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Inspired from Melancholy Fantastic and talking to @rose-for-dead-alice as we headcanon almost every few hours XD. You can also check out that she took adorable Sims screenshots of these two klfdghfdkg, drove me nuts haha.

I have no time for more sketches so just soak this in u v u

Also some Headcanons:

  • Sofia sneaking into his apartment so they can hang out
  • Oswald likes speaking poetically about almost everything, especially to her (almost the same personality as Dukken)
  • They also love listening to 80s and 90s punk music and contemplate horror movies
  • Oswald loves to help with her makeup, awakening the gothic part of her while Sofia likes to return the favor
  • Everytime Sofia has a fight with her father, when Mario is not around, probably busy, she seeks comfort from Oswald.
  • Whenever Oswald is getting bullied, Sofia keeps him close with scary, glaring eyes out for anyone while he gets flustered
  • Oswald likes making handmade bracelets, necklaces, writing poetry, anything he can do to make her smile or laugh despite how cheesy he is sometimes.
Dean & Sticky

This was requested by @openthegatesyourqueenishere! I hope you guys enjoy this! :)

(gif is not mine)

You knew Dean loved pie, that was no secret.  However you had never seen him eat one like he ate this one.  It was as if he hadn’t eaten for the past three days.  He devoured that pie like a werewolf would a person’s heart.  If he wasn’t your boyfriend, you probably would have been disgusted.

Dean looked up from his plate, his mouth full of pie.  The elder Winchester swallowed the pie in his mouth so he could speak.  “Why are you looking at me like that [Y/N],” Dean asked.

“I’ve just never seen you eat pie like that,” you said with a chuckle as you got up from the table.  You grabbed a hand towel and wet it down.  “You’re all sticky and you’ve got pie all over your face.”  You held out the towel to Dean, gesturing your head at it.  

“I’m not that messy,” Dean said, taking the wet towel from you.  He wiped his face and hands off on the towel, surprised at how much pie filling he had wiped off of him.  “Okay so I’m a little messy, but to be fair the pie is worth it.”

You rolled your eyes and pressed a chaste kiss to Dean’s lips.  “At least now I can kiss you,” you mused.  “I wasn’t going to get all sticky just for a kiss.”

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i have a longer rant bc one of the responses said that the akumatized victims are to be blamed as well but here’s a short, witty version instead

the thing is, once the akuma finds the target, the victim can’t just tell this to the papillon, ‘hey, mysterious voice that speaks in my head, i don’t really feel that negative so can you please don’t akumatize me? i’ll get over it eventually.

what show is this?

miraculous bargaining?

i would love to see a show where the papillon tries to convince his potential victims to fall under his clutches but they are all like, ‘nah, we’ll be fine. we just want to release stress. this is normal behavior. go away, butterfly. shoo, shoo.

the butterflies inside the lair are probably like, ‘HAH, he fails again!

bob, shut up!


it feels esp good since i got rly into it when i was 14 and just started high school and a lot of crappy stuff has happened since then and it just feels like closure, and it feels like i can finally Truly Move On

thank you craig bartlett 💕💕💕

exiting the ollie situation.

hey, friends!  so, i just want to start this off by saying this doesn’t mean I don’t support his victims.  I do support you all so much and my intentions have always been to provide closure to his abuse to you.  i’m happy so many of you have gotten back into roleplay and have started writing again.  you deserve this - you deserve to be comfortable.  as many of you know i’ve been active to speak out against ollie, but after troubling ( i mean disgusting ) information came out about him i’ve decided to take a step back and find other resources to help out the situation.  

this isn’t saying i’m backing down or letting him continue what he’s done, but i intend ( like many others ) and with users like @whitepeoplearehellbeasts​ to find other ways to use this information.  we will never stop being aware / keeping the dash aware of what kind of person o.llie is.  a google document will be made / updated to the public therefore it can stay off the dash.  the victims are the winners in this situation.  i’m very proud for such young people they were so brave enough to tell their stories to prevent it to happening to someone else.

on a last note I just want to state to those who for some reason are angry that victims have a voice that i find no regret along with many others of exposing him and any form of shaming for it will result in blocking.  i can say rest assure I can sleep at night because I know that minors are aware of him thanks to adults who were willing to expose him.  thank you to all of those who supported me, helped the victims and spoke out against him to make sure he didn’t harm another.  thank you!

honestly this probably shouldn’t bother me, bc i’m sure others don’t really care, and i’m probably making a big deal out of it

but it’s quite rude to tag users in your edits expecting them to reblog it when you don’t even follow them. it’s great people want to tag me in their creations; i love it when people do!! but it’s not cool to just tag me because??? you want notes?? because hey, yeah, i do have lots of followers and i want your creation, something you spent time and effort on making, to get noticed, so i’m more than happy to help out, but please, i’m not some machine that can get you notes. 

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Reiji, I almost failed my maths test... This is the worst mark I've ever recieved *almost crying, but just almost*. So, if you want to hurt someone - hurt me and not Mimi-san ^^

Magic book does not exist for 10 asks → Ninth ask!

Reiji: Is that so? Then I will teach you properly… after punishing you.

Reiji: And about her… *looks at MTK, very weak and very pale*

Reiji: Too late.

[MTK: … *whispers* I swear I will have my revenge… just wait for it…]

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I've tried telling my mum I think I'm depressed and even my teachers are convinced and have told her they think I should get medical help and she just scoffed and brushed it off saying that I'm just looking for attention. I don't know what to do. I just really want to die rn and I just want to get the proper help but she won't let me

Okay, I am not a professional but I have had experience with this so I’m going to give you the best advice I, and the other mods, can.
If your teachers are convinced try to get them to help you. Speak to them in confidence about what is wrong and they may be able to arrange some way to help you, I’ve seen it happen before,

Please, please do not take any drastic measures. Please don’t harm yourself or try to die, do your best to not do anything that will bring you pain.
It’s scary, I know, and it’s hard but as much as it sucks and as much as it hurts and as typical as it sounds we gotta stay strong, you have to at least until you can get the help you need.

A text hotline number which is good to use, but only a temporary help is: 741-741
It doesn’t show up on a phone bill either

A last thing I have to say it just take care of yourself and take time
I’ve had low parts of my life, self-care is everything if you can’t reach the help you need so take care of yourself

And this goes to everyone, if anyone has recommendations of people/places/hotlines to contact say so Comfort one another, we aren’t alone (as cheesy as it is)

I have a question for you all…

((I have been struggling with something and I wanted to just flat out ask.

Does it bother any of you to have sexual intercourse on your dash? Because some of these rps are heading that way and I tend to be very descriptive and explicit when writing out those types of scenes. The last thing I want is to make anyone uncomfortable, so please let me know now if it might upset you. However you might need to unfollow me if it does. 🙁

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Sorry if I missed anyone!!))

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(Difficulty talking anon) unfortunately texting rn is included for me, figuring out what to say and how to say it seems like mountain climbing even if its not verbal speech.. its only with friends or peers, ive prioritized talking in class, emails to profs, bc those are tough but necessary, and talking to family is easy.. can being more nonverbal in some situations than others be aat? worried my friends wont forgive me... i just dont have the energy to do friend stuff rn. (thanks!)

Being Nonverbal isn’t exactly something that’s varying levels. It’s more like a binary thing, either you are or you aren’t. (Semiverbal would be the one that has varying degrees of ability to speak with the mouth parts.)

Technically, nonverbal only applies to your ability to speak, so your ability to understand what people are saying or being able to write things down aren’t really specified with it because those can vary for everyone.

However, we do have a word to describe your ability to use written or typed words: Nonscribal and Semiscribal, which sound like one of the axes of communication you are struggling with.

I think if you can manage some kind of short explanation, or even just showing them the asks you sent in, they’ll be understanding. Not everyone has the energy to keep up with friends, especially if other things are going on. (Especially since cutting time you spend with friends is one of the things you can limit when school kind of demands your attention.)

(Also, one thing I do when I don’t really have the energy to word is just sending posts to my friends without any words. It’s a low energy way to communicate and keep in touch. So that may be an option if they are on tumblr or another social media site.)

- Os

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for all of those people commenting and saying "what is pretentious" about it, is the fact that you're going up to these artists demanding that they draw your character and for what? greed. its disgusting lmao

OOC. okay, so considering this appears to be a problem, I’m going to address it – so LISTEN UP because I’m only doing it once. 

I have no idea where you got your wild claims that I’m ‘demanding’ artists to draw my character. I’m not fucking demanding anyone to do anything. I’m COMMISSIONING them, and before even approaching them with an idea, I ask if they’re comfortable with it out of RESPECT. I have NEVER, and will NEVER go up to an artist and fucking demand something. I would never go up to ANYONE and demand something. 

You’re speaking as if I waltz around this fandom just expecting things to be done for me; as you’ve defined me as ‘pretentious’ and, now apparently, greedy. I can assure you that I am neither of these things, and while I respect other people’s opinions, I don’t find it funny or cute that you’re shining a light down on me that shows me as someone who DEMANDS things from others. 

I don’t demand shit. 

I don’t expect anything from people because I believe I’m holier than thou; I don’t ask for random things because I feel that I deserve them; and I certainly don’t fucking disrespect people. 

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Since it seems you are doing some asks~ How about a dude of the preg wearing a super ugly Christmas sweater xD

Asks are always open but since they’re Asks and not commissions, I just practice/warmup with the asks and do them whenever I feel like it. Usually, I feel like I have to just because some of them are just SO GOOD AND FLUFFY. This one didn’t speak to me UNTIL I WORKED ON IT, I LOVE IT. Hope it’s ugly, most likely it is since my doodle hand barely works and It’s P tired

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I have a problem. I think I am the passive aggressive friend. I don't mean to be that person, and I don't want to be that person. But people are already walking around me like they are walking on eggshells. I don't know how to fix this. My friend always tells me to control my voice and face, because "you look so salty 24/7". The worst part is, I know it's true and now I feel like the worst person ever. Sorry for bothering but I feel like I don't have anyone anymore cause everyone hates my guts.

i dont think you should feel like the worst person ever, and you cant change who you are. sometimes it just means taking a step back before you speak and thinking about the effect your words can have. its not that easy because its natural, its your personality right? but if youd like to make a change thats a start. i bet its not that bad though - please dont worry over it too much

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I hope you know that your To Mourn series has made me shed so many damn tears. It’s also just so beautifully written. You can seriously feel all the emotion! Anyways... do you rec any fics of yours to read after crying for 1 hr and 30 mins straight?

Bless you nonny Chan! 💕❤️💕
I’m glad you enjoyed the series thus far and I’m sorry if it hurt you a lot- but you have my gratitude for persevering through it!
Fluffy and sweet? The short HC’s. To propose. To realise. To speak. They’re sweet and nice and generally angst free! Happy reading honey 😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏


I… really don’t know what I can do about this net neutrality issue. Yes, I know that it’s horrible. No, I don’t want to pay my ISP for stuff I use for free on a daily basis. And yes, I know that Trump is a complete and utter moron who can’t tell the difference between his brain and his own goddamn ass.

But here’s the thing: I don’t feel confident enough to help.

Trust me, I REALLY want to contribute to this. But given how I have trouble speaking to people anyway, telling my Congressman that I want them to stop the FCC from doing this would be near IMPOSSIBLE for me to do.

I just… I don’t know what to do. If we end up losing this thing by one vote…

you can blame it all on me and my cowardice.

{{  okay so like informal thank you for 150 followers? i know i said it a while back but hey it’s actually stayed at that number and that i’ve found some people i love rping with. i’ll make a legit thanks at…. some point. maybe at 200 if that ever happens lmao.

i just wanted to take a second to give a shout out to some people who have really given me a confidence boost in rping as of late? i’m not the most confident writer, and as someone who’s stuck with playing canons (or canon aus but that’s a different story) who finally decided to put out there one of his favorite ocs, lemmee tell you i was hella nervous no one would like her. regardless though, i did put her out there, and i’m constantly learning more about her in this verse and making (what i feel is) a well-rounded oc that i’m kinda really proud of!

but my rambling aside, i’m just gonna tag some people that make me really happy for writing with me and maeka for the last while ‘cause it’s made me a bit more confident. thanks friends!

@musesoteric - duh ;U fiancee was the one who encouraged me to go ahead and do it even though it was scary. she’s supported maeka for a long time in a bunch of different incarnations!
@wcrldaflame - always got a spot on my lists bae ‘cause u always encourage me in all my endeavors :U
@faster-than-a-bullet - the first canon overwatch char to seriously write with me??? and actually ships with me?????? like??????????? bruh u and genji make me so happy and ur part of the reason i decided to write genji for myself lmao. but thanks for playing with me it means so much to me ; W ;
@altaindustries - G I R L F R I E N D S. do i need to say more? like legit i didn’t think maeka would be shipped with anyone at all but here we aRE WITH THE CUTE GIRLFRIENDS AND FUCK

… anyways ya even if ur not mentioned i still love u and i’m always here to rp or even just talk if u wanna do that

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I just want to say hi, and that because of you I'm watching the exorcist and I'm loving it! It took me some time to recognise Alfonso Herrera as Hernando in sense 8 :) Have a nice day!

I’m so happy you’re watching it and that you love it! 

Speaking of Mr. Impossibly Handsome, I just noticed Alfonso Herrera has freckles and this has completely destroyed me, my life, and any possibility of being a productive blob.

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fuck he'd be so cocky and he'd already be unbuckling his belt, taking two long strides to close the gap between you both "so is that a yes? or no? I'm gonna have to have you be more vocal about this, love" shit shit shit pleaSE CONTINUE

you would not know what the fuck to say, so you’d just whimper out a “if you want, sir.”

holy fuck

this would send shock waves through this boys body

he’d be kissing down your neck while mumbling against your neck, “what was that you called me? sir?”

you’d have your hands roaming his chest while he left several love bites against your shoulders and neck. since you tuned out everything but his lips attached to your skin, you didn’t even realize he questioned you. so he’d back you up to the nearest wall, and speak really lowly to you, “i asked what you called me. repeat it.”

fbi!tom & fbi!haz night

today i saw a man in the bookstore who was so pissed at the shop assistant about some book he noticed. idk what exactly that book was but apparently it had something to do with the topic of freedom, maybe it had the word freedom in the title or in the abstract on the back cover and he was like ‘omg where’d you find this book? why would you even put it on display there? there is literally no such thing as freedom. do YOU believe that freedom exists, tell me? this is ridiculous. is just doesn’t exist.’ and he dead serious went on like this for a while speaking like that poor girl had anything to do with writing this book and like he’d read it at all and knew what it was about and found it horrible. he was so angry about nothing? like, i just dont understand why some people have to be like this