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Host Segment 1 (S02E08)

Servo: …turns off the hose, climbs down from the ladder, turns to the clown and says, “What? and quit show business?” *laughs*
Joel: Tom, I’d really love to laugh at that, but I’m the one who told it to you, essentially. I programmed it into your memory, remember?
Servo: Oh, yeah.
Joel: Oh, here’s one you’ll like. You’ll wanna get this. You’ll like this. Okay, there’s these four monks, an albino squirrel, and a shoe factory, okay?
Servo: *laughs*
Crow: Hey, there’s a ship coming into range!
Joel: Okay, you can tell your joke when I’m done, alright?
Crow: But, no… it’s, uh, no joke. There’s– *sigh* 
Joel: –or your anecdote, or whatever you got… but, anyway, there’s these four monks, and they work on a construction crew… this is neat… they work on a construction crew at the monastery, okay?
Servo: Uh-huh. 

Crow (trying to speak over Joel): Joel. Joel. Joel.
Joel: And they just get done working on some of the stations of the cross, and they see this albino squirrel who carries it really well…
Crow (trying to speak over Joel): Joeljoeljoeljoel. Joeljoeljoeljoeljoeljoeljoeljoel. Joel. Joel. Joel. (Crow is repeatedly nudging or bumping into Joel)
Joel: Oh, would you cut that out!?
Crow: Well, hey… jeez, what a grouch! It’s the only way I could get your attention!
Servo: Hey, there’s a ship coming into range!
Crow: *dies inside and sighs, shaking his head*
Joel: Willikers, he’s right! Cambot, gimme rocket number nine, pronto!

(doorbell sounds)
Editor’s Note: Yes, the spaceship is just a house, floating in space. Deal with it.

Mike: Hello, boys.
Joel & the Bots (in unison): Hugh Beaumont!?
Mike: Oh, come on, call me ‘dad.’
Joel: Gee, sir– I mean, dad, what’re you doing here?
Mike: Well, you see, boys, uh… I’m one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and, uh… I come bearing a message of unholy death.
Joel & the Bots (in unison): Oh… huh!?
Mike: That’s right, I’m really gonna give you the business… destroy you, your world and all that you know. But first, a stern talking-to. You know, you boys shouldn’t be so hard on that movie. A lot of people worked quite hard to bring that movie to you.
Crow: Gee, I guess we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others, then, huh?
Mike: That’s right, Crow.
Crow (whispering): He bought it, what a jerk!
Mike: Well, I’m glad we learned a little lesson, then. Well, it’s time to die. *lights pipe*

Joel: Gee, sir—I mean, dad, why must you kill all life and matter?
Servo: Yeah, can’t you give us another chance?
Crow: Please, dad, don’t kill us and take our souls to the afterworld and stuff!
Mike: Boys, I… *sighs* I think I owe you an apology. I guess your mother and I got so wrapped up in this 'apocalypse’ thing, I didn’t have time to think how you felt.
Servo: Well then, you’re not going to destroy us?
Mike: Oh, I don’t see how I could. Well, I’ve gotta get going, I’ve got to catch up to Fred McMurray and the boys, they’re about to destroy Earth. Drink your milk.
Joel: What a sweet guy!
Crow: Yeah…

beaurozguru  asked:

Rey being a Skywalker isn't suppose to be a shocker I personally believe because it seemed to head that direction since TFA, and it hasn't been denied (of course that could just be to keep profit and suspense). What i mean is that the parentage reveal played a major effect for Luke's story and it was suppose to be the BIG SHOCKER for the audience and twist. So unless Disney says otherwise, Rey is a Skywalker and there is much important twist we're yet to see!

My running theory has been that Rey’s parentage is a bait and switch, but not in the way that anti-ReySkys keep claiming. Lucasfilm is dangling the “mystery” of Rey’s parentage in front of us, all while hiding whatever the real plot twist is supposed to be. I mean, after all, plot twists are supposed to be things you don’t see coming, and if Rey’s parentage is something you’re expecting to be a shock, is it really such a surprise in the first place?

What the signs fall in love with
  • Aries: passion, caring, sharing things, darkness, stability, mutual feelings
  • Taurus: honesty, common interests, passionate and meaningful conversations
  • Gemini: deep talks, stargazing, feeling special, make out sessions
  • Cancer: honesty, emotional trust, pretty eyes, loyalty, sweetness
  • Leo: confidence, uniqueness, cute laughs, night drives,
  • Virgo: communication, intellect, sensitivity, quality time, aesthetical prettiness
  • Libra: playfulness, closeness, caring words, keeping promises, adoration
  • Scorpio: mysteries, passionate kisses, inside jokes, intense staring, good humor
  • Sagittarius: freedom, late nights, good smells, cute smiles, small talk
  • Capricorn: faithfulness, happiness, dancing, passion, hard working people
  • Aquarius: breaking rules, laughs, mind connections, softness
  • Pisces: affection, coziness, observant minds, inside jokes, organization

so I really enjoyed binge watching gravity falls all over again but there’s one particular thing that I noticed about dipper that literally broke my heart and that’s how he seems so alienated from the world. like, he thinks the only thing he will ever be is the “smart one” and he’s so scared when it seems like ppl are not taking him seriously. he thinks he has to gain other ppl’s affection by being super clever because he’s not as funny as mabel or as chill as wendy or as cool as robbie and he’s so self conscious about it, it breaks my heart. he knows really well he’s different from the others kids and just can’t ignore and glorify it as mabel does so he tries to keep his mind busy with the mysterious stuff to avoid thinking about it but every time someone makes him notice that, he falls apart and alienates himself in the quietest and saddest way ever for a 12 y/o and I wanna die

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I feel like the Gravebone fandom is not taking enough advantage of historically accurate men's underwear. Where are the union suits with the "Kenosha-Klosed-Krotch" like in the Leyendecker ads? Where are the sock garters and hole-proof hosiery? The B.V.D.s? The underwear with buttons in the front and tie strings on the back or side to adjust for fit (WWI military style)? Fandom needs to up its game.

It’s a challenge to truly describe the beauty that is early 20th century men’s undergarments in fanfiction as we, the writers and the readers, usually want to get to the good juicy bits of heated gazes and lingering touches and breaths that are both quickened and slowed and stopped all together, rather than begin a deluge of descriptions in an attempt to capture the most sensual and accurate way to untangle a man’s girth and naked form from his layers of cotton that most of us are unfamiliar with historically as well as in practical terms. 

(And my guess is the magical world in the US probably had their own types of underwear, seeing as they had their own fashion styles, which differed from no-maj society.)

That said, I did go a googling for a little bit and found some lovely pictures that I will now place here–under the cut–because of reasons that are valid and have nothing to do with wanting to see Colin Farrell in garters and full body tighty whities. (Also this is a little informative article on the history of men’s underwear that I found pretty interesting to read.)

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Sorry, but the strongest and most admirable character on OUAT is Emma Swan.

The woman who was forced to grow up as an orphan, unloved and abandoned and alone, constantly screwed over by life, in particular by her first love, left pregnant in jail, practically forced to give up her child for adoption, without any hope of ever finding a home or people who would actually care for her and not screw her over… and still remained gentle and caring for other people, supportive of total strangers, good at heart, brave and constantly fighting against oppression, ready to give everything for the ones she loves, even if it means that she has to give up everything, even herself. And never blaming anyone else for the shit that kept and keeps happening to her - not fate, not bad luck or some mysterious author pulling the strings.

The strongest and most admirable character is NOT her abuser. Not the woman who tried to murder her and her loved ones multiple times. Not the woman who always takes the easy way out and constantly whines about her undeserved bad luck and how everyone always tries to screw her over. NO.

It’s Emma Swan. Emma FUCKING Swan.

Thank you and good night.

okay, so apparently there are some reports that are saying that jaal is bi, that book be damned. but 

  1. the book is more likely to be accurate, isn’t it?
  2. the whole “who knows~~~~ i wouldn’t say he’s not interested~~~” stuff on twitter is bs and coy and unfair

like guess what bioware all this could have been avoided by you being open and transparent with your lgbt fans who have a right to know that they’re going to be treated respectfully in your game and given equal content. 

then mlm wouldn’t have their hearts broken hours before launch, and wouldn’t have to spend money and time on something that’s treating them like shit. or if jaal IS bi, hey, letting us fucking know one way or another instead of trying to keep everything ~mysterious~ and ~hidden~ and ~something you should just experience on your own~~~ would have meant that this drama would never have been an issue in the first place

maybe just be open with your fans who love your games and treat them with more repsect idk????