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What do you think the chances of fitzsimmons taking a break from their relationship are? That sneak peek has me worried that Jemma isn't confident in Fitz's love for her.

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Shout out to @jessiecrimefighter for hashing this out with me!

HERE is the meta I did on the peek and Fitzsimmons break up fears.   Please remember with all these teases they want us to be worried because they want us to watch.  Last season they preyed on one of Fitzsimmons is the fallen agent because they just got together.  This season its them staying together. 

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Fitz’s feelings for Jemma are not in question.  He flat out said that he loved Jemma and only Jemma.  That even though he thinks their future is gone, he still and will always love her.  Loves her so much it hurts even.  Jemma heard  every word of that.   He has choice again and he CHOSE Jemma no question.

Jemma still loves him, that didn’t change either.  She knows that The Doctor is not her Fitz, and her Fitz is now home…and he needs help.  He’s drowning in his own demons.  He THINKS that Jemma doesn’t want him anymore.  That she can’t stand him anymore after what he was forced to do in the Framework.

The more I watch that peek the more I see the parallels of the 3x08 pre kiss scene only the roles are reversed a bit.   Sadly I don’t think that this particular conversation is going to end in a kiss (fee free to surprise me Bell).  

Fitz is also doing exactly what I predicted he would (I would be concerned otherwise).  Not only is he reeling from his other life, the fact he helped create AIDA’s new and powerful body, and what he created is continuing to hurt and hunt his friends.  We already say him like this this season to a lesser degree.  In 14 as he reeled from Radcliffe’s betrayal and what Radcliffe was using the Framework and AIDA for.   Now that’s been escalated even more.  Because what AIDA did to him was so awful….and sadly a lot like what Radcliffe did only on a much grander and more hurtful scale.  She insists it was all his choice but it wasn’t, she was steering his actions and manipulating his heart all along in there to get what she wanted.   

He’s having that crisis of confidence in his skills.  He now is worried that whatever he does is only going to make things worse.  And he’s concerned he’s created an unstoppable weapon.   

With the “Do you want to kill her,” is a parallel of the “Do you love him”.  Jemma isn’t concerned he doesn’t want to kill her because he loves her.  She saw him believe in and protect AIDA after Broken Promises.  So its okay for her to be worried.  Fitz isn’t the only one we saw hesitant to kill because of the Framework, May said the same thing, “there has been enough killing”.  

Jemma’s fear/desire to kill AIDA is also for Fitz’s safety.  “We are going to build a life together whether you want to or not!”  The man she loves, the man who has been stolen from her, is being hunted by something incredibly dangerous, obsessed, and powerful.  AIDA singled him out not only for his mind but for his heart.  Keeping him from AIDA’s clutches, that fear she’ll take him from her again, that she’ll hurt him even more has to terrify her.  This is Jemma’s “I lost you once, I can’t lose you again”.   

We also have to remember how raw this all still really is.   They haven’t had a chance to properly address it.  Fitz doesn’t know that Jemma  heard what he said and is trying to keep his distance since he thinks their future is dead.  Jemma hasn’t had a chance to tell him otherwise.  And sadly there are some more pressing issues as everything erupts around them.   They need a minute to breath and its a minute they simply don’t have.

I know its hard to trust the writers right now.  This season has fallen woefully short of our expectations for Fitzsimmons.   We went in thinking we’d get domestic, happy, coupley, science Fitzsimmons…rather they have been separated more than ever and been fighting to get back to each other one way or another.  Us and the characters have been emotionally devastated more than once.  The writers are also well aware that the fandoms is pretty burned out and upset right now.   Yes that scene in 21 was amazing but that alone isn’t enough “pay off” for what has been set up.  

They put us (and Fitzsimmons) through the ringer and breaking them up after all of that would be not only unstatisfying…but would likely drive a lot of fans away.  They kept saying it will be worth it, hang in there…well breaking them up is by no means worth it.  And its not just shippers that are at the “Enough already” point, its critics and even non shippers saying its time to let them be a couple.  

Its not going to be easy.  I know a concern with the fandom was they weren’t going to properly address Fitz’s trauma…now that it seems they are we need to hang tight as they do that.   Jemma is going to fight for him.  She needs to have that discussion with him that their future isn’t dead, its just beginning, and they will fix this together.  She also needs to help him see he was manipulated, no matter what AIDA says she was manipulating things in the Framework, Fitz most of all.  And the fact that he is having guilt and remorse for what was done means he is nothing like Ward who blamed his actions on others.  

1. You can leave any relationship for any reason.
2. Do not settle for less love than you are willing to give.
3. Learn to say no. “No, tonight you cannot touch my body” “No, I don’t want to eat this” “No, what you said/did is not okay and I need time recover”
4. Take time to recover. As long as you need.
5. Pay attention to how people fight with you. Pay attention to what happens when you give up and adopt their tactics. How do you feel? How do they feel? How do they react when you speak to them the way they speak to you?
6. Pay attention to when people cry. Is it always for themselves or for others?
7. When do you cry?
8. Stop letting people breach your boundaries and being surprised when they set their own.
9. When you set your boundaries, fight to keep them.
10. Trust your instincts more. Stop holding everything in. Stop always trying to protect peoples feelings when they hurt you.
11. Breathe.
12. Part of the reason you’re always unhappy in relationships is you. Advocate for yourself more. Fight the impulse to be a doormat because even good people will step on you if you offer.
13. Don’t compromise your safety. Emotional, mental, physical. Don’t fuck someone you don’t wanna fuck just because they want to fuck you. Don’t kiss someone you don’t want to kiss just because they want to kiss you. Don’t rush to share your secrets until you’re ready.
14. Don’t feel guilty for leaving. Don’t feel guilty for taking a break. Don’t feel guilty for being honest. Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. No one else will.
—  Things to remember.
Because I Love Her ((Dallas Winston))

Requested By: @angelbabymed

Request: Will you write and imagine where the reader is Two-Bit’s younger sibling and the reader and Dally are dating secretly and Two walks in on them making out and Two gets really mad but eventually forgives the reader and dally? Sorry if it’s really detailed 🙈

SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! I hope its good enough!!!!

Gender fluid, as always.

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You had been secretly dating Dallas Winston for the last five months. No one knew except Johnny and Buck, who had walked in on you two getting hot and heavy once. You had been trying to keep it from your older brother, Two-Bit. That’s right, you were (Y/N) Matthews, the younger of the Matthews kids. You dreaded the day your brother would find out about the relationship, he was a doof but he was really protective. You sighed to yourself, rubbing your forehead as you placed your legs on either side of Dally’s thighs, as he placed his hands on your waist. “What’s wrong?” he asked, nosing his face into the hem of your shirt. You can tell he was more focused on other tasks, but he generally cared. You sighed, “I think we should tell Two-Bit.” You muttered, you felt Dallas immediately stop his action and tense under you. You shrugged your shoulders and shook your head, pulling on one of his ears softly to get his attention. He made a soft grunting noise and looked up at you, his eyes pleading. You rolled your eyes with a smirk and leaned in to kiss him.

Before you could get anywhere near his lips you heard the door slam open and whipped your head back in shock. You saw your brothers face going from soft and happy to hard and shocked. You felt your brother’s arm around your waist as you were pulled off of Dally’s lap and set gently on the floor.  You watched as your brother moved slowly towards Dallas and with one swift movement his fist met Dally’s jaw. You quickly got up off the floor and made your way to Two, trying pull him off of Dallas as he threw one punch after the other. “Keith! Stop!” You yelled, shoving him. “Why aren’t you fighting back?!” Two screamed at Dallas, finally backing up and attempting to catch his breath. You shoved past him and wrapped your arms around Dallas as you cried into his shoulder. “Because I love (Y/n) and I know she wouldn’t want me to fight with you.” Dallas muttered, growling softly at Two-bit.

Your brother watched the way you hunched around him, trying to keep him safe “How could you (Y/n). You….we tell each other everything. I thought you trusted me.” You looked back at his pained face as tears streaked down his cheeks, the anger still evident on his face. His chest rose and fell drastically as the fire and light in his eyes burned down to coal. “Keith.” You whispered, reaching your hand out to him. He looked back at you and snarled, pushing your hand away. “No you’ve done enough.” He pulled back his shoulder in disgust as you tried to reach out to him again.

You looked at your brother in shock and Dally wrapped his arms tighter around you as you started to sob violently and you could feel your lungs already starting to hurt. “I’m s-sorry K-keith.” You cried and rubbed your eyes with the back of your hand.  You felt Dally’s arms release from your waist as you cried into your hands. Another pair of arms wrapped around your front and pulled you to them, making you stand up. You looked up at your brother and began to cry more, pushing your face into his chest. You mumbled 1,000 apologies.

To your surprise you felt tear drops fall onto your hair and him whisper an apology of his own. “I’m so sorry (y/n), I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just so angry you didn’t tell me. That you were dating Dal, of all people.” Two-bit sighed, you heard Dallas sarcastically mutter a “Thanks man.” from behind you. “How long?” he whispered, you looked up at your brother. “5 months.” You felt him tense and he sighed. “Alright.” He let go of you and smiled brightly. You watched as he looked at Dallas, “You take care of her or your ass will be whooped into next Sunday by yours truly. Hear me?” He stabbed his finger in the air and Dallas nodded. He softly swiped his fist across your cheek, “You be good now, kay? Be home by 5, there’s gonna be a marathon of Mickey.” You nodded and watched him go. You made your way back to Dallas’ lap and sighed. “Well, that was eventful.” You made a deep breathy sound, almost like a laugh. You were on the verge of tears and buried your face in Dallas’ chest, grabbing both of your hands and interlocking your fingers. “Mhmm.” Dallas sighed and agreed. You suddenly whipped your head up and smiled, your whole mood changing. “You said you loved me.” You teased. He sputtered and looked down at your interlocked hands. “Yeah? So what?” you shook your head and kissed him, at that moment you knew things would be alright.

Running and Hiding - Harry Styles (Hunger Games AU)

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Character/Person: Harry Styles

Fandom: One Direction

idk what this is. i may or may not have written it for my own enjoyment hahaha enjoy it i guess?? give feedback pls???

p.s. let’s pretend that the 75th hunger games went like this lol

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(Y/N) ran swiftly, stepping on the areas without crackling leaves in attempt to keep the sounds of her feet silent so nobody could suspect her movement. Only a second after the games officially began, she ran in the complete opposite direction of everything while the boy from her district, who was trained from a young age to compete, ran to grab all the materials he could. Unlike him, (Y/N) was a lover, not a fighter, and for that reason, they both agreed to go their separate ways and compete individually instead of as a team.

After she had ran far into the dense forest, she slowed down and leaned against the back of a thick tree, catching her breath. Peering towards the direction she came in to check that nobody followed, she sat down on a patch of grass. Trees surrounded her, and the air was cold. She hugged her arms around her waist to keep the body heat in. Of course, the one year they decide to design the Games in a cold environment is the year I gets chosen for the second time. Needless to say, she absolutely despised the cold.

The Hunger Games had always seemed pointless and horrible to her. So many innocent people died every year for the entertainment of the obnoxious Capital residents. Of course, (Y/N) didn’t want to die, but killing in order to survive was the last thing she was going to do. She’d survived this thing once before with her own methods, and she could attempt to do it again.

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Have a gay Soldier76 drabble I wrote for @cranitys-art, inspired by some of their art too hue…

It involves dancing and a tone deaf Jack because I like that hc

Jack tapped his fingers against the matted floor. The music coming from his player echoed in the empty training room, and he tried to follow the beat. No, that was another missed note, he thinks. No one else was there, thankfully, but most people didn’t swing by this area at one in the morning.

Just as well, as if he wanted someone catching him making a fool of himself.

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