to koimizu:

I Guess This is It

With one hand on her bump and the other supporting her lower back, Hayley waddled down the corridor, on her way back to her room after a snack.  She was due to go into labor any day now and everyone in the compound was anxious, none more than Klaus.  He was beside himself with worry.  He was constantly worried with Hayley’s well being, and he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that in matter of days he was going to be a father.

Hayley had already had a few false labor starts.  The first time she was with Klaus in the bayou, visiting her family after she moved back in with Klaus.  She felt a contraction and panicked, the look on Klaus’ face was priceless.  He had to carry her all the way back out to the main road where the car was parked to take her to the hospital.  The doctor told them it was just the Braxton Hicks, and it probably wouldn’t be the first time it would happen to her, it wasn’t.  Still, Klaus made it clear he wasn’t going to allow Hayley any more trips to the bayou until after the baby was born.  She didn’t argue mostly because it was a waste of time, but she was also tired constantly now and the baby would be there soon anyway.

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