to late to get tickets


a/n: since i graduated high school this past weekend, and saw my friend’s boyfriend surprise her. 

“No, it’s ok, you’re busy.” You said, picking at your nail polish with your thumb. Your other hand held your phone to your ear.

“I’m really sorry, baby. I can talk to Andrew and see if he’ll let me fly over!” Shawn said, voice cracking over the phone.

“No, don’t worry, I’m sure my family will send you lots of photos you have! Into that groupchat you have without me.” You joked, having found out about the groupchat the previous week.

You heard Shawn’s name being called in the background, and he sighed. “I’ve gotta go, I’ll call you later. Love you.”

“Love you, too.” You hung up and set your phone on the bed next to you. Your high school graduation was coming up, and you really wanted your boyfriend to be there. You understood that he was super busy touring and everything, and couldn’t get time off long enough to come, but it still made you sad. Your friends had been talking about how their boyfriends and girlfriends were going to be there, and you wished you could say the same.

“So, does she thing two more shows got added still?” Geoff asked, throwing a balled up piece of paper into the trash bin.

“Yeah, and I talked to her mom, she got an extra ticket and she’s gonna give it to my mom so I can grab it and get in without her knowing.” Shawn smiled, he had asked your mother if there was any way she could get an extra ticket to your graduation, and since it was after his last show in London, he was flying home to surprise you. “I can’t wait to see the look on her face!”

“She’s gonna die. Literally going to drop dead from surprise.” Geoff said.

Shawn rolled his eyes, and went back to playing a game on his phone.

The morning of your graduation, you woke up rather early, since you were nervous and excited to graduate. You hopped in the shower and shaved, wanting smooth legs for the event. You grabbed the blow dryer and dried your hair, while your older brother grumbled about being woken up as he trudged by the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes and finished drying your hair. The sky looked like it was about to let a downpour fall, so you skipped on straightening your hair- it’ll be under a cap all morning, anyway. You pinned it back as you did your makeup, smiling as you thought of the day’s activites. Your phone lit up with a snapchat from your boyfriend. Opening it, you saw a selfie of him, with Geoff in the background falling, saying he wished you the best at graduation, and that he wished he could be there.

After you did your makeup and got dressed, your brother grabbed his keys and you two walked to his car. “Why did you agree to drop me off? You hate getting up early?” You had to be at graduation an hour before graduation actually started, so it came as a shock that he offered to drop you off.

“Some friends from university want to hang out, and they live near here. I’m gonna hang with them until Mom texts me saying I have to leave.” He explained, and you narrowed your eyes at him. “Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked, fidgeting.

“Something’s up.”

“Yeah, that bird on that tree.” He nodded his head to the bird that was sitting on a branch near the entrance for graduates. “Have a fun one, see you after you graduate!” He said speeding off.

Shawn was pacing in front of the exit to the airport, and Geoff was scrolling through something on his phone. “Dude, chill, you’re not gonna be late.”

“But I need to change and get the flowers and my ticket!” Shawn said, running a hand through his hair. Just as he was about to call a cab, his ride pulled up to the curb. “You’re late!”

“She took a while to get ready.” Your brother shrugged, popping the trunk so Shawn could throw his bag in.

The ride to Shawn’s house was uneventful, and the singer raced inside and changed into a nice pair of black jeans, and a button down. He grabbed the extra ticket that was left for him, and hopped back in your brother’s car. “Ok, we need to stop and get a bouquet.”

“Yeah, I know. I read those texts in the groupchat.”

As your brother and Shawn got to the theater where graduation was taking place, the final few attendees were trickeling in. “Just in time.”

The two men flashed their tickets to the people at the door, and filed in, taking two seats next to your parents. As they sat down, the principal of the school came out, asking everyone to rise as the procession of graduates started. “Of fucking course, right as we sit down.” Your brother whispered, standing up. He cheered when he saw you walking out, and Shawn hollered.

When the diplomas were being handed out, each family was allowed to cheer for their graduates, and when your name was called you could’ve sworn you heard Shawn’s voice echoing. “Was that Shawn?” Your friend asked, looking at you.

“No, he’s still in Europe.” You shook your head. “The echo probably just makes it sound like him.” You shrugged, walking back to your seat.

As the final speech ended, your entire class threw their caps, and everyone rose, cheering while you and the rest of the class made your way out.

The midday sun blinded you as you stepped outside with your friends, and soon families started coming out the other doors to meet up with the graduates. You found your brother and hugged him. “You’re so old!” He said, handing you a small bouquet of flowers. “Hey, somone wants to say hi.”

You looked at your brother, and then turned to see where he was pointing, and nearly dropped everything as you saw Shawn standing in front of you, smiling. “Oh my God!” You felt the tears, but you ignored them as you raced into his arms. You hadn’t seen him in a couple months, since he had been on tour and you had been busy with finishing school. “What are you doing here?” You asked, taking the flowers from him.

“I didn’t have extra shows added, and I wanted to surprise you! So, your mom helped and got an extra ticket for me. Are you surprised?”

“Yes, you dummy!” You laughed, kissing Shawn. You took his hand, as your brother began sending you photos he had taken. You walked around, hugging your friends and taking many photos, and some of your classmates wanted photo with Shawn, to which he happily agreed to.

In the car, on the way to dinner with your family, you took Shawn’s hand and kissed it. “I’m so proud of you.” Shawn said, smiling at you.

“I love you.” You whispered, smiling at him.

a/n: i’m getting back into the habit of writing more, but the computer i’m using is slow as balls, and i’m getting one for graduation, so when i get that (soon!!!) i’ll definitely be uploading stuff more often!! 

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour

depeche mode announcing UK winter tour when i have no money


This was probably the best trip of my life. No offense to my other trips but Jack is the sweetest bean. I must of used up all my luck when I ran into him and Signe at the airport. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I must be dreaming back in New York. Or maybe I was in the after life haha. I was freaking out. I didn’t want to bother them but then again when would I get a chance like this again? Or what if I didn’t make it to the signing? So when we were passing them again I mustered up the courage and shoved down my panic attack and walked over. My whole body was shaking but by some miracle I wasn’t crying or hyperventilating. They were both so nice and welcoming. Exactly how you think they’d be. I’m happy that they’re so genuine. Such great humans. Thanks to Jack I knew when I should head out for the line on Sunday. He might not think it was worth it freezing in line for that long, but it totally was. I made friends with @supernaturalpentaholic (Jordan) on line at 5am and he let me borrow his gloves. The community is so nice. I was waiting for Jack the friend I made on the panel line to show up but he fell asleep for an hour and his train was late. He didn’t get a ticket and I felt so bad. But later I found out parents didn’t need a ticket to go to the signing so I told him and he ended up getting one from a super nice mom. I’m so glad he did, he came all the way from New Jersey to see Jack. So Jordan, Jack, and I all made it through the signing without crying, I’m so proud of us. I’m also glad that @wiishu loved both mine and Jack’s gifts. Oh yeah speaking of gifts @nikkiroo85 and Jordan’s gifts were so kickass! I’m so jealous of their creativity. All I made was a hat but @therealjacksepticeye seemed to love it so thank you 💚 When I was heading home I brought my signed poster through the metal detector with me which ended up with it needing to be checked. After unrolling it they checked the chemicals on it or something and a red flag came up. So I had to get a pat down and my bag searched. I knew I was gonna have a panic attack and cry that weekend but I never thought this would be why. I was worried they were gonna take the poster from me. I have no clue what could possibly be on it. I’m still confused about what they found. But I got it back in the end so everything is good, don’t worry about it please. This post is all over the place but I’m shit with words. I just hope it comes across that I’m so fucking happy. The happiest I’ve been in a long time. I know you don’t want us to thank you. But dude, seriously thank you. You made my day/year/life and got me some friends. So yes, thank you so much.


My Friend Dahmer at the Los Angeles Film Festival with @dahmdaddi was everything I’d hoped it would be and more! Our parking meter tuned for 2 hours and 13 minutes (not on purpose - we swear! We ran out of quarters, but saw it as a good omen - even though we were INCREDIBLY late getting back) The rush line (we bought our tickets ahead of time, so nonapplicable) was significantly smaller in LA than it was in NY @ Tribeca, so I’m assuming everyone that bought tickets at the door was able to get in. We had a chance to meet the director Marc Meyers before/after the show (pictures 3 & 4) and he was kind enough to answer some questions for us and we thanked him for making one of our favorite books a film. We sat in the second row (seats 13 and 14 - daddi in 2/13) and took a quick selfie (for @dahm-sub, lol) before the movie started. There was a brief q&a post film where Daddi asked Ross Lynch about his research on the role (& his words regarding ‘humanizing’ serial killers were 👏👏👏👏👏👏) and afterwards, we were both able to talk to and hug Ross (!!!!!!) and just tell him how much we loved his portrayal (and I must’ve thanked him twenty times for taking the role) and then Daddi & I celebrated with a meal at McDonald’s, where Jeffrey Dahmer would find solace from the pressure of his high school prom. It was hands down the best experience I’ve had in 2017 (& this has honestly been such an amazing and just overwhelming year for me - long story) and I’m so, so, so fortunate to have @dahmdaddi there to get excited about everything and share the whole experience with me and not only commit to traveling across the country to see MFD with me in NY, but to host my travel across country and drive me all over LA to go see it with me again. 🙄

Dating Jeon Jungkook

Dating: Kim SeokjinKim Namjoon | Kim Taehyung

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  • Okay so, 
  • After months of waiting and staying up late nights scouring websites for tickets, you somehow miraculously managed to get them for a Big Bang Fan sign 
  • And you’re super hyped because like, ITS BIG FUCKING BANG!
  • You don’t get any sleep the night before but you can barely get yourself to care because holy shit, it’s gonna be your turn after five other people 
  • But being the clumsy child that you are, you trip over the step and are about to fall face first 
  • Thankfully the guy in front of you graciously holds you by the waist, cinematic style
  • When you finally open your eyes, you look up and holy shit, he’s hot
  • Your cheeks are burning up and you’re like, ‘Fuck, this can’t get any worse’ 
  • But then he smirks at you in a really really cute way and asks if you’re okay
  • And you decide, then and there, to turn into a puddle who doesn’t know how to speak in coherent sentences  
  • “T-Thanks,” You barely get yourself to stutter out to him before its his turn and you leave him be 
  • But he can’t get you out of his mind, not even when he’s talking to his fucking role model, G-Dragon 
  • He sneaks a peek at you and you’re quite literally dying as you talk to each member 
  • He chuckles a little when TOP gives you a high-five for the gifts you bought for him and you’re biting your lip to hold back your scream
  • Because holy shit, you look absolutely adorable 
  • After the fan sign is over, he runs around to look for you but unfortunately, with his luck, you’re nowhere to be found
  • So he thinks about you for the entire week, wondering if he’d ever get to see you again 
  • And he’s still thinking about you when he goes to class to help out his professor as his TA
  • He’s walking into the lab, his mind pondering over whether or not he should stalk social media to find you 
  • But then he bumps into one of the students and he finally snaps out of it as he helps them up, slowly apologizing but his voice got stuck in his throat when he saw you 
  • And you’re like, “Oh it’s fin– wait, aren’t you the one from last week?” 
  • And he’s like, “Yeah, we met at the fan sign!” 
  • You’re really happy to find someone who loves kpop almost as much as you and you guys start hanging out after class really often 
  • A month passes, you and Jungkook are very much into each other but of course, being the shy memeball idiot that he is, he doesn’t say a word 
  • But you’re really annoyed with him and really impatient 
  • So one day, you guys are playing Mario Kart and you’re like, “Jungkook, if you lose this game, you’re gonna have to date me” 
  • And he just looks at you with wide eyes, like ‘did you really just say that!?’ 
  • But he doesn’t question it 
  • You’ve never seen anyone lose a game that badly or that quickly
  • Although he did end up winning you and what better prize is there than that?
  • So that’s how you guys started dating~
  • Your relationship is really fun, cute and sweet 
  • But most of it is you fighting Jungkook to stop using you as his arm rest 
  • And then there are those times when Jungkook uses lyrics as his way of hitting on you 
  • Like you’ll be cooking something and he’ll randomly put his arms around your waist and be like, “Francis Bacon in the kitchen” 
  • Which proceeds with you threatening him with a knife and him trying his best to not die of laughter because holy shit that was perfect
  • And then you’re sitting on the couch, reading a novel and he’ll crawl next to you and be like, “Ay, do you wanna?” 
  • You just shake your head but you take off your glasses and put your book down on the side table before looking at him suggestively 
  • He just smirks at you before moving closer and he comes up to your ear before whispering, “If you wanna experience me, keep it sexual.” 
  • But before you can complain or say anything he’s hungrily kissing your neck and all your complaints die in your throat because damn daddy’s he’s got a golden tongue

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  • So your relationship goes on for years until Jeon Jungkook finally overcomes his shyness 
  • He plans out this whole elaborate trip and whatnot to propose to you, making it as perfect as he possibly can 
  • But the night before your trip, you ask Jin to help you cook dinner and you’re sitting down on the dining table  
  • Oh, and it’s a candle light dinner 
  • You dressed up for it, wore your favorite outfit, accessories, the works 
  • And he’s looking at you so lovingly and just admiring how beautiful you are 
  • How insanely lucky he is to have someone like you 
  • He’s so lost in his thoughts that he doesn’t know what you’re doing until you’re on your knees and holding a ring in a box 
  • And he’s like, “NO! NO! NO!!” 
  • You kind of look at him weirdly before feeling slightly dejected 
  • So you get up and start walking away but he grabs you by the wrist and drags you to the bedroom 
  • And you’re thinking that ‘oh he wants me to get my stuff and get out’
  • So you can’t help the tears that start falling but he just seats you on the mattress before rummaging through the bedside drawers 
  • And you’re really confused until he takes out another ring box 
  • “I’m sorry, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, I planned for it to be on the trip and all but, will you marry me?” He holds your hands in his as he asks and you’re literally a sobbing mess by now 
  • Because a) you asked first, this is rude b) Yes, of course I’ll marry you, you idiot but I can’t talk right now because you’re too fucking dumb
  • “I’ll take that as a yes?” He asks hesitantly and you start to furiously nod your head 
  • He suddenly gets up and hugs you, which results in both of you falling back to the bed 
  • And you’re so so happy 
  • “But if anyone asks, our official proposal was on our trip okay?”  
  • You laugh a little at his words but comply nonetheless and peck him on the lips before the two of return back to finish your dinner as future Mr. and Mrs. Jeon Jeongguk
  • NSFW Extras
  • Once, you decide to feel bold and taunt him in a video game being like, “ha! you can’t beat me” and his eyes darken a little before he’s like, “Fine, let’s play one more time… but if I win, that ass is mine” 
  • Of course, THAT time he ends up winning easily
  • Since both of you love Big Bang, there are going to be times you’re tempted to steal his posters and when you do 
  • Let’s just say, you’re not walking anywhere for the rest of the week 
  • Because when his babygirl is bad, it’s daddy’s his job to make sure she’s punished accordingly
  • But of course, you need to get back at him for this
  • By tying his hands behind his back when he’s sleeping and when he wakes up
  • Let’s just say, his babygirl reciprocates each and every bit of that punishment
  • You take the rope off when you’re done, because you’re like, “there’s no way he has any energy after this.” 
  • But oh boy, you’re so so wrong 
  • Although, you’ve never been this happy about being wrong~

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Admin Sangria~~

After having a late lunch with his brother Ludwig gets a present! The ticket is from Feliciano but since tickets only have last names and Feliciano has the reputation of never writing tickets.the German boys assume it’s from Lovino. Oh the misinterpretations…. 

I really did not try my all in this comic so I’ll type the speech bubbles 

Ludwig: Verdammt (Damnit in German) 

Gilbert: Lovio strikes again you really should of know West 

Ludwig: Do not tell Toni- You just did,didn’t you?

Gilbert: What? 

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My favorite thing about your writing is that it actually challenges how I see characters. Case in point: Lila, as seen in Winter Sonata. She's a liar and she did something awful to Adrien, but as much as I want to HATE her, I can't help but to feel sorry for her. At one point, she and Felix were in love and were happy, but I think that even Lila knew that if she had told him the truth, there was no way Adrien would've fallen for her because of how MUCH he loves LB.

(cont) It’s just a tragic story to be happy and to have someone fall out of love with you, despite your efforts. Did she deserve it? She did, because you don’t do that to someone you love, but I feel so bad for her, which is crazy on my part because I’m very much like Marinette—I judge quick and the impressions last. You even made me like Chloe and ship her and Nino because of LU! Your writing makes me think about people differently. and I think that’s a very special skill.

No one should ever be two-dimensional. 

Winter Sonata Lila was painful to write for all the reasons you listed above. People who lie to be liked don’t usually do so with malicious intent. They do it because they lack confidence. They’re scared. They want to form meaningful connections with other people, but they don’t know how, or they don’t believe that who they are is good enough for someone else.

Lila got a second chance with Adrien. She got to love him and take care of him physically and emotionally. He looked at her and he saw who she was and he decided that not only was that good enough for him, but that he wanted her by his side for the rest of his life. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing there is?

Lila’s wants are far from unreasonable. They are basic human wants. The thought of Adrien waking up and seeing right through her was her worst nightmare because who she is and how much she loves him wouldn’t be worth a damn in the face of her lie. 

Who cares if she went to physical therapy with him? Who cares if she mopped sweat from his brow and encouraged him to keep trying? Who cares if she tutored him in school? Who cares if she patiently explained things to him again and again because he kept forgetting them? Who cares that she learned how to make his favorite foods? Who cares if she introduced him to her friends? Who cares if she stayed up late to get him tickets to the new Star Wars movie, massaged his aching leg on rainy days, brought home little gifts that reminded her of him, delivered food to him when he had to work or study late, and snapped at anyone who gave him grief for being handicapped?

Not Ladybug. Not Adrien’s friends. Not their classmates. Not the citizens of Paris.

But Adrien cared.

In the end, Adrien still saw her. He was the only one who saw her, the only person who was ever willing to try. He was the one thing she wanted most, and the one thing that she could never have. 

And the tragedy of it all is that she did that to herself.

If He Looks At Your Lips

Composing a Master Post of all my Miraculous Ladybug-related fanfiction, so I’ll be posting some of the one-shots I have uploaded in various places but not on tumblr. First up is a one-shot based on a concert a friend of mine went on a date to, and it rained so hard that the concert was cancelled for about 45 minutes. I took some liberties. ;)

Talk To Me coming soon!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Adrinette
Words: 3K
Summary: Their gazes locked on one another, very aware of their sudden close proximity. In a car alone together, the faint drumming of rain outside in tandem with their pounding hearts.
Tags: Fluff, Adrinette, Car Kisses

The rain began slowly at first. The throngs of people paid it no mind and only drew their rain slickers closer to their bodies as they chatted excitedly. The venue was a huge outdoor stage, the front sections covered by a tall awning and leaving the remaining seats open to the darkening sky, but no one seemed to mind. Teenage couples lounged on towels in the grass, and older groups of friends milled about with beers while waiting for the concert to start.

Marinette wasn’t quite what to do, so she let her eyes scan across the crowed of concertgoers as they made their way to the front entrance, excitement building in her chest. When Adrien had told her he had an extra ticket to the Jagged Stone concert and wanted to give it to her, she had about fainted right there. Her crush had mentioned that he’d asked Nino and Alya, but both had curiously declined the invitation (an opportunity Alya had thrust in Marinette’s direction… what did she do to deserve such a friend?)

So now here she was with Adrien, who stood a few paces behind her as he locked his car door. He’d picked her up that afternoon; none the wiser to the hours Marinette and Alya had spent in the raven-haired girl’s room going through her closet to decide what would be appropriate for a concert date. They’d eventually decided on a dark purple sleeveless button-up over dark jeans and mid-calf black boots, comfortable and stylish. She let her hair fall into its normal pigtails, playing with her bangs until they fell over her blue eyes just right, only to go back and fix them again five minutes later.

It was almost like a dream as she glided into the passenger seat of Adrien’s Bugatti. Part of her was curious how much convincing it took for Adrien to forgo a chauffeur and get his own car, but another part just simply marveled at the expensive vehicle. They’d chatted aimlessly during the twenty-minute drive, and Marinette was about to burst from nervousness.

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Omg so I'm still in school so us history teacher let me stay late to make sure I could go online to get the tickets and she helped me and celebrated with me getting the ticket and wrote me a pass to the next class. I was like your honestly the nicest THE nicest teacher ever and she was like well you got to experience things in life not sit in class all day. And it was such a great moment. I'm so happy!!!

Teachers like that are why I became a teacher. Congratulations on getting tickets, babe!

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

ohadelaide-pls: I watch my friend carefully. Her excitement is glowing all over her pretty face. Exactly 2 minutes left, she tells me. We’re waiting at the bus stop and the bus is coming in two minutes. I think she hoped she’d meet them on a beach at sunset or something.
”I mean that’s ok - these things can’t always be romantic I mean my mum met dad when he was working at the book store and it’s not like you can plan it to be romantic I just hoped, I mean everyone hopes don’t they-” she breaks off, looking at me awkwardly. “Sorry. It’s just a big day for me you know.” Yes I do know. You’ve been going on about it for the past year. I smile at her.
”Don’t worry. You nervous? You’ll be ok, you always are,” I grin, determined not to ruin this for her. It’s selfish of me to be moody. This is her future being determined. Right here. In now, precisely 1 minute 30 seconds.
She smiles at me, but it isn’t quite reaching her eyes. She’s restless and keeps tapping her foot. Her eyes are wide with.. fear? Excitement? Nerves? Probably all of them and a thousand more things I can’t imagine. She keeps checking her wrist. So do I. The bus comes around the corner. 1 minute 10 seconds.
”Hey. I’ll leave you alone now ok? The bus is here. I’ll sit a couple of seats away, and be there if you need me,” I say, squeezing her arm reassuringly. “Good luck.” I hope it sounded sincere.

The bus pulls up and I climb on first, taking a quick glance at her while I give the driver my ticket. She’s shaking and looks a little green. I want to give her a hug but know I shouldn’t interrupt now. I look at the passengers and it’s full of pensioners. My heart starts beating frantically. What? I can’t see anyone else at the bus stop. But she’s only 18, she can’t end up with a 80 year old.
I turn around and look at her - she’s breathing hard. The bus driver asks if she’s ok but she ignores him. Her eyebrows are creased and her face is flushed. Oh. Oh no. Stay calm. Someone is probably late. I give her a thumbs up and try to smile reassuringly. I think it’s more of a grimace.

I take a seat near the back. Look at my watch. 25 seconds. She sits down a few seats away.

Suddenly a dark shape runs past my window and a boy jumps on the bus. He has that same frantic look in his eyes. I breathe out with relief.
”Yeah get on, we’re running late,” the driver says, taking his ticket. The boy looks around, carefully stepping towards the seats. He’s tall and handsome, holding a sketchbook. I smile slightly; my friend hates art.
4 seconds
He spots her.
3 seconds
His eyes widen as he walks closer, as if being pulled by an invisible rope.
2 seconds
My friend stands up too, that same rope tying her to him.
1 second -
”I was worried the bus would leave. No way could I miss meeting my soul mate!” he jokes, though he looks just as nervous as she. They smile at each other as they both sit down together. I can’t hear what they’re talking about.

I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Suddenly I’m crying. Hot tears dropping down my cheeks.

I look at my wrist, scratching at it. Trying to get rid of it.

The numbers have never changed.

They’ve always been at 0.

Back from Japan Expo

IT was fun but way tooo huge lol, and I was to late to get a ticket for Kodaka’s autograph (Danganronpa creator) and I admit I was pretty bumped out I also got sick but Lucky my Friends took good care of me, didnt spend too much money so got plenty of left over for Atsucon and Abunai, (hue) tommorow were going to enjoy Paris and then back to Holland

Hi friends! I'm going to be at the Hollywood Bowl concert with my sister July 3rd. We're gonna arrive early because we're driving up from San Diego, anyone want to meet up?

P.s. I was late to the game and me and my sister could only get tickets in two different sections. If anyone has section Q row 15 tickets, I’d be willing to give you a slightly better ticket in exchange.

i can’t wait to see you in my dreams tonight