to karen it was friendship

Imagine Matt finding out you were seeing someone new

The two men walked side by side, discussing the Salazar case. Foggy was going off about the key witness they needed when he abruptly halted his words.

“Holy,” Foggy grumbled out in disbelief. Before he could tell Matt what he was seeing, the Daredevil knew. He could smell your perfume a block away, the sound of your lips smacking as you talked to the man who was walking next to you. Matt heard his low gruff voice and recognized it right away, as the man asked if you were hungry.

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DAREDEVIL | S2 | Karen Page moments 48/50

You are stuck with me.

Wouldn’t have it any other way.



CHILDHOOD FRIENDS AU. Where Frank and Karen were not only neighbours, but also the best of friends. She loved making fun of him because she was taller, he loved making fun of her because he was older. They loved each other in the most innocent and pure way possible, that special kind of bond you only get to have once in a lifetime. Then, the Karen’s family left town out of nowhere and Frank was left alone, wondering what the hell happened. Flashforward and he’s lost everything he had: his wife and children are forever gone. Frank thinks there’s nothing else to hold on to and suddenly, for better or worse, psychologist Karen Page opens the hospital door. Hands shaking, barely breathing, heart racing. Things are so different from what had been… are they, though?

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Karen's dating some guy. He doesn't know about her friendship with Frank or how Frank stops by at night for help or to hang; Frank knows of the boyfriend though from Karen sharing. One night when Frank stops by, through the window he sees the boyfriend hit Karen and all hell breaks loose.

Karen knows he will be angry. It was the third time that month she failed to show up to a dinner with his friends. Every time she returned to her apartment after a night of investigating or working late at the Bulletin, Marcus was waiting by her apartment door.

Just as he was that night.

“I’m sorry,” she began softly as she approached, her heavy bag slung over her shoulders.

Marcus shook his head, hands on his hips and laughed bitterly.

“You’re kidding me,” he muttered. “Where were you?”

Karen unlocked her door, pushing it open and stepping inside as he brushed past her. Marcus paced when he was angry, and Karen could tell he was fed up.

“I had to get my piece done for tomorrow’s printing,” she explained, setting down her bag.

“I made these plans a week ago,” Marcus yelled, making Karen jolt. “You should have organised it to be done Karen. Do you know how embarrassing it is for you to stand me up for the third time in front of everyone? Do you know how that makes me look?”

Frank was wandering the streets of Hell’s Kitchen that night as usual, his hands deep in his jacket pockets, his baseball cap pulled over his head. The men he took out a few nights ago hadn’t resurfaced yet, but that didn’t stop him from making sure.

As with every other night, Frank always made a point to walk by Karen’s apartment building. Her lights were on more often than not and on the occasions her apartment was in darkness, he made sure to walk by the Bulletin’s building.

Tonight was different. From down on the street, Frank heard arguing. He heard Karen’s voice yelling and a male yelling back, triggering him to climb the fire escape to investigate.

Marcus stood in Karen’s living room, his arms flailing about angrily, his voice shouting louder than necessary for so late in the night. Frank didn’t like Marcus, and it stemmed from much more than his dating of Karen. He had watched Marcus for weeks when Karen first mentioned him. He was secretive, sleazy and so far from what Karen deserved. But it was a side that Karen didn’t see, until right now.

“You’re not committed to this,” Marcus yelled. “Just admit it!”

“I can’t invest all my time into you, I need balance. My work is important-“

“You write flimsy pieces for an out of date publication, it shouldn’t take up all of your time!”

Karen stared back at Marcus, her eyes wide with anger. Frank watched carefully from the window, knowing the look Karen was giving her boyfriend.

“Get out,” she demanded.

“Get out? You stand me up for dinner and then kick me out? I’m not in the wrong here Karen,”

“Get out!” Karen shrieked, reaching for the door.

But as her arm moved towards it, Marcus caught it in it hand and tugged her back. Karen felt the full impact of the wall behind her, her back slamming into it painfully.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Marcus continued, grabbing Karen’s shoulder and pushing her back into the middle of the room to face him.

Frank’s blood was boiling. He hadn’t even noticed that he had just smashed the window he knew was unlocked, breaking through into the apartment and marching over to the man.

“Frank,” Karen breathed in relief and fear.

“Who the fuc-“

Frank’s hand gripped Marcus’ throat, lifting his feet off the ground.

“Listen to me you piece of shit,” he growled. “If you want to keep your arms and legs, you won’t set a foot near this building again. You put a fuckin’ finger on this woman? You’re lucky you’ve still got your head attached.”

Marcus felt Frank’s free hand grab his own, twisting his wrist back until a disgusting snap filled the apartment. The sobs from Marcus were muffled by the grip on his throat, but Frank was satisfied with the knowledge he had pained the man.

“You come near her again, you look at her, you call her, you do anything other than live your piece of shit life in the dump you came from, I will make sure you don’t have a working limb to hurt a fuckin’ fly,” Frank muttered through his teeth. “Understand?”

Marucs nodded as best he could, his feet slowly reaching the floor once again as Frank set him down. As his hand left Marcus’ throat, his fist collided with his face.

Karen stood back in shock, her hands covering her mouth as Frank tugged the man off the floor by his collar and dragged him out the door.

“You’ve got two minutes to get your ass out of Hell’s Kitchen, and I’m counting right now,”

Once Frank was back inside the apartment, the door slamming behind him, Karen was trembling. It had all happened so fast, she could barely process what had gone on.

“Hey, look at me,” Frank spoke softly, walking over and putting his hand gently against her cheek.

Karen tilted her head upwards, her wide and glossy eyes staring back at him.

“You’re okay,” he assured.

It only took another second before Karen crushed herself against Frank’s body, clinging to him desperately.

“Thank you,” she whispered, sniffling.

Frank took a moment to hug her in return, his arms soon enveloping her protectively.

“Don’t worry about it,” he assured. “I got you,”