to kill people

I’m all for people shipping what ever they want but can we stop shipping pairings that hate each other or is just plain toxic and unhealthy??

There is a difference between reading a story with a toxic pairing because their relationship plays a parts into the story and just blatantly shipping a toxic pairing because they had a few good moments together

Guys I just.

I just really need my Fitz back.



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Widowmaker with a S/o who is an assassin like her? Her s/o could give her a run for her money they're so good at it.

I did another like this here, by that I mean the exact same. But whatever, it’s been enough time I’ll gladly do this over.

  • She feels something irrational inside of her
    • it might be jealousy
    • She vaguely remembers feeling like this at other dancers
  • You made killing people an art style
    • There was a passion in your eyes as you stole her kill
    • Sensing just when she was about to take the shot
    • And shooting a microsecond before
    • It actually enraged her
  • She cannot stop talking about you
    • Making Reaper groan
    • And Sombra raise an eyebrow
    • “Amiga, it kinda sounds like you’re in love with them.”
    • “I am not!”
    • She was
  • You finally talk to her
    • Asking her out as you let her take the shot
  • She’ll get you to work with Talon
    • It’s better pay for you regardless
    • You see no problems
    • Working with Widowmaker was just a perk

Happy birthday to one of my beautiful best friends @theseprettylittlepixels
(I was going to get a naddie picture but ironically starve took over and well.. we’re on skype so you know how that goes)

I tend to ramble on these but.. you’re one of my best friends and I love you so, so much. We’ve been friends now since like the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 and I love that even through everything that people tried to do to tear our friendship apart, we’ve always stuck together. Skyping every night as a group has just made me love you even more because you’re so sweet. I love when you’re the Addie to my Nel and we’re killing people with our diamond spears, breaking into camps and stealing from boxes. I also love when you’re our sweet disney princess that’s in love with unicorns. You are so special, kind hearted and one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever had the privilege to call a friend. I love you so much and I hope you only have happiness, joy and all the wonderful things this year. You deserve it <3

I don’t understand, what’s wrong with the New D.VA skin? It’s not like it’s sexualized or anything, hell it looks pretty cool!

Unless your telling me the people bitching about it are the “kill all cops” people in which case,
Their opinions are irrelevant and fucking stupid why would you listen to anyway them

The way I see it, Prince Lotor could either be a great opportunity for serious drama or just an absolute Team Rocket-style shitty villain, and either way I am 110% ready to see Voltron dropkick him into space.

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I would die for your headcannons how are YOU SO GOOD AT MAKING THEM

*finger guns* i spend most of my waking hours consuming memes my guy

  • keith: “shiro… told me to lead voltron” hunk: “galra keith, i’m glad you discovered your sense of humor but now is not the time for jokes”
  • coran was altea’s bill nye
    • but like. more ripped
    • had a series of informational videos that covered basically anything slightly educational. was sleeveless in every single one
    • he was the Science Guy
  • lance insists upon the use of space rock paper scissors to solve disputes. it’s exactly like normal rock paper scissors but the rock is a space rock
  • they refer to keith’s shack as the “love shack, baby love shack”
  • slav: *breathes* shiro, under his breath: “patience yields focus patience yields focus patience yields focus-”
  • they ditch kaltenecker on the first planet with aliens that’ll take him
    • lance argues against this decision vehemently
    • “but allura we can’t get rid of him!! he reminds keith of home” “lance if you tell another texas joke i swear to god-”
  • lance’s Mermaid Thing conversation w hunk was 1% “wow mermaids are hot” and 99% “i wanna be a mermaid”
  • pidge: “why do you guys have british accents” allura: “what’s a british”

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Heyheyhey hi I love your art more than I love myself and bippidi boppidi you should draw leo/guang-hong (you totally don't have to I would just kill to see them in your style)


And you’re right! I really should draw them……………………..



  • Random person: well this medication you're taking is just treating the SYMPTOMS of your disease, it's not actually helping you
  • Me, internally screaming: I have a CHRONIC illness. THERE IS NO CURE. I will take what I can get.