s in my mouth challenge?” He yelled out like I couldn’t hear him.Making my way towards the bedroom I dropped onto the bed beside him.

“Have you been watching those challenges on YouTube with Dabin again?” I asked looking at him,he gave a cute lopsided grin.

“Maybeeeee,” he singsonged.“but can we, on Instagram live?” He pleaded.

I don’t know why he was asking when he knew I’d say yes.After explaining everything to me we set out to find the five things that we were going to use.We both returned to the bedroom with our five items hidden from each other.Christian set his phone up on the tripod,placing it on the desk and turning on his Instagram live,waiting a couple of minutes before the views came in.

“Hey guys,” he commented as he adjusted his phone to capture both myself and Lori who had made her way into the room and onto the bed.

“I’m doing fine,wassup with you guys?” I heard him ask as I rubbed Lori’s tummy.It wasn’t the first time I’d been in his live,we’d been friends for years so they were used to me basically.

“To be honest I didn’t plan on getting on here but I really wanted to do a live challenge and as my best friend who loves me dearly,Y/N has decided to help me out.” He turned and looked at me with a cheesy grin on his face. I stuck my tongue out at him before smiling and waving at the camera then returning my attention to Lori.

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An Ideal Sister Chapter 1

Altertale version fanfiction by @arstudios2000

Original comic, An Ideal Brother, by VanGold (link to cover page):

Chapter 1: Eureka

“Can you keep a promise?” 

Toriel looked up at Sans. She was sitting on his lap, with a ham and cheese hotpocket in her hand. Sans himself was holding a pepperoni hotpocket. He still had that smile on his a face, that smile which Toriel liked to see. But the expression of his eyes were sad.

“Keep a promise?” Toriel repeated, looking at the skeleton’s face. “Of course I keep all my promises! My word is worth its weight in my brother’s tea! Which would be something if it weigh anything, instead of being an abstract concept….” She mumbled.

It had happened just this morning, without warning, that Toriel and the one behind the big door to the Ruins were once again passing jokes between each other, when the voice on the other side had grown silent. Toriel got curious as to what happened, when the door opened on it’s own, and she was beheld the sight of a tall, 6 foot 9 inches skeleton, dressed in dark robes, staring down at her. Toriel was momentarily fazed to her spot at his intimidating height, when the skeleton suddenly said, “Pepperoni or ham and cheese?”

After a while, the two were now here, with Toriel sitting on his lap, eating hot pockets, passing more jokes, and laughing more than they had in a while, when Sans suddenly asked her if she could keep a promise.

“But can you keep it?” Sans asked again. He kept look into Toriel’s eyes, looking for one thing: reliance.

“Well….” Toriel said, deep in thought, “I’m really picky about my promises. Though any gentleman who likes knock-knock jokes has good chances. After all, that really makes you….a –door-able.”

Sans chuckled, causing Toriel to shake in her seat on his lap, and said, “Well, Tori, then I guess I can trust you with this promise….”

In Alterswap…

“Can you keep a promise?” King Sans asked. Toriel was sitting close to him on the bench that was placed within the walls of the castle. Toriel looked up at the Skeleton King’s eyes, her own shining brightly with glee, and said, “KEEPING A PROMISE? OFF COURSE, YOUR MAJESTY! I, THE TERRIFIC TORI, AM, AFTER ALL, THE GREATEST MASTER OF PROMISE KEEPING THERE IS IN THE UNDERGROUND! THAT….THAT IS OF COURSE….AS LONG AS…IT…DOESN’T ENDANGER PEOPLE. I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVIL STUFF…..”

King Sans gave a deep sigh.

It had just happened this morning that Toriel had gone training once again, leaving her brother at his sentry post (asleep. What a lazy goat!) when she reached Alphys. Alphys, however, had a message for her.

“Guess what, twerp?!” She yelled excitedly, “The king has requested your presence in his castle! Looks like somebody’s noticed your talent!”
Toriel was excited, but then got a little confused.


“To be honest, I really have no idea…” Alphys explained, while her tail smacked the ground, and then she buffed her speech, “BUT WHO CARES?! THE KING HIMSELF REQUESTS YOUR PRESENCE!! WHAT ARE YOU STANDING AROUND FOR?!”

Toriel was caught off guard by this burst, saluted her captain, and ran off, and then hid behind some bushes. She looked around. No one in sight.

Weeks ago, she had seen her brother ‘use one of his shortcuts’….and disappear. After he came home, she had immediately burst upon him and demanded an explanation as to how his shortcuts work. Totally busted, Asgore knew he had to explain what his shortcuts actually were; teleportation. Toriel had been amazed by learning this, and asked her brother if he could teach her how to ‘shortcut.’

Now, Toriel would finally see the effects of her shortcut training. She pictured the castle entrance, and with all her will, wanting herself to be there, she snapped her fingers.

And found herself there. She could teleport. Her excitement had never been higher. And now here she was, in the presence of His Majesty, King Sans, right next to him on a bench.

“Well….you see…this isn’t easy on me either….” King Sans said, “….but in these past few months, after I….met you at Snowdin…(Toriel remembered the day she met the tall skeleton wearing a cloak to conceal himself. She had immediately been interested in the stranger) and these meetings we’ve had ever since…I’m sorry if this is too much for you…” he said sadly, bowing his head.

“Well…in that case….listen carefully…”

In Alterfell

“Could you keep a promise?”

Toriel looked at the door. Did this guy actually just ask for a promise?
“A promise, eh? Yeah,” she said, “I can definitely keep my promises. I even  have kept this other one lately, see? I’ve had for a long time, and I still do today. And I hate myself for that.”

“Gee, that’s rough.” The voice behind the door said. (Unlike Altertale and Alterswap Toriels, Alterfell Toriel was unfortunate enough as to not have met the one behind the door yet…)

“Hmph. Keeping promises is probably the worst habit I have. Way worse than that ‘rabbit’ I still have to show to you.”

A chuckle came from behind the door. Toriel giggled. That was a good (bad) one.

“Sooo…yeah. Count yer sweet arse on me to keep yer promise, buddy. So spit it out. And this is the only time I’ll allow you, by the way, heh….”

There was a moment of silence, and then the voice said, “All right, listen…”

I’m all ears, dear…”

End of Chapter 1

Hope you like it! And be sure to read the original ‘An Ideal Brother.’

12 Years (Sirius Black x Female!Reader)

A/N: So sorry that this took so long and I changed the ask a little bit. I hope it’s ok. This is my first time writing for adult!Sirius.

Word Count: 904

Warnings: One nearly swear because I’m such a rebel.

Requested: yes ( @dygalome  ) 

Oh oh I suck at writing, but I may have an idea that may interest you. Still in the soulmate AU thing. What if you stop aging when you’re 18 until you meet your soulmate, but you realized that you never stop aging only after that Sirius is sent to Azkaban? It’s okay if you don’t want to do it, I just suddenly got the idea while I was writing to you

AU: When you reach the age of 18 you stop ageing until you meet your soulmate.

Blurb: You and Sirius were best friends when you were younger. But that was before he murdered James and Lily Potter in cold blood. Now he’s been in Azkaban for 12 years but you still haven’t found your soulmate. What happens when you meet again?

“Morning Remus,” you chirped walking into the kitchen.

“Morning (Y/N)” he replied solemnly. “I’m leaving today.”

“Crap. That’s today?” you facepalmed. “I totally forgot,” you said apologetically.

“You’ll be ok by yourself won’t you?” he asked. 

Typical Remus. Always worried.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“It’s just that it’s been nearly 12 years since-”

“Please don’t!” you interrupted, looking down. This is not what you wanted to talk about first thing in the morning. 

“I’ll drive you to the train station,” you offered.


It had been half way through your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You had gone there like your parents. And their parents before them.

“Oi! You! Chuck us our ball back” someone yelled.

You turned around to see a group of Gryffindor boys waiting expectantly.

You threw the ball at them. A boy with black, shoulder length hair and a cheeky smirk caught it. 

“Cheers love!”

Well, he was gorgeous.

12 years. And it was his fault. How could he? They were his friends.

Beautiful Lily with her hair like flames dancing in the wind.

And James with his playful grin.

He ruined it. Anyway, it was all over now. He’s been locked away for 12 years why should you think about it now?

“Can you help me find her though?” he pleaded. “I’ll help you.”

“I said no!” you said sternly. “You need to find her yourself.”

“Ok, but does that mean you’ve found your soulmate already?”

“Of course not. If I did would be the first to know,” you replied.

“Honestly don’t know if I'll ever find my soulmate. I’ll be 18 forever.” he huffed. “Wouldn’t that be great?”

“Yeah. Fantastic,” you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes.

You wondered if he ever did find the one. Maybe she’s in a cell next to him. Criminals together. 

A part of you wished he didn’t. Because then you’d lose your best friend. 

But he was gone anyway so what did it matter.

You were alone and soulmate-less.

“We need yo move in together though.” you whined.

“Nah! I’ll go live wth Remus or something instead.” Sirius joked.

“But you promised…” you complained.

“Guess I’m stuck with you then.” he rolled his eyes.


You both burst into laughter.

You stirred your tea again. Adding another spoonful of sugar. How many was that now?

Why? Why were you still 18? 

Remus had Tonks. Lily had James. Who did you have?


Even Sirius Black, the heartless and cold blooded killer, probably had his murderer soulmate.

“Remus found his soulmate!” you yelled, bursting in through the door of you and Sirius’ shared flat.

“Who?” he said, sitting up.

“New girl at the Order,” you explained. “Goes by Tonks.”

“Even our nerdy Moony found his soulmate before us?”

You nodded.

“We’re doomed.”

“Yep.” you agreed. “Now go make me a cuppa please?”

“Lazy.” he said, heading to the kitchen.

If what the Order told you was true little Harry didn’t turn out too bad. Considering.

His whole family was murdered by a man they trusted. 

But Harry didn’t know Sirius Black. You did though.

You burst in through the door.

“Step away from him.” you whispered, pointing your wand at the two hugging men.

“No (Y/N) it’s-”

“I said step away, Remus!” you said, louder this time.

Remus took a step back towards Harry, Hermione and Ron. Oh. Look at Harry. He’d grow a lot in the past few years.

But there was a more pressing matter to deal with now. Sirius Black. The crazed man stood in front of you.

“What did you do? Why Sirius?” Tears streamed down your cheeks.

“(Y/N)” he said softly. The same way that he used to.

He took a step forward.

“No! Stay right there!” You pressed your wand into the side of his neck. “One more step and I’ll kill you right where you’re stood.”

“I’m sorry (Y/N) but I didn’t do it.”

“What do you mean? Yes, you did. You killed James and Lily Potter. They died because of you.”

“No. They died because of him.” Sirius pointed towards the children. This was mental.

“Who? Me?” asked Ron, obviously confused.

“Ron couldn’t-” started Hermione.

“No! Not the kid!” said Sirius desperately. “The rat!”

“What do you mean the rat?” You were confused.

“Scabbers? How could he kill someone?”

“Because he’s not a rat. Are you, Peter?”

“Wait! Peter as in-” you were about to ask.

“Peter Pettigrew?”

How on earth did Harry know that name?

In that moment the rat bit Ron and scurried away.

Someone hit it- him- with a spell and he started morphing back into none other than Petter Pettigrew.

“So you didn’t kill them?” you asked for the fourth time.

“No (Y/N). I could never do that to Lily and James,” he explained again, holding your hands gently. 

“So you didn’t find her?” you said gesturing to his face.

“No,” he shook his head.

“I’m sorry.” you whispered.

“I’m not.” You looked up questioningly. He smiled at you. “I’m with her now and that’s good enough for me.”


“You’re my soulmate (Y/N).”

“Oh,” you said. “And here I was thinking I could stay 18 forever. Take over the world. That type of thing.”

“Sorry for crushing your dreams love.”

“I’m not. I have the best soulmate ever,” you said throwing your arms around his neck. “Come back home with me?” you begged. “Please.”

“Of course.”


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UT/US/UF/SF bros pampering SO on Valentine's Day and out in a date that is extra romantic. Just before the date ends, SO gasps very loudly, looking horrified. "It's Valentine's Day!" They had completely forgot it was Valentine's Day. They went along with everything that their skell had done not knowing why. How do the boys react to this realization?

* Holy shit this is fucking hilarious


He looks at them for a good 3 seconds. Then he plays along, “wait is it?” Later it’ll be a running joke that any date they go on will be Valentine’s Day except for the Valentine’s Day date.


He’s incredulous, actually screeching. “OF COURSE IT IS I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU FORGOT YOU’RE AS BAD AS SANS!!!”


/looks into the camera like he’s on The Office


He wants to flip the table. He resists flipping the table. He walks away. He returns. He walks away again. He can’t believe it.


He deflates. Dammit, if they didn’t know it was a Valentine’s date does it still count as a Valentine’s date? Maybe he should do over? Can he do over? Okay, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day 2.0


He just starts laughing. He looks at his S/O’s slightly horrified and guilty face right as he’s calming down then starts laughing again. He will never stop teasing his S/O about it. Sometimes, when it’s a quiet, lazy day and nothing is happening, he’ll just turn to them and ask “is it Valentine’s Day?” then fail to hold in his laughter.


He slaps them lightly. OF COURSE, IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY ARGH WHY ELSE AM I DOING THIS? At least this explains why they didn’t get him anything or wish him Happy Valentine’s Day. Now he’s not hurt but more speechless.


Wordlessly, he takes a cigarette out. He lights it. He takes a longggg drag. He sighs. “Yes, yes it is.”

Next Door ~ S.Coups Pt.3 final

Word count: 1.7k
Genre: College!au, fluff, drama, comedy, slice of life, romance
A/N: Last part of the mini series! seemed kinda rushed but I hope you do enjoy reading! Feel free to dm or ask me for requests and drabbles~

Pt.1 || Pt.2 || Pt.3 final

“I’ll think about it.”

You didn’t understand. “Love you say? You did that to me!” you yelled back, your voice started to sore. 

“Just, let me explain okay? I have no idea why you assumed so much when all I wanted to do was to tell you the truth.” he loosened his grip on the blanket. 

You hissed, “What is there to explain? That action was already enough.” you looked away. By now he stared you again. 

“Chan took a video of me sleep talking,“ he began, ignoring your words. “He was going to show you but I didn’t want him to.” 

You shrugged as you laid comfortably on the sofa and placed your forearm on your face. 

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More Persephone and Hades AU (or Mythology AU; I haven’t fully decided on a name just yet) with guzmeria~

I made this AU back in January but I fell back in love with it a few days ago and I finally was able to draw for it again (I’m on vacation till the 22nd which is why I haven’t posted much in a week).

When I stop being lazy, I’ll also make the post explaining my version of this AU on my main. I hope more people will enjoy this AU and these two lovebirds ;u;

[do not tag as kin/me/etc.]

Hold Your Hand

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Word Count: 1,535

Warnings: None! All fluff

Prompt: The Beatles song “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” as well as memories of holding someone’s hand for the first time, because I looove that feeling. 

Requested by: My writer’s block-stricken brain.

Author’s Note: I didn’t use “Y/N” in this one, so I’m leaving out the code for the name insert. Also, I tried writing first-person POV to see if things flow a little better. :) Let me know if you enjoy reading first or second-person better, please!

AO3 Link - For those of you that might prefer reading fics on there!

“Hey, we’re heading down to the mess hall. Wanna join?” Jess asks me, motioning down the hall that leads to the residential area.

I give her a smile, “Yeah, I’ll meet you there in a few. I’ve got to run this report down to Command.” Jess nods, turning to lead the group of pilots to lunch.

“We’ll see you there!”

I continue on my way to the command center, brushing some dust from my flightsuit along the way. All my grimey gear had been left in the locker room of the squadron bay, but the bright orange of the flightsuit didn’t hide the dust of the landing zone very well.

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Hi! I'm a new midcin player and really enjoy reading your analyses! something's really bugging me, how do you think the princess elect should've been chosen, in a more realistic sense? Like a contest testing needed skills? What would be the eligibility requirements?

Welcome, Precious! Are you enjoying the game so far? 

Let’s see. It appears that to be chosen as the Prince/ss Elect, one must be Wysterian-born and of a certain age. Peerage, or lack thereof does not matter. 

If they are searching for a prince, I am assuming only those whose sex is biologically male may apply, the same way that if they are choosing a princess, they would need only those who are biologically female, as the major requirement is to produce an heir. The assumption is that the partner you’re doing this with has the opposite sexual organs to yours, in order to facilitate a pregnancy and successful birth.

While the first artificial insemination was in 1884, it was hardly ethical, as the woman wasn’t even informed about it. She wasn’t even conscious! The first sperm bank was created in the 1920s, but both of these things were in America (Philadelphia and Iowa, respectively) and you’re very likely in France.

Outside of those requirements, the only other thing which they seem to consider is one’s deportment.

If I’m remembering correctly, Princess seemed surprised that she would be required to find not only a mate, but to bear a child.

Those all seem like the first things that should be mentioned at the contest. What if you’re asexual? What if you don’t want children? What happens if you or your partner, or both of you are infertile? Why do they only tell you that after you’ve been chosen?

When it comes to deportment, maybe having a sponsor would help to elevate your chances of being chosen. Of course, everyone is going to go there looking and acting their best. Sponsors and references could help weed out the fakes from the genuine article. What looks like a friendly and promising candidate might actually be some tyrant in disguise, whose business smile is on point.

Because they already have people lined up to teach the Elect, they assume no meaningful skills right off the bat. But I think it would cut down on cost if they chose someone who had at least some type of social graces.

You could get rid of Louis’ salary right there, as he only rarely comes to the palace for work in the first place, but is now being paid to come regularly to teach you how to dance.

You would also save money on Alyn, who already has an important job to do. He shouldn’t be personally teaching you how to ride a horse. Wysteria already has a problem with their security. Don’t take him off the job for something like that. Get the person who taught him! 

Also, Leo’s job is incredibly important, as basically the only competent bureaucrat in all of Wysteria. Why is he wasting time teaching you anything? I mean, I don’t think any of us would complain, but I get the feeling that the country will collapse if he’s gone from parliament for too long. You have a cabinet of derps.

It would also lessen the strain on Giles, who wears the most hats of all of them.

Choosing someone with a higher level of education saves time and resources, and it also allows for a smoother transition, as you don’t have to start from the bottom straight out of the gate.

It’s nice that you’re a home tutor and all, but you’re kind of dumb as a box of hair sometimes. You didn’t know that Wysteria had different regions? What are you talking about? Did you never leave your neighborhood? Did you never go to school? How are you tutoring someone else, like this?

You’re confused by the fact that there are different languages spoken in Wysteria? How tf? I live in a place where you can walk outside your door and hear a minimum of ten different languages. That would be as smart as my saying that I didn’t realize that there were languages other than English spoken here.

While the expectation wouldn’t be that a person would be fluent in all of them, they would at least be aware that they can tell not everyone speaks just one language.

I also think that commitment to the job should be considered. Princess happens to be a very hard-working person. What happens if they chose a lazy ass? Do they try to motivate the person? Do they get de-throned and then the contest starts again?

Giles reveals that he chose you as the Elect because he has faith in you. But all you did was literally walk into the room where he was about to explain the selection process, and then you immediately walked right out again, before he explained anything!

So he saw you enter and exit a room. That’s why you were chosen.

He assumes that you’re the best candidate because you’re not trying to scale the social ladder, since you, as far as he could tell, had no interest in the contest.

We, as the readers, know that that is correct, but how does Giles know? He can’t possibly know!

Maybe you were just going to the bathroom. 

How I would run it would be to make it known that you’re looking for candidates with certain qualities. 

With the population of Wysteria knowing that any one of them has the same potential to be selected, I think it would motivate the citizens to pursue higher forms of education and may even increase humanitarian efforts such as volunteer work in their own communities. 

That way, they would have references which would bolster their chances of being chosen just based on reputation, since class doesn’t matter.

A person who has references from a community center here and a soup kitchen there would have a better chance than someone solely relying on daddy’s titles. 

Someone who doesn’t need to be taught everything from the ground up can slide into a position of power much faster than the candidate who doesn’t even know national holidays.

Irresistible vs. Orison: An Analysis

I’ll never forget when the Orison previews started airing. How incredibly excited I was for this episode. Irresistible was so perfectly written and executed, that I couldn’t wait for the return of the terrifying villain, Donnie Pfaster.

So let’s look at each episode. First, Irresistible. Here is what worked:

Mulder and Scully

Scully was extremely vulnerable in this episode, but Mulder handles it perfectly. Irresistible is one of the reasons I will still defend CC now and again – and will NEVER buy into the idea that he “hates” women – because he writes Scully, Mulder and their interaction so well here. Scully is not melodramatic about her fears. She seeks help and she is honest and raw in the scene with the therapist. When the doctor points out that Scully is talking about herself “in the second person” and Scully’s confession that she doesn’t want Mulder to feel like he has to protect her….it’s all very painful, but feels real. (I only wish CC could always write dialogue like this.)

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i know heaps of larries seem to not care cause they're only focusing on harry but why do you think louies are also ignoring the shit promo and everything else louis is going through

I tried to answer this yesterday anon and failed. I just don’t know other than perhaps the suggestion Alex (@louehevolution) made in her tags to an answer I gave… that we’ve all become desensitised and exhausted and its just more bearable to believe things will be all right, and Louis is super happy behind the scenes and he isn’t up against the career and image sabotage some of us believe he’s up against.  

I really cant explain otherwise but I do know what you mean. Its everywhere through Louis fandom: the determination to insist that its all fine really, that the patchy, amateurish, alienating, ineffective promo we’ve seen proves Sony/Syco/Epic want to do well for him (hey they had people in their offices applaud him, anon- what more do you want?) but are just bumbling incompetents who may yet manage to get things right for Louis, the way they miraculously appear to do right off the bat for their other clients.  Maybe things will change if they’re suddenly convinced there may be money in it for them, though somehow that fact has escaped them until now. That or they just don’t have the resources to help Louis promote his single or launch his career. They spend that on everyone else they want to succeed.

Then theres the well spread theory that  Sony have decided that ‘Louis fandom will do all the work’, even though *no* label would do that in a billion *years* if they wanted a client to really succeed (because it doesnt work without label backing as JHO proved even when Louis support was at its peak). Thats a particularly damaging and insidious ‘theory’ ofc because it also tacitly tells fans not to bother promoting the single to spite ‘lazy’ Sony taking advantage of us. Yet a lot of blogs treat that idea as gospel truth, because, Im told, ‘an insider’ blogged about it.  Then theres the lazy and incompetent Rusty/SJPR/Sony social media managers comedy trope.  Somehow they’re only lazy and incompetent when it comes to Louis. Again And no one ever explains why Louis - smart cookie Louis who signed a distribution deal - hired these people and has no control of how they’re handling or not handling his solo launch. 

I’veheard that the reason it cant possibly be sabotage, despite all evidence to the contrary, is because ‘no business would do something that might cost it some profit’. QED. Even though the music business and Sony in particular have proved repeatedly that they are willing to do just that for factors they perceive as more important in the long term. Usually control.  So why is that supposed to be the ultimate proof that Louis promo isn’t going down deliberately? Just accidentally. So thats all right then. 

Its inexplicable and depressing to me watching bright people who seem to genuinely care about Louis jumping through hoops to deny that all thats happened so far, suggests his solo career is being smothered and his brand degraded. But ‘everything’s fine for Louis except the stunts and a bit of incompetence but never mind’ is the predominant opinion in this fandom and you challenge it at your peril as @ithazzabelou and others have discovered.  So all that rambling is ultimate proof that I don’t know the answer to your question anon… have you tried asking a non Larry Louie?