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Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

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“Holy shit Ethan, you like someone?” Mark said surprised.
“Shut up!” He whines, looking away from him and the camera.
“Ethan, this is a total break through– she could be watching this livestream.”
“Oh shit-”
“Too late! Tell me all about her.” Mark smiled; “Do I know her?”
“Uh, yeah?— yeah you do.”
“Realllyyyyy what’s she likeeee?”
“Uh..” Ethan started; then glanced at the livechat, which was going nuts.
“Ethan s2g if you don’t fucking tell us I swear to god I will throw my cat out the window.”

Ethan then looked back at Mark.
“Well uh–”
“She’s smart, and– and fun.. and..—”
“Pretty?” Mark interrupted.
“Beautiful!” He commented quickly, a large smile on his face.
“She’s got these eyes that just– and this hair– wow.” Ethan sighed, leaning into the couch, “And her smile?! Ahhh.” He softly chuckled; his eyes sparkled.
“Shit dude.” Mark muttered, looking at Ethan with wide eyes, “You’ve got it bad, don’t you?”
“Fuck, I do don’t I?” Ethan groaned.
“Dude, dude I don’t know, how do I tell her?”
“Well, tell me who she is.”
“Do I have to?”
“Yes Ethan, you have too.” Mark chuckled, looking at the webcam and muttering; “Make sure some of you record this~”
“Sorry, sorry.”
“Alright, ok– ok uh… it’s Y/N.” he muttered softly, crossing his arms, looking away from the camera and mark, a small blush covered his cheeks.
“AWWW ETHANNN!!” Mark whined, throwing his hands in the air, all excited,
“Wait!– What do you mean you knew?!”
“Dude, have you like, seen the way you stare at her, and how you talk to her, and like, do everything with her compared to everyone else?”
Ethan groaned, “She could know!”
Mark shrugged, “Y'never know, she might like you back.”

“Hell yeah I do.” You muttered, attacking Ethan from behind the couch, laughing as you did.
“y/N?! WHATTHEFUCK?” Ethan screeched as you tackled him on the couch, you both ended up falling onto the floor with a thud.
“You’re too cute.” You smiled, softly kissing Ethan’s cheek.
“What?– I?– you??–”
“Yeah, I like you back.” Your smile grew bigger, “You doof.”
“Holy shit really?”
“No Ethan I’m just fucking with you.”


Extended ending

When you both stopped laughing, you looked up to say something to Mark, but instead you found an IPhone, and the webcam both facing you two on the floor, with a very excited mark holding them.


Heh, I like how this came out.
I used quotes from Aladdin bc omfg yes Disney is ma shit.

i found the perfect antidote* for those times when you just feel like everything sucks n always will suck:

google “jake peralta quotes,” specify “gifs” and just wander the results bc like…

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*also works for jake peralta reaction gifs, jake peralta laughing, andy samberg, andy samberg quotes, andy samberg reaction gifs, andy samberg laughing, and if you’re feeling romantic stylez, jake and amy brooklyn nine nine, peraltiago, etc.

ASTRO as boyfriends

A/N: feel free to send in request!


- such a happy boyfriend omg
- whenever you’re upset, expect him to do foolish stuff just to cheer you up
- say if you’re insecure about your body
- he’ll be really dramatic and shocked that you thought that way
- so he’ll be really extra about it bc it’s myungjun
- it’ll take your mind off of it though because now you’re laughing at whatever he just did
- in front of the other members, I don’t think he’s shy with you
- he doesn’t really get embarrassed easily so I don’t think he’ll be embarrassed to kiss you in front of them or cuddle with you
- even if they do end up saying something
- he’ll fire back quickly because of the sassy little boy he is
- whenever he wants a kiss from you he’ll do that thing with his lips


- so warm and soft omg
- all of astro are literally just softies pls protect them
- gives you cute nicknames
- actually, sometimes they’re cute
- sometimes they’re really stupid and weird
- whenever he comes up with another nickname and it’s stupid, you’ll laugh at him
- but he won’t change it or be embarrassed by it
- he’ll just call you it for the next week or so
- a lot of hugs
- a lot of cuddles as well
- whenever you say you’re hands are cold he’ll grab hold of it and start to warm it up
- like I said he’s really warm and soft


- a lot like moonbin
- that’s why the two of them are dating each other
- really romantic
- buys you flowers and giggles while he’s handing you them
- because of the nerves obviously
- omg imagine cuddling with him
- like he’ll be so gentle with you
- he’ll hold you like a porcelain doll that’s how gentle he’ll be
- I also imagine him smelling really good as well
- just bc everything is perfect about him obviously his scent has to be perfect as well
- whenever he’s shy or nervous he’ll always giggle
- like after your first kiss he’ll just giggle to himself
- it will be so cute


- he’s so fhjskafakfaio
- such a softy
- really shy as well
- takes 20 million years for him to finally have enough courage to hold your hand
- when he finally holds your hand he’ll giggle to himself
- you know that video of rocky putting a facemask on him and he’s squealing?
- well he’ll be like that
- you’ll find it cute
- lets you borrow all of his clothes
- compliments you whenever you wear his clothes
- tbh I just think he enjoys you wearing his stuff
- cute pecks
- like long passionate kisses aren’t really something that he enjoys doing
- maybe once in a while
- but what makes his heart flutter the most is when you give him multiple pecks on his lips
- it makes his heart beat so fast omg


- not going to lie
- before I was a full out astro stan
- I thought rocky was one of the oldest and that he seemed cold to me
- I know I’m dumb
- but I now know that he’s so soft
- I feel like he’ll be shy with you for a while
- he will gradually start to hold your hands
- and then cuddle
- and then the first kiss
- then he’ll feel less shy in front of you
- teaches you dances even if you’re bad
- you never turn him down as well when it comes to him teaching you because you don’t want to upset him
- plus it’s his interest so you decided to show a little interest in it as well
- laughs at you whenever you fall or can’t do it
- but then he’ll turn back into gentleman mode and help you from the floor
- you know after he’s almost pissed himself from laughing at you


- okokokok
- sanha is my bias so this might be longer than other members
- sanha will be shy the first couple of weeks into your relationship
- because love is something that is completely new to him
- but eventually, he will grow into being really clingy
- like when you want to get out of a cuddle with him to finally be productive
- he won’t let you get away
- probably walk down the street holding onto you
- you know in weightlifting fairy when they walk down the street all over each other?
- yeah that will be you and Sanha
- does aeygo a lot
- he already does it a lot but in front of you it will increase
- mainly because if he want’s to do something with you and you say no, he’ll persuade you by doing aeygo
- you’ll eventually give in because who wouldn’t?
- in front of the other members, I feel like he’ll probably be shy with you
- even if you two have been dating for a year he ain’t even gonna hold your hand when in front of  them
- mainly because he’s the maknae so he knows they’ll laugh about it
- he doesn’t really want to embarrass you either so he just decides not to do any lovey-dovey stuff in front of them
- but in front of everyone else and when you two are alone, he’ll be lovey-dovey

infinite members as neighbors
  • Sungkyu: loud ass singing everyday, repeatedly singing one song, you go to bang on the door but when he opens it, you have no choice to just sigh and say hi (bc he too cute). i heard his fridge is dirty af.
  • Dongwoo: loud jumping and skipping noises,can't tell if the laughing is him or the TV but it is 99% him. really kind. leaves happy quotes and snacks at your door.
  • Woohyun: is he flir- .....???? really nice. apparently a good cook. why does he make hearts so often????smiles to die for. yes.
  • Howon: sarcasm levels up everytime you say hi. nice(?), always hear beats jamming when you pass by. you're really sure he hates you but then he's really nice to you so the mystery goes on
  • Sungyeol: cute, funny, tol, knows how to make you smile on a bad day, has a new hobby every time you see him. also plz turn down tv.
  • Myungsoo: quiet. too quiet? half the time you wonder if he still lives there and then you hear a dorky ass laugh. really sweet dude. has a cat. be friends with him for the cat. he's also 100% cute. crush-worthy.
  • Sungjong: walks out to get the mail 100% fashion ready and you look like a homeless person. Sweet. very kind and friendly. only leaves out lemon candy for Halloween?????
Sentence Starters -- Texts From Last Night
  • [text]: I need all the beers. I want to be holding on to the grass so I don't fall off the earth drunk.
  • [text]: Would you think less of me if I said I was eating a toaster strudel in the bath.
  • [text]: Regardless of how one feels after a break up, whiskey must be consumed.
  • [text]: Had to leave my skype meeting to vomit. I'm obviously ready for the real world.
  • [text]: Man I was just the closest I've ever been to crapping my pants.
  • [text]: I don't think I'm gonna survive today. I don't remember how to walk. I must crawl 6 blocks to my bed.
  • [text]: Never go drinking with anime club. End of story.
  • [text]: I think were only still together so we can make each other miserable
  • [text]: Can we both just take a day off just to have sex? Is that acceptable as an adult?
  • [text]: Ultimate fat girl moment: I promised him my mouth for the night if he bought me a funnel cake
  • [text]: pls come over. need ride to hospital once taquitos are ready
  • [text]: I've only hooked up with engineers this year and it may be the best future financial decision I've ever made
  • [text]: Yeah plus that night got so disgusting it's basically a repressed memory anyway
  • [text]: Somehow I became in charge of getting my mother laid? This can't be my life?
  • [text]: In my dream I had to eat so many peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches
  • [text]: I just got winded making my bed. How do you think the workout plan is going?
  • [text]: my roommate was being a bitch so I changed my Netflix password on her. 21st century slap in the face ladies and gentleman
  • [text]: You texted me the words "butt stuff" 53 times in a four hour period last night.
  • [text]: I've needed to start drinking protein shakes to keep up with her. It's like my dick just started doing crossfit.
  • [text]: She got engaged last night. I don't think you should ask her out man.
  • [text]: So what if I got a tattoo on a bus, it was sterile.
  • [text]: Do you think I can get away with quoting Work Bitch by Britney Spears in my speech?
  • [text]: My greatest accomplishment today was eating a box of Thai food the size of a toddler.
  • [text]: I'm sorry for drunkenly throwing a spoon at you and then laughing at your pain.
  • [text]: I'm pretty sure our sex is better than most foods and that says a lot too bc I really like food
  • [text]: i'll talk to you in three hours when you've stopped foaming at the mouth and your eyes have rolled back into place
BTS ⇝ When You Choreograph One of Their Dances

Anonymous said: can u do a reaction of got7 or/and bts as you choreographing one of their dances? Btw i loveeeee ur account 💕👌


❀ Requests❀
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)
I get all my prompts from this lovely lady

Seokjin/ Jin

He would be so awestruck when you came in as an instructor bc like
whaa?? They’re so pretty? Yah! I’m going to embarrass myself!!

He would want to try his hardest as he learned your choreo so he didn’t make a fool of himself in front of you but alas, he’d mess up somehow. He’d try to play it cool and act like he did it on purpose which would make you giggle, opening up a conversation for him to start.

“You know, that was your fault, for giving us such difficult choreo?”

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Yoongi/ Suga

His eyebrows would raise after he saw you walk into the practice room. He’d look around to his friends and ask if they knew who you were. When Hobi told him you were one of the choreographers for their new song Yoongi would just nod understandingly but in his head he would be so psyched bc heLLO?? You’re fucking gorgeous and he has so much time to get to know you.

 “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you. I’m Suga by the way but just call me Yoongi.”

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Hoseok/ J-hope

Hobi will be soooo happy!! He would be around you constantly while brainstorming ideas with you and doing trail dances with you to see what works and what doesn’t. By the end he would obviously want to know you more so he’d probably invite you to go get food with him and the rest of BTS.

“It’s the best way to repay and thank you for the choreo.”  

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Namjoon/ Rap Monster

We all know he isn’t the best dancer out of the group but he would probably make a fool of himself on purpose just so he could get you to laugh. That’d probably be the first thing he falls in love with tbh. He would loud the whole time so he could get your attention.

“Y/n? Am I doing it right yet?”

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Jimin would probably be like Hobi in the way of helping you with the dance and always being beside you. He would be more smooth and charming tho. I feel as if he joke with you and stuff just to get you to talk with him more until he felt comfortable enough to ask for your number.

“Maybe we could talk more? I really enjoyed these past few days~”

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Taehyung/ V

Oml… this man… He would be so fucking charming and nice to you. He would want to get you anything you needed. Thirsty? He has water. Hungry? He’ll order food. Need a phone charger? No worries, he’ll get you one. You couldn’t just leave forever without say thank you and appreciating this man so you’d end up asking for his number.

“Re-really? I mean yeah totally!! Of course! That’d be awesome!”

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He would be pretty shy and awkward at first but once the dancing started he’d get some kind of ego boost. Whether it be from the adrenaline caused by all the dancing or all the compliments you gave him while dancing, it didn’t really matter bc suddenly he is talking with you, making you laugh and fixing your hair to get it away from your face. 

“Aish~ Your hair is in your eyes again. Let me get it.”

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Astro Reaction To You Having Tattoos But A Sweet Personality

here you go <3 (this is in bullets)


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  • when he first met you he thought you were an angel
  • sweet personality, cute laugh, ummm you’re adorable ok???
  • he always thought you were cuddly teddy bears, kittens and puppies, unicorns, you know…
  • then when you went on the stage with your rock band he would be like
  • W O A H 
  • I  T H I N K  I  F E L L  I N  L O V E
  • so like backstage when you get off the stage he’s in awe at your performance
  • he compliments you incessantly like “omg you were so good” and “sTEP ON ME YOURE PERFECT”
  • and you just laugh cutely and he’s like (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • and then you two go on a date bc you think jinjin is rlly kyoot too
  • and on the first date you decided to show him your tattoos
  • you show him your favorite one which is a rose on your shoulder, a dragon on your neck, some quotes hidden on your body, and basically everything that means a lot to you and is your soul
  • and at first he’s taken aback bc he never thought you to be such an edgy person
  • but now that he knows he feels closer and more in love than ever
  • he’s t o u c h e d you showed them to him and he’s even considering getting a tattoo now too

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One day you won’t be a swimmer anymore. You won’t have those long bus rides with your teammates. You won’t stare at the black line on the bottom of the pool for hours on end. You won’t pull your bone-aching body out of the water day in and day out. You won’t have that routine you do before every race. You won’t scream like hell for your teammates.

One day teammates will become distant acquaintances and swimming will become what used to be instead of what is. Eventually, the one thing you looked forward to will come to an end. The one thing you relied on to relieve your stress and allow you to escape from all your problems won’t be there anymore. One day you won’t be a swimmer, you will just have the memories of one.

So I beg of you, cherish these moments right here, right now. Live in it freely, embrace the pain, laugh with your teammates, love your coaches. Push yourself 110% and have no regrets. Make some damn good memories because one day, you’ll leave what you once loved and step into the bright, exciting, unknown future in search of a new love, and these memories will be all you have left from this crazy ass sport.

—  some thoughts bc i just realized i only have 2 more years :’)
Being Craig’s Sister Would Include

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  • Sometimes popping in calls with your brothers friends when they’re recording
  • Craig yelling at you to get out of their group call with a laugh
  • Wildcat saying that you can stay in the call 
  • Laughing whenever the guys rage at whatever game their playing
  • Especially laughing at Tyler and Anthony 
  • SMii7Y and you joking around
  • Whenever you go to L.A, you annoy your brother with saying quotes from SMii7Y
  • “Damb” “He Gone” etc etc
  • Making you laugh when you’re sad
  • If that doesn’t work, he puts on your favorite movie and you guys just sit on the couch and eat ice cream, or your favorite junk food
  • Craig annoying you.. Right after you wake up
  • “Craig fuck off. It’s like 8am.” “(Y/n) it’s Two in the afternoon.”
  • Whenever you go to E3, or any of the PAX, your always hanging out with Kelly (Tyler’s girlfriend)
  • Then You and SMii7Y annoying the fuck out of everyone
  • Getting drunk with the guys..expect Smit bc he’s not the age to drink to the U.S
  • “H-..Ha! The canadian looking ass mother fucker can’t drunk!” 
  • “What the fuck (Y/n)?”

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(Father anon) so my Dad is a super huge fan of IT and he read the book eight times and he’s loved it ever since he first read it when he was like eleven or twelve. I like to send him memes and incorrect quotes and headcanons sometimes bc he enjoys them just as much as I do (and he tries to send memes back when he can). I wanted you to know that my 6’ bald, beard wearing father laughs his ass off at stuff from your blog fairly often


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do you have any favorite Josh (zerkaa) quotes? 😂

listen his outbursts are my favorite. most of the time i have to pause the video bc im laughing too hard to pay attention

  • MY ALL TIME FAVE; “your mother has a village.”
  • “what the dick?”
  • “i’m a giraffe.” 
  • “sneeze with your eyes open, you little cunt.” 
  • “your mother has a Jerusalem.” “oh, she has a whole ancient city?”
  • “your mouth’s a cum bucket.”
  • “i hope the helicopter gives you arthritis"
  • “when you’re ready come and gravy, na na na na”

I’m gonna do this in small headcanon form for now, but it may develop who knows.

  • Honestly? You’re pretty used to this behavior.
  • Gladio just does things to get a rise out of you sometimes. He knows that you think his flirting is ridiculous. He also knows it makes you jealous.
  • Your arms are crossed over your chest, foot tapping against the ground as you just watch him chat with a couple girls across from your group.
  • Lots of eye rolling occurs. Like, so much eye rolling that it’s unhealthy. The rest of the gang are worried about you.
  • Mimicking him underneath your breath in this deep, gruff caveman voice that has Prompto on the floor.
  • Then you’re mimicking the girls with a series of squeaky “heh heh heh"s and you can’t help but roll your eyes again bc who laughs like that?
  • The people standing around you are terrified. They have no idea what’s going on, or why you’re seemingly talking to yourself.
  • “Why did she even fall for that line? It’s the worst one he’s got.” You ask some poor guy who tries to walk away as fast as he can.
  • Not taking it too seriously because this just happens. Gladio is a flirter, and everyone knows. It’s most likely harmless.
  • ALTHOUGH, you can and you will give him the silent treatment for a couple of hours as payback because you know it drives him crazy.

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lmao your tags for the "save me, i'm fine" post are gold. im sure thats legit how it went down. nams on tumblr looking for that aesthetic

i mean i probably shouldn’t be laughing at this bc it surely has something to do with some deep shit but tumblr emos have appropiated that image and now it feels like i’m going back to 2009 when angsty and grunge b&w posts where a thing hhahahahah


i’m crying so much rn i bet namjoon runs an angsty tumblr blog full of posts like these

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Hoooowww about a cute little fic with ASTROs Myungjun/MJ where you're having a sleepover as friends and have a pillow fort but then confession time and cute fluffy things (help I'm soft)

• okay so obv you and myungjun are already bffs like you’ve known each other since you were in diapers
• and you’ve had your ups and downs but somehow you’ve always managed to come back to each other like it’s impossible to separate you two
• so you both practically live at each other’s houses it’s not even a surprise if myungjun comes hope from practice and sees you sleeping in his bed y'all are just comfortable with each other
• but some times you actually plan get togethers
• like your monthly sleepover where the two of you eat whatever you want with no judgement and gossip about all your friends and how crazy they are
• but yeah myungjun really wants to confess to you and this time it’s his turn to pick the movies
• so he gets all the romantic chick flicks he can find
• and you’re like wtf bruh these are the types of movies we make fun of
• and myungjuns like just give them a chance!!!
• and you’re like anything for you tbh but you say it in your head so he doesn’t know
• out loud you’re like alright let’s just make this pillow fort
• and you guys always go so extra like you drag mattresses and couch cushions around until it’s like you’re in this actual fort that a dragon could live in that’s how cool it is
• and there’s a bed in the back to sleep in later but you and myungjun settle in w your snacks first and watch the movies
• myungjun was hoping they would put you in a romantic mood but tbh even he can’t stop from laughing at how cheesy the plots are
• so that plan failed
• but he set up smth else bc he’s a lil squish
• and back where your little bed was set up, he bought a tiny projector that would cast lil stars on the ceiling of the fort
• and when you see it you can’t help but gasp bc they’re so pretty
• “they’re beautiful.”
• and myungjun sees a opening and he goes for it
• “you know what else is beautiful?”
• you aren’t rlly paying attention bc you’re trying to find constellations so ur like wut
• and he’s like “you”
• “dude did you just quote the movie we just spent two hours making fun of to hit on me?”
• “maybe???”
• and tbh you can’t ignore how cute myungjun is being and the way his ears get extremely red if you stare at him for too long
• “does this mean you like me?”
• “yeah. do you like me?”
• “yeah”
• and it’s so casual bc you’ve known each other for so long it’s like you both expected it
• but still it feels rlly nice to be able to snuggle up to myungjun and know that there are feelings behind all the forehead kisses he’s giving you
• i hope this is soft enough for you anon idk