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I am so freaking frustrated because I have like 12 worlds in my head complete with difference species and governments and all this stuff, but I have nothing to DO with them and I am dying. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who will roleplay with me but I keep changing the setting every two days and just. Ah. Sorry I'm venting the frustration of a world creator.

1) I’m SUPER IMPRESSED by world creators. Like holy crap there are so many mechanics to sort through, how???? I have a friend who’s got two parallel worlds with unique social, political, and religious histories. Like, in TOTALITY. It blows my mind.

2) I recycle characters all. the. time. Dead plots/half-forgotten plots leaving interesting, multi-faceted characters without a home.  So you’re kinda shopping your characters around different universes it sounds like!

3) Convince your characters that it’s like vacation. A continuous, unwanted vacation that skips between genres but a VACATION.

4) Let us cry together over our fictional words. Let us feel our feelings and burn complicated maps that become IRRELEVANT WHEN A NEW IDEA POPS UP. LET US BURN THEM ALL

I do all of my own stunts on @cw_legendsoftomorrow - these two guys just keep turning up on set wearing the same clothes as me. If I’m completely honest it’s starting to creep me out a little.
#legendsoftomorrow Camelot 3000 tomorrow night on the cw [X]

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I love how we keep asking your brush settings and stuff expecting alf of your talent to be a trick of style but nope, sorry buddy, only pure talent and skills over there.

Pffft you flatter me, my brushes are either default or just somehow tilted because it’s the only brushes I can tolerate. I am actually so picky I kinda hate myself for not having enough things to try out.

Thank you so much for saying that though, it’s real nice of you haha!

You’ve got to bear it in mind that nobody that ever lived is specially privileged; the axe can fall at any moment, on any neck, without any warning or any regard for justice. You’ve got to keep your mind off pitying your own rotten luck and setting up any kind of a howl about it. You’ve got to remember that things as bad as this and a hell of a lot worse have happened to millions of people before and that they’ve come through it and that you will too.
—  James Agee

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This week has been wild and it's only tuesday... Nothing like ramping up everything right before a new month, and March of all months, begins

It has been wild, and keeps getting wilder. And yeah quite a few things already set up for March. Here’s hoping….


When Sevella and Brennan made it back to camp they were relieved to see the others were already there. Once they finished telling them about their encounter with the strange creatures on the Isle, they all discussed ways to keep their camp safer. They decided they would have to set up watches at night, two people would take 4-hour shifts. They couldn’t risk being attacked unaware as they slept. 

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We haven't been getting much of ANY location shots or spoilers for anyone, not just Robin. They have majorly been filming on closed locations for 2 months already. So, nothing can make out of the absence of spoilers or set spoilers. Especially since this is the ending of the story, I doubt they will let us know anything significant or let the set info leak that easily. They film mostly on sets that are not accessible to the set-watchers, so that no plot-defining stuff can be made public.

that’s very true and could be the reason why with the announcement about closing the narrative that things have been on edge. 

Look at RB, we have not see any filming for Robert or Em, and people are kind freaking out in that camp that Robert might not come back for Season 7. But people on set have reassured them that there is enough content to keep them satisfied. 

Set spoilers have always been good to Emma and Snowing fans, always. I think I have a better idea about what Emma and family will be doing more than anything, and while there is the speculation that people base ALL of their speculations on…. like a vague docks scene with Charming and Hook in which almost everyone thinks is Hook asking for Emma’s hand… which seems way too specific for for actual scene in which Hook and Charming seem to have a confrontation and Charming handcuffs Hook to a bike rack or something. It’s more likely that it’s about Hook being involved in Charming’s dad murder, because the episode is titled A Murder most Foul, since the episode itself is a David centric and the only unresolved part of David’s story is his alcoholic fathers murder, Hook has a history of alcoholism too and murder, or at the very least drunken fights over pride, put those two things together and conflict makes sense. (but it’s still purely speculation on my part) 

If they are ending the current narrative and ending the season on a point where the series could end and give the characters end resolutions, they would definitely not want to spoil anything. I think the cut of the engagement ring was a huge tease to keep people wildly speculating and inevitably it will be a red herring. 

The only real set spoilers we know that we can confirm based on recent filming is that Charming and Snow somehow break the sleeping curse, Robin ends up back in Storybrooke and has some scenes with the EQ and there has been some disagreement between Hook and Charming and Snow and Charming. 

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Which season of Shadowhunters do you prefer?

lets come back to this when season 2 ends and i can have the overall view, because right now we have 8 episode from season two, a not even finished arc for 2a compared to finished season. but without looking at the story at the moment, i like the visuals better this season, the sets, the whole look of the show. i do however really really miss the colors from season 1. so i want to keep the set and everything and bring the season lighting tone back. 


Trump’s 3 trips to Mar-A-Lago as president cost an estimated $10 million in federal funds

  • Trump plans to spend the coming weekend at his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida. It will be the third weekend in a row that the president spends at his Florida club. 
  • As a private citizen, Trump readily mocked Obama for what he appeared to consider excessive taxpayer-funded travel and vacations.
  • But, as the Washington Post reported on Thursday, just three of Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago will total an estimated $10 million in federal money — and if he keeps up the pace set by his first month in office, Trump will outspend Obama by a wide margin. Read more (2/17/17 2:10 PM)

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

one day, im gonna give you every damn thing i cant give you now.