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Dear Aunt Tanya, I know you've mentioned that uncle mark scored his hot wife with his stellar dance moves, but have you ever shared how you two love birds actually met?

It was college! I was a freshman and Mark was the hot bad boy two years older than me with a leather jacket and a motorcycle. He stood outside of one of my classes so he could nod at me everyday for three weeks before he finally got the courage to ask if he could carry my books for me. I broke up with my boyfriend the next day and Mark and I have been together ever since. 

Xoxo Aunt Tanya

Something interesting about Hawaii that separates it from most other states is that it’s going to continue getting larger for millions more years as the Pacific plate continues to move over the hot spot that formed it. Like, Hawaii, as a state, is still growing in such a way that it can be measured annually.

The Devil Fell Once More (Nick!Lucifer x Reader) *smut*

Request: Definitely write a supernatural smut featuring Nick!Lucifer -Anon


Word Count:

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, language

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“Hey Lucy.” You kissed your boyfriend’s head as you walked over to the cabinets to make yourself a cup of hot cocoa. You and Lucifer had been moving from one place to another because the Winchester brothers were on your asses, trying to hunt you down to drag you back to Hell.

You looked over to Lucifer who was tired; his baggy eyes swollen and his skin was paler than ever. You walked over to him, with the mug in your hand. “You need to rest more. 3 hours aren’t enough for the King of Hell.” A smile crept upon his lips and nodded.

“I’m tired of those Winchester boys. They’re always right behind us.”

“But we’re always three steps ahead of them. Come on Lucifer.” You offered him some of your cocoa which he really liked. He gave you the half empty mug back and sank his head in his hands as you looked down on him. "Maybe you need something to tire you out.“ You put the mug on the coffee table and slowly started to undress. "Babe I-” As soon as Lucifer looked up to look at you, you were naked before him. He gulped; your hands slowly slid up his chest, his back against the soft pillows of the sofa. You climbed over his thighs slowly; you leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips.

Lucifer’s hands came up to your breasts, massaging them as you kissed. His thumbs rolled your nipples, making you moan at the tingling sensation of his warm hands against your goose bumped skin. He moved his hands down your back, pulling you closer to him. You removed Lucifer’s shirt, his heat radiated off him.

You slowly crawled off him and sat in between his legs. Your warm hand wrapped around his erection that was standing at attention. You licked a nice long line along his prominent vein, making him groan. “Baby…” He groaned as his hands found your hair. You took the tip of his cock in your mouth, sucking it gently. Lucifer threw his head back in ecstasy as you took him whole in your mouth.  

“That’s it baby girl…ah yes that’s the spot!” He bucked his hips as his dick hit the back of your throat, your moans sending vibrations through his wet cock. “Oh yes baby!” He came in your mouth and you swallowed his seed.

He pulled you up and you straddled him. His eyes were blown from lust and his chest was heaving from his orgasm. He took his member and aimed it at your aching core. You leaned closed to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to him. You slowly sank down on him, whimpering in the process. You and Lucifer had barely got some “alone time” without the Winchesters interfering.  And it was getting frustrating. You missed him being inside you.

Lucifer slowly thirsted his hips towards you, his dick brushing perfectly against your g spot. “Oh shit!” You cursed.

“I missed being inside you baby.” He breathed as he increased his pace. Your hands found his hair and you gently yanked on it. “Baby I’m coming.” You moaned as you reached your high. Your body trembled as your orgasm washed over you. Soon, Lucifer followed, spilling his seed inside you. You rested your head on his shoulder blade as you both caught your breath.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.” He kissed your cheek and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck.

“The devil fell once more.” You chuckled.

“Hey, you were the one who bumped into me last year.”


Never gonna let you go
Giving you my heart and soul