to late to save me

Life it seems, will fade away
Drifting further every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters no one else
I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free
Things are not what they used to be
Missing one inside of me
Deathly lost, this can’t be real
Cannot stand this hell I feel
Emptiness is filing me
To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn
I was me, but now He’s gone
No one but me can save myself, but it to late
Now I can’t think, think why I should even try
Yesterday seems as though it never existed
Death Greets me warm, now I will just say good-bye

me: dam im interested in this person
my brain @ me: they rnt ur type and u have nothing in common
me: it’s too late save yourself im going in

Fuck the way I’ve been feeling lately
It’s driving me crazy, baby

Please save me
I’m caught up in the hole again
Caught up in this world again
I don’t know where I’m going
But it’s driving me crazy

Lately I’ve been missing you
Every time I close my eyes
There you are
Fooling me

I miss the way you held me
When I was feeling down
I miss the way you dried my eyes
And told me not to frown

But without you
I’m sitting here
Caught up in my head again

Writing words
To feel something
I’m going down that road again

Baby please save me
I think I’m going crazy

—  //The shattered flower

K but like I love the idea of Akaashi being someone who loves/needs to feel their partners skin as much as possible. Not in a sexual way, but more in a sort of “I need this reassurance and I need to know you’re real and here” sort of way, so he’s always holding onto Bokuto in some fashion.
Like in public he’ll hold onto his hand or wrist, or he’ll cling to his arm when they’re wearing short sleeves.
When they’re at home, he’ll do the same but also hug him from behind and rest his hands on the hem of Bokutos shirt where it most likely rides up often, or he’ll try to c a s u a l l y rest his hand under Bokutos shirt while they cuddle.
Bo doesn’t pay any mind to it at first, but then one day he casually asks about it and when he finds out, he’s so chill like??? So Akaashi just pays it no mind.
But then every time they cuddle or sleep or whatever, Bokuto decides that shirts aren’t necessary “because it helps you feel better, Keiji!!”, and Akaashi is stuck somewhere between crazy-in-love and frustrated-with-this-boy.
This has been sitting in my head for days and I need a fan fiction with it someone help me.

I know for a fact as soon as I shut my bedroom door I will fall apart right there thinking about every little thing you’ve ever said to me….
—  I miss you so much // Xspeak (