to know some of those bands

Let’s spill the tea, shall we?

When the news that Camila was leaving surfaced yesterday, I was devastated, because a band that I have grown to love since 2014 was starting to end. Now I’m not sad, I’m fucking RAGED – and I’m gonna explain why.

Yesterday Camila posted a letter, which I talked about on this post. It’s something that was clearly written by her, with a lot of feeling and truth (and tea too). Then we waited the whole day for the girls to say something, and when they do, they post a statement that can be resumed in a few words: it’s all Camila’s fault. I bet anyone that read those paragraphs would believe it, except that we, the fans, are practically CSI and we know our band too much to just buy that, so I’m just gonna point out some stuff I got from that letter:

  • First off, management wrote it. Simple as that;
  • Second, how could four girls that are in different states and time zones, spending time with their families and friends after not seeing them for weeks take time off to coordinately post something literally at the same minute?
  • Lastly, on the first statement they said they were just told by Camila’s “representatives” that she was leaving, next thing they say she let them know in November. Don’t you think that if they knew that was their last concert alongside Camila, it would’ve been way more emotional and meaningful?
  • They signed a contract that says that management have full access to all of their social network accounts (twitter, facebook, Instagram, tumblr, etc.) and are free to post (or delete) whatever they want there.
  • Update: Ally just unfollowed the 5H account on instagram?

Now let’s make a few judgement calls:

  • A few weeks ago, Dinah posted on her Instagram story videos of them (Camila included) goofing around the car singing and laughing like a group of good friends would. For those who have watched the videos, they didn’t seem like the same people that where “informed via her manager that Camila was leaving the group”, did they?
  • Just this week, Dinah posted a picture of her and Camila goofing around and wrote “Don’t matter what they say, don’t matter what you do . I am so proud of you . I mean it . I love uuuu’s”, which Camila answered with “LMAOOOO this picture is classic us. thank u so much girl. this means more than u know”. Also this week, she posted multiple snapchats of her watching Camila perform with MGK with a proud mom smile on her face, followed by a snap of them hugging and she telling Camila how proud she was. Now, does this seems like the same Dinah that would agree to throw Camila under the bus so easily like they did?
  • Just yesterday an audio of Lauren venting about their management to Ally was leaked, in which she said “They make decisions on regular basis, to fuck us over, to make us literal slaves, like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing labor every day and we see nothing” Does that sound like the girl who would agree to post that letter as well?

It’s unlikely to all of them to throw Camila under the bus like that. A band that’s been together for almost four years and a half to treat one of their friends like a stranger they can blame? This is not the Fifth Harmony we have grown to love. This is not their doing. They have no choice but to just sit back and do nothing because they can’t simply break a contract.

In conclusion, what hurts me is not the fact that Camila left the band – in fact I’m glad she left after all this mess, or that the girls posted those notes – I didn’t believe for one second that they wrote it. What hurts me is knowing they’re stuck in an environment they can’t leave because of a contract that allows Maverick, Epic and Syco to do whatever they want regarding their public image.

They want to throw Camila under the bus because they know that if she wanted she could just tell us everything. They want to turn the fans against her because maybe she was the one that got tired of all the bullshit and didn’t sign next year’s contract. Say what you want about their relationship, that they don’t get along behind cameras, that they hate each other (which they clearly don’t), but the one thing we know is that they would never write something that would compromise their bandmate’s career like that.

I feel and fear for our girls. They are five young girls trying to live their dream and this is what they get. They don’t deserve any of this.

Someone please save my children.

Autistic Dex Headcanons
  • HATES there not being a plan in place all the time
    • honestly too much free time stresses him out, which is part of why he makes sure he’s always busy
  • so bad at facial expressions
    • both recognizing them on other people and actually making them
    • during any given point in a conversation half his brain is going ‘what face should i be making? what do i do with my face? how should i be responding shit i don’t know’
    • everyone thinks he’s angry all the time and he’s not he just doesn’t know how to project his emotions
  • hides his need to stim by doing useful things with his hands (fixing stuff, baking)
    • baking also helps give him control over what smells are in the area
    • and dough just feels really nice
    • can’t sit still ever he’ll be shaking his leg or messing with something with his hands
    • chowder catches on and gets him some stim toys but dex is really self conscious about pulling those out in public
    • starts carrying around rubber bands or a deck of cards
  • he auditory stims SO MUCH he will listen to a single song on repeat for literally months on end
  • gets overwhelmed by touch really easily
    • not a fan of textured clothes
    • constantly overwhelmed around the SMH bc they have no concept of personal space
    • also holster and shitty are capable of causing sensory overload just by theirselves
  • he’s alright with kegsters bc alcohol makes everything easier to manage, but he still prefers helping out to getting thrown in the middle of things
  • also he’s really overwhelmed by heat
    • he loves chowder but dex is never coming to cali

“I remember one night saying to Linda “I’m going to form a band, would you like to be in it?”
It was just a natural, organic thing to have happen. And with some trepidation, she kinda said “Er, yeah.” That was like all there was to it.
We knew we’d have to suffer the slings and arrows of our friends saying “What’s he doing with her in the group?” But then our logic was, well you know what? Groups aren’t such precious things - The Beatles was just The Quarrymen once; it was just a bunch of guys hanging out. And we liked the idea of returning to those kind of basic thoughts, instead of thinking, “Oh, after The Beatles it’s got to be important. It’s got to be super musicians involved in this..”, this was more like “No, let’s just find ourselves.”

bruh is wb really expecting people to pay $130 for a subscription box of ‘previously unreleased’ merch? guys there’s probably a reason that this merch didn’t see the light of day originally. i understand wanting the mcrx merch bc of the anniversary but pls, i don’t want to see anyone buy into this painfully obvious ploy for wb to once again milk the band for every last penny literally using bottom of the barrel merch designs that are being sold for some ridiculous price.
i don’t know how many ppl are aware of this bullshit but pls don’t be fooled into thinking that this is something you need. i know a lot of you are already aware of the dumpster fire that is warner bros but for those of you who missed the absolute travesty that was earlier this year, pls heed my warning beb. anything ‘my chemical romance’ that’s being pushed directly by wb is a cash grab, nothing else and def not something that gerard, frank, mikey, or ray have any knowledge of. zero sentimentality.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Kurt ever explained song lyrics to Dave and Krist or did they ever ask Kurt what the songs meant because if I was in a band I would want to know what the songs I were playing meant!

Krist in 2013 in Rolling Stone

RS After Kurt’s death, people started reading clues into the lyrics on In Utero, when in fact some of the songs were written over a long period of time and moods, going back to before Nevermind. What did you hear in those songs, before or after his passing?

 krist–I never interpreted any of his songs. Kurt never did. He was cagey about his lyrics. You could read into them anything you want. I get these stories from people: “Man, when I was in recovery, I was listening to Nirvana every day, and it helped me get through.” That’s great. I’m not going to tell you what the music means.

Kurt – I would call him the Windmill. I told him that. I’d go, “Did you hear what you just said? You contradicted what you said a minute ago.” He’d laugh at himself, because he knew it. He would be like that. He wanted to be a rock star – and he hated it.

It was often hard to tell if he was just playing with words – the puns and combinations – in a lyric.
Kurt said that he never liked literal things. He liked cryptic things. He would cut out pictures of meat from grocery-store fliers, then paste these orchids on them. What does it mean? What is he trying to say? And all this stuff on [In Utero] about the body – there was something about anatomy. He really liked that. You look at his art – there are these people, and they’re all weird, like mutants. And dolls – creepy dolls.

  RS—Did he explain any of that stuff to you?  

Oh, no, never. He would just laugh. He knew he’d made something cool, and he’d be happy about it. He would think he was a blowhard if he explained stuff. Maybe he just liked to keep people guessing. [Pauses] He’d have to tell you. I don’t know.

 RS–During the In Utero sessions, would Kurt say to Steve Albini, “Hey I want this on that track”? Was he more specific about his music?

Yeah. For “Heart-Shaped Box,” there was a guitar solo. We had the longest conversation about it. It was Steve and Kurt against me. They put this weird effect on it, and I thought it was repelling [laughs]. “You have this great guitar solo. Why are you putting this on it? It’s a beautiful song.” Speeches were made. Finally, it was, “Okay, take it off.” That was a discussion that went on way too long.

RS Was Kurt trying to de-prettify the music? He was a great melody and ballad writer, but he had this urge to scar the music.

That was the aesthetic, like the beautiful orchids, and then there’s this raw meat around them. It’s the same thing. “Dumb” is a beautiful song. “All Apologies” is really nice. And then there are songs like “Milk It” that are completely wicked. There is something for everybody on that record. Although it’s not for everybody [laughs].

RS Because of the aftermath, most people hear the record as a eulogy. What do you hear?
It is a haunting record. I am not haunted by it. But there is imagery on there that I would never express to people. I would blow it if I said, “This song means that.” I would rob people of their imaginations. And I would betray Kurt.

There’s my personal experience with him. Other people have their experiences with him. And we’re each entitled to our own interpretations. But none of them are the definitive one. He’s the only one who can give that – and he’s gone. And he never gave one while he was alive.

Destiny News: Fireteam Beats Aksis with No Guns (Abilities only)
  • Lord Saladin: I don't get it! Is this some kind of game to them?! My friends died trying to stop SIVA and they walk in like he's easier to drop than a green engram!
  • Eris Morn: It only gets worse. Soon they'll beat it with Rock Band drums or a Guitar Hero controller.
  • Lord Saladin: What are those?
  • Eris Morn: I DON'T KNOW!
The signs as things Josh Ramsay said at my concert

Aries: “if you’re the front man of a band your job is to fucking talk”
Taurus: “i don’t know many things about anything really”
Gemini: “if you need advice on wearing leather pants or guys wearing makeup, I’m your fucking guy”
Cancer: “I want some alone time with you guys, I get jealous with those other assholes”
Leo: “I can only have so many fucking hand drawn pictures of myself before I start to look like an asshole”
Virgo: “as a performer sometimes we do this thing called acting maybe you’ve heard of it”
Capricorn: “I have never been at a concert and been like man I could really use a fucking omelet right now”
Sagittarius: “I break hearts not laws honey”
Scorpio: “man I could use some fucking alcohol right now, please don’t buy me drinks”
Libra: “this Canadian to American translation must be off”
Aquarius: *messes up the verses* “man you guys know my songs better than me why don’t you be the fucking lead singer”
Pieces: “it’s hot in here so I’m just gonna take my shirt off because I’m a fucking slut”

Polish Music Masterpost

I know how important it is to listen to music in your target language so for those of you who are learning Polish (but not only) I decided to share some of my favourite Polish musicians and their songs which I like the most. There is a lot of excellent Polish musicians and I’m not able to include them all because I simply don’t listen to all of them so if you have any other liked Polish singers/bands etc. you’re more than welcome to add them to my list :)

1) Taco Hemingway - rapper, I don’t listen to any kind of rap but I just love Taco, I highly recommend you to check out the lyrics of his songs on, they’re all so deep and meaningful.


6 Zer

Następna Stacja




Deszcz Na Betonie (personally my favourite song of his)

2) Dawid Podsiadło - pop singer, despite making great songs with amazing clips, he’s also an absolute babe and cinnamon roll, I was at his concert this May and he’s such a great guy in person. Additionally, he sings in both Polish and English what makes him even more awesome.

W Dobrą Stronę

Pastempomat (I love this song SO MUCH)

Trójkąty i Kwadraty





3) Organek - another Polish singer whom I’ve discovered quite recently, I attented his concert in May and afterwards I started to listen to him like mad, I love his voice and he’s also 10/10 babe if you know what I mean.

Mississippi w Ogniu

Głupi Ja

Kate Moss

O, Matko!

4) Monika Brodka - her music is quite peculiar but I enjoy it anyway, she’s got nice songs and amazing voice. And she also has songs in both Polish and English!



W Pięciu Smakach


Elektryczny (she’s only featuring here but she rocks anyway)

5) Czesław Mozil - oh God how I love this man. He lived in Denmark for most of his life and that’s why he struggles with speaking Polish (what is adorable af) but when he sings my heart literally melts. And he dubbed Olaf in the Polish version of Frozen, how cool is that?!

Maszyna do Świerkania

Krucha Blondynka

Zanim Pójdę (this song is actually a cover of another Polish band happysad and you can check out the original here, it’s one of the most recognizable Polish songs I guess)

W Sam Raz

6) Karolina Czarnecka - she’s not only a singer but also a stage actress, my best friend’s ex-boyfriend introduced me her songs and to be honest that’s the only good thing he has done.

Chwytaj Ten Stan

Za Siedmioma Górami



Hera Koka Hasz LSD (singing this song on the actor’s song contest has made her popular and for a month or two the Polish Internet was really crazy about this song, mostly because it’s about drugs, I don’t enjoy it as much as her other songs but I decided to put it here anyway)

Okay, so I think that’s enough for now, I’ll probably create more posts with Polish music but I’d really appreciate if you let me know what you think. Of course don’t hesitate to reblog with your favourite Polish music if you have any!

powerfulmagiccloud  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to ask you, what is your opinion about the new episode? I really want to know what do you think about Starco and Jarco. Thanks in advance (:

I’m not exactly sure if i’m the right person to talk about this considering this episode doesn’t do a ton for me since neither of those ships are my favorites.

But if you insist i’ll just give some of my two cents on it.

I really wonder how long Star knew about Marco liking love sentence, because i know that it certainly wasn’t during “Red Belt”.

Also they called it their “thing”, which is hard for me to comment on because they’ve never enjoyed love sentence together before this episode. So i’m not really sure how big it is for them.

I still think it means more to tomco, whose entire relationship only hit off because of their love for the band. Well that, and we only found out Marco liked this band in that episode, along with Tom, it was a discovery and a gateway to their relationship.

(( Which of course bugs the heck out of me that Tom wasn’t in this ep, especially since Love Sentence is a band he made a dang shrine to.

they probably didn’t add him in because they didn’t want to break the tension going on but he still could’ve made a cameo in the background))

Oh well, moving on..

Star’s motives are weird, she clearly wants Marco to be happy with Jackie, and went through all that trouble to add her into their group. But she also doesn’t like seeing them extremely close together.

I mean it’s clear she’s bothered by it, but she also kinda doesn’t want to ruin it for her friend.

And it’s clear seeing Marco having a close relationship with someone else makes her upset.

She’s upset because Marco having a girlfriend means he’s going to be spending more time with someone else, and that she’s no longer going to be as close with him as she used to be.

She’s torn between Marco’s happiness, and her own.

She probably should’ve just told Marco the truth but i suppose she didn’t want to make everything weirder.

Like i said before, i don’t particularity care for Starco, so this episode doesn’t really hit me like everyone else because i kinda like them more as supportive friends. But if that’s your cup of tea it’ll work for you.

Jackie and Star interacting was really nice, they actually have a lot in common and really get along nicely.

Jarco is still pretty cute in my book, not my fav ship, but I think their interactions are sweet.

Songs were good as always.

Welp, for the people out there who was calling stuff like Friend-Enemies “QUEERBAITING”, there are literal gay and lesbian couples kissing in this episode.

so hate to burst your bubble, but looks like ships like Tomco have more of a chance of happening since the censors don’t care anymore.

Ending is a bit sad to look at because you know she’s dying inside, but her emotions are very unhealthy and she needs to resolve this.

Star reminds me ALOT of how Tom was before Marco talked him out of trying to win Star back.

Being angry and bitter all the time, spying on them, unable to do anything because they can’t control the situation.

and because Star is acting the same way Tom was, i still want her to learn the same lesson he did.

((I don’t care who it is, if it’s not ok for Tom, it’s not ok for Star))

I don’t personally think Starco will happen by the end of this season, just because it’s hard to imagine Marco just giving up on his crush he’s waited for years to be with for his friend who he doesn’t like in that way.

Besides the fact that it’s chicle, and this show tends to strive away from those for the most part,  it really doesn’t make alot of sense.

However, this crush biz only started THIS season so by the looks of it, it will be resolved one way or another by the end of this season.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on it.

It’s a good episode all in all.

Papa Emeritus IV and Air Ghoul.

Please ignore some of the shitty shading, lol. I’m really hoping Papa IV is blue and the face paint is detailed, kinda like it’s tattooed on. Ram skulls are probably overdone but I don’t care. Honestly, I don’t know how they’re gonna top the masks they already have because those are the peak of perfection! I also want Papa to have a little bit of silvering hair.

Shits and giggles. 

RFA,V+Unknown and Marching Band AU

The last reaction was kind of dark and angsty so I decided to lighten up the mood with another reaction. Plus this helps get the brain juices flowing so I can finish writing my speech. I apologize for using band jargon. I don’t know any other way to describe it. I’ll do my best to translate some of it, but you can google things like the instruments: 

bib= they’re KIND OF like overalls that you wear underneath your coat

shako= it’s the hat we wear with a plume

lot= your designated area to practice before you perform


  • he’s  S U C H  a flute player
  • and he’s second chair! Go Yoosung!
  • wears a hat during those long rehearsals in the sun 
  • not a very good marcher but he does his job
  • very responsive to his section leader
    • “ONE PUSH UP”
  • makes the marching uniform actually look good
    • the bib accentuates his rear ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • when did Yoosung get a fine ass???
  • brings his DS with him on those long trips to shows


  • bear with me on this: our girl is in drum line
    • don’t you dare think about the movie (ง •̀_•́)ง
  • she lugs around her huge tenor drum almost every day
  • so her arms and back are super toned
    • woah Baehee
  • brings a gallon of water to rehearsal because she freaking needs it
  • she can be seen in the practice room either practicing or sneaking in some study time
  • on the bus she’s the one doing homework
  • hates how the uniforms make her look boxy
  • is a pretty decent marcher
  • never gets called on during rehearsal because she knows her shit
  • almost no one understands her drum talk
  • “Jaehee I don’t know where the buck-digga–or wherever that is.”
  • Seven has a pic of her curled up in her tenor case that he sent to the group chat
  • sometimes sits in on the front ensemble rehearsals to watch Zen play


  • he plays in the front ensemble as the center marimba
  • he’s thin and tall so he fits the bill pretty well
  • has the fastest hands ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
  • doesn’t bother covering up his blisters and callouses on his fingers and palms
    • he sees it as badges of honor
    • it shows how hard he’s worked to get where he is
  • he’s that guy that never has a shirt during rehearsal
    • of course to gain your attention and to show off his hot bod
  • Zen looks good in everything so he pulls the uniform off
  • gets really into his parts
  • vlogs rehearsal every day
    • vlogs on the bus >_>
  • takes plenty of videos of him playing and selfies before, during and after rehearsal


  • drum major through and through
  • his salute is really generic 
  • this guy is the master of time
    • knows the exact tempo if you play the metronome for him
    • “That’s 161…178…125…”
  • lets Elizabeth 3rd lay underneath the stand
    • wtf he brought his cat???
  • carpools with V and Jaehee to rehearsal
  • before he was drum major he played alto saxophone 
  • on the bus, he knocks the fuck out until they arrive on their show site


  • trolls the fuck out of people with his synth
  • he will mess with the tracks and plays annoying tunes
  • but when rehearsal starts he takes it very seriously
  • “Seven where are we?”
  • “¯\_ȌᴥȌ_/¯…YOLO”
  • “(◎_◎;)”
  • when the techs are working with the marimba line, he will take videos and pictures of Zen
    • sends it to Jaehee
  • takes naps in his synth cart and keeps snacks in the drawers
    • “Luciel why aren’t the cables in the drawers?”
    • “Because I wouldn’t have room for my Honey Buddha Chips and my Pocky.”
  • sends memes during rehearsal to the chat
  • like Zen, he can get into his parts
  • he once hit his head on the keyboard during the drum break
  • always makes the, “I forgot my shako” joke
  • brings his DS on the bus and play pvp games with Yoosung
  • he will also take pictures of people sleeping on the bus
    • Jumin threatens to throw out Seven’s snack drawer if he doesn’t delete those pictures of him


  • drum major buddies with Jumin
  • V is at the back of the field while Jumin is in front
  • they will constantly text each other during breaks for strategy and critique 
    • with a little shit talk of course
  • during his break, he will take photos of other musicians in the moment
  • at the end of the season, he collects them and makes scrapbooks
    • creates collages for the seniors
  • very chill and patient during rehearsals
  • on show days he goes through his ritual of meditating on lot
  • used to be a mellophone player


  • rifleman in guard
  • very stone-faced in comparison to his fluid movements
  • purposely hits Seven sometimes with his rifle just for his own shits and giggles
  • a complete grump during and off rehearsal
  • if his rifle isn’t in the air, it’s up his ass
  • sits in the back of the bus to sleep or stare out the window
  • never really a fan of the uniforms each year but he just deals with it
  • purposely starts rumors to cause drama and make things more exciting
Fans need to realize that artists don't owe them anything. If you feel necessary to go to a band members house and harass them you need to know you're wrong. Brendon should feel safe in his home. Sarah should feel safe in her home. To have people constantly coming to their house eliminates their privacy and can make them beyond uncomfortable. It hurts me that Brendon had to move to get fans to understand boundaries. I don't understand why some fans don't get that famous people need privacy as well. Please respect Brendon, Sarah, their friends and family, and give them some space. I hope this is eye opening to those people who went to his house uninvited. I'm sorry on their behalf Brendon. We all love and respect you so much! Keep on keeping on!

All I want is cas telling Dean about bees and honey and flowers and Dean telling cas about pie and cars and bands while they watch reruns of some show no one cares about anyone or listen to music that no one really knows the words to any more in there pjs and Sam just walks past and smiles because holy shit those two are meant for each other

you know, trees is more than just a song to me.

it’s a cleansing ritual.

when i listen to it fully, when i really need to hear the desperation in tyler’s voice and unleash the silent scream in my chest? those are the moments i remember.

i can allow myself to cry, but i have a huge smile. i feel like my face is going to split in half. my cheeks burn and stretch into a genuine expression of happiness.

i feel every cell in my body vibrating. i’m choking and shaking. but i am alive.  

trees is my catharsis. it is my release. it is my alternative to pain. it is the thing that lets me feel like i deserve to occupy space on this planet. it makes me believe in something much bigger than myself. it makes me want to keep going. 

it makes me happy to be alive.

Updated list of Reasons to love George Daniel:

- Loves his friends, literally so supportive and caring

- Huge handzzzzzzzzz,,, he probably got some big gloves to go with those handzzzzzz if ya know what i meeean



- Good w/ dogs, which is a huge thumbs up

- Best fashion sense, pairs seahorse prints nicely

1. Sometimes you don’t know where life is taking you, and that’s normal. Try not to think about it too much. 
2. Watching your favorite band play live is better than capturing a video on your phone. Memories will last longer than a video that’s bound to get deleted at some point. 
3. Don’t underestimate your ability to make new friends. Life does this thing where it throws you new opportunities to branch out and meet new people, don’t ignore those opportunities. Ever. 
4. That being said, treat those new people with utmost respect. You never know who will become your best friend or husband or wife or godmother of your kids. 
5. Keep the ones you love close to you. Tell them you love them any time you have a chance to. 
6. Remind yourself that your feelings are valid, even if they might seem a bit dramatic after the fact. 
7. Never settle for anyone or anything that is less than what you deserve. 
8. Going home can be relaxing, but all homes are temporary. 
9. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to cry. 
10. When you feel like giving up and letting your anxiety get the best of you, fight back. 
11. Paying attention to the side notes of your professors is important. I’ve learned more things through my professors’ tangents than I have throughout actual lectures. 
12. Sometimes all a person needs is to be held tightly. No words, just security. 
13. When your dad tells you that he doesn’t want you to do something, it’s probably in your best interest that you don’t do that thing. 
14. When all things fail, call your mom. She’ll know what to do. I don’t know how she does, but she does. 
15. People come in to your life for a reason, just like people leave your life for a reason. There’s a bigger picture to everything, it just takes a while to see it. 
16. Despite all of the horrible, terrible things that occur in the world every day, there is still a lot of good left. Remember to be mindful of that.
—  sixteen things I learned in 2016

Hadley Fraser: a Timeline
1. 2001 - 2002 Les Miserables, Marius Pontmercy
2. 2005 The Far Pavilions, Ashton Pelham-Martyn
3. 2006 Doctor Who, Gareth
4. 2006 - 2007 The Pirate Queen, Tiernan
5. 2009 - 2010 The Fresh Beat Band, Reed
6. 2010 Les Miserables: 25th anniversary concert, Grantaire
7. 2011 The Phantom of the Opera: 25th anniversary concert, Raoul de Chagny
8. 2012 Les Miserables: 2012 Film, National Guardsman
9. 2013 - 2014 Coriolanus, Tullus Aufidius
10. 2014 - 2015 City of Angels, Stine

Sarah Barthel & Josh Carter here…we play in a band called Phantogram.

Our new album “Three” just came out. If some of the songs seem very dark…it’s because they are. They’re highly-personal portraits from our past; snapshots of tragedy, loss, and all the emotions that follow. For those of you who don’t know, we did actually suffer a great loss this past year, when we lost our sister Becky (Sarah’s sister) to suicide.

It crushed us.

We went through a wide range of emotions…loneliness, depression, desperation. And it was hard to find focus. The biggest support we had was each other, and of course, our close friends and family. We talked, we hurt, and we’re still talking. Still keeping on. But it wasn’t easy getting to this point.

We thought about how tragic life can be at times, how the world can bring you down…and we ended up learning that you have to try to find the beauty in it. It’s okay to not feel okay, and it’s okay to ask for help. We even thought about you guys (our fans & friends), and what you’d think about when listening to this album. And if you or someone you know is experiencing any issues with mental health - please don’t be afraid to get help.

Communication was our way of dealing with it…and we think it can help you too. Find love & support in each other, and don’t stop talking. Don’t stop sharing your stories or your advice.


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Okay but ever since the issue where we learn Roxy and Jetta live together, which is apparently something they don’t want any one else in the band to know, especially Pizzazz as she had some rule about band mates living together.

Ever since I have suspected that the two of them are actually a couple, and this first issue of The Misfits own ongoing does nothing but super reinforce that for me.

I mean “Nothing can Separate us.”

And then several years earlier when they actually meet for the first time, just look at Roxy’s face in those panels, I mean it’s like a heart bomb exploded on her face in that  third panel. If that’s not, Oh my god I love her, I don’t know what is.