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“Holy shit Ethan, you like someone?” Mark said surprised.
“Shut up!” He whines, looking away from him and the camera.
“Ethan, this is a total break through– she could be watching this livestream.”
“Oh shit-”
“Too late! Tell me all about her.” Mark smiled; “Do I know her?”
“Uh, yeah?— yeah you do.”
“Realllyyyyy what’s she likeeee?”
“Uh..” Ethan started; then glanced at the livechat, which was going nuts.
“Ethan s2g if you don’t fucking tell us I swear to god I will throw my cat out the window.”

Ethan then looked back at Mark.
“Well uh–”
“She’s smart, and– and fun.. and..—”
“Pretty?” Mark interrupted.
“Beautiful!” He commented quickly, a large smile on his face.
“She’s got these eyes that just– and this hair– wow.” Ethan sighed, leaning into the couch, “And her smile?! Ahhh.” He softly chuckled; his eyes sparkled.
“Shit dude.” Mark muttered, looking at Ethan with wide eyes, “You’ve got it bad, don’t you?”
“Fuck, I do don’t I?” Ethan groaned.
“Dude, dude I don’t know, how do I tell her?”
“Well, tell me who she is.”
“Do I have to?”
“Yes Ethan, you have too.” Mark chuckled, looking at the webcam and muttering; “Make sure some of you record this~”
“Sorry, sorry.”
“Alright, ok– ok uh… it’s Y/N.” he muttered softly, crossing his arms, looking away from the camera and mark, a small blush covered his cheeks.
“AWWW ETHANNN!!” Mark whined, throwing his hands in the air, all excited,
“Wait!– What do you mean you knew?!”
“Dude, have you like, seen the way you stare at her, and how you talk to her, and like, do everything with her compared to everyone else?”
Ethan groaned, “She could know!”
Mark shrugged, “Y'never know, she might like you back.”

“Hell yeah I do.” You muttered, attacking Ethan from behind the couch, laughing as you did.
“y/N?! WHATTHEFUCK?” Ethan screeched as you tackled him on the couch, you both ended up falling onto the floor with a thud.
“You’re too cute.” You smiled, softly kissing Ethan’s cheek.
“What?– I?– you??–”
“Yeah, I like you back.” Your smile grew bigger, “You doof.”
“Holy shit really?”
“No Ethan I’m just fucking with you.”


Extended ending

When you both stopped laughing, you looked up to say something to Mark, but instead you found an IPhone, and the webcam both facing you two on the floor, with a very excited mark holding them.


Heh, I like how this came out.
I used quotes from Aladdin bc omfg yes Disney is ma shit.

Got7: dating Jinyoung would include

•  okay so being best friends with him was getting harder and harder
•  not only bc of your blatant crush on him, but you’re p sure the kid is in love with you as well
•  conversation starters are getting more awkward and you’re honestly not sure who’s gonna make the first move before you explode
•  until one night in the dark halls of the enchanted got7 dorms ~
•  "Hey Jinyoung hyung, did you finally tell y/n that you’re in love-“ ”…Yugyeom is2g if you don’t get out of my sight in .2 seconds I’m going to stuff you in garbage bin"
•  while gyeom scurries off laughing hysterically, Jinyoung would take a min before turning to you and taking a deep breath
•  "Ok so that wasn’t supposed to happen like that" “hmm yeah I figured…” “it’s not true-” “-I love you too”
•  so let’s just say you had a long night of figuring things out and stop the misunderstandings
•  he gave you so much butterflies when dropping you back home later and giving you a peck on the cheek
•  then hearing him say ‘screw it’ and pull you by the wrist, finally pressing his lips against yours
•  he’s like god dang it, I’ve had a crush on you for so long and tried to restrain myself from doing that, please don’t push me off
•  you two would be so dorky together
•  the others would tease you a lot for it, knowing how whipped he is by you
•  having moments where he’s lost staring at you, and when you notice he’d smile and bite his lip then look away
•  him knowing exactly how to make you laugh
•  talking about everything with him, there’s no such thing as off limits
•  him tucking your hair behind your ear when you’re talking
•  and you losing your train of thought bc wtf…it always feels so good when he does that
•  being so proud and happy for you when you’re excited about something
•  legit being the biggest cheerleader for you
•  "Why are you smiling so much? It’s creeping me out" “Yugyeom just tripped and fell on his face”
•  *clenches fists* “Yugyeom just…..I think I have high blood pressure now after dealing with him for so long”
•  "babe calm down, he only dropped your ice cream"
•  nonstop hand holding
•  nose booping
•  and tickle fights
•  esp when it’s time to wake up and he’s not ready, he’ll pull you in and unintentionally starting a merciless tickle fight
•  then he leans down and kisses your tummy bc he’s scared he might’ve hurt you
•  is hella smug when you fangirl over his acting
•  which btw, he’s going to bring you to every single award show and surprise you with the most beautiful gowns before the ceremony
•  sometimes he’d randomly kiss you and go back to whatever he was doing
•  which sucks bc he knows you’re gonna be thinking about it until he’s not working anymore
•  he’d stare at your lips and trace them with his thumb before fully kissing you
•  bc the boy loves to tease and he’s always grabbing and caressing any part that he can when making out
•  this fool will legit grab your hand and place it under his shirt
•  or ask you to pull on his hair
•  freaky oml ok let’s not get carried away
•  being that couple that’s always low key and quiet, but you’re pretty wild when you’re together  (take that in any way you will wink wonk) 🌼

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Sentence Starters -- Texts From Last Night
  • [text]: I need all the beers. I want to be holding on to the grass so I don't fall off the earth drunk.
  • [text]: Would you think less of me if I said I was eating a toaster strudel in the bath.
  • [text]: Regardless of how one feels after a break up, whiskey must be consumed.
  • [text]: Had to leave my skype meeting to vomit. I'm obviously ready for the real world.
  • [text]: Man I was just the closest I've ever been to crapping my pants.
  • [text]: I don't think I'm gonna survive today. I don't remember how to walk. I must crawl 6 blocks to my bed.
  • [text]: Never go drinking with anime club. End of story.
  • [text]: I think were only still together so we can make each other miserable
  • [text]: Can we both just take a day off just to have sex? Is that acceptable as an adult?
  • [text]: Ultimate fat girl moment: I promised him my mouth for the night if he bought me a funnel cake
  • [text]: pls come over. need ride to hospital once taquitos are ready
  • [text]: I've only hooked up with engineers this year and it may be the best future financial decision I've ever made
  • [text]: Yeah plus that night got so disgusting it's basically a repressed memory anyway
  • [text]: Somehow I became in charge of getting my mother laid? This can't be my life?
  • [text]: In my dream I had to eat so many peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches
  • [text]: I just got winded making my bed. How do you think the workout plan is going?
  • [text]: my roommate was being a bitch so I changed my Netflix password on her. 21st century slap in the face ladies and gentleman
  • [text]: You texted me the words "butt stuff" 53 times in a four hour period last night.
  • [text]: I've needed to start drinking protein shakes to keep up with her. It's like my dick just started doing crossfit.
  • [text]: She got engaged last night. I don't think you should ask her out man.
  • [text]: So what if I got a tattoo on a bus, it was sterile.
  • [text]: Do you think I can get away with quoting Work Bitch by Britney Spears in my speech?
  • [text]: My greatest accomplishment today was eating a box of Thai food the size of a toddler.
  • [text]: I'm sorry for drunkenly throwing a spoon at you and then laughing at your pain.
  • [text]: I'm pretty sure our sex is better than most foods and that says a lot too bc I really like food
  • [text]: i'll talk to you in three hours when you've stopped foaming at the mouth and your eyes have rolled back into place

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do you have any favorite Josh (zerkaa) quotes? 😂

listen his outbursts are my favorite. most of the time i have to pause the video bc im laughing too hard to pay attention

  • MY ALL TIME FAVE; “your mother has a village.”
  • “what the dick?”
  • “i’m a giraffe.” 
  • “sneeze with your eyes open, you little cunt.” 
  • “your mother has a Jerusalem.” “oh, she has a whole ancient city?”
  • “your mouth’s a cum bucket.”
  • “i hope the helicopter gives you arthritis"
  • “when your ready come and gravy, na na na na”
Day6: their s/o is really good at drawing

Jae:  listen he’s corny af, so the first thing he’ll suggest after seeing all your amazing work….is for you to draw him. He’d ask how you wanted him (pun intended) and he’d sprawl out like a cat until you give in and humour him.

Sungjin:  is really mesmerized by how well you can work with just a paper and a pencil in just a couple minutes. He laughs when you get frustrated sometimes bc he knows how much of a perfectionist you are, so he always tries to be some sort of inspiration.

Brian:  "daeeeeebak, this is so cool" Insists on watching you draw or at least attempt to, since he’s breathing down your neck in fascination and not being able to look away. No lie, he’d cry every time you surprise him with a drawing, whether it’s for a special occasion or not.

Wonpil:  despite your protests, he’d want you to teach him your craft. Ofc he wouldn’t be the most patient student, and would probably get just as frustrated as you when you don’t get something right, but he’d be intent just watching you create amazing artwork.

Dowoon:  he’s your biggest fanboy, putting up your drawings all over his room and the studio. This totally inspires him when he’s having a hard time composing or writing, and he looks at them to get his creative juices flowing.

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One day you won’t be a swimmer anymore. You won’t have those long bus rides with your teammates. You won’t stare at the black line on the bottom of the pool for hours on end. You won’t pull your bone-aching body out of the water day in and day out. You won’t have that routine you do before every race. You won’t scream like hell for your teammates.

One day teammates will become distant acquaintances and swimming will become what used to be instead of what is. Eventually, the one thing you looked forward to will come to an end. The one thing you relied on to relieve your stress and allow you to escape from all your problems won’t be there anymore. One day you won’t be a swimmer, you will just have the memories of one.

So I beg of you, cherish these moments right here, right now. Live in it freely, embrace the pain, laugh with your teammates, love your coaches. Push yourself 110% and have no regrets. Make some damn good memories because one day, you’ll leave what you once loved and step into the bright, exciting, unknown future in search of a new love, and these memories will be all you have left from this crazy ass sport.

—  some thoughts bc i just realized i only have 2 more years :’)
easy company + flirting
  • luz: definitely either a movie quote or shitty pun that will get you laughing,, mainly to take your mind off of the war but as soon as he realises what he's said, he'll give you that smile that could cure cancer.
  • guarnere: his mama raised no fool so he will treat you with the utmost respect but obviously a little innuendo hurt nobody.
  • liebgott: he says something that's originally meant to be snarky,, probably along the lines of "i'm gonna punch you in the mouth.. softly.. with mine."
  • webster: now he would be the type to romance you, no doubt about it, but before all the initial romancing he would want to find out what makes you tick just so he can have an in depth discussion with you and listen to your every thought.
  • shifty: are you kidding me? this man could just shoot a smile your way and you would be a literal puddle.
  • toye: he loves his brass knuckles - we all know this - but this little shit would probably come up to you in the mess hall and say "my knuckles aren't the only things that are brass." and my god he will give you the biggest shit eating grin and wink at you like nobody else is in the room.
  • lipton: he's the mama hen so he's gotta look out for all his company but he'll stick his neck out for you the most and once the guys tell you what he's doing you'll go off because you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself but he'll just blush and apologise while confessing why he was mothering you most.
  • speirs: does he even know how ?? like maybe he'll be a little nicer to you than everyone else, not that you'd notice since nobody knows what speirs is like when he's nice. would probs offer you a smoke or something shiny if he's feeling up to having his affections being exposed.
  • perconte: shares all of his tips for having pearly whites and would let you in on where to get a hot bath even if all the buildings are blown up,, one day he'll come up to you and say "i like you more than i like good hygiene."
  • nixon: he'll offer you some of his alcohol and if you don't drink then, perfect, more for him but if you do then he would be more than willing to share.
  • winters: he's not a huge flirt,, really all he will do is pull you to the side away from the others and tell you what a great job you're doing and that easy are lucky to have you on board,, he'll also have a slight smile tugging at his lips - after he compliments you - that he tries to hide,, not from you but the rest of the company.
  • babe: he would (in the nicest way) turn into a bumbling idiot whenever he's around you and he'd get teased by all the guys since he would confide in guarnere and initially that isn't the best thing he could've done since whenever he tries to talk to you, one of the other guys will say something that gets him blushing so furiously his cheeks and hair are a perfect match.
  • roe: he's essentially the backbone of the company so he needs to pay attention to detail although, like lipton, he probably pays more attention to you than he needs to,, not that you mind since he gets you everything you need / haven't asked for / didn't even know you needed yet. got a cold? he'll hit you up with meds. a little chilly? here he comes with blankets.
  • buck: shit man this guy is shameless and doesn't have the time to waste on flirting so he just outright tells you that he likes you but makes sure he has eye contact because his eyes are so pretty that no one can resist them.
  • malarkey: you always offer him company after muck and penkala die because before he would always make sure to give you an extra hand whenever you needed it, he respected that you didn't need him there all the time but the two of you would often be found together helping the other with whatever punishment sobel had to bestow on you,, muck and penkala would notice that the two of you had a connection and would always give an excuse to leave the two of you alone together to which the both of you would roll your eyes at them.
  • muck: muck ?? flirt ??? mans doesn't need to,, he has two of the best wingmen on the planet to do all the work for him,, not that he would admit his actual feelings and what most of malarkey and penkala do is tease him endlessly in front of you but that suits him just fine to see the smile and slight blush on your face at whatever they have to say.
the signs as bizarre encounters i’ve had with men

Aries: man on a tricycle who yelled at me in spanish

Taurus: homeless man who garbled his life story to me while i was passed out on the sidewalk

Gemini: fat guy on molly who spent 20 min telling me how much he values “conversation” and then asked me if i wanted to get out of here

Cancer: drunk teen who shouted “i’ll egg your nog!” to me at a christmas party

Leo: 47 yr old man who wouldn’t stop dancing with us at a david bowie tribute concert

Virgo: danny devito lookalike who nervously told me i had beautiful hair

Libra: guy who tapped me on the shoulder and started quoting “mansard roof” by vampire weekend

Scorpio: 23 yr old, who, upon learning that I was 16, laughed and patted me on the back while continuing to flirt with me

Sagittarius: guy who parked my car for me in a crowded lot bc he didn’t want me to ruin my paint job

Capricorn: old men who waved at me from a restaurant window (i didn’t know them)

Aquarius: man who made me take a picture with his younger brother “so he could be popular on the ‘gram” 

Pisces: elderly fellow at Cafe Express who tapped me on the shoulder just to tell me a bad joke

the signs as dps quotes
  • Aries: "I'll try anything once." "Except sex."
  • Taurus: "Too bad." "It's worse than "too bad", Pitsie. It's a tragedy."
  • Gemini: "If I don't ask him at least I won't be disobeying him.
  • Cancer: "Oh captain, my captain."
  • Leo: "Carp Diem. Seize the Day. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may."
  • Virgo: "There is a time for daring and there is a time for caution. A wise man understands which is called for."
  • Libra: "*answering phone* Welton Academy, hello. Yes he is, just a moment. Mr. Nolan, it's for you. It's God. He says we should have girls at Welton."
  • Scorpio: "What are you gonna do? Charlie?" "Damn it, Neil, my name is Nuwanda."
  • Sagittarius: "We're not laughing at you- we're laughing near you."
  • Capricorn: *the entire birthday desk set scene bc caps always try to make the best of every situation*
  • Aquarius: "I'm exercising the right not to walk."
  • Pisces: "This is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls."
Arranged Marriage (Namjoon)

And now it is time for our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal, a smol green bean with a smile that just make his entire face light up and I love it s o much, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon (also I was curious as to what you guys would think about doing like a sleepover Saturday type of deal where you can ask me questions and get to know me better ?? If you’d be interested in that, let me know !!!)

  • For the original prince!Namjoon post, you can click here
  • I am gonna be straying a bit from the plot of the original post but the actual characteristics of prince!joon will still be the same 
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he is actually a bit of a mix
  • He isn’t as outgoing as hobi or Jin but he’s also not as quiet as Yoongi
  • He does know all of his people bc Namjoon can be social when he wants to be, he doesn’t seem to have any issues making friends outside of BTS
  • But at the same time BTS is kinda like home base he just loves them all so much and when he’s with them, he’s super comfortable and it’s just a really special friendship
  • Prince!joon is v v friendly, if someone wants to come talk to him, he’s super down to sit down with them and talk about whatever comes up
  • But at the same time, he does like to have his chill time where he can just kick back and read
  • He really is right in the middle, I can see him being friends with everyone but I can also see him enjoying some time alone
  • His parents tell him about the whole arranged marriage situation a few months before the wedding date
  • He is not v v happy about it bc he would like to at least know your surname before he’s engaged to you
  • But he does try to think about it from a positive point, he tries to think about how good the marriage will be for both kingdoms, how it could start an entire new alliance
  • And plus, maybe you and him will click once you meet each other, maybe by the time the wedding comes around, he’ll be in love
  • He’s a bit nervous to meet you tbh
  • Bc what if you have zero interest in him, what if you don’t think he’s someone you’d wanna be with, what if you find him boring like there are so many things that can go wrong here
  • But he tries to stay calm and just relax and trust in the fact that his parents wouldn’t set him up with someone they didn’t think he could love
  • Your parents invite his family over to your castle so you two can meet and all of the in-laws can talk and just everyone can mingle and get to really know their future family 
  • He tries to prepare some things to say for when he meets you like he has some goofy pick up lines if he needs to make you laugh, he has some topics, some conversation openers like “what are your thoughts on this book?? Have you ever read it??”
  • But once he gets to the castle, all of that just goes away bc hol y shit he’s about to meet you and his in-laws all at once like this is a lot what if he says something stupid and makes everyone hate him within the first five minutes
  • His lil heart is beating so fast and he’s trying to chill out bc he wants to be all cool when you first see him but his feet have other plans
  • He walks into the front room where you and your family are waiting and he goes to smile but then he trips on his own foot
  • He kinda just lays on the floor and sighs and is just like well that’s perfect that’s exactly what I planned on gr eAT
  • He’s sitting there thinking he’s blown it, that there’s no chance you’re gonna want to be with him now, that you’ll find him embarrassing
  • But then you start giggling and he kinda just peeks up and sees you come over to help him up and ask him if he’s okay
  • He gets that really cute smile thing he does where his dimples come out and his eyes light up and they do the thing and it’s all teeth and relieved giggles
  • You help him back up and help him fix his jacket and you already know that this man, this prince that everyone always says amazing things about, is gonna have your heart in his palm in no time
  • Once you two actually start talking, his nerves finally go away and he can just open up and be himself and not worry about you not liking him bc from what he can see, you like him a l o t
  • The entire night he’s just smiling and giggling and he’s so happy and he does get to use one of his funny lil pick up lines just bc he wants to see you laugh 
  • He gives the back of your hand a lil kiss before he leaves and it’s just so cute and charming as fuck
  • You two keep in touch by books actually
  • Every month, you two send each other a few books, just things you think the other person would find interesting or something you found cool and want the other person to see
  • Inside the books, you two go to town and add notes to the pages, sometimes you explain why you chose that exact book, why you liked a certain character or a certain quote
  • At the very back of the book, he would always write you a lil note, something sweet and cute and it’s just so cute that he’s willing to sit down and write out all of these lil notes or jokes and explain why he likes something
  • A month before the wedding, you two move in together and it’s just as amazing as you hoped it would be
  • He’s just as sweet as he is in the books, he’s a goofball who can make you laugh all day and night, he’s cuddly as fu CK and he makes a really fucking nice pillow like have you seen his chest sign me the fuck up
  • Spoiler alert but he was right, by the time the wedding comes around, he is madly in love and so are you

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I like your blog, keep writing please! Now my request: Some fluffy scenario for Hajime x Tori please

yay! i hope i get to write for a long time too, thanks for requesting! i had fun writing this~

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skam/one direction hcs to think about

one direction in skam??? evak and 1d??? think about it… this concept has SO MUCH POTENTIAL 

  • even is a HUGE 1d fan it’s a secret to no one and at first they all make fun of him for it (except noora cus she Gets It) but they gradually all become far more invest into 1d that they ever thought they would be (eva especially)
  • isak always acts annoyed when even puts 1d super loud but actually!! its his fave thing in the world!!! because 1) he gets to see even LAUGHING, singing AND dancing all at once?? and isak’s heart feels so full??? 2) he actually loves jamming to 1d -even knows cus he heard him sing 1d in the shower more than once
  • ok but!!! even is literally such a dork its canon, he SERENADES isak with 1d songs, but listen there’s two different type of serenading
  • 1) the cheeky/ironical serenading, when even is feeling dorky af and wants to ‘annoy’ isak, just like when he sings along to gabrielle,  thats when he sings songs like what makes you beautiful, stole my heart, everything about you, kiss you… isak always try to shut him up but it also never fails to make him laugh
  • 2) and then there’s another kind of 1d serenading, this one is when they’re lying in bed together in full soft boyfriends mode, and even starts humming and singing truly, madly, deeply or little things, and hes not much joking anymore bc he means it 10000% and he loves how isak’s eyes lit up and his face splits into a fond smile in these moments
  • isak sometimes sings through the dark to even on his bad days

  so much potential??? its not only an evak thing, consider this:

  • the whole flat (isak+ even (bc he’s part of the flat more often than not) eskild, linn and noora) having 1d nights where they watch the 1d funny moments vids and some iconic interviews, concerts, + their fave lives and acoustics. each time they say its time to go to sleep one of them ask for this One More video and they end up staying up all night……- eskild couldn’t let the occasion go, once he took a pic of everyone all cuddled up on the couch and captioned it “up all night.mp3”
  • btw on these 1d nights, eva is always invited bc she became a huge 1d fan, even and her have bonded on their shared love (devotion) for 1d: they text each other when things happen in the 1d fandom and they constantly send each other 1d gifs or memes
  • actually, sana -made aware by even- is always present for these nights too
  • these nights make linn actually rlly happy, she feels warm cuddled up with everyone and it’s actually funny to see everyone singing along and bickering about which album is their best or which era/look is their best
  • eskild bought 1d merch to decorate the flat with: they have a 1d calendar in the kitchen and even insisted for isak to put a poster in his bedroom -which isak accepted after a lot of negotiation but still regrets.
  • they have pics of harry holding the rainbow flag in the living room, and since then they have the tradition to put the pics of their fave artists holding the rainbow flag up there next to harry. now there’s lauren jauregui, troye sivan, little mix, florence welch….there’s even sir ian mckellen
  • sana was a 1d fan since way before even made it a thing among their squad; she has actually been a fan of them since the up all night era, but nobody knew until that one time where she said smth along the lines of ‘i miss the days where the only drama was niall and louis not having enough solos’ and everyone around just stops and stares and sana is like?? what?? did you guys not know?? i wasn’t trying to make it a secret? everyone just laughed bc it felt so out of character that they hadn’t thought of it but now it makes sense. ‘i actually went to their concert in 2013 did u guys not know?? best concert ever’
  • jonas tries to the best of his abilities to answer every text from even with a 1d meme such as the wmyb hahaha.mp3 or a lyrics/title of a song, or a famous quote; he puts a lot of effort in finding the most appropriately funny 1d answer bc he is That dedicated to puns and it makes him laugh just as much as it makes even

there’s so much more to say?? but ill stop here for now (pls come talk to me abt skam and 1d??) thank u for ur time

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thank you for the validation anon,,,,,youre too nice to me,,,,,,

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k so imagine dex&nursey hanging out with ppl and led Zeppelin plays and someone groans and is like "ugh pls no cock rock" and nursey trying not to laugh is like "sorry wat" and they explain that cock rock is a term used to describe hard rock 1/2

2/2 that usually has misogynistic lyrics and phallic imagery. and nursey, who is trying so hard not to laugh asks what other bands are considered cock rock and every band this person lists is in dex’s play list. ohhhh imagine the chirping

ok i’m imagining this and nursey definitely chirps the shit out of dex for it (”put on your cock rock, dexy,” etc.) but also he DEFINITELY makes the guys watch This Is Spinal Tap for movie night bc he thinks it’ll annoy dex

plot twist, dex fucking loves it and the whole team fucking loves it and they all end up quoting it at each other at any given opportunity

  • nursey wears all-black bc he’s going to some pretentious poetry shit, ransom points at him “it’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. none more black”
  • if asked about ANY of the alumni the automatic answer is “well, he died in a bizarre gardening accident… authorities said best leave it unsolved…”

  • chowder about the frogs: “we’re very lucky on the team in that we have two visionaries, dex and nursey, they’re like poets, like shelley and byron. they’re two distinct types of visionaries, it’s like fire and ice, basically. i feel my role in the band is to be somewhere in the middle of that, kind of like lukewarm water.”

  • adam birkholtz: “i believe virtually everything i read, and i think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn’t believe anything.”

  • someone is late to practice, hall and murray ask where they are, at least 1 person says, “dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. it’s just not really widely reported”
reasons to date me

•I’ll spend two hours at Walmart picking out the perfect gift for you and another two starring at it to make sure it’s really want you deserve
•I’ll say “That’s pretty neat” to almost anything you say
•I’ll say sorry more than I need to
•I’ll go to any movie with you
•I love every kind of music
• I’ll sit in silence
•I’ll talk a lot
•I’ll stay home and watch movies
•I’ll bring you snacks randomly
•I will cry when I can’t afford the right gift
•I’ll spend hours after I’m supposed to be asleep talking to you
•I won’t judge you and your shit
•I will talk to you about anything
•I’ll hold your hand and stare at the stars
•I’ll kiss your cheek a lot
•I laugh at my own jokes

Reasons not to date me
•I’ll constantly ask if you still like me
•I won’t ever ask you out first : tell you I love you first bc I don’t want to scare you off so that’s a thing you’d have to do

It doesn’t take very long
For thinking about nothing
To become thinking about you.
And I sit and wonder when
I became the type of girl
To let a boy take control of her life;
But then I look at your smile
Or hear the way you laugh
And I
—  A.A.P