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“Not only are there no happy endings…There aren’t even any endings.”

Every time I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, I find more things to adore about this novel. I read it this time while traveling across the United States, and I have to say, something about reading this book in transit just makes sense. It makes even more sense reading it while soaring over America itself, gazing down on fields and hills, a New Jersey import who lives in Chicago, went to LA a week or so ago, and just left Florida. There is something so intensely American about this novel, and it wows me every time. From the smaller mythic chapters telling folk tales and stories of the people who brought their gods to America, to the gods themselves and their characters, this novel always gets me. This was my third time reading this novel, and I’m going to dig deep to highlight new things that I had forgotten, so solid warning: Spoilers ahead.

I will never get over the way that Neil Gaiman melds together the idea of the gods and the land, and gives them both their own power and will. Something that wows me that I often forget about the standalone is now astoundingly diverse it is without being appropriative, and how Gaiman incorporates so many cultures, a diverse range of characters, as well as a huge amount of humor without it becoming problematic. I think this novel could be a guidebook for authors who want to know how to write diverse stories and mythos respectfully. I forgot about so many fantastic characters that Gaiman pours himself into, from Samantha Black Crow to side characters that brim with energy and character themselves, like Whiskey Jack’s son or Bilquis. I also never noticed before the two mentions of Mr. Nancy’s son that point to Anansi Boys. Not to mention the wealth of research and knowledge that goes into the bottomless well of background characters and visions leading up to the battle. 

One thing I gained a new appreciation for in this novel was the character of Shadow. He is big, and not dumb, and I remembered all that, but what I forgot is how nice he is. Shadow’s such a cinnamon roll of a character, and I forget that. He stands up for a waitress and believes in the good of people. At the Lakeside library book sale, he tries to find the book that’s least likely to be purchased, so that he can help the library out by buying it. He performs coin tricks for children. He is obligated to hold Odin’s vigil, but he never questions whether he should also hold Mad Sweeney’s. As Laura speaks with the cutting, too-open words of the already-dead, Shadow still refuses to tell her about her appearance or to not hold her hand, because he doesn’t want to hurt her still. When Shadow picks up bodies with the coroners, he carries them always in his arms. 

The scene between Shadow and Odin before his death is one of my absolute favorites (other favorite scenes include Samantha Black Crow’s protest kiss, the scene in which Shadow thinks snow into being, and Shadow’s long death scene). Odin recites to Shadow what he knows—the charms, in a long list. And it ends with that long scene where Shadow wonders what would have happened if he touched Odin’s hand, and wishes he had. And Odin’s twisting grift of the fiddle is so complicated and well done that even on the third re-read, I find myself forgetting about it until the moment Odin dies, and doubting myself on it until the moment Shadow says it out loud.

@neil-gaiman’s American Gods just gets better every time I read it, and I am cautiously thrilled and excited for the show coming out later this spring. 

“It doesn’t matter that you didn’t believe in us. We believed in you.”


All kiss scenes from Usagi and Mamoru in Sailor Moon Classic (including the movies)

Interestingly most kiss scenes are from season 2 - Sailor Moon R where the infamous break-up happened ^o^’ Yeah, stay away from her Mamoru XDDD.

Did I miss one?

Note: at least two kisses were just dream sequences or imagination

So a little while back someone asked me to write a fic about the IW scarlet vision scenes. I’ve been pretty busy but it seems like there’s no better day to write this than Scarlet Vision Appreciation day. So here it is! Enjoy!

Wanda glanced nervously at the clock, the bubble of anticipation in her chest too strong to ignore. She stood suddenly, unable to sit placidly on the edge of the hotel bed any longer. She made her way to the window, pulling the curtain back just the smallest bit to peer down into the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.

He should’ve been here by now. She cast another look at the clock, a frown line setting itself between her eyebrows.

It had been weeks since they’d last been able to see each other and she always grew anxious when they were apart for too long.

The gentlest of knocks sounded on the door and Wanda felt her heart skip a beat. She was across the room without even realizing it, her hand hovered over the doorknob for just a moment before settling firmly on the cool bronze.

A man she had never seen before stood on the other side of the door and she felt her sudden burst of hope fade; leaving a hollow ache where it had been.

“I’m sorry, can I help you?” She asked, confusion coloring her tone. The man looked down at her, meeting her eyes with his own startling blue ones.  

“Wanda..” He hesitated, unsure how to continue, but there was no need. Wanda felt her mouth drop open in a comical O of surprise. She would know that voice anywhere.


The man in the doorway gave her a small, awkward smile. One she recognized instantly. For a long moment she stood paralyzed, mind running through the possibilities. How could this be?

“May I come in?” The man….no, Vision, asked. Concern etched itself in the lines of his face. Quite a handsome face actually.

Wanda started, realizing her rudeness and stepped aside to let him in. She closed the door softly, mind still reeling. She cast another look at Vision, taking in his full form, part of her still unable to believe this man could be the android she loved.

He removed his coat, draping it over the nearest chair. He worked slowly, as though giving her time to process what was happening. Wanda moved away from the door, taking a stance by the window, as far from this stranger as possible.

Finally, Vision turned to meet her gaze. Their eyes locked and Wanda felt the bubble of hope begin to crawl its way back into her chest.

His eyes. They might be blue now, instead of grey, but the expression within them was still the same. They were eyes haunted with the endless knowledge that their owner seemed to possess. Eyes that, when they looked at her, seemed to soften into gentle contemplation; as though she were the greatest, most tantalizing mystery they had ever beheld. Eyes that held her in their grip as though she was the only thing in the universe worth looking at.

“I did not intent to startle you with my appearance.” He began, never breaking his gaze. “It is a precaution initiated only recently.”

“Precaution?” Wanda questioned, still unnerved by the sound of Visions voice coming from this unfamiliar form. Vision took a hesitant couple stepped toward her, closing the distance between them, careful not to overstep her comfort zone.

“Thor has returned to Earth with some…unsettling news. It would appear that there are those who seek the Mind Stone and other stones like it in order to harness their power to claim dominion on this universe.”

Wanda felt her eyes automatically travel to Visions forehead, but the stone was not visible on this human form. Vision noticed her gaze and took another step forward.

“It is me, Wanda.” He said softly, blue eyes filled with the urgent desire to have her believe. If this really was Vision, and she was beginning to truly believe it was, then he could stand the distance between them no more than she.

Wanda took a step toward him, unable to fight the urge to have him near any longer. Vision took this as encouragement and gradually closed the distance between them.

“Both Mr. Stark and Thor agreed the stone is no longer safe. I learned that, as long as I focus my concentration, I am able to project this illusion over my true form. Neither Tony nor Thor believed it wise that I leave headquarters, but I could not stay away. I’ve missed you, Wanda.”

He took another step closer, gazing down on her with a tenderness that filled her heart with a love beyond expression. Finally, she truly believed him.

“Oh Viz,” She whispered affectionately, reaching up to cup his face between her palms.

Vision closed his eyes at her touch, letting his hand slide up her arm to hold her hand in place against his cheek. He turned his head tenderly to plant a gentle kiss upon her palm. Then just as gently he brought her hand up to rest on his forehead.

Wanda could feel it, the soft hum of the stone. Beneath this human appearance, was her Vision. She pulled her hand away, bending her fingers in an intricate pattern until a fine red mist danced its way across his face, pulling his true appearance forward.

There the stone sat, its yellow glow imbedded in the rich purple tones of his skin. She laid her finger lightly against the stone and watched it melt away at her touch, returning Visions appearance to that of a human man.

She allowed her hand to fall back, cupping his neck for a long moment.

“How long can you stay?” She asked quietly, afraid of the answer she knew must come.

“No more than the night.” He answered just as softly, his eyes sliding slowly over her face, rememorizing each curve. “While this appearance allows me some freedom, it is not enough to guarantee I will be not be found.” This time it was he who reach up to cup her cheek with his hand. “It is already extraordinarily selfish of me to put you at risk, even for this brief moment.”

Wanda slide her hand up his arm, curling her fingers lightly around his wrist so that he would not withdraw his touch.

“I do not care about the risk.” She said boldly, scanning his face just as longingly. “I love you, Vision.”

“And I love you.” He answered, bringing his lips down to cover hers.

Wanda closed her eyes, allowing herself to sink into the kiss, letting the heat to rise within her, stretching out into the very tips of her fingers. His lips moved firm against her own and she wished the moment would never end.

But end it did, as Vision pulled back the smallest bit, gazing down on her with a light smile upon his lips.

“Just to be clear,” Wanda said, “I’ll always prefer your true appearance.”  

Vision laughed, bending forward to capture her mouth in another kiss. There was much they still had to discuss, but such things could wait a few moments longer.

  • Supergirl: So guys how did you like that awesome Sanvers scene?
  • Fandom: What scene?
  • Supergirl: You know! The one that happened off camera that we won't actually say anything about but you guys should totally infer and guess anyways!!! ;););)
  • Emily Andras: Bitch, please.
  • Wynonna Earp: *Aaaaaaand cue WayHaught confirmed first time sex scene on camera including nose kisses, shirt and belt undoing, some incredible bras and Nicole picking up Waverly like a ballerina and making the effort to carry her to a bed that she could've fallen over and landed on from her current position*
  • Supergirl: 😯...😮...😧...😨...😱...🤐...🚶🏻

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Could you write about Sana x Yousef first kiss?

ok so.

I’ve gotten a lot of prompts requesting a scene between Yousef and Sana that include kissing, usually about their first shared kiss. And those are such sweet prompts about such sweet imaginary scenarios, but out of simple respect for both these characters and their faith, I cannot write them.

Sana and (probably) Yousef are muslims, and their faith has certain rules and expectations about physical touching and intimacy between men and women, especially premarital. I had an important - and educating! - conversation about this topic with @ohstarsishalldefy (as I’m not muslim myself) and she told me about islam’s ways and rules regarding premarital relations. Kissing and “traditional” western dating is kind of off-limits, and I have no doubt that Sana, as a devoted muslim - who even stated that her faith indeed is stronger than her want to get drunk and hook up - wouldn’t want to follow these rules. And I have no intention nor desire to change or twist that.

Now, I do hope and believe in this couple and truly wish they will have a future - and I know that writing their romance will be jus as fun still! - but I will not brush off their faith for my writing or bend their beliefs in order to make my fan fiction “better”. Islam is an important part of both Yousef and Sana’s life, and I support and admire that in every way possible.

I really, really hope you back me up on this and won’t be disappointed in my decision :) xx anna

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So, I thought: What if C and W were/are actually in a rs? If C values this rs, takes it seriously and respects W, he would not want to do any harm to it respectively him, e.g. by talking or meeting with a former co-star, who might have had (or still could have?) feelings for C.(I am not saying in general, that one shouldn´t be allowed to meet with former partners at all. But I can see how it could be difficult, if a former partner would still show an interest in you. - As the new partner,

Oh Anon, this is cute the way you are saying that the fact that Chris doesn’t see Darren is out of respect for Will. But no.  

Chris certainly had no problem shoving his tongue down Darren’s throat, which was not required, in just about every kissing scene filmed for Glee including many post Will.  

Chris didn’t have a problem posting pictures of Darren on his social media (you know always without a head).  

Chris doesn’t have a problem writing about Darren in every single one of his books. Just recently we had the blatant reference of Sunshine Studios not to mention a closeted teen and a main character who seemed more like Darren than Chris.  A book where he told you that celebrities lie. That contracts and legal obligations can be all consuming.  

Chris had no problem dedicating his book to Froggy, the character he is well aware that us crazy tinhatters associate with Darren. 

Chris has not problem naming two characters after the worst von beard ever. One of which was published post Glee. And after he was well aware that us crazy CCers talked at length about Ezmia.

Chris has not problem making blatant, obvious references to Darren on his social media.  He also has not problem venting his frustration and anger over that woman.  AND he is often times able to foresee the future (clearly an ability both D&C share).

It is time you faced the facts. Darren and Chris don’t publicly see each other because when they do, it is literally impossible to deny how they feel about each other. Darren is closeted. he is dealing with wrapping up the end of his very toxic and unhealthy bearding relationship. And Chris is going to support that in every way. Including stating they only “kind of see each other,” denying ever seeing AVPM (alternative facts at their finest), and naming Will, you know the relationship originally confirmed on the exact same day Darren admitted to having a girlfriend, as the official boyfriend. Granted, he fabricated a fake career for him, but i guess that is required to both get him attention and to at least give the appearance that Will is nothing more than a kept man.

I think it is time that you got your head out of the sand and started to actually assess the overwhelming large pile of facts, clues and hints. And then you will see the truth that is barely even hidden.  

Top 10 moments ‘’Oh my god they are going to kiss’’ but they didn’t.

So much unnecessary tension.

10. ‘’ Cas… we’ ve talked about this, personal space?’’

What was even this episode? where was Dean looking at? They were so close because Dean turns around, why did he? so many questions that don’t let me sleep at night.

Originally posted by yes-yes-this-is-me

I think Dean only wanted Cas even closer.

9. Don’t ever change.

This is one of my favourite Destiel moments in the history of destiel moments. Dean is saying this to Cas because he has seen what can happen to the angel, and he doesn’t want him to end that way. This moment is here because I once read a fanfic that included a parallel universe where this scene finished with a kiss, and if you think about it it makes sense, mostly because there is something in the future world screaming that Dean and Cas are together, Dean knows it, and we know it too.

Originally posted by eonchian

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Heart eyes, motherfucker.

8. Heaven can’t wait.

There aren’t words that can explain how destiel this episode was, we all have talked about it but I wanted to highlight two scenes where it looked like we were getting a kiss but we didn’t because reasons.

First the famous car scene:

Originally posted by charlie-bradcherry

A lot of people say they were like two brothers but, do you really undressed your brother in your mind? NO.

Second, the moment when they part ways at the end of the episode:

Originally posted by destielthingsandstuff

I’m going to tell you a secret: *whispering* they kissed in the fanfiction gap.

7. THIS:

Originally posted by castielamigos

Are you kidding me?. My name is Tension, Sexual Tension.

6. I could go with you.

I have talked about this 1000 times, but I’m going to do it again because this is important. When they hug Dean is smiling at first but then his expression changes, in my opinion he suddenly looks sad, maybe thinking in all the lost opportunities, in going without saying everything he wants to say.

Originally posted by im-closeto-okay

Do you see it? I wanted my goodbye kiss.

5. Morning Sunshine.

Everytime I rewatch that scene I gain at least six months of life, but there is something missing. Some people, and they are right, talked about how natural it would have been if Dean had said goodbye to Cas with a little peck on the lips, they were acting so marrried it would have been easy and the rest of the episode could have been the same.

Originally posted by bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale

And guess what, we didn’t get a kiss.

4. Never do that again.

I’m pretty sure we all agree 9x03 and mostly Dean’s reaction to Cas’ death had all of us in tears but imagine for a second if Dean, without thinking, reaches for Cas and kiss him. It would have been like 100000 times better.

Originally posted by dreadcrows

So smooth.

3. Cas’s speech in First Blood.

I died a little after Cas’s speech, but I died even more when the camera went to an almost crying Dean and I would have died completely if in that moment some people had confessed their feelings, but we didn’t get a kiss either :(. Even more if we consider Dean called Castiel 100 times and the way this long separation affected Castiel.

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Originally posted by b0ttomdean

At least they hold hands.

2. After Rowena’s curse.


Originally posted by multifandomfilmhoe

I’m still waiting for the kiss, to be honest.

Before getting to the top I’m feeling inspired so here you have a bonus:

Cas and Dean reunion in 12x01, because I really thought Cas was so happy to see Dean was alive he was going to give the hunter a kiss.

Originally posted by neilgosten

Mary thought the same.

1. Purgatory, before and after.

Something happened in Purgatory, because no one here was the same after it. I want to talk here about the two moments Dean and Cas get to be together after a long separation.

First we have this:

Originally posted by moansmisha

Dean was so damn excited to find Cas and I’m still waiting for a kiss, because it was the perfect moment. What is wrong with Cas’s hand by the way?

I bet Dean prefers his angel clean shave.

But think about that moment, it was so emotional, both of them needed the other, such a serious pinning case.

And second:

Originally posted by castielamigos

He wasn’t sure if he was seeing the real Cas, I really think Dean thought he was losing his mind; and after this the things are just tense as always.

Originally posted by elizabethrobertajones

I wanted a welcome home kiss.

That’s it, I think I’m going to start taking request because I love doing this top ten.

Ok, but if they’re setting up this separation storyline - which seems pretty likely - they HAVE to give us some sort of romantic Bellarke moment, if only to string the fans along.
If they’re going to separate them, they have to include some type of scene (confession, kiss, etc.) to lead into next season. Something to pull people into watching again. If they left them off with nothing hanging in the air, there would be nothing to rope people in to watching next season, especially for the casual viewers that are restless.
Its just lazy dumb writing if they don’t. Even if it’s just for baiting purposes, they need that one piece of the puzzle to carry things over. Because why would people (and I mean fandom and casual blarkes when I say that) care about the separation, if there’s nothing at stake.
But then again… These are the 100 writers.

I just want to hug whoever decided Jace’s reaction to the Malec kiss was going to be this!! This proud but also kinda emotional smile is SO precious!!

We never got to see Jace’s initial reaction to Malec in the books, and I just think not only was it great that he was included in the kiss scene, but he had the most gorgeous reaction too! I mean not that I ever doubted that Jace would be happy, but just the fact that he looks so damn proud of his big brother for finally choosing himself after everything they’ve been through and Alec has been through within himself, and he kind of looks a little emotional too, you just know that Alec’s happiness is one of the most important things to him!

It just makes me super emotional to see Jace and Alec’s relationship, and to have this reaction from Jace to one of the biggest moments in Alec’s life, especially when it didn’t happen in the books, is just lovely!

As confirmed by Tia Dalma, the compass doesn’t work due to that Jack does not know what he wants.

However I like the uncertainty that his wavering both depends on his torment concerning his immense want for eternal life (accompanied by freedom on the seas) and his want for Elizabeth. She is his one and only love - the sea, incarnation. 

I also believe that Jack’s want for eternal life was wavering due to his unwillingness of wanting to be chained to the flying dutchman forever. It clashed with his freedom. Which leaves the audience with uncertainty of why his compass was failing to pin point a direction. Was it because of his torment with becoming captain of the flying dutchman, which he also wanted, not only because of eternal life, but to be free of Davy Jones. Or, was it because he wanted Elizabeth for himself. 

I believe both are true, and let’s not forget:

a) he asked Elizabeth to marry him

b) he chose to go back and rescue his crew, his friends and Elizabeth included. (and their kissing scene! let’s not go into that since there is a bunchload to talk about!!)

c) every other detail about their relationship is built up and they come to respect the other more and more with time. They learn to know each other, and “peas in a pod”. 

Jack’s wish for eternal life is a constant theme surrounding his character but the reminder, which he constantly tries to hide, comes now and then where he proves to be a good man. As Elizabeth believes about him, that he is a good man. He will do the right thing - in the end (letting Will stab the heart and become the captain of the flying dutchman, and letting him live, instead of becoming captain himself - which he was ready for in that moment - and since he let him live he also gave up Elizabeth.)

His conflict between what he wants is brilliantly portrayed; and throughout the movies - at least the first three - the dialogue, the glances, the body language overall expresses the hints of Jack’s conflict concerning freedom/eternal life and Elizabeth. It is a part, of what made those movies so great and complex. 

follow up on my other post

i’ve noticed how many people liked/reblogged my first one so i thought i’d make another

so i think we’ve all seen the teasers they’ve given us. they know how much we want this. they know how long we’ve been waiting and how hard we’ve been fighting for it. and sure, a couple teasers can be amusing, but there’s a line between giving fans suspense and just leading them on. they have crossed that line. they’ve started leading us on, and that isn’t okay. especially if we never get a kiss scene. even some sort of closure. after everything they’ve led us to believe, it’s literally not okay to just leave us in the dust. and this isn’t just about some ship. this is about representing a whole group of people, and they can’t back out now. they chose to take this path, and now they have to fucking finish it. if it were a lesbian ship, i’d wager we would have had at least two kisses by now. look at barbara and tabitha. they didn’t hesitate for a second to have them kiss, even declare a relationship. because they’re sexualizing it. don’t even try to tell me that they included those kiss scenes for any reason other than appealing to men who think lesbians are sexy. masculinity so goddamn fragile they denying a whole group of people representation. what the fuck. and nothing’s stopping them either. they just choosing not to. they better shape the fuck up if they want us to keep watching.


Under the cut because it’ll be a long post :p



You have very little room for characterisation. Keep this in mind when creating you babies. Try to make their voices as distinct as possible to still create well-rounded characters.


You should keep your cast as small as possible. Very few or no side characters makes expanding on the mains easier. 


Keep your world simple or well known. A recurring world, like horrible government lead corruptly has been done to death. Use this, or any other overdone world, as a basis for your own. BUT don’t just copy a pre-existing world. Add a few elements to make it your own. 

Otherwise, 2016 earth is bad enough for a dystopian or horror story!


Subplots only add length in the case of short stories. If you want to add something similar, make it practically resolved at the start of the story.

E.g, have two characters kiss at the start of the story.

This will add stakes, without too much extra length.


Exposition is unnecessary. If there is a story type where you need to start in the middle of the action, it’s a short story (or flash fiction). This includes a romantic scene like kissing or first date in a romantic story. Start at (one of the most) interesting moments.


Your choice of words needs to be strong. Of course this also applies to regular, longer stories, but it is also immensely important in short stories, because the reader has no time to get invested in the story and characters. Short stories can be read in one, often short, sitting. 


Add emotion, lots of it. Make your story as memorable as possible, because no one, besides you or possibly an editor, will spend long in your world and with your characters. They need to be as strong as possible. If you can make your reader cry or laugh out loud, bonus points. Strong emotions will add memorability (is that even a word?). This also gets people talking about your story and you as an author.

FINAL TIP: (for now, ask if you have any questions)

Short stories need planning. How much depends on you as the author and the story, but have a plan. Excess scenes stand out. A lot. They will distract from the important content. Readers dislike excess scenes.

Short stories are also amazing to practice planning and storytelling. Use this to your advantage.

That was it for today

Ask if you have any unanswered questions, I’d love to answer them and help you.

Member Master List ~ Byun Baekhyun

M - Mature R - Romance  A - Angst S - Suspense PS - Potential series OS - Ongoing series DS - Discontinued series CS - Completed series


Strangers ~ R, A, CS (feat. Yixing)

For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Strangers mobile master list

Six Steps ~ R, A, M, CS

(Playboy & childhood friend AU) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Six Steps mobile master list

Scenarios/One Shots

Eyes ~ R, A

(Vampire AU) For the past five months, you’ve known of the mistress, Baekhyun’s other love. Baekhyun’s only love. As your marriage with him is on the brink of a divorce, you try your hardest to fix it. But will your efforts pay off?

Kisses ~ R, A

As actors and singers, you and Baekhyun get into an argument about his recent drama, that includes a small simple kiss scene. Breaking the news about the very intimate scenes you will be doing for your drama, the argument gets worse. How far will the jealousy between you two go?

Phone Calls ~ R, A

When you and Baekhyun’s relationship is exposed to the public, he is forced to make a difficult choice. Choose you or his career. What happens when he chooses his career instead of you?

Beautiful ~ R

Byun Baekhyun gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Everything is handed to him, no doubt about that. He has the grades, he has the awards, he has the girls. But what happens when he wants someone he doesn’t have…you?

Sis ~ R, A

A simple visit to your best friend somehow tears you and your sister apart.

anonymous asked:

Do you ship EremikA? What did you think of the scarf scene? Do you think he avoided her kissing him because he doesn't like her like that or do you think she wasn't kissing him in the first place

Hello anonny! To answer your first question, yes I do ship eremika! I love that ship very much :) And secondly, I absolutely adore the scarf scene. In my personal opinion, it is one of the most important and interesting relationship/character moments within this current arc, as well as the yumihisu and reibert moments as that is what the arc is mostly centered around. I also think, that Mikasa might’ve been going in for a kiss, but possibly not in the way we think. Perhaps, she was leaning in towards him to kiss his nose, or his cheek, or do the typical Forehead Touch thing, which would’ve been awfully sweet. However, because of the situation it wouldn’t have been appropriate. Whilst I think it is clear of Mikasa’s feelings for Eren, I feel as though Eren simply doesn’t think about this stuff, although he did promise to be with Mikasa “now and forever” 

Their relationship is extremely complex. They share a familial bond as well as a friendship and romantic one. I think though, I am glad they did not edit the scene and include a kiss, because it was absolutely perfect without one and simply not really needed because of the emotional weight of the scene it already carried. Mikasa was prepared to die by Eren because of the lack of resources, she was injured and Eren couldn’t transform. It says a lot about their bond, really.

anonymous asked:

I just saw a post about someone being frustrated that people only seem to want Dean to be bi to have major lgbt representation when Crowley is canon pansexual. What? What did I miss? WHen was it made canon?

Hey, dear anon :)

Well, I guess “canon” is maybe too strong of a word since they never explicitly discuss or confirm Crowley’s sexuality on the show, but Mark Sheppard himself said at a convention a few years back that he believes Crowley to be “more pansexual than anything else” and it seems that a bunch of people agree with that (me included, by the way).

I mean, in his very first scene he’s kissing a man (granted, mainly to seal a deal, but still ;p), he’s indulging in constant sexual remarks and innuendos towards almost anyone who seems to perk his interest one way or another and it’s at least quite canon that he participated in an orgy while possessing a female vessel (with women and men involved). And, of course, more importantly, don’t forget his good time with demon!Dean and some triplets  ;DD

In this regard he doesn’t seem to see much of a difference between men and women, humans, demons (I mean, Lilith had been rumored to be his lover, for example) or angels/reapers (Naomi and Billie [both only implied, but rather heavily imo ;)]).

So I think pansexuality is a good way to describe his preferences. You may call it canon, you may not.

In the end it’s Crowley and he does whatever the hell he wants :DD