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Classic Movies You Need To Watch

Here’s my Classic Movies Pick From 39′s to 79′s, Here goes:

Gone With The Wind (1939)

Ben-Hur (1959)

Breakfats At Tiffany’s (1961)

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)

The Sound of Music (1965)

The Graduate (1967)

2001: A Space Oddysey (1968)

The Godfather Trilogy (1972)

The Jerk (1979)


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In a talk, you tell Tony about how you needed to take care of your alcoholic father and couldn’t remember him reading you any bedtime story.
He decides you need to know how it feels to be taken care of.

Relationship: Father!Tony x Daughter!Reader (no incest.)
Characters: Tony Stark; Mutant!Reader
Word counting: 800+
Notes: A bit of Angst, bad childhood, childhood memories, Tony is actually a very good father. Reader is a… Reader. 

This is a part of the Who is In Control series and happens around a month after the prequel (and 10 years before the actual chapters) . See the Masterlist and read the story

Y/N = Your name
Y/F/C = Your favourite colour
Y/L/F/C = Your least favourite colour
Y/H/C = Your hair colour

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Tony watched as Y/N read a book, completely focused on its words and pages.

They’ve been together for a month and a half, and he was still learning a lot about her. Her favorite color was Y/F/C and her least favorite color was Y/L/F/C. Her favorite season was spring – because it wasn’t too warm nor too cold –, and least favorite was summer. She didn’t have a favorite food yet, because she loved food in general, and she ate like a frigging bodybuilder.

Also, she had a huge dictionary of curse words she had learned on the streets, but never used. (Thank God, because he didn’t know what he’d do if she did.)

Y/N had no idea what she wanted to do in the future, so she was interested on everything he would show her. Of course, Tony was always showing her something about engineering, but he was trying not to put pressure on in that department. He didn’t want to make her feel like he had high expectations for her future, but wanted the girl to feel free to do whatever she wanted to.

Her powers were a thing he had to learn how to deal with during in their first week. When Y/N had a particular bad nightmare – she had nightmares often, but didn’t tell him –, she could turn her room upside down in a blink of an eye. Once he had woken up to the sound of her windows and closet door slamming several times, only to find all of her books spread on the floor as well as some pieces of furniture and decorations in the wrong places.

“What are you reading?” He finally asked.

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The Signs as My Favorite Movies Pt. 2

Aries: V for Vendetta

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Taurus: The Secret Garden 

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Gemini: Garden State

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Cancer: Moonrise Kingdom

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Leo: The Empire Strikes Back

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Virgo:  The Imitation Game

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 Libra: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Scorpio: Alien (1979)

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Sagittarius: The Silence of The Lambs

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Capricorn: The Color Purple

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Aquarius: Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Pisces: Mr. Nobody

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30 Day Movie Challenge:

27. Favorite Classic Film: To Kill a Mockingbird

“But he said that sooner or later he supposed the temptation to go after birds would be too much, and that I could shoot all the blue jays I wanted - if I could hit ‘em; but to remember it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. ”

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Enough of the insanity. It's Oscar night, hence this light ask! What is your favorite Oscar-nominated movie and your I-dont-get-it Oscar-nominated movie? I have to say the Social Network is my favorite, so gripping and so thought-provoking. The other, I have to go with Inception. Yes, Chris Nolan is brilliant but this movie is so confusing it always gives me a headache whenever I try to understand it. Too many dream-layers I can't figure it out! If anyone can explain it to me, have at it.

Thanks for your ask anon!

Okay, it seems like we are thinking about every Oscar nominated movie ever. Then I would have to say my favorite Oscar-nominated movie is “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  A near perfect film of childhood innocence lost and a truly courageous man who stood up to the prejudice of his time to try to ensure that a miscarriage of justice did not occur.

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The “I-don’t-get-it” Oscar nomination would have to go to “The Music Man.” Maybe in a different era that was just a spectacular musical but in retrospect it was just schmaltzy.

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Side note: Awesome blog so check that out.
Nickname: Stein, Zero, Nagisa, Professor, Professor Stein, Scout, Angsty, and much more..
Zodiac sigh: Pisces
Last thing you Googled: How much does the full album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance cost on ITunes
Favorite music artist: Too many to pick
Song stuck in my head: A few actually,
Hurt by Johnny Cash,
Car Radio by twenty one pilots,
The Ghost of you by My Chemical Romance, Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez,
Chop Suey by System of a Down,
Die for you by Starset
Monster by Starset.
Last Movie you watched: To Kill a Mockingbird
What are you wearing right now: Grey long sleeve shirt and black shorts. Oi dont judge I am at home!
What do you post: photography, but thinking about posting my drawings.
Why did you chose your URL: I believe everyone has seen things unmentionable at some point in there life.
Do you have any other blogs: No
What did your past relationship teach you: Never had a relationship before 👌👍
Religious or Spiritual: Religious
Favorite color: Purple
Average hours of sleep: 5 to 8
Lucky Number: 2, 42
Favorite character: I watch a lot of shows, movies, anime, and read a lot of books, so there are too many characters to say here.
How many blankets do you sleep with: 3
Dream Job: Don’t have one
Board games, video games or tabletop games: I play, super smash, The Legend of Zelda, time to time cod, and play chess (when I really suck at all of these games, just play for the hell of it)
Do you have any OCs? If yes, talk about a couple of them: I like to imagine things a lot so I have many but I will talk about my first
Blue eyes
Height: (6'1)
From: El Salvador
Tan skin
Is down with anything
A great person to hang around
Protects anyone who is close to him
He has characteristics of a Wolf
One thing you wish was canon in a fiction story/ fandom: No
Favorite thing to draw/ write about/ think about:
Draw- Anything
Write about- sad things
Think about- Random things
The strongest song you like: Very hard to pick but here are a few I recommend for you to check them out
My heart is a storm by Aurora
The Ghost of you by My Chemical Romance
Scars by Boy epic
Silhouettes by Aurora
Berzerk by Eminem
Build God, Then we’ll talk by Panic at the disco
Die for you by Starset
Monster by Starset
God’s not dead (like a lion) by Newsboys
Message Man by twenty one pilots
Murder song 5 4 3 2 1 by Aroura
And a few more…
A book/ story/ fanfic you read recently and word recommend: History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. Great book go and read it!
I tag: anyone else who wants to participate 👍

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2, 3, and 10!

2.) what’s a scene from a movie that makes you cry? why?

I answered this one before but LOL THERE ARE MANY. How about the ENTIRE ENDING MONTAGE of La La Land.

Or “Hey, Boo,” from To Kill a Mockingbird.

3.) what book/movie/fictional character etc. do you get defensive about?

SO MANY. Um…Molly Hooper, for starters? I also defend many a problematic fave. Like, I will FIGHT YOU over Boromir (though fortunately most of the people I’ve met share that sentiment). I love Kylo Ren, too, obviously he’s total Trash™ at the moment but I enjoy him greatly! And cannot WAIT for his story arc (whispers: REYLO).

10.) Favorite Authors and Why.

Just picked a bunch for this, so, one I forgot to mention: Harper Lee. Obvs. :)

Thanks for playing, love you always for being so immediate with these! <3

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Nicknames: nah no nicknames

Height: 5′7″ i think?

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Last thing I googled: cheap bluetooth headphones for ps4

Favorite music artist: shit idk. Nicki Minaj

Song stuck in my head: All time low by john ballion

Last show I watched: miraculous ladybug

Last movie I watched: To kill a mockingbird

What I’m wearing now: a cat pj shirt and black shorts

When I created this blog: 2013

Kind of stuff I post: personal stuff and political shit sometimes, opinions, anime, video games and shit

Do you have other blogs: nope

Do you get asks regularly?: HA nah

Why did you choose your URL: cause im mexican and im that one mexican lol

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: im not really into harry potter lol

Pokemon team: team valor

Favorite colors: Purple

Average hours of sleep: 9 sometimes like at least 13 oops

Lucky number: 8 i guess

Favorite characters: right now its Trevor Philips from GTA 5

Dream job: i have no idea honestly

Number of blankets I sleep with: umm 2. if i get cold then i add one more

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