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TFP Gothic

I swear to god I saw someone I follow ask for TFP Gothic??? I don’t remember who it was, but @buckynotbuchanan asked to be tagged.

This is a straight rip from my TST Gothic, partly because I’m lazy, partly because I’m really salty. (If you couldn’t tell)

  • The Final Problem leaks. You fall asleep that night with visions of what the future of the real episode could bring. The next morning you awake with excitement for the air of The Lying Detective. A week remains until The Final Problem airs.
  • A new meta shows up on your dash, explaining why TFP is bullshit. Later comes, and you see the same meta again, but a single word has been changed. This makes no difference, as TFP is still bullshit.
  • Amanda Abbington appears on your television screen. John laughs. Mycroft laughs. A dog laughs. The clown laughs.
  • The clock on your wall strikes 13. Mark Gahtiss’s corpse emerges from your fridge with an elephant drawn on his forehead. “Who you really are doesn’t matter,” he says. You are not making any noise. “He just really liked elephants,” the elephant says.
  • BBC posts another interview with Mofftiss. They say what they are most proud of is making Redbeard into a boy. “This kind of twist has never been done before, ever, anywhere” they say, and chills boil up from your spine as you type, “WHAT ABOUT TOBY.” Toby is dead. The dog wouldn’t move, so they didn’t use him.
  • Sue Vertue hands you the leak. You watch it, against your better judgement. It sucks.
  • You give birth to a baby. It’s a girl. She grows up to be best friends with her brother. Years later, she “dies” and no one knows she exists, until she escapes prison like nbd, impersonates at least four different people, and quietly returns back to her cell. This comes as a complete surprise to everyone. No one bothers to pull up google, once. This is okay apparently.
  • The same four notes replace every song on the radio. They make you tear up because you’ve heard these notes before, and you were promised new better ones. Petra’s cheers of “canon” Sherlolly drown out the notes.
  • “My Baker Street Boys,” says Mary. Instantly, you are teleported to the Gay Pilot universe. Mary doesn’t exist. Sherlock and John are happily retired in Sussex. You shed a tear knowing that they are probably having lots of gay sex all the time every day.
  • Steven Moffat wears a mustache and regrets the “I love you” scene. You like it better this way.
  • A woman throws you down a well and invites you to climb back out. You unscrew your feet and shimmy up one of the twelve ropes that were thrown to you. You are given a choice of 6 different kinds of replacement feet when you surface, and a shock blanket.
  • Three cords hang in front of you. Only one brings about the True Garridebs ending, but no matter which one you pull, it never happens. You pull, and pull, and pull, and pull…
  • You gaze in the mirror as you get ready for work. You can see Oscar Wilde’s grave behind you in the reflection. The dirt shifts, and you step forward to investigate. The glass has disappeared.
  • You are having dinner with Arwel Wyn Jones. You’ve ordered the best wallpaper on the menu, but your plate is just a gray slab. Arwel gazes at you with concern.
  • An explosion plagues hour home. It slowly envelopes everything you look at, but only when you look at it. The flames are cold to the touch. You submit that you’ll die here, and decide to jump off the roof for dramatic effect. Your life ends with you half-way to the ground, as time around you stopped on your way down.
Artist Asks meme

1) Take a picture of your workspace

this is just one of my workspaces. my other is at my desk with a cintiq but i’ve been favouring my bed lately ;;v;;

3)  Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

OCs Ian and Aiden, with Ian explaining why joining track is a waste of time

4) Lineart or colouring?

;;v;; i like colouring more than making lineart mostly bc im a lazy sod and you can see it aaaaaa
OC Chadwick

5) Who/what inspires you?
you can see my inspirations and interests over on snowbisket <3 lots of things inspire me but mostly colourssssss

7) Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

OC Alex with his smol horns
please never ask me to do this ever again ;;n;;

8) Redraw one favorite piece of art by other (internet/tumblr) artist.

Original by Ishida Sui
redraw by ionahi

10) Draw a gijinka of your blog.

ion blog-chan <3

13) Least favorite thing to draw?
backgrounds bc i don’t do them enough //lays down

14) Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

15) Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?
- making the same expression as the chara i’m drawing
- never sitting up straight (always with my knees bent or on them)
- flicking the nonexistent “eraser flakes” from my screen or tablet surface
- mumble to myself very audibly (ex: “this is dumb”, “this is shit”, “i’m such shit” etc)

okay, here are my theories:

1) wes is not the man under the sheet

i know a lot of people think so, but allow me to explain why i just don’t think it is. first of all, think of the the past two seasons of the show and their big mysteries:

s1: who killed sam?

s2: who shot annalise?

the answer to both of those mysteries is wes. that’s part of why i think that the writers wouldn’t have it be him again. it’s lazy writing, and it’s not interesting. 

also, it’s too obvious. everyone has been saying that wes would be the one to die as soon as they saw annalise cry like that. how to get away with murder is a show full of plot twists and shockers. this would be neither. 

if you ask me, i believe that annalise staged all of it to use is as a cover up. i don’t have a specific guess to who the deceased actually is, but i’m leaning towards frank at this point. 

2) wes is the father of laurel’s baby 

now, some people think that it’s simply unlikely, since she would only be three weeks pregnant if he is the father. i don’t understand why, though. at the hospittal, they probably took a sample of laurel’s blood from which they found out that she is pregnant. a blood test is able to tell if someone is pregnant or not, even if they are only a few weeks along, since a woman’s body starts producing hCG almost immediately after a child is conceived. 

also, who else would the father be? frank?

i think it’s highly unlikely, simply because then she would be at least be three months pregnant, which would mean that she would know. do you really think she would be drinking and hooking up with wes if she knew she was pregnant?

Gentle reminder that in Tilt/Shift, since Ahsoka is the only one on Mortis with two lightsabers – and Qui-Gon doesn’t have his – she has to share.

And it’s really feelsy because AH lineage stuff. Lightsaber sharing. GETTING TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER.

Also, I wanted to kinda visually show myself the height difference between these two. I was honestly worried for a bit that it was exaggerated, but then I realized…it’s not. It’s not at all.

(Which makes this scene in the fic 10000x more better.)

Sorry for the shit coloring by the way, I just. Didn’t really care. I wanted to get the doodle out while it was still fresh in my mind

At least Ahsoka looks nice. Not…really sure….what happened to Qui-Gon there. But meh. Close enough.

I’ll likely make a cleaner version of this sometime, but until then! Here you are.

For some three weeks, Brett was convinced the clumsy boy has his own branded greeting gesture. Every time he would stare at him from the other side of the park, squinting as though he could figure out why Stiles had to shout whenever he was around.

Then Lori gave him a hint: that gesture was meant to be offensive.

That explains a lot, especially the loud declaration on how much he hates Brett, but it still doesn’t explain WHY Brett deserves such treatment. Maybe he is a sort of parental figure of Liam, who has all the reasons not to like Brett. Maybe Brett did something while he was daydreaming. Maybe he did offend him, somehow.

So this time, when Stiles puts a hand beneath his chin again, Brett mirrors his action and finishes it just about the same time, though with significantly less aggression. He doesn’t even really understand the gesture anyways. Then, almost like he has defused the tension, he steadily slides over to Stiles with his trademark lazy grin.

“Heard you hate me,” he says, not exactly sounding concerned, “what did I do?”

@volatilehearted a little punk please

Maybe it’s the classical liberalism in me talking here

But sometimes I think humans sit around trying to get out of respecting and/or treating people equally

Isms are the obvious examples, but then people just pop up and do it again

Conservatives go “but we can’t treat people equally because meritocracy! Treating everyone equally would mean coddling the lazy!”

Progressives go “but we can’t respect everyone equally because some people are privileged! It’s about ‘leveling the playing field,’ and it doesn’t affect 'the playing field’ if I exclude, mock, or bully you because I’m 'punching up!’”

And both groups get to avoid the onerous burden of respecting others as their equals

What’s more, they get to feel like they’ve come up with an Overarching Theory Of Justice that explains why all the sages, heroes, gods, saints, and nice people who said “just treat each other with equal respect and love” were actually wrong

It always looks shiny and new, and it’s always the same very, very old poison

(I’m not immune! I’m blue-black, which means there’s a lot of Merit, Pride-the-virtue, and Honoring Those I Deem Smart Over Others in me)

There’s a lot they never sat well with me about the Christian tradition I was raised in

but maybe I just figured out what Sin is supposed to be after all