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quadrants are good: tiny brain

quadrants are bad: big brain

quadrants are a clever piece of worldbuilding that can make good analogies to already existing relationships, but trying to compartmentalize one’s feelings for someone the way the trolls try to do in the comic (and how everyone else does in fanon) is Bad and even presented as such, similar to how heteronormativity negatively affects people in real life: bigger ascending brain

quadrants are fun: biggest astrally expanding brain


  Living on Anaesthetic. No one seems get it.

…and kneeling on the floor of a dingy hotel room in Baltimore, MD, staring at the wrecked remains of what Neil used to be, Andrew knew there was no going back from this,

he was lost, he was lost, he was found

                        Happy Birthday Syeda!! @wasninski (4.30)

  • university: don't do an internship for free, that's exploitation!
  • university: *charges $6,000 to do an internship*