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Ok, so the DCTV actors are so fed up with the trashy fandoms. And a few have spoken up.

David Harewood, Chyler Leigh, Candice Patton, Stephen Amell.

There are many actors in these shows that get harassed.

Chris Wood is a big one. Candice as well (stop with the racial slurs and calling Chris a slave owner). Katie Cassidy - who just lost her father. Have more sympathy people!

Separate the actor from the character - and by god watch the show. Plots exist for a reason - and so does character development - Chris gave his two cents and they still ignored it.

These people are human - not their characters. Just cause the actor gets in the way of your ship (canon or not - don’t send hate). These actors don’t control their plots. They may have input like Stephen, maybe Melissa or Chris (now), but most don’t. They are paid to play a part.

Believe me, as a Karamel…the current plot hurts..but they will reunite. That I’m certain. I want reiterate - NO HATE TO AMY! Don’t go fussing to Chris. We are a family and we will get through to the other side together.

And sending hate to a spouse/significant other - wrong!

Stephen gets that…Melissa and Chris do too. Leave their personal lives out of it, please.

They don’t have to share things, but they do. If you notice some never come online anymore. It’s this crap. You want content, then respect the stuff they give us.

And David as a friend and coworker to Chris and Melissa, he likes to share BTS on set. They are giving us pics of Chris again…and David turns off the comments because he doesn’t want to see your crap. Let this be a lesson.

As for Chyler, I know you wanted F** at ClexaCon, but don’t go bullying Chyler over it or the fact the F** left the show. F** told us why, so stop assuming stuff.

Online bullying is wrong. Just cause you are behind a computer screen and anonymous doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to people. At the end of the day, these shows are fictional. The characters are fictional. The actors are NOT. I get attachment to a ship or character - I’m there too. It helps you through tough times.

There are ways to make your dissatisfaction known without being a bully.

There…I had my say. And BULLIES WILL BE BLOCKED.

*RM and Jackson chitchatting*

Jackson: So how’re things Namjoon?

Namjoon: *sighs* I need a break man, I’m tired of taking care of these idiot maknaes.

Jackson: *chuckles* What’d they do, I’m sure it can’t be that bad.

Namjoon: Taehyung flipped a table upside down, stood on top of it and yelled “look how the tables have tabled”, before tripping over his own feet and faceplanting on the floor. And then he tried to seduce the wall by hipthrusting in front of it.

Jackson: …. Jesus fuck. How drunk was he?

Namjoon: *near tears* That’s his sober personality.

Jackson: Good God.

Teen Titans back together in Teen Titans #14.

That was a great issue, not gonna lie. Wally’s return to the team and the awesome teamwork between everyone to save the city from a tidal wave were amazing. The moment when Wally and Damian reconcile was probably the most touching in the series so far. And for a bonus we had pretty cool Emiko, on whom Damian might have a crush, some sad/ominous(?) tease with Tim Drake….and Onomatopeia. A villain who picks up machine gun and shoots while it makes “budda budda budda” noises, while he calmly says “budda budda budda”.

This issue really makes it that much more poignant to me this book should be bi-weekly - that way we would have gotten this much earlier before the book started to be as polarizing as it is now. I just hope it didn’t lose all the fans goodwill in order to play this longer arc.

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