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Some quick sketches for @galrabigbang’s Galra Fantasy AU prompt!
This is kind of a Sleeping Beauty AU where Prince Lotor is the beauty and his general ladies play the part of the prince who rescues the beauty. 
Lotor’s fancy armor, Sendak, Haxus, Prorok, and Throk are all ideas/characters I eventually scrapped (hence why they’re all sketched in shitty pen instead of pencil and fine-liners) but I thought I’d include them anyway cos they’re still fantasy. ✨

Jon is Brandon’s Bastard AU

Or at least that’s what everyone (aka Westeros except Ned and Howland) thinks AU

Jon x Sansa, Ned x Cat, Stark fam x life, you know, the wholesome ships. 

Part One:

Jon Snow loved all his cousins.

This was a truth known throughout the North.  He loved sweet Bran, little Rickon and his brother in all but word, Robb. It was, however, Arya who was always close by, always heard and always nurtured by Jon.  It was Sansa, looked upon so tenderly, treated so carefully, and teased so gently, who held Jon’s favour.

The two Stark daughters held particular positions in Jon Snow’s regard, and everyone knew it. It was evident enough whenever an upstart lordling either courted too hard, or spoke too crudely at a Winterfell feast.

The bastard of Winterfell, Brandon Stark’s natural son, and beloved nephew of Lord and Lady Stark was, one could say, extremely protective of Arya and Sansa Stark.

Ned had encouraged it.  So had Catelyn.  Really, what did it matter if the sons of the North thought twice before approaching his daughters. What did it matter that Jon and Robb were more than happy to bruise boys and meddle with young men too eager and too rude. After all, they were family; they were a pack.

Ned didn’t know when that had started to change. But looking upon the scene before him, he knew there must have been signs. There had to have been. Jon indulging Sansa in a dance. Arya running off to Robb in the training yard, with his eldest daughter and nephew no where to be seen. An Umber boy with a fractured cheek and a limp to his gait that suggested anger overriding senses.

That suggested jealousy. And rage.

There were signs.  He was just too fool to see them.

Ned stayed stock still.

At this point he knew any movement or sound would disrupt the pair, and although he at once longed to do so, he could only stare in abject fascination. It was as if the gods had sent him back in time, out of his body, watching himself and Cat, learning each other in the wake of a rebellion, a son, and a nephew.

It was even under the heart tree, where the Gods were privy to moments he held so very dear and were known only to Them, himself, and his beloved wife. Should he take this as their blessing? Were the Gods approving the match?

They knew of his nephew’s true heritage, and the impossibility of a match between Jon and Sansa, whether he was a prince or a bastard of Brandon for true. Sansa was meant for another. Whoever that may be.

But he was getting ahead of himself. It was no match set before him. No. Jon and Sansa were close, the North knew that, and Ned did too. It was nothing really to worry about, it couldn’t be. After all, they were only-

“Ned! I have need of you! Your youngest son is riding his direwolf through the halls of this castle and you know he listens to you when- oh!”

It was too late. Catelyn, had disturbed the pair and they tore apart with alacrity. But Jon’s fingers lingered for a second on the curve of Sansa’s hip and his nostrils flared as he took a last breath of her scented hair, previously spread over his shoulder and torso.

Ned knew she had seen them though, and he knew she too had seen their past selves, moments before they made love for the first time as themselves, not the paragons of duty their houses demanded, repeating their vows into each other’s skin beneath the eyes of the old Gods.

How Sansa’s head fit into the space above Jon’s heart and under his lips like Cat’s had - and still did when they lay under the furs, recovering from blissful reprieves.

He met his beloved wife’s eyes, and he knew she saw what he saw, and turning back to the young pair before him, they knew it too.

Thank you reading if you did! Hopefully more will come soon if I can get over my crippling fear of posting anything on this website.  thank you to @amymel86 who suggested I post this after being kind enough to read it when I sent a snippet to her.

sindotexe  asked:

Are the kids based off characters or are they OCs? And for the Monster AU are the Stereotypical Antagonists™ there (I.e. Stane, Stone, Hammer, and Killian)


Stereotypical antagonists for Monster AU do exist!!! Big ones are Hammer and Red Skull though. (Spoiler alert: the Red Skull has been trying to kill Steve for years. Tony isn’t exactly sure what it is, he’s never gotten a clear look at it, but it’s terrifying. He doesn’t know why it’s after Steve and Bucky either, but he doesn’t want them to get hurt even though Bucky doesn’t like spiders. He’s been defending them for years without them knowing.) 

((They find out when one day Bruce bursts through their door in tears, gasping and telling them to come because he needed help. Tony is bleeding on the floor of Bruce’s apartment, two of his legs crushed and his arm and several ribs broken, his head bleeding profusely. He keeps trying to insist he’s fine.)) 

(((He’s not fine. He starts having nightmares. He’s not sure what to do.)))


It’s probably too late but this is my other bnha oc–

His name is Sejun (Korean transfer student) and his quirk is eucalyptus! He’s shy, smells really good, loves to sunbathe (flowers pop up when he’s happy), and is very very afraid of koalas. A soft plant boi but very dangerous in battle 

Eucalyptus is actually hecking scary in that it’s fire resistant and produces highly combustible chemicals. Sejun is capable of making small sparks which set off a chain of explosions that can cover a huge radius (you can tell if you’re in range if you can smell it); it’s virtually impossible for him to control. He doesn’t like using his quirk because it can hurt others unintentionally, so unless you really make him angry (which is hard to do) he’ll try to apply pacifism

I don’t care what people say, he’s beautiful to me. Go suck an egg. | Redbubble

some adhd lance hc’s

made by someone who’s got adhd and who loves lance. go figure!!!!

  • lance is a combination adhd type who leans more towards inattentive than hyperactive, but does have his moments!
  • teachers would be confused because he’s a bright kid who has a lot of potential but always turns his homework in late or not at all.
    • it’s the mix of procrastination, executive dysfunction, and fear that the assignment isn’t good enough.
  • stims by using his legs. does the leggy bounce™, leg shake™, the bicycle in the air™, stretches™, etc.
    • some bitch ass teacher: lance can you stay still for a second? you’re distracting the class.
      lance, who shakes his leg even more: just saying, but the only one who doesn’t seem really focused on the lecture is you.
  • knows other people perceive him as being dumb or annoying because of his symptoms. even if he pretends otherwise. 
  • some neurotypical: ooo shiny! a squirrel! haha, i’m so adhd and random.
    lance: you’re like the worst type of person.
  • when the rsd hits and he feels the suffocating feelings that come with it
    • happens when he least expects it to. (i.e. in episode 4 where he talked about his mom)
    • the emotions gets him really fast. sometimes he’ll start crying without meaning to, or end up getting so angry in a flash and then acting like nothing ever happened.
    • will usually isolate himself in order to not ‘burden’ anyone with it.
  • lance would frustrate cry if he was stuck on an assignment that should’ve taken only half an hour, but he’s on hour three, it’s past midnight, and he can’t read.
    • every time the teachers say that there’s no reason for anyone to not finish their homework, lance looks into the camera like he’s in the office. 
  • hyperfixates. a lot. anything regarding the ocean, space, flying, adventure, the great unknown are some of his known hyperfixations. 
  • has a hard time sleeping because his brain won’t stop. just never stops. 
  • also has a tendency to have bad memory/comprehension issues
    • will ask for things to be repeated because sometimes he literally cannot understand or even remember what the other person said
    • allura: lance, please pay attention while we’re giving the instruction for the plan. this is important.
      lance: i know, my bad. i was just looking at keith’s hair and noticed that his hair curls around his ears.
      keith: what?
      lance: you have my full attention, princess!