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Klance Fic Recs: Completed Works

 I have spent an incredibly large chunk of my life reading Klance stories that I decided that I might as well start jotting them all down. Here we go, these are all completed long works, I’ll do recs for one shots/WIPs later.

of florists and tennis shoes  by  venpast

One of those pure AU with the pure headcanons that you can’t get enough of. It’s a flower shop AND a coffee shop AU so you can’t go wrong. It includes flower language which is one of my favorite things so that’s a plus. Keith works at the flower shop and Lance buys flowers to try to impress girls but turns out that the only person being wooed by flowers is him. The cutest thing ever, great story, great idea, just very great.  Rated T and 63,774

The Different Rules of Summer by themultifandomnerd 

This fic is the cutest thing in the world, it’s is a modern day AU where Keith and Lance are volunteers at a library and meet by talking about ghosts and aliens. In this fic, Keith is deaf and it is all written very well. It was my favorite thing to read because they updated everyday. This is fan-fiction gold right here. Interesting story, well-written, and has fluff galore. It’s a great read. Rated G and word count is 57,589

A Shove Towards Love  by General_Button

OooOOoo I love this one. This one is a bop for sure. It’s a (somewhat) soulmate AU so you know you already wanna read it. Basically some aliens think Lance and Keith totally should be together 5ever (same really) so they sorta like. Bind their souls. Anyway, some crazy stuff happens to them because of this so basically you just have to read it. Rated T, word count 30,955. 

time out of mind  by  aknightley

I loved reading this one. I’m a sucker for older, domestic klance and well here we are. Keith and Lance wake up one day and they are several years in the future. And married. Hilarity ensues. This fic is so read as we see all of Team Voltron older and how Keith and Lance react to it all. Also I love the writing style. An A+ fic in all. Rated T and 27, 849 word count

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

This one is intense, angsty, and dark and it’s soooo good. Lance falls under control of a druid, which turns him dark and takes the rest of Team Voltron on crazy ride to try to contain him and get it back. If you like angst then here it is and it’s amazing. They write Dark!Lance so well, I swear you get hooked fast. Rated M for ya know. Mind control and violence and all around angst. Word count is 49,072

in stasis  by  ilgaksu

Another good angsty one with a super interesting concept. Lance’s body goes way out of commission, so he is programmed into the castle as an AI while he recovers. The writer does an awesome job working with an awesome idea and this fic is perfect in every way. It deals with a lot of topics regarding albeism and anxiety. A lot of langst, but with just the right about of humor to make any Lance-lover put this fic on the top of their list. Rated T and word count of 26,940

Spaghettification and Other Extreme Sports by SociopathicAngel

I might be slightly biased on this one. This fic takes place in a final battle with Zarkon, where he opens up a black hole like the jerk he is. Lance, ever the hero, sacrifices himself to save the group. However, in the blackhole, Lance is taken to a universe where things are similar, except for one or two or several important details. Especially how a certain Red Paladin treats him. It’s super intriguing the way things are set up in comparison of the two different universes. An amazing, well-written story and the writer is also awesome and fantastic and you should check out everything they have written and shower them with praise. Rated T, word count 17,980

Sealed by Fate  by  thejapanesemapletree

A fantasy fic where Lance is a selkie and Keith finds him and takes in him, this is one of those stories you just really want more of. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with Lance and mermaids, this is a interesting spin on it all. Selkies are a really interesting branch of the whole water fae, and this was a really awesome read. Rated T and word counts stands at 25,973

Shameless Self Advertising but I happen to have a completed klance story as well. It’s called  Sand as Fuel and it’s rated T and has 20k words. It’s set some time the future where Shiro had never returned back to Earth. Lance, Hunk, and Pidge all graduated from the Garrison like they were supposed to. Everything was going smoothly until they crash while colliding into a mysterious ship and Lance somehow finds himself being dragged across the desert. 

Hope you find something you like! You can find any more of my fics at  somethingaboutamoose!!!


Previously on America’s Next Top Shadowhunter
When Jace discovers that the sandwich he left in the fridge has gone missing he starts accusing everyone in the house of eating it. Alec tries to cool him down. 

I Wanna Be Yours

Hey guys! I am so excited to share some of my new fics with you guys! WHOO! This is for @decemberftw who requested a fic based on the song I Wanna Be Yours by the Arctic Monkeys I hope you like it! This is the first time I’ve done anything someone has requested, so I hope it lives up to what you wanted. :) Thanks for being a wonderful follower! <3 Happy Sunday!!

Warnings: wittle bit of angst, fluff, sarcastic reader in a funny way, language like kind of not really

Today was the third Friday of the month. That could only mean one thing.

“MOVIE NIGHT WITH MAH BOYEEEEEEEZ!” You howled as you ran through the kitchen and crash landed on the couch, just missing Steve who was already lounging on the cushions.

“(Y/N), please, I’m begging you to stop talking like that.” Steve groaned.

“Steve, if you’re gonna call yourself my friend then you have to deal with every side of me, including the 90′s rapper side that makes the occasional appearance.”

He chuckled and shook his head while he handed you the remote to pick tonight’s movie. You glanced down at the clock and furrowed your brows.

“Hey, where’s Buck? It’s nine on the dot, he should be here.”

“He didn’t text you? He’s not coming,” Steve said cautiously.

“Not coming?” Your finger froze on the button it was about to push. “What do you mean he’s not coming? It’s our movie night.”

“Well, he’s with a girl, (Y/N), it is Friday night.” His defense made you snarl, but you took a deep breath to try and calm yourself.

“Okay, I’m gonna ignore that last statement and pretend you didn’t just disrespect our movie night.”

Steve snorted at you. You rocked in your seat to face him, tucking your feet under you and strangling a pillow in your lap. “Which girl is it now? Dot?”

“No. Uh, he said her name was…”

“Oh is it, umm, what’s her freaking name…” you snapped your fingers in the air until you remembered the blonde who only seemed to be able to access about 12% of her brain. “Kelly?”

“Uh-uh,” he declined.

“The one who lives down on Ferry St.?”


“The one who works with Sharon?” You asked.

“That’s Kelly,” Steve chuckled.

“Jesus, I can’t keep ‘em all straight,” you shouted, completely exasperated and throwing yourself down on the couch.

“I think this is a new one anyway. He didn’t say much about her.”

“He never does.” You grumbled as you picked the first movie that popped up on the screen.

Before the opening credits ended you texted Bucky.

How dare you skip out on movie night.

You placed the phone on the coffee table and made yourself comfy as you watched the set up of the action movie you’d seen a couple times before.

A few minutes later your phone lit up with the most unflattering picture of Bucky, meaning he had texted you back. You sat up so quickly, the couch creaked. Steve spotted Bucky’s face on the screen before you could yank it out of his sight.

“(Y/N), he’s on a date, leave him alone.”

“Uh, I highly doubt it’s a traditional date, Steve,” you mumbled as you unlocked your phone and read the message.

I know, I’m sorry. 
I could bring her over and we could all watch something?

You growled aloud and shot him back a text. 

Absolutely not. No randos at movie night.

You tossed your phone on the couch next to you and tried to focus on the movie. A message lit the screen again and you looked down without unlocking it.

You’re a piece of work, (Y/N).

You sighed and burritoed yourself in a blanket, watching the explosions and gunfire on the television.

“What did he say?” Steve asked you once the violent scene had quieted down. 

“He apologized,” you grumbled. 

Steve sighed. “It’s harder than you thought it would be isn’t it?”

The confused look you gave him made it clear he would have to elaborate. 

“To live with us and hide how you feel.”

You shouldn’t be surprised that Steve knew about your feelings for Bucky. Steve and you had been friends for years and he knew you so well, it was like he always knew what was inside your head. 

“I just- he shouldn’t be hooking up with all these girls, ya know? It’s not good for him.” You practically whispered. 

Steve threw his arm around you. “He’ll figure that out.”

You sighed into his touch and leaned on his shoulder. The rest of the movie went by quietly until you both picked up and went to bed. 

The next day you went to the gym to blow off some steam and by the time you got back, Bucky was finally out of bed and making some coffee. He was standing in the kitchen, his long hair pulled into a messy bun, black tank top clinging to his chest and shoulders above thin, grey sweatpants. He was a sight to behold if you weren’t so angry with him for bailing on you and Steve the night before. 

“Good morning,” he said sleepily, sensing your presence as he focused on pouring his drink.

“Morning,” you answered quietly as you squeezed by his large body to grab a plum from the bowl on the other side of the counter. You bit into it as silence hung in the air.

Bucky finally cleared his throat. “How was the movie night?”

“Great,” you shortly declared as you reached to the top cupboard for a glass. Bucky’s eyes fell to your waist as your workout tank rose off your hips and your pale skin peeked out for a moment. You closed the cupboard with a slam and asked, “How was your night?”

“Fine,” he said, side stepping out of your way as you filled the glass with water.

“So you’ll be moving on rather quickly then.”

He sputtered and coughed as he choked on his sip of coffee. “What?”

“If your night was only fine, I’m sure you dumped her this morning and you’ll be moving on to someone new tonight, right?” you spat before taking a sip of your water, grabbing a napkin for your plum and heading out of the kitchen. 

“Hey! You can’t just say something like that and then walk away,” he said, grabbing your elbow and spinning you around.

“Well, it’s true, isn’t it?”

“That-that’s none of your business,” he stammered. When you scoffed, it sent him over the edge. “Is this all because I missed your stupid movie night?” he shouted.

“Well, that was quite the cherry on top, Buck! Since when are your hookups more important than me and Steve?”

“They’re not just hookups, (Y/N)! What kind of a guy do you think I am?” He yelled, ripping his fingers through his long hair.

“I don’t even know anymore! All the sudden you’re going through girls faster than you go through freaking underwear! What the hell happened to you? What are you trying to make up for?”

He pressed his lips together and refused to answer you. You shook your head and put your glass and plum down on the counter with a bang and stalked out of the room. 

“(Y/N)!” he called after you.

You spun around in the doorway. “What, Buck? What do you want?”

“I wanna be yours.” It was soft like a prayer, but you were sure you heard it. 

His words pulled at you, made your hands fall to your sides from their strong position on your hips, your jaw relaxed from its clenched position, the air pulled right from your lungs. But your heart soared as he continued.

“I really care about you, (Y/N). I try to be everything that you need- I try to give you everything you deserve, but I know I’m-Jesus you’re way out of my league and I know that, but I just- I don’t know.” The words flew out of his mouth like they were on fire. When he ran out of steam he sighed and stared at his bare feet on the kitchen floor.

“Bucky-” you started but he interrupted you.

“Ju-just forget it, okay?” He mumbled like a kicked puppy. With his head down, he crossed in front of you and got out of the kitchen as fast as he could before you could stop him.

The next day you laid out on your bed waiting for the sign from F.R.I.D.A.Y., but it never came. 

Later that night you asked her, “F.R.I.D.A.Y., do you remember the plan?”

“Yes, Miss (Y/L/N). But Mr. Barnes hasn’t left his room today.”

“He hasn’t?” you knew an AI couldn’t lie, but you were amazed at her answer. Maybe something else was bothering him or he was busy with paperwork from missions, he always let that stiff pile up. Surely he wasn’t that upset about what happened between you two in the kitchen yesterday.

You waited for her signal for hours before you finally let yourself fall asleep. He would have to come out sometime, you thought.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice startled you when she woke you up in the middle of the night. “Miss (Y/L/N), Mr. Barnes is in the kitchen.”

You rolled over and sat up too quickly, your head reeling from your sudden movement. You grumbled, “What time is it?” and though you weren’t really expecting an answer, the AI announced that it was 3AM. 

Throwing a sweatshirt over your head you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to follow through with her part of the plan. “This better freaking work,” you mumbled in a sleepy fog.

The elevator doors opened and butterflies flooded your stomach when you heard the slow guitar strums coming from the speakers in the kitchen. You sneaked down the hall and peeked your head around the door frame and you couldn’t help but giggle at what you saw. 

Bucky was frantically running around the joined kitchen and living room, pressing just about every button on every remote to try and turn the loud music off.  

You swallowed your fear and a little bit of your pride and stepped into the dim light in front of the refrigerator.  You took a deep breath and started to sing softly to the song and you ignored the heat running through your system when Bucky froze in his pace and stared at you.

“I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust. I wanna be your Ford Cortina. I will never rust. If you like-”

Your soft singing was cut off by Bucky’s chuckles. “You wanna be my what? My vacuum cleaner?”

“God, Bucky, shut up! Listen!” you shouted, holding a finger up to the speaker as the song rolled on and the most important lyrics were about to be sung. You let the record sing for you because your voice was stolen by your nerves. 

“You call the shots, babe. I just wanna be yours. Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought.” 

Bucky’s smirk fell as he listened to the lyrics booming from the speakers. When he practically ran toward you, you involuntarily took a step back and ran into the cabinets. 

“Maybe I just wanna be yours, I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours,” it sang.

As the music swelled Bucky’s hands cupped your jaw and pulled your lips to his. You fervently kissed him back and when he was sure you weren’t going to run away, his hands fell to your waist and his arms wrapped tightly around your body, pulling you closer to him. 

The four words repeated over and over as he wrapped himself around you and you hid from the world in his long, thick limbs. Every breath was in sync as you ran your fingers through his hair and he fisted the back of your sweatshirt in his rough hands. 

The song ended seemingly as soon as it began and you pulled away from Bucky, his face still only inches from yours. 

“So, you had to wake the whole team up just so you could tell me you liked me back?” He said with a smirk.

“That’s your fault for eating dinner at three in the morning.”

“I was hungry,” he said, playfully pinching the skin on your back. “And where the heck did you find this song?”

“Youtube,” you said, as if it was obvious. “Do you get it? The song’s called I Wanna Be Yours and that’s what you said to me? Do you get it? I spent a lot of time on this, Buck, please acknowledge-” 

“Yes, I get it,” he groaned before stopping your sarcastic rambling with another kiss. You laughed against his lips and thanked Youtube for introducing you to the Arctic Monkeys. 



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I know I keep teasing about a proper peach verse fic so here’s an actual tease whilst I anal-retentively decide to finish the whole thing first:


His boots crunched over more fallen petals as he picked another dud from the tree, inspecting the next group of small, green, and fuzzy fruit.

“That’s twenty-eight,” called out a young voice to his left. “Twenty-eight bad ones!”

James smiled and looked over at Cedric McCullen, son of Henry McCullen and their closest neighbor. He and his brother Issac had become a rather pleasant habit the last two growing seasons of helping him and Thomas out with the peaches.

It was late May. The blossoms had dropped away a week ago and their orchard was just now getting fruit. They needed to go through and thin out the bad fruit to make more room for the good fruit. James had thought it a pointless practice at first, saying why not just wait until it was time to harvest and pick only the good fruit. But Thomas had insisted this tedious but necessary practice would yield them and overall better crop.

He had been right, James had been forced to admit. This year’s yield was the most promising yet. With the help of the two boys it also freed up their work load. The boys would return in a couple of months to help them harvest the ripened product. Then he and Thomas would load up the wagon and ride to town and to the market.

James rubbed his thumb over a good fruit and left it on the tree. It was good, honest work. The pay was scarcely decent because their orchard was small, but as long as they had enough for the occasional clothing and supply purchases, everything else they needed they could take from the land.

It wasn’t quite what he had imagined all those years ago. He could still remember the day he had explained his intention for Nassau to Eleanor Guthrie, may she rest in peace. It was a proper farm he had imagined then, with livestock and a larger garden than what they had here. But those seemed like small details now. He was living off the land, just as he had wanted.

There were days those thoughts made him joyful, and he could remember Miranda fondly. He would think of how proud she would be of him, of them, together and living in peace at last. He had to tread lightly over those thoughts. His wounds may have healed but the scar tissue was thin at best.

anonymous asked:

i've seen your tags and im confused i know colin is a handsome man but it's so much more than that! why do you hate hook when he's around women?

ya know there r thousands of metas and posts abt how gross this character is so me repeating that would be kinda meh (plus i’ve already talked abt it many times before), but listen i can actually show u something that will def blow ur mind,

u say that colin’s face doesn’t help his character, well i say bullshit

now imagine w me this once upon a time

( those r actual quotes said by ouat!hook)

i mean this surely makes u think w ur mind not w ur pants,

~jealous dex~

i have this idea that one time at a kegster, before they get together, dex sees nursey talking a redheaded girl from one of his classes, and like gets so jealous he literally walks up and takes nursey by the hand and pulls him out of the Haus in the middle of their conversation

and nursey is like, “ dude, what the hell?? that was so rude, we were talking about our poetry assignment”

and dex just sort of gently pushes him up against the side of the Haus and kisses him and they kiss and kiss and dex didnt even know he liked derek like that

they obviously arent dating, but dex is nursey’s only redhead, ya know?

like nursey’s hooked up with brunettes before and kind of dated this blond guy from the water polo team freshman year (who, by the way, is still trying to get back together with nursey) but dex is his redhead and it’s gonna stay that way

and anyway, they hook up and dex wakes up with an armful of Derek Malik Nurse and a hangover the size of Canada and he just Does Not have it in him to have a conversation where he shares his newfound feelings and gets turned down

so he gently untangles himself from Nursey and slips into his clothes from last night. there’s a text on his phone from bitty that just says breakfast? from ten minutes ago and dex could actually really go for some Bitty Advice™ so he texts back fifteen minutes? because he’s not showing up in last night’s clothes thank you v much

and he tries to sneak out and he thinks he’s in the clear when he reaches the door but then he hears the bed shift and Nursey’s says “still haven’t found your chill yet?” 

And verily did Jesus say " Man, poor people suck SOOO much."

It’s amazing that, in a country that wishes to perpetually rewrite the intentions of the founding fathers into a historical declaration of the United States as a “Christian” nation, those living the least Christ-like lives persist in calling themselves Christian.
Especially this “gospel of prosperity” crap. In order to buy (no pun intended) into this mutant theology you need to ignore most if not all of Jesus Christ’s teachings. See, if you’re bypassing the whole New Testament, I mean, you’re not exactly Christian anymore, are you?
Bad news righteous greedmongers, J.C. is the original socialist. Help the poor, sick, weak and needy, forsake earthly wealth. Unless you have access to the lost Gospels wherein Jesus decided it sucked to be charitable..

“Hey Simon Peter, get the others over here. Look, I’m getting real fuckin tired of all these dirty, stinky sick types following us everywhere.‘Help me Lord’ ‘Heal me Lord’ This shit is getting old. My dad’s already said he’s gonna hook up these losers in the afterlife ya know? So…fuck ‘em for now. Luke, Matthew, you got your writing shit together?”

“Yes Lord. Of course Lord.”

“Good. Okay. New commandment. I’m son of God. I’m allowed. Number eleven. ‘Thou shalt have a sweet Aston Martin. And a Maserati. I love those! And a private jet. No! Two! Two private jets!”

“Lord, where can we find this Aston…erati…uhm..jet thing?”

“Shut up! What, you think everything’s about you? No you moron, this is for the people about two thousand years from now. There’s gonna be tons more poor people, but fuck ‘em. Rewards in heaven, etcetera. No no no. I don’t want them thinking I’m all anti-rich privileged and shit. Nope. I love ‘em so much they get to be obscenely rich in life AND go to heaven. Awesome huh?”

“Lord, what about the whole ‘camel, eye of needle’ thing?”

“What kind of idiot tries to shove a camel through a needle? Besides, with nanotechnology and molecular manipulation, that whole thing is moot. By the way, anyone with a brain would notice I never specified what size the needle was.”

“Nana…tekwollohoo? Lord, what does my grandmother have to do with future Malachi?”

“Peter, you’re such a dick. Ha!! See what I did there?”

“No Lord.”


So like, was that gospel Gnostic or Coptic? Because it doesn’t show up in any of the versions of the Bible that I’ve read

Kyle: Well Stan is my super best friend so there’s lots of things I like about him. But if I have to pick one thing it would probably be…he’s always there for me I guess, I mean Kenny can be supportive. And Cartman is……Cartman. So Stan is my one friend I can usually rely on.

Kyle: Kenny is… well I worry about him sometimes. But what’s great about him is that even when really shitty stuff happens to him he almost always bounces back. He has a terrible home life, but always puts on a smile for us. Which in my book is really awesome. Maybe not so much for him but there isn’t much I can do about it.

There are a lot of things I feel about Cartman. I think he’s a fat, short, asshole who doesn’t know how to mind his own business. He’s always ruining shit and getting in the way of of everything. If something bad happens it’s usually because of something this dumbass did. But I figure you weirdos won’t leave me alone until I say something positive about him..So I guess he has nice hair. Are you happy now?

Jealous Girl
Lana Del Rey
Jealous Girl

You say you want your own life well I do, too
You wanna’ lead me all night well I’ll show you
C'mon girls march it out show him what you’re all about it

Whoopin’ the house down, show him who’s the leader
Bring ya’ baby down, down
Go cheerleader

Baby, I’m a gangsta too and it takes two to tango
You don’t wanna’ dance with me, dance with me
Honey, I’m in love with you if you don’t feel the same,
Boy, you don’t wanna’ mess with me, mess with me

I’m a jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, if I can’t have you baby
Jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, no one else in this world can

You say you got your own life; good for you
You got more important things to do
C'mon girls, say it loud, tell him that it’s over now

You’re not off the hook, ya’ deceiver
I know whatcha’ done done, sing cheerleaders

Baby, I’m a gangsta too and it takes two to tango
You don’t wanna’ dance with me, dance with me
Honey, I’m in love with you
If you don’t feel the same,
Boy, you don’t wanna’ mess with me, mess with me

(Why ‘cause I’m a)
I’m a jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, if I can’t have you baby
Jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, no one else in this world can


Whoopin’ the house down, show him who’s the leader
Bring ya’ baby down, down
Go cheerleader

Think you should be my man
No one’s better than I am
C'mon give it to me, bam
If I can’t have you baby, no one else in this world can

Baby, I’m a gangsta too and it takes two to tango
You don’t wanna’ dance with me, dance with me
Honey, I’m in love with you
If you don’t feel the same,
boy, you don’t wanna’ mess with me, mess with me

Why 'cause I’m a
I’m a jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, if I can’t have you baby
Jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, no one else in this world can

Jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, if I can’t have you baby
Jealous, jealous, jealous girl
If I can’t have you baby, no one else in this world can.

H2OVanoss| Word-Count: 1,278

Prompt: “Person A and Person B both trying to break into the same place on the same night by accident, only to be chased by the police upon meeting and having to hide in a closet/cupboard/safe together until they leave.” - @fanficy-prompts

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Delirious couldn’t help but cackle, spotting the other man down the hall of the bank, clad in black. When the other man spotted him as well, he snorted and laughed, walking toward him.

Evan shouldn’t have been as laid back in this situation, but there didn’t seem to be any harm. Other than they could both be caught and they’d spend time in prison. To Evan, this was all just a silly coincidence. Nothing really to worry about, so he thought.

There was a heavy somber that floated in the air of the bank. It was quiet, but that was because they knew not to be very loud as to not set off any alarms.

They mostly just stared at one another, Delirious a pacing and panicky mess. Evan was controlled, however, for some unknown reason this entire situation was nothing short of just another casual evening to him.

“What in the fuck are we supposed to do now?” Delirious laughed in attempt to hide his fear. That didn’t go unnoticed by Evan though. Nothing really did. He noticed everything, especially in times like this. He was careful, very careful.

As Evan was about to speak, he shut himself up immediately when a subtle beeping filled the bank. It wrung in his ears, just taunting him and ever so lightly tickling his nerves.

“Don’t. Fucking. Move.” Evan told the other, his voice hushed to an almost unheard whisper. Delirious perked up, the effect of the words causing him to stop his pacing. He knew, his movement counted on whether or not they’d be fucked. They stood still, listening intently to the beeps for a while, and then it stopped. Just as soon as it started, it was over and the both of them were grateful of that.

“Well, I guess since were both here for the same thing, I assume, we could at least work together?” Evan asked, with a small shrug of the shoulders.

 Delirious nodded. “Sure, why not?” I mean, after all help was always appreciated, but Delirious really wasn’t sure they were looking for the same thing. They explored the first floor of the bank together, making small talk, but they soon realized that they kind of really did have a connection. As they talked loudly to one another, the subtle beeping they once heard was no longer detectable. That is until it got louder, and louder, and it didn’t take long to know that was the alarm.

They clasped their hands over their ears, both with wide eyes. They could already hear the police sirens. Delirious began to panic again and before Evan could register his own actions, he grabbed Delirious’ hand and yanked him upstairs and into one of the offices.

He shoved Delirious into the closet, squeezed in with him, and shut the door. They could both hear the large bunch of police men run around the bank, shouting at each other. Evan felt Delirious’ body shake and he wondered. How could someone so anxious be in a business like this? “Hey, calm down. We’re ok, I promise,” he whispered into Delirious’ ear, since he was so close.

 Delirious nodded, trying his best to calm down and listen to this man. “I’m not even here for money,” Delirious’ voice was shaky as he whispered back. “I was fired yesterday and I forgot some of my shit here, my boss said I could come back after hours,” he admitted. Evan started to chuckle uncontrollably, he knew it was an awful time, but he couldn’t help it. Delirious laughed along with him, then leaned his head onto Evans shoulder.

“You ok now?” Evan asked, his heart fluttering at the sweet sight before him. Well, he couldn’t really see, but he felt it.

“I guess, I’m just scared. I’m not a fucking criminal man. What if they find us?” the words were slow and breathy.

“Don’t be scared. You’re with me right now, I can take care of you,” Evan absentmindedly wrapped an arm around the smaller man. “And I’m not a criminal either. I’m a business man.” Evan joked, the large smile evident in his voice. Delirious cracked a smile as well and leaned further into the other man.

The footsteps of the cops trailed upstairs and Evan could feel the cute boy in his arms’ heartbeat quicken. The shaking of his body began again and Evan felt his stomach sink. He softly ran his hand up and down his closet mate’s back, hoping to calm him down.

“Clear! Next room!” And at that, the door to the room they were hidden in swung open, hitting the wall with a large thud. Delirious whimpered, gripping onto Evans jacket, burying his face deep into his chest. Evan shushed him gently, now both arms wrapped around him and squeezing him tightly. The footsteps trailed around the room, occasionally stopping then continuing. Delirious was sure they’d been found, but much to his pleasure they didn’t.

The police left the room, and Evan let out a large sigh he didn’t realize he had held in. “We’re good,” Evan whispered, “They’re gone.” Delirious lifted his head and looked at Evan, words failing to come from his mouth.

“I’m Evan, by the way.”

“Jon, but friends just call me Delirious.”

“Well, lovely to meet you, Delirious.”

“You too.. Thank you for, well.. Not fucking me over,” Delirious let out a nervous laugh. Evan smiled once more.

“No problem, but hey.. You were fired right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, I could hook you up to, ya know, be a business man like me. Would you be up for it?” Delirious gave an open-mouthed smile.


“Seriously. I’ll train you personally.. It could even be a date..” Evan continued to look at Delirious, smiling at the way he buried his head back into his chest.

“Would you go on a date with me?” Evan asked once more, cracking the closet door open, so the moonlight would shine in. He was able to see the way Delirious’ face and neck flushed red.

“Hell yeah, I mean, sure, yeah, of course!” Delirious fumbled over his words, trying to find the right answer. Evan must have caught on because he just simply hugged Delirious as a way to shut him up.

“Let’s get the fuck outta here and get to that date,” Evan laughed and led Delirious out of the closet. He opened the window and to that Delirious’ eyebrows raised.

“Out the window?” He asked incredulously.

“Well, yeah,” Evan said as if it was obvious. “They’re still here, c’mon.” And out the window they went, Delirious was holding onto Evan with great strength as Evan slowly scaled down the side of the bank.

“You’re like fucking Spider Man, dude!” Delirious sounded just like an excited child and it was the best thing Evan had ever heard.

“Nah, but I could be your man,” Evan said lowering the two of them to the floor. He had a shit-eating smirk on his face as Delirious laughed.

“That was the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. And I love it,” Delirious jabbed Evan’s shoulder with his own. Evan laughed, leading Delirious down the alleyway.

  “This calls for a shit first date, but c’mon. Let’s go meet the rest of the crew,” Evan winked and Delirious laughed.

“Shit first date, maybe.. But I bet that there’ll be other chances to redeem yourself,”



Homecoming - Fred Weasley

Requested by anonymous. Part of the Autumn Fic Meme Requests.

“What the hell is a homecoming?” George asked as he and Fred played with a sparking ball tossing in between them.

“It’s a thing muggles do,” you said, looking up at Fred. “It’s at the high school I would have gone to, and my sister really wants me to go. You should come with me.”

“What are they going to do at this homecoming?” he asked.

“They play football-”

“What the hell is football?” Ron asked, walking into the room. You rolled your eyes and gave Fred a look.


“Can we have a moment of privacy without every member of your family?” He sighed and nodded, sending the sparking ball towards Ron. You sat up and took his hand, letting him lead you outside. After he closed the door to the Burrow, he folded his arm and looked at you.

“Okay, so what is this homecoming thing?”

“It’s a sporting event thing that happens every year. The football team plays on Friday, and pretty much everyone celebrates all week. We only have to go to the game.”

“So I’d get to go back with you to your old school? See all your friends?”

“Fred, I haven’t gone there at all. The last time I went to this school system was when I was ten.”

“So who was your crush when you were ten?” You rolled your eyes and took his hand.

“I don’t remember. All I care about is my current crush,” you said, smiling up at him.

“Y/N, I already told you that George doesn’t like you back.” You groaned and shook his hands in yours. 

“Freddie, please.” He sighed and nodded.

“Okay, yeah, I’ll go with you. As long as you tell me who you had a crush on when you were ten.”

“I hate you.” He looked at you, raising one of his eyebrows. “And his name was Lewis Varuvian.” He grinned and pulled you closer, so that you were face to face.

“We are so totally meeting him.”

“Whatever. As long as you come.” He nodded and you wrapped your arms around him, kissing him.

“Alright, before we walk in there,” you said as you put the car in park. “You need to give me your wand.”

“No way.”

“Fred, please. It’s okay to pull pranks at my house because they all know about wizards, but there’s going to be hundreds of people here.”

“What if Lewis Varuvian tries to make a move? How will I defend my lady?” You rolled your eyes and groaned.


“Fine!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand, giving it to you. 

“Thank you,” you said, leaning over to kiss his cheek. You pushed the wand inside your purse and opened the door. Even the parking lot was decorated in the school colors of blue and gold. Fred looked around in confusion as you grabbed his hand. 

“This is bizarre,” he said.

“Come on. It’s just like the Quidditch World Cup, but less fun.” Fred snorted and followed you through the gate to the football field. After paying to get in, you looked back at Fred before saying, “Okay, so you can’t act like you don’t know anything about football.”

“I don’t know anything about football,” he said under his breath.

“I know, but in this town, football is everything. You’ll definitely stand out.”

“Okay, so you can just fill me in.” You wrapped your arm around his forearm as you walked up the bleachers. 

“I would, if I actually knew anything about football.” Fred chuckled as you both sat down. “Don’t worry, we’ll just ignore everyone.”

“Sounds good. What about your sister?”

“Well, she’s homecoming queen, so she won’t be out until halftime.”

“Halftime? Homecoming queen? What in the hell are you talking about?” You laughed and began explaining what was happening to Fred as the game started.

“Halftime is the middle of the game. Like when everyone takes a break. Then they’ll bring out the homecoming king and queen, some floats, and the band will play. It’s part of the celebration.”

“Okay, so what makes someone the homecoming queen?”

“The whole school votes and it’s pretty much whoever is the coolest girl in school.”

“And that’s your sister?” he asked with a crooked grin. You rolled your eyes and leaned your head against his shoulder.

“I guess. But still not as cool as me.”

“I know.” He kissed your forehead and listened as you explained who was who on the team, to the best of your ability. You didn’t know much about football, but you explained what you did know. “This would be so much better on brooms.”

“True. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving you permission to use magic in any way,” you said, pointing at him. He rolled his eyes and nodded.

“I know.”

“Thank you. I love you.”

Halftime came and went, and after walking down to the field with Fred to take a picture with your family, and explaining to Fred that the picture doesn’t move, you, Fred, and your sister made your way back into the bleachers for the second half. 

“How long is this half?”

“The same as the first. That’s why it’s a half.” He laughed sarcastically and tightened his grip on your arm.

“You guys are cute,” you sister said from your other side. You scrunched up your nose and smiled at her as you snuggled into Fred’s arm. Like any homecoming, it was absolutely freezing.

“You know, you can go hang out with your friends. You don’t have to hang out with me,” you said.

“As much as I would like that, if I go back with my friends, they’ll ask me where you’ve been for the last seven years. I don’ think they’re buying my story that you went to a school for special children.”

“Probably because that’s a little vague. That could easily be the school that Charles Xavier started for the X-Men.” She rolled her eyes and laughed. “But I’m glad you brought us.”

“Well, you could have brought me a cute boyfriend, too.” Fred chuckled and looked over at her.

“George is available,” he said with a shrug.

“Who’s George?”

“Fred’s twin brother.” She snorted and shook her head.


“Hey!” Fred said, looking offended. 

“Don’t worry, babe,” you said, smiling up at him. “I like you.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss you while your sister groaned.

“You’re not even paying attention to the game!” You ignored her for another few moments, before pulling away and looking at her with a shrug.

“I know they’re winning. What else is there to pay attention to?” She looked at you pleadingly and you sighed. “Fine.” You kept your arms wrapped around his forearm and paid attention to the rest of the game. 

By the time the game was over, both you and Fred were pretty into the game. The game was a close one, and you were both standing for the last few minutes. At the last minute, your high school scored a field goal, winning the game. You and Fred both shouted and hugged each other at the end.

“We won!” you cheered, pulling away from Fred. He grinned and smiled back at you, pecking your lips quickly. You turned around and hugged your sister. After the overall mania died down, you said goodbye to your sister as she was going to the dance, and made your way down to the parking lot. As you shut the door to your car, you handed Fred back his wand. 

“Thank you,” he said.

“Thank you. I know you didn’t really want to come.”

“No, but I had fun. I’d even like to come next year.”


“Absolutely.” You leaned forward and kissed him.

“Ya know, a lot of high school students hook up after homecoming.” Fred grinned and pulled you closer, kissing you more passionately. “But not in the football field parking lot.”

“Then let’s get out of here,” he smirked, kissing you once more. You nodded and drove off, finally leaving the mess of blue and gold decorations.









I figured at some point Luke would actually make the friendship bracelets instead of just extending them metaphorically.

whispers sorry for the bad quality i rly miss having a scanner


They always say, “I’m hurting, Sally. Can ‘ya hook me up, Sally?”

so i don’t really know what this is. this look is half sally mckenna, probably … 30% leatherface’s makeup, and god knows what else. but i had fun, and in case you’re wondering, i still am wearing this look.

Black History: Josephine Baker

Josephine “Black Pearl/Bronze Venus/Creole Goddess” Baker (1906-1975) was fucking gorgeous. Just look at that smile. Good lawd. Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, Baker was the first black woman to star in a major motion picture (“Zouzou”) and the first to be a world famous entertainer. Not happy with merely breaking race barriers, Baker also took time out of her career of singing, dancing, and acting across France to fight some Nazis.

As a spy.

Quick sidebar: Roald Dahl (the dude who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, The Big Friendly Giant, etc.) was also a spy during WWII.

Back to Josephine Baker

She used her fame and clout to help hook revolutionaries and refugees up with visas they needed to, ya know, get away from people who were trying to kill them. Baker would also do performances at strategic locations and deep in heavily occupied France as cover for espionage missions and would then hide the information she found on her person and rely on fame and charm to get through checkpoints unchecked.

Basically, she was that blonde chick from Inglorious Basterds

yeah, that one, except she never got caught and she did more than once both in France and North Africa. G shit.

Josephine Baker broke race barriers and fought Nazis as audaciously as possible, more than enough to be worth thanking and learning about, but she wasn’t done. Baker had a huge impact on the Civil Rights Movement, to the point that after MLK’s assassination, Coretta Scott King came to her and asked her to lead the movement next. (She declined after much deliberation because she didn’t want her 12 adopted kids to have to grow up without a mother). She used her popularity not just to fight Nazis (seriously, how kickass was that?) but also to fight for civil rights. Baker refused to perform for segregated audiences and by doing so she integrated entertainment. A Miami club once offered her $10,000 to do a segregated show. She turned it down and the club eventually gave in. She was so successful at this that it helped integrate shows in Las Vegas, which at the time was one of the most segregated cities in America.

Oh and remember the March on Washington?

The one Bayard Rustin

planned and organized? She was the only official female speaker there.

Oh and she had a pet cheetah named Chiquita.

Everything about that last sentence and that picture makes me happy.

Black history, black excellence.

Raw Tastes

This is a little batarou gift for @spunlikesugar because she is so awesome. You are the best, sweetness. Nothing but love, raw fish and surly affectionate dudes for you, bb!


Badd had to gently but firmly keep a hold on Garou’s hand as he all but jumped back at the assault of the restaurant staff when they stepped into the sushi restaurant. Badd gave a little bow, and they were led to a booth by one of the kind-faced waitresses. It wasn’t the traditional place to be seated, but Badd knew that Garou liked to be able to see outside. Outside, rain was falling, giving the city a black and white quality save for the red glow of the restaurant awning.

Badd slid into one side and was surprised when he looked up to find Garou sitting next to him rather than across. “I’ve never done this before. I want to be close where I can see how it’s done.”

“Still can’t believe you’ve never had sushi,” Badd said, trying to clear his throat to scare off the slight blush spreading across his cheeks. Garou didn’t help the matter by very pointedly rubbing his thigh against his.

“It never came up,” Garou said, shrugging, as Badd ordered them warm sake for the table.

“S'alright. I like being your first.” Badd grinned and slipped his hand into his under the table. Holding Garou’s hand wasn’t like holding anyone else’s hand. He never just settled against him and went still. No, Garou’s fingers were always moving, stroking his knuckles or opening his fingers so he could close them around Badd’s fist. At first, Badd had thought he just didn’t know what to do, but after a while he realized that Garou just liked how it felt, exploring and studying and indulging himself like that. It definitely helped that Badd loved his hands just as much.

It was a comfortable silence until the sake arrived, and then Badd poured for them both. “So, when did ya have sake for the first time?”

“Bang’s dojo.”

“Shut up!” Badd laughed. “How the hell did that happen?”

Garou smirked as he reached forward and picked up the small cup. He clinked it against Badd’s before taking a slight, savoring sip. His lashes fluttered a bit as the alcohol traveled down his throat, and Badd found himself swallowing too, though not just because of the drink. “That old fool keeps an entire stocked kitchen at that place. Don’t ask me why. But, yeah, when I first started staying with him, I found his liquor cabinet. And I’d just nab a little here and there when he was out. But, see, anything I drank I filled back up with water.” Garou started snickering. “I remember Bang callin’ the place he got that sake from…shit, he was mad. He thought he got cheated.”

Badd put down his cup to shake his head and laugh. “Damn, you’ve always been trouble, huh?”

“Yeah, but you like trouble.” Badd could see Garou’s eyes flit behind him to make sure that no one was paying too much attention before he leaned over and kissed Badd softly, quickly. Somehow, the sake tasted sweeter from his mouth, and Badd reached over to tip his chin close again for another moment of contact.

A minute or so later, the waitress returned with a full tray loaded with a variety of sushi. Badd had wanted Garou to be able to try whatever tickled his fancy, so he had ordered a generous helping of sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls. Badd reached over and poured a shallow pool of soy sauce into Garou’s dipping bowl as well as his own. “Is that enough?” Garou asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Don’t want to waste it. It’s rude.”

“Metal Bat cares about being rude?”

“Yeah, jackass, sometimes I do.” His voice held no heat to it, though, even as he gave him a little jab with his elbow. “So you’ll wanna use your chopsticks for the sashimi, yeah? But the nigiri and the maki you can just use your fingers, if ya want.”

Badd wasn’t surprised when Garou went straight for the pieces of plain raw fish, devouring two slices of salmon and one of tuna in quick succession. The Human Monster’s affinity for raw meats had been established basically from day one, when Badd had had to practically hide strips of beef for dinner because Garou would grab them off the plate while he was chopping vegetables.

Badd picked up a piece of whitefish nigiri, dipping it fish-side down in his soy sauce before eating it whole. He glanced over when he realized that Garou was staring at him, and he made a point to just very, very briefly lick the tip of his finger. It felt like vengeance for earlier, because now Garou was the one going a bit red.

After a while, Badd noticed that Garou had avoided the maki. “‘Ey. Try one of the rolls. They’re good. They’ve got, like, avocado and crab and stuff. You’ll like it.”

Garou narrowed his eyes at the rolls distrustfully. “No.”

“Aw, c'mon.”


“For me?” Badd bit his lip as he picked up one of the rolls with his chopsticks and held it towards Garou’s face, his other hand slightly beneath his chin. For a second, the former Hero Hunter stared at him balefully but then something softened in his expression, nose twitching at the combination of scents as they came to him. He opened his mouth and took the offered sampling. His eyes closed briefly, and Badd had been around him long enough to know he was hooked. “What did I tell ya?”

They ate sushi until they were stuffed. Badd ordered them each a small mochi ball for dessert, but when they arrived, Garou ate his quickly while grabbing Badd’s. “Oi,” Badd said, leveling his gaze, but only for a moment as Garou raised it towards Badd’s lips.

“You made this look fun,” he said, simply, a coy, playful grin playing at his face.

Badd opened his mouth and accepted the sweet, not breaking eye contact with Garou. Just slightly, he scraped the pad of his thumb with his incisor, lips dragging over the tips of Garou’s fingers. The lust that suddenly permeated the air was thick enough that Badd felt warm, though not in an unpleasant way.

“I can’t wait to get you home,” Garou whispered so only Badd could hear. The booth suddenly felt very, very small, much more intimate than before.

“Yeah, likewise.” Badd cleared his throat. “Hey, uh…so…I brought ya here tonight for a reason. And it’s probably dumb but like…” Why did this feel so awkward? It didn’t help that Garou stared at him like he had gone from being the most attractive thing in the room to the most confusing. “It’s been six months since…our fight.”

Garou didn’t blink.

“So…happy anniversary, I guess?”

He waited for the Human Monster to start laughing or to scoff or to just roll his eyes, but he didn’t. His brows furrowed instead, and he said simply, “You remembered that?”

“Well, yeah.”

Badd hadn’t been ready for Garou to react the way he did. This wasn’t some coy little move, avoiding the gaze of anyone around. No. Garou cupped his face and pulled him into an eager, full kiss that was all love and adoration, fingers rubbing his jaw, thumbing his ear. Badd rubbed his arms, the angle making it difficult for him to do much more than just ride out the wonderful moment. Maybe it was sentimentality coloring the scene, but Badd was pretty damn sure it was the best kiss of his life.

“Now,” Garou said when he pulled back, his eyes smouldering, “I really can’t wait to get you home.”

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oooooo yea that also mmm hooking up with niall right after he works out, ya know what they say sex is also like working out ;)

Remember when he wore the compression tights and everyone wrecked their panties????????? 💦💦💦

Arrow Sentence Starters
  • “ If you don’t give this up, you’ll lose me.”
  • “Nobody in my life is who I thought they were, except for you.”
  • “I wish you would have died on that island.”
  • “You know I would never willingly be a part of anything like this.”
  • “Is that any way to treat a girl who just walked up six flight of stairs?”
  • “My only encounter with drugs was with a pot brownie my freshman year. By mistake! ”
  • “ Doubt it. I tried not to hire too many drug dealers.”
  • “do you wanna have dinner, or coffee, or, I don’t know…”
  • “Bad boys. Hook ya every time.”
  • “ Why do you have a gun?”
  • “I was wrong to think that I could have it both ways. To do what I do and have a normal life.”
  • “Me being happy isn’t what’s important right now.”
  • “You won’t shoot me. You’re not a murder, remember?”
  • “Why should I trust you?”
  • “Trust my dad to run all the smiles out of the room.”
  • “So you’re hoping aircraft maintenance is genetic?”
  • “I find the person, and then I put the fear of God into them. But we can try it your way.”
  • “I’m impressed that you didn’t puke.”
  • “I may be blonde, but I’m not that blonde.”
  • “You are so blinded by your hate for him that you don’t realize the damage that it’s doing in your own life. To your family.”
  • “ Woah. That’s a neat trick. You gonna teach me that someday?”
  • “You’d be surprised the power revenge can give you.”
  • “I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.”
  • “I think there should be a national holiday for whoever invented French fries. Or at least a statue in their honor.”
  • “I wasn’t lying to hurt you, but to keep you safe.”
  • “I don’t kill people unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s not my opening move.”
  • “Maybe you should spend a little less time trying to be a hero, you’re obviously not very good at it.”
  • “It sounds like you have a narrow definition about being a hero.”
  • “If any member of my family so much as gets a paper cut, I will burn your entire world to ashes.”
  • “I got mad relationship skills bro. Let me know if you need any trendy places to propose.”
  • “I made peace with your selfishness a long time ago.”
  • “Doesn’t you going out and having fun violate some kind of law?”
  • “You know five years ago your irresponsibility was somewhat charming. It is a lot less so now.”
  • “Before the island I was a jerk, but now I’m just a damaged jerk.”
  • “Home is a battlefield.”
  • “What’s Twilight?”
  • “You’re so better off not knowing.”
  • “Everyone is happy you’re alive, you wanna see the one person who isn’t?”
  • “I want one of those t-shirts that says my friend was a cast away and all I got was this crappy shirt.”
  • “ I missed you so much.”
  • “You were with me the whole time.”

Originally posted by theaziatix

Genre: Angst
[Flowsik│Based on Go by Aziatix]

♪ It was nice to greet ya,

And it was nice to meet ya but I know that I’m off the hook I’m fishing for another keeper

I’ll delete ya’ never reach ya’ girl I’m done with putting you on, on

Never call you again cuz’ I’m gone with the wind for the kid it’s time to move on, on 🎶

You grabbed Jay’s wrist as he made his way to the door. “What? But-What happened! I-” your eyes watered looking at his backpack. “Talk to me please I just- I’m so confused…”

He pulled his hand away and looked down. “It’s not you.”

“Don’t you dare Jay…” you shook your head, fighting back your tears. “Don’t you say that…”

“But it’s true…You didn’t do anything wrong. I'm…I’m done with this.”

This? You’re making it seem like this was some casual thing. Is that what you thought this was?”

“Look I never signed up to be your boyfriend. If you thought this was more than what it was then I’m sorry I led you on.” Jay hated seeing that look in your eyes. He hated seeing that pain. But he hated himself more for caring. He wasn’t supposed to fall for you.

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ghost au

after everyone dies ending

in which sam gets her organs ripped out, mike burns to death, emily gets her eyes gouged, matt gets impaled on a hook, ashley checks the noise, chris finds her beanie and they both get decapitated, jessica gets her jaw ripped off, and josh has his head crushed 

they’re all ghosts wandering round blackwood mountain, mainly sticking together because as much as there’s tension between them all they dont want to be alone because theres no way in hell these kids were at peace when they died so obviously they’re gonna stick around until they can come to terms with what happened and move past it

where emily cant see and gets frustrated when matt has to guide her around because she feels so helpless

where jessica constantly hides in corners because she remembers when they all first saw her after dying and how they cringed away from the grizzly display that was now her face and she can no longer talk so sam starts to teach her sign language because she took a course in it and now it was finally coming in useful but shes the only one that can translate for her so jessica mainly sticks with her and mike

where ashley and chris’ heads float an inch above their necks and they try and make the most out of it by chris constantly making head puns and chris tried once to juggle them but ended up poking himself in the eye, and the two of them switching heads to cheer the others up

where mike jokes that he’s extra crispy and extra tasty to jessica who smiles with her eyes and makes a noise akin to a laugh that just sounds like gurgling

where even though josh has no head whatsoever he can still hear and see them and just talks with his hands which they find both amusing and disturbing

where one day chris sees jessica off in her corner again and tries to cheer her up by floating his head across in front of her and saying “now i may be in over my head here… but you look like you could use some cheering up” and makes her feel better with bad jokes and ending it with “now you just gotta keep your chin up… in the metaphorical sense” and jessica smiles with her eyes again and awkwardly hugs chris because they weren’t really that good friends before but she appreciates it

where they all turn to joking about what happened to them to move on:

“em, you know im hooked on you”

“whats the matter, sam? ya got no guts??”

“mike, jessica says the you really light her fire

“come on, chris, dont lose your head

“fuck it… you know im blind without you guys”

and none of them expect emily to join in but hey, death can do weird things to people