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Dating Jungkook

*this is the first time I do this so pls don’t judge me*

Dating Jungkook would include:

•Shy at first
•Smiling a lot
•He would casually stare at you without even noticing it
•"I caught you staring!“
•*nervous laugh*
• Playing video games together 
• He’ll let you win
• At least that’s what he thinks bc you are actually losing on purpose 
• Writes you a text at 2am but doesn’t sends it
• You calling him at 3am to tell him your weird dream
• Pretending he just woke up when he was awake thinking about you trying to send you the text
• Doesn’t speak that much bc he wants to hear your voice 
• Eventually you think he fell asleep so you stop talking 
• “Why did you stop?”
• “I thought you were asleep”
• “Oh”
• Gets nervous when you guys walk together 
• Doesn’t know if he should take your hand 
• So you do it yourself 
• He apologizes bc his hand is sweaty 
• “I don’t mind”
• Loves to see you reading 
• “I caught you staring again”
• Brings coffee every time you have to study a lot
• Stays with you while you are studying 
• “I can’t concentrate if you keep staring at me like that”
• “Sorry”
• …
• “Wanna nap?”
• Nervous again bc it’s your first time napping together 
• Scared you’ll hear his heartbeat when you lay your head on his chest 
• Smiles softly when you play with his fingers
• “You know, I’m happy I met you”
• Never thought he could smiled wider.
• “I’m happy I met you too y/n”
• Doesn’t moves when you fall asleep 
• Whispers “I love you” 
• Because now he is sure of that 
• Freaks out when he wakes up and you are not there 
• Runs out of the room looking for you
• Stops when he sees you in the kitchen
• “Y/n?”
• “You woke up”
• “ Come back to bed with me?”
• Scared of his own words but he doesn’t mind right now because he thought you were gone for a second and he just wants to hold you again 
• You can’t help but smile 
• “Sure”
• Back in bed he is nervous again
• “You look cute with your messy hair”
• *blushes*
• Calls you to ask you how your test went 
• Prepares an Ironman marathon at his place to celebrate 
• Buys a lot of junk food
• Cleans everything
• Kick his hyungs out of the place so you guys can stay alone
• Light up candles so it smells nice and not like Tae’s feet
• Makes the living room cozy 
• Doesn’t invite you into his room because he’s scared you’ll get the wrong idea 
• Runs to the door when you arrive but waits a few seconds before opening it
• Stops paying attention to the movie when you lay on his lap 
• Doesn’t know what to do when the movie is over
• “Jungkook?”
• “Yeah?”
• “Are we watching Ironman 2?”
• “Oh yeah right”
• Offers himself to take you home
• “It’s not necessary”
• “It’s too late for you to be alone, I’ll go with you”
• Doesn’t get used to the fact that every time you say goodbye you give him a kiss
• Gets really excited when you ask him to pick you up from college 
• Waits for you in your college entry
• Frowns when he sees a guy carrying your backpack 
• Turns his head to the side when you try to give him a kiss 
• “What’s wrong?”
• “Nothing”
• Doesn’t speak at all in the car
• Doesn’t speaks either when he parks the car in your place
• “Seriously babe, what’s wrong?”
• Tries not to think about the fact that you just called him babe 
• “Why was that guy carrying your backpack?”
• “What do you mean?”
• “That guy y/n. Who is he?”
• “My classmate? He was just being kind”
• “I don’t think so”
• “You are just jealous”
• “I am not jealous”
• Since it’s the first time you guys have an argument neither of you know how to react
• “Why would you reject me in front of everyone anyways?”
• “Why would you let that guy carry your backpack?”
• “Can’t you hear yourself? This is so stupid. Bye Jungkook”
• Doesn’t know if he should stop you or leave you alone
• Goes home with an odd feeling in his chest
• Doesn’t know if he should call you
• Writes a text apologizing but doesn’t sends it
• Ignores his hyungs when they ask him what’s wrong 
•Checks his phone every 5 minutes to see if you have texted him
• Checks your Snapchat, instagram story and even your messenger story
• Accepts he was jealous 
• Goes to you house running 
• Knocks the door but no one answers 
• Tries calling you but your phone’s dead 
• You find him in your doorstep when you arrive 
• He immediately stands up
• Neither of you say anything for a few seconds until both of you say sorry at the same time
• “I admit I was jealous”
• You can’t help but hug him
• “You don’t have to be jealous of anybody. I don’t want anybody else but you”
• He didn’t know he was holding his breath until you kissed him 
• He stayed that night because you wanted him there 
• You both decided to skip classes the next day 
• You two eat pancakes for breakfast 
• He likes it when you try to acomodate his messy hair 
• He leaves before lunch 
• And then he picks you up to go get lunch 
• You sing in his car and he loves it
• He looks at you while you’re eating ramen
• And he feels it again 
• You smile at him with your mouth full
• “What?”
• He just laughs 
• When you are walking to his house out of the parking lot he feels it another time
• He just can’t wait any longer
• As soon as he opens the door he takes you to his room ignoring Tae and Jimin in the living room
• You tried to say hi to them but Jungkook was pulling you hard
• When you get there he closes the door
• “Please sit down”
• You sit down suddenly nervous 
• “I have to tell you something alright?”
• You frown 
•” Are you pregnant?“
• “What? That’s not even possible. Y/n this is serious”
• “Okay sorry”
• “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to”
• “Um, alright”
• “I-I think I love you. I love you y/n”
• “I love you too Jungkook”

VIXX: dating Leo would include

▪ this boy would feel like his heart is gonna burst every time he looks at you 

 ▪ would be so smitten and everyone would know 

 ▪ even though he has a poker face most of the time, around you he can’t help it 

▪ he’d burst into a smile or small smirk 

 ▪ esp when you say something funny or try to make him laugh

 ▪ which he’ll never admit that you can do 

 ▪ omg whenever he smiles openly to you it feels like the sun shining down on you 

▪ N fawning over you two 

▪ “aww look, Taekwoonie, y/n brought food for everyone" 

▪ Ravi teaching you some ways to make him laugh and you’d always succeed (not bc you made him laugh tho, he just thinks you’re adorable) 

▪ Ken teaching you how to perfect your aygeo 

 ▪ then getting shoved violently by Taekwoon bc back off, she’s mine 

▪ but if you actually do aygeo in front of him, he’ll visibly melt 

 ▪ and then hide his face in his sleeves bc wtf why you gotta embarrass him in front of the guys like that 

▪ but in private it’s a whole different story

 ▪ he’ll practically tackle you and attack your face and neck with kisses 

 ▪ watches you as you put on lip balm or lipstick 

 ▪ and it’d be a waste of product bc it’ll be off your lips in .00003 seconds 

 ▪ you making him catch his breath whenever you dress up in something fancy 

▪ "jagi, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful” “You always say that, taekwoonie" 

 ▪ man, he gets so scary when jealous 

 ▪ even when you’re not doing it intentionally, he’d frown and stare down at whoever awakened his wrath 

 ▪ not bc he’s begging for your attention (he is, but it’s internal ok) but bc he thinks the other guy has bad intentions and his first thought would be to protect you

 ▪ is not afraid to get into fights for you if necessary

 ▪ secretly loves it when you grab his hand when you sense he’s nervous 

 ▪ bites your shoulders and neck a lot, idk I just see him always doing this 

▪ knows how hard it is for you during that time of the month, mostly bc he has 3 older sisters and he’s dealt with it before lmao 

 ▪ aw he’d buy you a bunch of sweets and quietly whispers to you about anything while rubbing your tummy 

 ▪ speaking of his sisters 

 ▪ omg he gets so happy when you get along with all of them, and blushes like crazy when they make jokes about him marrying you

 ▪ which isn’t really a joke but Taekwoon needs to be low key 

 ▪ sometimes having to pull him away from his work bc he gets too into it and forgets about sleep 

▪ he’d quietly thank you and kiss your forehead as you two snuggle

 ▪ singing to you in his angelic voice and you’d melt bc he’s looking right into your soul

 ▪ over time you know when to give him space if he needs it, and he’d appreciate that so much and does the same for you 

 ▪ except when you two fight, but that’s very rare 

 ▪ he’d never leave your side after an argument bc he just can’t sleep knowing you’re angry with him or vice versa

 ▪ he’d always apologize even if he knows he was in the right 

 ▪ buys you the most thoughtful gifts even when he’s away 

 ▪ accompanied by heartfelt letters and sweets from a foreign country, and ugly selfies sent in by all the members 

 ▪ he’d love you with all his heart and will always be there for you 

▪ if you’re lucky enough to catch this shy kitten, pls keep him forever 😻

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Fits of Laughter

Anon Request: 
“OK so same adulting anon here I know you’re swamped with requests but imagine Tyler and reader both having laugh attacks at the same time during a stream and the rest of teamiplier just watch and laugh at their laugh attack and that’s it really no substance to it at all just everyone laughing for like 2 minutes and at the end Tyler and reader just lay down on the floor bc they can’t breathe anymore and mark is like “why did I almost broadcast your guys’ deaths to the world via livestream omg" 

Hope you enjoy!

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You don’t even remember the source. You don’t even remember falling off your chair. 
All you knew, was that you could barely breath and you weren’t the only one laughing hysterically. 
Tyler was across the room, leaning against the desk as his laughter boomed through the room. You couldn’t be seen as the couch was blocking you from the camera, but the stream could just hear you over Tyler. And you sounded close to dying. 
Mark looked between the two of you with sheer confusion on his face. Ethan was chuckling, at first concerned for your fall, but then just amused by your reddening face. 
Amy and Katherine just sat on their chairs, nibbling on pizza. Watching the whole thing unfold with small grins on their cheesy lips. 
“W-Why are we..gasp..laughing?” You forced through the fit of giggles. 
Tyler only shook his head. His beanie had fallen off as he collapsed to his knees. His chest heaving as he tried to beat his cackles for breath. 
“I..I don’t know!” 
For some reason his answer was the funniest thing you’ve ever heard. And you roared with laughter gripping onto the couch and pulling yourself up so the camera can see you. 
“Guys…guys!” You tried, but couldn’t finish your sentence and you fell backwards in another fit. 
Mark just shook his head and turned to the camera. His own bemused smile twitching when the two of you started off again. 
“As I was saying-” He didn’t get through the sentence. Tyler crawled over to the couch, still panting and chuckling. But one look at you on the floor erupted him with almost maniacal laughter. 
“I swear to God!” Mark hollered, “Shut up! I’m trying to speak!” 
But your funny bones refused to listen as Tyler rolled off the couch, unable to contain himself. 

Chica ran over to you. Her wet nose prodding your face as you rolled about on the floor. 
“Yes, Chica! Give her mouth to mouth!” Ethan urged the pup. “Maybe it’ll get her to breath!” 
You pushed the pup away, hiccuping slightly. Finally calming down, you laid on the floor, breathing hard.
“Are you two done?” Mark asked. Eyeing Tyler with a hard, mocking glare.
You waved your hand, suddenly exhausted. “I don’t think  I could even burp without rupturing a lung.”
Tyler sniggered and sighed heavily. “We’ll just stay down here for the rest of the stream. Catch our breath.” 
“Maybe nap.” You suggested and Tyler nodded, stilling smiling broadly.
Ethan looked down at his phone, then looked at you.
The flood gates were released once more! 
“Stop it!” Mark shouted, “I don’t want to record their demise!”
Amy leaned down with a piece of pizza in her hand, “Do you want a bite?” 
You shook your head, unable to speak. Pizza was so hilarious to you and your cackling turned silent. 
Leaving you flopping about on the floor like a mute seal.

Dating Sansa Would Include...

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•discreet glances at each other

•also discreet touches

•bc let’s face it she would get so flustered if you brushed your finger along her leg

•also being her best friend

•bringing her lemon cakes and laughing when she gets that childish glint in her eye

•"could you please stay…just for a little longer?“

•"anything for you, sansa”

•random talks about gardens and flowers bc it calms her down

•playing the game where she tries to guess ships and where they’re going

•trying to get a job as her lady in waiting/guard so you can see her more often

•running away with her to winterfell

•wanting nothing more in the world to protect her from Ramsay but you can’t

•fighting against Ramsay with Jon and helping Jon pretty much destroy him

•"you’re safe now, sansa"

•"i’ve been safe for a long time"

the signs as bizarre encounters i’ve had with men

Aries: man on a tricycle who yelled at me in spanish

Taurus: homeless man who garbled his life story to me while i was passed out on the sidewalk

Gemini: fat guy on molly who spent 20 min telling me how much he values “conversation” and then asked me if i wanted to get out of here

Cancer: drunk teen who shouted “i’ll egg your nog!” to me at a christmas party

Leo: 47 yr old man who wouldn’t stop dancing with us at a david bowie tribute concert

Virgo: danny devito lookalike who nervously told me i had beautiful hair

Libra: guy who tapped me on the shoulder and started quoting “mansard roof” by vampire weekend

Scorpio: 23 yr old, who, upon learning that I was 16, laughed and patted me on the back while continuing to flirt with me

Sagittarius: guy who parked my car for me in a crowded lot bc he didn’t want me to ruin my paint job

Capricorn: old men who waved at me from a restaurant window (i didn’t know them)

Aquarius: man who made me take a picture with his younger brother “so he could be popular on the ‘gram” 

Pisces: elderly fellow at Cafe Express who tapped me on the shoulder just to tell me a bad joke

some of the funniest quotes of CP:

  • “One was a barbarian soldier, a giant animal.”
  • “I’m not going to hurt you” - “Good” *stabs with fork*
  • “I see you are everywhere in proportion.” 
  • “He is Charls. I am Charls. We are cousins named after our grandfather, Charls.”
  • “You have very long eyelashes. Like a cow.”
  • “What’s it like having a prince suck your dick?”
  • “I meant to kill him, but my uncle didn’t let me. He sucked my cock, too.”
  • Every ounce of sass that comes from Laurent’s mouth

I do art but who said I was any good at it
Then again it’s art so who tf cares my dude

This was kind of rushed- but I like it bc I haven’t actually drawn anything due to how fucked up school has been lately.
I’m also 5'8" (I think) half Filipino and I love all my friends that laugh at my daily existential crises ♥️

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Seventeen ask game!
  • Seungcheol: Favourite quote from a seventeen member?
  • Jeonghan: If you could choose, what hair colour would you give to the 17 members?
  • Joshua: What was your very first reaction to 17?
  • Jun: If you had to pick one thing to use to introduce 17 to a friend, what would you pick?
  • Soonyoung: What is your 17 story? (aka how did you become 17 trash)
  • Wonwoo: How long have you been seventeen trash?
  • Jihoon: What's your favourite 17 lyric?
  • Seokmin: If you had to make someone laugh, you would?
  • Mingyu: When 17 does a comeback, what do you hope their concept to be like?
  • Minghao: Who's your 17 bias and why?
  • Seungkwan: If you could say one thing to one person in 17, who and what would it be?
  • Vernon: What do you think are the most important qualities a person could have?
  • Chan: Who is your all time favourite artist?