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Homemade “Everything” Ice Cream Pops

These easy ice cream treats are filled with delicious chunks of brownies and Oreo cookies – or mix it up with your own favorite ice cream add-ins!

Preparation time: 30 minutes + overnight freezing time


  • Vanilla ice cream
  • L&B Brownie Bites
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Small paper cups


  1. Take the ice cream out of the freezer to soften for a few minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, using a sharp knife, chop up the Brownie Bites and Oreos into bite-size pieces.
  3. When the ice cream is soft enough, stir the Brownie Bites and Oreos into the ice cream.
  4. Add the mixture to small paper cups; put them in the freezer for 20 minutes to set. Tip: use a muffin tin to help keep the pops upright in the freezer.
  5. After 20 minutes, place popsicle sticks into the cups. Freeze overnight. Remove from cups by cutting the side of the cup with scissors.

Serving suggestion: Serve in a muffin tin.

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Hey I'm intrigued about the long fic your writing. Do you know when your going to post it ? And will you post all the chapters at once or spread it out a bit?

Hi anon! All good questions, and thanks for being so curious about my big project!

At the moment I’m near the end of chapter 13 of 20, and I’m writing pretty fast at the moment. I’m nearing the end game of the story, and the last few chapters will all be resolution.

I’m hoping to have it done before June 24th. My original goal was cast change, but then I went and wrote a 10,000 word chapter. I really I think I can get it done by then. I’m working my hardest and not writing anything else. This fic is why I haven’t been posting any play recaps (although I am doing those this week so never fear. My 21st of May one will be up before I head out for Part One tomorrow).

As for posting, I’m finishing the whole fic before I start, because I’ve already had to rewrite from the beginning once, and don’t want to risk publishing with stupid mistakes. Then I’ll post a chapter or two a week, to give me time to get the ball rolling on my next long fic!

I’m so desperately excited to share this fic with you all when it’s done. There are so many bits of it that I’m proud of, and I hope you’ll enjoy it even if it is a little painful at times. It’s everything I wanted it to be, and it includes all my favourite characters and relationships from the play, as well as some fun situations and settings. I think and hope it has something for everyone.

The shitty week I had last week is still really dragging me down. The depression is real. The anxiety is real. And then it becomes an endless cycle of wanting to sleep because I am depressed/ drinking coffee to function/ coffee setting off my anxiety/ anxiety keeping me from sleeping. 

I want news on Burt’s case. It won’t come for weeks, for Reasons that are Stupid and hurtful. 

I want my friendship to be repaired to some kind of normalcy. But that’s not in the cards right at the moment. 

I want to find my damn keys, so I can get into my car/my office without jumping through hoops. 

The kids are great and wonderful and are surpassing every expectation anyone has for them. That is good. Everything else is just not good. And it’s hard to be a good pastor and to really stay spiritually grounded when everything is not good. 

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is it ok to feel like... you are tired with some decks? like i was trying to read the cards and i got a weird response, couldn't really connect and it felt like i need some break with that deck. i stumbled upon some things that if you cannot connect with a deck you should throw it away and i don't want to waste such a good deck :(

Taking breaks with certain decks is totally normal and a very common practice amongst tarot readers! It’s pretty unreasonable to expect a deck to keep up with the same level of insight and energy continuously, and setting it aside for awhile can work wonders. Coming back to a deck without handling it for even a a few days or week or so can feel like working with a brand new deck. Sometimes you even see things you missed before, or have a completely different perspective and understanding of the cards that can develop in the interim.  

Honestly, I think that stuff you found about throwing away your deck is pretty suspect. It sounds like that gatekeeper-y kind of nonsense you find sometimes in the community, like how some people say its bad luck to purchase your own decks, that you can’t read secondhand decks or that you must wrap them in silk and other such things. 

If people want to do any of that, then that’s their call, but I don’t think you should take heed of anyone who says you have to. Especially when its stuff like, throw away your deck. Like, you’re right that is wasteful, I shudder to think of anyone actually doing this. If you really, really can’t connect after trying/taking breaks etc. Then try an exchange with someone, or sell them, or donate them to a charity shop. Don’t chuck them, especially if you still like them. 

In any case, it simply sounds like your deck needs a little rest. Put them away somewhere and try not to look at them for a while and I’m sure when you see the images again after some time, your reading will feel fresh again.   

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Can’t remember

I am trying to remember a fic I read where Kurt helps out at a flower shop and delivers some to a big party where Blaine claims him (I think…). It’s set in an alternate universe and there is a large economic divide. Help please!

Keep My Heart Captive, Set Me Free by The Queen Of Rose

Kurt Hummel had always dreamed of a fairy-tale bond, a perfect, kind and caring Dom. Blaine Anderson had always dreamed of someone who stands out from the boring crowd, someone real, and pure. When their worlds collide, will either of them get what they had dreamed of?  

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Given the weeks-long smear job that happened with the airport fiasco & the fact that Louis is still only working with Syco hack-jobs, perpetuating a chav image, and had Eleanor chained to him on set in Donny while the trashbags keep flashing the fake baby around in LA…I have to say I disagree with your assessment that things are improving for him. Syco is going to make a tidy ROI on him & keep his name just relevant enough so they can use it to boost other shitty Syco product like girlband.


Well, we really haven’t seen Louis’s shoot or his music video. I’m hoping that it’s high quality.

We know he has had professionals take care of his fashion and make-up. He has been wearing rare designer clothes that may represent endorsement deals. I’m no fashion expert, but his image in the general public seems to me to be on par with Liam’s and Niall’s.

The public is fickle. His image isn’t that bad. It can be turned on a dime. He has done tons of charity and there is a lot of good will toward him.

I think the airport fiasco was a stunt gone bad. He was supposed to be seen with Eleanor, supposed to defend her from the pap. The fight and subsequent “citizen’s arrest” was a stunt gone awry.

The appearance of celebrity lawyer, Max Singer, at 1 AM on a Sunday morning showed me that Louis has connections when he chooses to use them.

As for Eleanor– I think she’s around for a reason. I could be wrong, but I hope I’m not.

And the J’s— what can you do about people who want public attention at any cost? They’re really on their own. Hopefully they’ll wear out their 15 minutes of fame soon.

i have no idea how to form a plan to relocate even locally, but one thing i want to do that is immediately actionable if i can break it down:

inventory all possessions i want to keep. either pack them or set up all my things so i can pack them easily if i am forced to leave


After getting up slightly earlier than usual the next morning, Vanilla once again found herself in front of her easel while lost in thoughts. 
Last night had been so wonderful, so beautiful… Why were her parents so dead set on keeping her from experiencing this? 

Letting her brush wander across the canvas, she thought about painting the night sky she’d seen. It didn’t take long for her to discard of the idea, however. She was afraid her parents would know she’d been out if they walked in on her while painting. 
No, that was better saved for another time. It was almost time for her mother to start today’s lessons, anyway.

fanfiction written by women tends to keep people’s personalities constant and permutate everything around them. the entire concept of “coffee shop aus” etc.

or it like plays special attention to perturbations of personalities

whereas fanfic ive read by men tends to keep the setting, magic system etc invariant and fill it with newish people.

like it’s related to the thing in northern caves where the male author (rob) writes a female character remarking that a male author is bad at emotional depth in his characters

i didn’t even know what personalities-the-intuitive-shortcut-to-predict-future-behviour were until i took antiandrogens >.>

i am pretty sure spiro and estradiol and progesterone have made it easier to do theory of mind things and model people

i wish that members of humanity were able to freely toggle their hormone levels. every smol child deserves a shot at having five puberties if they wish

How to keep yourself MOTIVATED?
  1. First and foremost remember that things seem difficult and hard to decode initially so give it some time. But don’t keep it away.
  2. Everyone isn’t born with the same set of abilities. There are things that you are good at but someone else isn’t. And there are things that you aren’t good at but someone else is. So stop comparing yourself. Be good for yourself.
  3. There are ups and downs in life. Don’t be too hard on yourself during those times. Bad days never last long, so just push yourself through those days and you’ll be just fine.
  4. You don’t necessarily have to be the best. 
  5. Life doesn’t end here. If you have made a mistake, you will have time to rectify it.
  6. A single moment doesn’t define your life. It’s a collection of such moments that make up your life. So don’t judge your future based a single moment in your life. 

     I hope these help you.


sexual tension: the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.


les mis moments that break my heart: 1/?

combeferre, bahorel & the rest of les amis trying to stop courfeyrac going after gavroche