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TRIGGER  MENTIONS : death, murder, threats, nsfw, gore, violence, and torment/torture.

  • ❝ They say that battle changes you. ❞ 
  • ❝ Your mind tricks won’t harm me. ❞ 
  • ❝ This sure is a funny way to show it. ❞ 
  • ❝ Your heartbeat says you’re lying. ❞ 
  • ❝ I took one life to save millions. ❞ 
  • ❝ Ready for some slapstick? ❞ 
  • ❝ Everyone has a price, even you. ❞ 
  • ❝ I don’t want to hurt you. ❞ 
  • ❝ Still trying to kill me? ❞ 
  • ❝ I need help testing some new gear. ❞ 
  • ❝ We both knew it would come to this. ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll try to make it painless. ❞ 
  • ❝ Today, we show the world that we are superior ❞ 
  • ❝ Good worlds are hard to come by. ❞ 
  • ❝ All screamed out?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll claw my way out, never back me into a corner. ❞ 
  • ❝ Hit me like you mean it, hero.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Come on, lift up that mask  ❞ 
  • ❝ You know, we’re both getting too old for this.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Let me guess… I’m going back to jail.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Those rumors are greatly exaggerated. ❞ 
  • ❝ Don’t you get tired of shooting people?  ❞ 
  • ❝ Let’s kill you and see where that gets us. ❞ 
  • ❝ When did I get on your bad side?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll sell your organs and your spare parts. ❞ 
  • ❝ Shoot yourself and spare me the trouble.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Maybe someone can teach you to shut up. ❞ 
  • ❝ I really don’t like being told what to do.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I think you’ll find it hard to hit me, chum.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Stop tryin’ to kill me, will ya ❞ 
  • ❝ Let nature run its course.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Did I mention I’m poison ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll spit on your grave.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Hope you don’t mind a few scars. ❞ 
  • ❝ A little torture wasn’t gonna break me.  ❞ 
  • ❝ You would have whipped them into submission. ❞ 
  • ❝ Violence will reveal your true nature. ❞ 
  • ❝ What’s the other one gonna be busy with?  ❞ 
  • ❝ You are nothing without your powers! ❞ 
  • ❝ There’s no other reason for you to be here. ❞ 
  • ❝ You want anger? I’ve got anger ❞ 
  • ❝ Insects and humans are much the same.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Now that I’m out, your days are numbered.  ❞ 
  • ❝ I hope you brought more than insults. ❞ 
  • ❝ You had any sense, you’d go home.  ❞ 
  • ❝ That’s a good way to get yourself killed. ❞ 
  • ❝ Uh, I kinda have dibs on the whole red thing.   ❞ 
  • ❝ You gotta commit to being a hero. ❞ 
  • ❝ That’s kind of a thing with you isn’t it? ❞ 
  • ❝ You know what… let’s skip the interrogation. ❞ 
  • ❝ A bit of brain-bashing would be relaxing…  ❞ 
  • ❝ C'mon, give a girl / guy a break, will ya ❞ 
  • ❝ You’re all business and no pleasure.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Couldn’t you be intimidated, just this once? ❞ 
  • ❝ I have rocked up an impressive kill count.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Your interest sounds more than professional.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Aren’t you the least bit curious ❞ 
  • ❝ It doesn’t matter what I feel for you.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Loyalty was never your strength. ❞ 
  • ❝ You won’t joke once I have your tongue.  ❞ 
  • ❝ So you’re just one more thug with a gun. ❞ 
  • ❝ Yeah, that dream was really not safe for work.  ❞ 
  • ❝ As long as I live and breath, I fight evil doers.  ❞ 
  • ❝ Could you be any more melodramatic?  ❞ 
  • ❝ I’ll give you something to fear.  ❞ 
  • ❝ You can tap out if you wanna  ❞

Summary: In a cruel twist of fate, it seems that Barry Allen is hopelessly in love with you, meanwhile your love for the Flash blinds you to that fact—aka inspired by Miraculous Ladybug.

Warning: Hostage situation

Barry was definitely not the smoothest guy out there, but he normally didn’t have a problem talking to girls. All that, however, went out the window when it came to talking to you. It felt like he couldn’t even properly form a coherent sentence when talking to you and it made him hate himself.

The one person for whom he wanted nothing more to than impress and nearly every time he’d end up putting his foot in his mouth. That was typically how it went.

Maybe it was because of the fact that he so desperately wanted to impress you that he always messed up. Or maybe he was just meant to make a fool of himself around you because that’s what happened.

Not that you were ever rude to him in any form–quite the opposite actually. But Barry just assumed that with his nonsense ramblings you’d have to label him as a fool.

And, maybe if you weren’t fawning over someone else you might have been able to see that he was so desperately trying to tell you his feelings without actually saying it out loud—not his brightest idea, to be honest.

Barry normally went out of his way in order to see you throughout the day but, on those rare days when he gathered up the courage, he’d always end up rambling on about the most random things (for instance, he spent nearly ten minutes once comparing the new washing machine he had recently purchased to his old one that had broke).

He didn’t know what it was about you but he knew that he was bound to make a fool out of himself whenever you were around, one way or another.

Seeing you was something to look forward to most days.

He’d usually run to Jitters several times a day to order coffee just so he could talk with you a bit while he ordered and you made his drink. However, recently he’d been making so many trips there, as an attempt not to look suspicious he ended up buying four coffees (for his friends, he claimed) but STAR Labs was empty and he was left with four coffees and embarrassment lingering within him.

God, he just didn’t know what it was about you that turned him into that babbling mess.


Being a superhero was fun. It was basically like having an alter ego and one could even compare it to a Hannah Montana life because, at times, it really was the Best of Both Worlds. You’d handle your normal barista job during the day but once trouble struck you were able to sneak away and return Central City to homeostasis.

That wasn’t the best part however. By far, being held in such high esteem as one of the protecters of the city was superior. The other hero was the Flash–your partnership termed by the media as being the Dynamic Duo. And you didn’t mind at all to be sharing the spotlight with the fastest man alive. He was the greatest partner you could ask for. (Not to mention the fact that every time he was around you swooned a bit).

It was like any other day; not to warm, very sunny, oh and there was yet another metahuman determined to destroy Central City and it’s inhabitants.

“Thought you weren’t comin’ Flash!” You giggled, swinging down from your spot overlooking the havoc this week’s villain was wrecking. “Y'know, you’d think that the whole super speed thing would actually make you early but I think the constant lateness just cancels out your speed entirely.”

“Haha, Ladybug,” he said in a very monotone, unimpressed sort of way. He was a tough cookie but it was clear that he was fighting for a reason and he refused to let anyone down. “You wanna take Storm or evacuate the civilians?”

Always straight to the point. Maybe that was why you found him so attractive. He was always ready to save the day. Business first. Fun after.

His bravery exceeded you and his versatility to be able to adapt to each situation was admirable since he was always able to think on his feet.

So desperately did you want to know the man under the mask but you couldn’t seem to convince him. Even with the offer of revealing your own identity, he still wouldn’t crack, claiming that it was safer to keep your identities a secret.

Ironic how nearly half the town knows of his identity while only your bother, Jason Todd, knew of your identity; yet unbeknownst to you this hypercritical man insisted to keep your identities secret.

While you swooped down to evacuate the building, Barry worked out a game plan in his head.

This villain didn’t look too bad. The most intimidating thing about her had to be her outfit that was plated in a shiny metal. But, by now, Barry knew better than to underestimate them and kept his guard up.

“Be careful, Barry,” Cisco said in the intercom. “She can use your own weaknesses against you.”

Barry pressed his fingers against the intercom to hear Cisco better. “How’s she able to do that? She just knows my weaknesses?” Barry asked, slightly annoyed since he was on his way to Jitters when Cisco called him with trouble. For all he knows this could’ve been the day he finally asked you out (or at least managed to have a charming conversation with you without somehow managing to make a fool of himself), but now that it was interrupted he may never know.

“Building’s clear!” You chirped, gracefully landing beside Flash while you waited to hear his plan of attack. “She’s still standin’?” You asked, eyeing the metahuman that was causing all this trouble. “Man, you’re gettin’ slow Flash. Thought you’d have her tied up and away by the time I managed to clear the building.”

Though your humor was more punny than funny, Flash did find it a good way to make light of situations like this which could easily distract him from the heavy weight on his shoulders. But distractions only go so far before you have to face the weight head on.

Barry formulated a plan as quickly as he could, hoping that this wouldn’t become too troublesome and waste any more of his day. “Alright,” He said, giving Storm one last look before turning to you. “I’m going in first. If I can get her to surrender peacefully then the CCPD will be able to go easier on her but if she wants a fight then you’ll have to come in with backup. At that point, we’re just going to have to improvise and hope we take her down.”

“Aye aye, Captain.” You saluted as he dashed off, leaving you to wait until the call from him.

You weren’t even sure what this chick wanted or want her powers actually were. Obviously she had some form of power that allowed her to manipulate perception but then why would she make her target an office building? What could she possibly have to gain from that? Maybe targeting a bank or something along those lines would have been a better target if you think about it.

But what’s done is done and the only thing that matters now is that the building is empty, all hostages were safe, and the dynamic duo were ready to put yet another bad meta behind bars.

Sighing, you peaked your head around the corner to see what was taking the fastest man alive so long. Your eyes widened. He definitely needed back up.

“What the hell did you do?” You yelled over the roaring wind, holding your hair down since the meta seemed to create some wind vortex during her little tantrum. “D'you piss her off or somethin’? When I left you, she wasn’t causing nearly this much ruckus.” You had to shout over the roaring winds, occasionally ducking when a rogue branch or flower pot decided to come your way.

“Not on purpose!” Flash bellowed, holding his ground while he decided a better plan of action. “Just don’t mention anything about the CEO of this office building, that’s apparently her Father and that’s the sore spot that got me into this situation.”

“Daddy issues,” you noted, “got it.”

“New plan! You go find her Father, and I’ll deal with her. Having her Father on our side will give us more than on advantage.”

Flash watched you run off, mentally questioning what the hell he was going to do. No matter how fast he ran, Storm would manage to manipulate his perception and make him see things that weren’t actually there, making all his efforts to take her down pointless.

What he needed was a distraction. Distract her and make her focus on something other than him.

“Storm,” His masked voice boomed over the roaring winds and honking horns, catching the trouble maker’s attention as she halted her attacks. Maybe the same thing that got him into this mess could be the thing that got him out…he hoped. “I know your Father,” Lie Number one. “And all of your perceptions of him are completely true. He scum and you have every right to want to take revenge for everything he’s done to you.” The storm calmed as Barry now had her full attention. “But you’re going about it the wrong way. If you end his life now then he’s getting out of it too easily in comparison to what he’s done to you. Let me take care of him. And in the meantime I can help you.”

Storm shook her head. “I don’t need help. I know who I am and what I can do. After he’s gone you’ll never see me again, Flash.”

“I can’t let you do that.”

“And I can’t let you get in my way, Flash.”

She kicked it into high gear as she spun up her distraction in order to sidetrack Barry and focus on her much needed revenge.

Filtering through his mind, she found her perfect target that was bound to be just the decoy she needed.


Finding her Father should’ve been an easy task (especially considering that since Storm was targeting the office he must be inside but you knew it was cleared out), but that man was pretty elusive.

It ended up taking roughly fifteen minutes—ten minutes too long—to find him and escort him to safety before returning to the scene with Flash.

You arrived at the scene, standing off the the side as you admired Flash for a moment. He seemed to be attempting to negotiate with the meta but she still seemed very angry. As you were about to step in, the scene around him morphed as Storm grasped a civilian in her arms, Storm’s hands wrapped around the civilian girl’s neck as Storm threatened to tighten her grasp and cut off oxygen.

Normally, at the sight of a hostage, you would have jumped into action faster than ever to free the innocent bystander. However, the sight of you–non-superhero you–in her grasp, caused her to freeze.

And while you’ve witnessed who the Flash normally dealt with hostage situation, this was nothing like any of those times. He seemed visibly shaken as he risked the entire mission, as well as his identity, for her—for you.

“Flash!” You yelled, running to his aid but being forced to a halt when it felt like you ran into a glass wall. “It’s not real. She’s fooling you!” You huffed, whatever invisible force she had created keeping you away from Flash and Storm with your holographic doppelgänger.

You didnt know how to help at this point but you were determined to try. He’d nearly sacrifice his life in order to save a civilian whom he may not even know in real life— the definition of a true hero.

“How do you know?” He hesitated, suddenly aware of your presence as everything seemed so far away. He could only focus on the fact that you were a mere feet away from him, in the arms of the enemy and one wrong move could be the end of everything.

“You-You just have you trust me! Please!” You couldn’t outright tell him, unless things got much worse you’d out yourself but right now you hoped you could talk you way out of this mess. “It’s not real, Flash. If you have any faith in me at all then please believe me. That civilian–y/n–is safe at home. That. Is. Not. Her.”

The illusion must have broke as the holographic doppelgänger went up in smoke, and Flash sprang back into action, this time without the risk of your life on the line. And the invisible glass wall expelled and you ran in for assistance.

Minutes later Storm was cuffed and on her way to the meta prison. And you waited for the celebratory high five. It didn’t come however. Flash leaned against a building, his chest heaving as he tried to calm his nerves, those never however wouldn’t calm until he was able to see that you were 100% safe.

“Flash,” you quietly spoke, approaching him to gain his attention. “We won. Everyone’s safe,” you reminded. “There’s no need to worry.”

“I know, I know.” He sighed. “I’m just really shaken up for some reason.”

A few moments of silence passed before you piped up. “Is it because of the hostage thing? Did you possibly know her? It that why you’re do upset?”

“What?” His voice shook as he knew he couldn’t tell the truth but he also knew that he hated lying to you. You were his partner and you didn’t deserve lies. “I’ve never met that girl,” Lie number two. “But things had gotten too close for my liking today. I hate close calls and I guess that just threw me off. Y'know, actually, I’m just going to get some coffee and relax. Thanks again, Ladybug, and good work.”

He sped off without another word and after checking in at the Lab he decided that it would be best to get coffee at Jitters and kill two birds with one stone; getting coffee and checking on you.

Imagine his surprise when he walked in to see Clair, a different barista, frantically running around as the coffee shop seemed understaffed and normally you were ones to work on these busy nights.

Barry quietly ordered his usual (The Flash, of course) and sat at the table in the corner and watched the news on the mounted flat screen tv.

“Sorry I’m so late, Claire.” His head snapped up as he heard that voice and saw you rush through the door, tugging you hair up into a ponytail before slipping behind the counter and grabbed an apron. “I got tied up but I’m here now and I can close up because it’s only fair that you don’t have to stay late since I came in late.”

Barry couldn’t help the grin on his face. You were save and maybe one day he could man up and come clean about his feelings to you. He already had his suspicions about you liking the Flash (you would always order the drink as well as the few times you’d wear a shirt with his symbol on it. He ever swore he saw you in the crown of Flash Day.) so how hard could it be to come clean about his feelings and his alter ego all in one go.

However, today was not that day but he definitely hoped that that day would come relatively soon.

Anatomy of a sketch - the birth of the Vietnam Au Visual

1) My reaction when I first received the message that the imagine mods wanted us at picturethefrasers to draw something for their AUs…

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

2) I knew immediately I wanted to draw for Vietnam Au - I’ve loved this story since the beginning and it’s been playing on my mind ever since I threatened to give Jamie a buzz cut in another sketch, because at that point I was terrified of drawing his glorious mop ( and my mind immediately gave me a visual of serving Vietnam war army officer Jamie) . So then I had the pleasure of rereading the whole wonderful AU, to give me inspiration for which scene to create

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

3) There really could be only one scene, I decided - that moment where Claire and Jamie meet again in the barn, for the first time in 3 years ( words by @gotham-ruaidh) :

4) But I was struggling with exactly what pose to put them in, when suddenly I remembered those early promo shots that were only released much later…and specifically this one …

and it struck me as perfect, because of the intensity of the look between them.

5) So far so good. But then of course it took me forever to get their faces right on my working sketch. I mean we are talking hours. But it had to be perfect 👌🏻 I pored over pics of Sam in his Barbour gear to help me with his shirt and his haircut and dithered over what hairstyle to give Claire, and what colour coat to put her in. ( Thank you to my fellow mods at picturethefrasers for the advice/ suggestions!)

6) So then began the painstaking task of bringing the sketch to life with the addition of colour, beginning first with Jamie . And huge thanks to @marlosbooknook brilliant colour chart for Jamie’s hair, which I matched my pencils to, such a help! I truly think it’s my best attempt at his ‘red deer pelt’ yet!

And whilst I was tempted to give this Jamie a Barbour inspired pattern on his shirt, I decided against it in the end, as I thought it would probably draw the eye away from their faces, which is where I wanted the focus to be.

7) Then of course, I moved my focus across the page to begin on Claire, and I have to thank @brandeewine , my fellow PTF mod for her suggestion on the eggplant colour of Claire’s coat - which I thought would also nicely complement Jamie’s hair!

8) Lastly, the fine detailing of Claire’s face and hair….and attempting to capture that intensity between them. I wanted to create that ‘electric’ moment, which I think the arm grab also emphasises.

9) This was such a labour of love on my behalf - I can say quite truthfully that I sketched my heart into this picture. So I am beyond thrilled to have delighted @gotham-ruaidh and to have received such a wonderful response from all of you.

This artist thanks you kindly. 😘

What Are The Odds? - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,698

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2

Say something. Fuck.

Dean is still staring at you with his eyebrow raised waiting for a response.

You feel so overwhelmed and without realizing it, you just burst into tears. You cover your face with your hands and want to just disappear.

Dean looks shocked, he expected an attitude right back. Instead you fall apart in front of him and totally catch him off guard.

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ADHD lance

I’m just gonna dump here bc I have a lot of emotions about ADHD Lance

I love Lance so much and he’s my favorite because I relate to him so much. I headcanon him ADHD because I see a lot of the same mannerisms in him that I have myself. I was diagnosed in the 3rd grade and I’ve been on medication ever since. I definitely don’t have the worst case of ADHD (it varies from person to person) but there’s barely any representation of it in media. Which is why I’m so excited about Lance.

The thing about ADHD is that if you don’t have it it’s kinda difficult to understand. If you don’t know already it stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Because I have a somewhat mild case I didn’t think it was super bad until we were doing a mental health unit in health class and it was one of the topics. It was honestly really weird talking about a disorder that I have and honestly I didn’t know how to feel about it.

Having ADHD is hard. It’s a constant struggle to focus and it’s a lot of rambling and getting off topic. My mom has it and she does this thing where she pauses for a really long time because she’s distracted by something on her iPad. I sometimes rapid fire ramble people’s ears off and talk and talk and talk. It’s definitely horrible in an academic environment.

One of the things I related to was during Pidge’s flashback his first reaction in to getting in to the fancy fighter pilot program (at least that’s what I think it is. Memory is also another ADHD thing) he instantly focused on celebrated and picking up some girls. I learned that people with ADHD like me have less dopamine receptors so it’s hard to keep outer attention because we don’t derive and pleasure from it and get bored. So Lance saying “hey lets go pick up some girls” after getting in to the good class is like “yay I got in, now what?”. I bring up reward a lot when I’ve accomplished something.

I also relate to him being “the annoying” one. Constant chatter and running his mouth off and accidentally running in to a rock while he’s talking? I’m so guilty of focusing too much on what I’m saying and not enough on what I’m doing and while it’s hilarious it’s also a real problem sometimes. Like I’m learning to drive and if I get too caught up in a conversation with my dad I just end up driving in circles in second gear. Lucky I don’t crash in to space rocks like Lance but you get the picture.

I doubt Lance is on medication since he’s in space and all, but a part of me wonders if he was medicated in the Garrisson (is that how you spelling? I never passed a spelling test in my life). It would be helpful since ADHD in an academic environment is quite literally hell. I’ve takes a few different kinds of medications but now I take Ritalin only during the school year. It reduces appetite but that’s the sacrifice you make to be able to function in class. I could imagine Lance going through a day of classes and then realizing in the middle of it that he forgot his medication that day and that’s why he’s extra bouncy and talkative.

There’s another thing. His movements. This has been pointed out before but like when they’re all waiting for Sendec (how the fuck do you spell words???) and he’s constantly moving around. That’s the H in ADHD. Hyperactivity. It’s annoying, but with ADHD your body has to always be moving some how. Sometimes my leg just straight up vibrates because I need to move something. He’s gotta move and he does a bunch of hand gestures and he moves his arms a lot and all that stuff.

It’s so nice seeing someone I can relate to on that level on screen because I don’t have a lot of ADHD friends. I had a friend with ADD but it’s not entirely the same. Or it might be…I can’t remember…

But anyways thanks for reading my long post about ADHD Lance and my experience with ADHD and why I relate to him okay bye

anonymous asked:

Hi Jenna! I'm asking you this because you always give such level-headed practical advice. You always say that if we want writing to be a career we have to treat it like that and work on it every day but are there any exceptions? Like if a long-term relationship just ended in a really bad way? I don't know, i'm just really broken up and i can't face writing at all but i feel like i'm just making crap excuses to get out of it. Please tell me to snap out of it if that's what i need to do!

Sorry about your breakup. That’s rough :-\ IMO, writing is cathartic and therapeutic, so when life gets shitty, I kick my writing into high gear. Of course you won’t feel like it at first, but once you get going, you’ll be glad. It’s an instant distraction from the BS going on in your daily life. It helps you get over the hardships. Plus it’ll make you feel good about yourself, and it’ll make you feel accomplished. Wins all around. 

Have a good cry, then get back to work. It sure in hell beats moping. 

Hello lovely beings, my name is Willow and I am an 18 year old currently residing in northern California. I am attempting to start getting geared towards moving and my place of choice is around Portland, Oregon. I have had some setbacks in life and due to some trauma during highschool I am just now finishing school and getting a stable income. I don’t have much money but moving away from the town that i have had many problems in is a key essential to my internal growth. So i’ve decided to reach out to the thousands of tumblr users to see if i can meet anyone around the Oregon area that could help me find a place to stay, work or even let me crash on their couch for a little bit while I get on my feet.
I am a responsible, clean and motivated person and I am willing to do chores and other tasks in return for a temporary shelter. (nothing crude obviously) If you personally cannot do anything please share! If you have any questions I am always open to answer them.

Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed day.

How I Study @ College

Hey everyone! Here are some quick general tips about studying successfully that I’ve learned from experience! I’m currently a rising senior at my university and figured I could help out some incoming freshman :) I go to a very small university with the average class size of 25 so these might not all apply to larger schools. This is my very first study tips post, hope you like it!

1. Study Groups - Some of your classes will have TAs; use them - they’re there to a) grade your assignments and b) hold study groups. Get in contact with them ASAP and find out their plans for the semester so you can add the study sessions to your planner! For the classes that don’t have TAs: schedule your own study sessions! Pass around a sheet of paper with info @ the top (possible times/locations) and ask for names/emails/#s of anyone interested in weekly study groups. This shows initiative and is a great way to make friends who are focused on studying like you!

2. Library - I know it’s tempting to study on your bed, but DON’T!!! It makes it harder to sleep because your neurons are actually changing their connections and associating things other than bed=sleep which is BAD! I occasionally use the desk in my room for arts and crafts, but I prefer going to the library for studying for so so so many reasons:

  • My library has lots of windows and I find it easier to study with all the natural light
  • Looking around, everyone is there to work, which is motivating in and of itself
  • If you have a noisy roommate, the library is a literal life saver, trust me
  • Just don’t study in your dorm. Don’t do it. Dorm rooms are too small and full of distractions.
  • At the beginning of the school year we can sign up to keep a desk on the mezzanine where we can leave our study materials/anything we want; not only is this time saving, but it also saves desk space in my room. Find out if your library offers anything like this!
  • The staff are very friendly and always help if I need to find certain articles or books - they help me get the gears going for research projects :)
  • The library is usually the quietest place on campus and I love the atmosphere so much

3. Sleep and study time - When I was a freshman I was constantly saving all my homework until 10pm which resulted in me being tired, grumpy, and getting bad grades. If you have later classes (10am or later) I suggest setting aside an hour or two in the morning for studying. Last semester I had an 8am class on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I wanted to keep a consistent sleep schedule so I studied starting at 8am the other school days too. I plan each school day hour by hour, every day. I never stay up past midnight on a school night - always try and get 8+ hours of sleep! 

4. Print the Syllabus - you want to have all your syllabuses on hand if possible - print them, write the dates in your planner, put sticky notes all over your wall for each class, whatever you need to do. There is no good excuse for turning in assignments late because you forgot the due date. Some professors will give ZEROS on late assignments. Don’t let that poor kid whose grade drops a letter just because of homework be you.

Good luck to anyone starting college in the fall!

sugar-ninja5  asked:

Hi! I love your OCs! Do you have any tips on drawing Inkling faces, gear, and weapons?

Aw thank you!! It makes me all happy inside when I hear that people like my OCs! Also, I’m honored that you want tips from me, so I’ll try my best to give you a look at my process! (I’m not that good at explaining these things, so forgive me if things don’t seem clear)

Inkling Faces:

To be honest, inklings have been difficult for me to draw! My first inklings were pretty wonky, so I practiced a lot to get myself more adjusted to drawing them. As I got more comfortable with drawing inklings, I started developing a style for them.

As for how I currently draw their faces, I generally try to retain elements from the inklings’ in-game appearance; with the roundness of their faces and their big (also round) eyes, I tend to give them softer features to match. Here are some lil GIFs I made that give an idea of my step-by-step process when drawing inkling faces (featuring the amiibo girl and Linus!):

(Not shown here, but I usually outline the mask around the eyes first, and then fill it in)

In terms of customization, though my characters tend to have the “standard” inkling face, I try to give them a few features that make them stand out from eachother, such as Benji’s sleepy eyes, Linus’ (new) freckles, etc. (amongst other little details)

All that said, looking at an inkling’s face at different angles in the game itself is good for reference. It was really helpful for me when trying to figure out how their eyes/mask and facial profiles work (these took me a while to nail down).

This post gets even longer, so I’ve continued it under the cut:

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thoughts {9.7.17 Vancouver}

  • I really thought I was getting over the anxiety & stress of this trip but I think it’s actually been eating away at me without me realising & now I’ve reached breaking point
  • this policewoman was rude to me & because I was feeling so sensitive today it almost made me cry & it just reminded why it’s so important to be nice to everyone & not be snippy no matter how tired or annoyed you because you never know what other people are going through
  • gluten-free oatmeal is life omg; especially brown sugar & maple syrup flavoured
  • today the tears streamed uncontrollably & I did not like it
  • man I’m so glad I found yoga, it never fails to make me feel better & it’s just magic
  • can’t wait to start dancing when I get home, I think it’s really going to help me express myself & have access to my art gear again as well
  • I seriously wish I could sleep for like 2 weeks & wake up fresh
  • I’ve dreamt to many times about coming home early & just not telling anyone so that I can just restart & just go to the beach everyday & not have to worry about anything & just be for a little bit
  • my tummy feels v restless right now; cheers anxiety
  • can’t wait to get back to my uncle’s place tomorrow; places I can go walking without getting lost, beauty treatments, thrift shops, comfortable bed, kitchen
  • my hair feels so weird right now, it doesn’t feel right, it needs fixing
  • i’m so tired
  • I bought some beautiful clothes today & I’m obsessed with them & i can’t believe how much money I saved 
  • I’m not comfortable right now
  • oh well
  • I don’t want this to sound all negative because I”m always hopeful & I know things will get better but this is just what it is right now
  • dying to get to a gym, I love just walking on a treadmill for ages it’s so good
  • can’t wait to get some more piercings too just need to figure out where
  • fark
  • ok I’m starting to feel more sick thinking about everything 

What really grinds my gears is that in the movie Hidden Figures, that part where the white dude tears down the signs so anyone can pee wherever didn’t happen in real life. In real life, Katherine Johnson just used whatever bathroom she wanted and white people didn’t care. They didn’t do anything. They didn’t help us. So yet again, white people made our struggles all abt them. The white savior complex is so prevalent.

(Also if ur wondering where I’m getting this info from, Katherine Johnson said it in a interview that that’s not what happened)

Daddy's Little Girl - Neymar

I stood on the sidelines with the other girlfriends and wives as they fussed over the baby in my arms. “She’s adorable. Looks just like her daddy.” Antonella said and I smiled as I looked down at my daughter. She did look like Neymar. They had the same brown eyes. same nose and lips.

Raquel da Silva Santos, born on December 10th. Neymar was at training when I went into labour and he had to rush home in his kit to get me. I was in labour for ten hours before it was time and it was the most painful experience of my life. But Neymar was supportive and helpful through the whole thing, which I was thankful for. It was one of the most stressful days of my life, but it was all worth it.

Raquel started whimpering and I rocked her gently. She was probably overwhelmed by the noise around her. It was my first time bringing her to a game so I dressed her in full Barça gear. She was wearing the jersey the team had given her with Neymar’s name on the back and I had wrapped her in a Barça blanket to keep her warm.

As I stood there waiting, I could feel the photographers focusing on me. When people first found out I was pregnant with Neymar’s baby, they were always writing about it. Some people thought we were rushing into things too quickly since we had only been dating for a year, and some people thought Neymar would leave me. I learned to ignore it, and after Raquel was born our relationship was still going strong.

The people in the Camp Nou started to cheer as the players came onto the pitch. Neymar was last to come out and his face brightened when he saw me and Raquel. He winked in my direction before joining the rest of the players on the pitch.

The anthem ended and the team started to get in position for the group photo when Neymar ran over to me. “Can I take her? Just for the photo?” I nodded and handed Raquel to him. I watched, amused, as she instantly clutched onto his jersey with her tiny hands. I knew she was going to be such a daddy’s girl from the day she was born. After the first few days she was born, she would only stop crying when Neymar was holding her.

Neymar went back to the group with Raquel in his arms and I smiled as the rest of the team fussed over her. A lot of them had come to see her in the hospital but she was asleep for most of it. I watched as Jordi cooed something to her and Dani tapped her on the nose gently. I knew she definitely wouldn’t be short of attention around here.

After they took the picture, Neymar ran back to the sidelines and kissed Raquel on the nose before handing her back to me. “I love you mi amour.” He said, blowing a kiss to her. I cleared my throat and raised an eyebrow at him. He laughed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry. I love you too, (Y/N).” Neymar smirked at me before joining the team back on the pitch.


They ended up winning which was a great way to end the first half of the season. I was sitting in the lobby of the Camp Nou when I saw Neymar being interviewed on the TV screen.

“Neymar, before the game, you brought your daughter out on the pitch. How is she and the mother doing?”

“They’re doing great. I couldn’t be more blessed with how everything has turned out for us.”

“That’s great to hear. So congratulations on your goal today. Now I bet everyone is wondering why you were sucking your thumb afterwards?”

“It was a dedication to my daughter, I wanted to dedicate the goal to her. She is now one of my main motivations, her and my girlfriend, (Y/N). ”

“That’s sweet. Alright, thank you for your time Neymar. Again congratulations on the goal and I wish you, (Y/N) and your daughter the best of luck.”

Roller coaster of emotions when opening card packs:

 •okay level 50 this calls for a celebration I’ll get two packs of my choice.

•wow nothing 

•okay one more just so I ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING 


•wait it’s only good for *fill in NOT my school* 

•ugh one more 

•this is the last one 

•I’ll stop now 

•THIS is the last one 

•I can smell the mount now 

•oh Bartleby please grant me the hydra mount 

•last one okay this is it 

•I take back every mean things I’ve said about Cyrus drake 

•crap sell all this junk 

•last one because I’m gonna get the spell here 


•last one 

•I can’t live my life like this 


 •one more

blastedrandomness  asked:

I hope you read this, Mr. Hill, because I could really use some professional advice. What do you do when you just don't think you can write anymore? Not burned out, but just unable to pick up a pen and think creatively. I love writing, but I can't even look at my writing journal without feeling drained. What do you do in situations like this? Is this something I'm just going to have to push through? Thank you so much for your help and advice.

You can pop-start a dead motorcycle by riding it downhill in first gear, then letting out the clutch all at once. Sometimes the motor will turn over with a boom and your ride is back to life.

I look for one mean little sentence to get me going again. Something to pop-start the story. Like:

“Wind scoured the beach.”

“The shouting woke her.”

“The car began to slide in the wet snow.”

“Shell casings flashed in the weeds.”

Or I’ll try and get a couple of my characters talking. If you can find your way to an exciting character, a lot of times that will bring you emotionally back to your work… and dialogue is a reliable way to discover character.

Think about the way people don’t listen to each other, talk past each other, focus on their own weird little obsessions. Have fun with your characters’s fixations and eccentricities and unique manners of speech.

Are you reading anything good? One way to get excited about your own writing is to get excited about someone else’s.

Try sneaking up on it. Decide you’ll write one sentence, then fold some laundry for five minutes. Then you’ll write two sentences. Leave the pen and paper out where you can see them. In the middle of folding the underwear you might suddenly come up with a sentence you can’t wait to write. I write letters to friends that take me days. I just leave the stationery out and add to the letter whenever something interesting occurs to me.

Have a little mercy on yourself. If the best you can do is a paragraph, make it a great fuckin’ paragraph and then be done for the day. Go for a walk. No one day of writing matters all that much.

Remember to keep physically active. More and more I think this is the secret ingredient of a successful creative life. Go for a long walk every day - you’ll be surprised how often you come back with a few new ideas.

Good luck.

anonymous asked:

I absolutely die for fics where Merlin is teaching newly reincarnated Arthur the ways of the world. Do you know anything like that?

Here’s a few: plenty more posted everyday, check the Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin) tag on A03 every once in a while :P

Merthur adventures in the modern era by feelsandfandoms
A series full of fun adventures with Merlin and Arthur after his return. Who knows what will be in store for them.

A relaxing Holiday by go-fishboys
Arthur still finds it hard to get used to modern technology sometimes. Fortunately, Merlin has a way of helping him relax this time

Food for the soul by anon
Arthur really likes modern-day food, and has put on quite the belly. Merlin tries to get him to stick to a diet, but Arthur keeps cheating.

Adapting by sturidge
When you spend all your life fighting dragons and witches, it’s hard to understand how a toaster really works.

Merlin, The Teacher by gaaybriel
Merlin attempts to teach Arthur how to…

Changing Gears by wreck
Merlin rolls his eyes. “You’ve been back for like a month, Arthur. I hardly think your in the position to judge me on my choice of transportation.”

The New Adventures of A King and his Warlock by brolinismerthur
Arthur’s getting used to the new world, or at least, trying not to make a fool of himself as he does so. (Each chapter stands on it’s own)

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Title: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Pairing:Solider! Sam x Reader

A/N: it was originally just Sam surprising the reader after sending letter to each other but since its the holidays :D Enjoy!

’ Dear Y/N,

I miss you, so fucking much. I think about you every day and I worry about you since you decided to keep hunting. I know I say that a lot but I can’t help it … I just wanted you to know that I love you with everything I have.. I might not be home for Christmas. A teammate said he went home to find his wife cheating with his best friend.. Crazy right? I know you’d never do that to me.’

Your ears perked up when you heard the familiar boots of the mailman. It was always the same mailman whenever they had the letters. Sam’s been gone for 14 months and you missed him so much it hurts. You ran over to the door and opened it before he could put the mail in the slot.

“You’re getting good girl!” You laughed with him and your face lit up when he handed you a letter, the familiar handwriting making your chest tighten. He saw the tears spring to your eyes and he patted your back.

“I’ll all be okay, my husband was departed but when he came home, it was the best.” You hugged him and waved good bye before closing the door. Sitting down, you carefully opened the letter so you can preserve them. Your eyes widened and tears streamed down your cheeks.

“He’s going to miss Christmas again..” You sighed and set his letter in a wooden box that he had made for you. Then you got to writing your letter to him.

~~~~1 month time skip to Christmas Eve.~~~~

You slammed the door to your car and tried juggling all the things in your hands. It sucked that you were already grumpy since Sam wasn’t here but Dean was sick and he wanted you to go out to get a whole bunch of shit from the store while there was a blizzard happening. You slammed the key into the door and unlocked it. The bunker was quiet. Too quiet.

“Dean? I got your fucking pie.. It almost cost me my life so you owe me!” Nothing.

“Dean! I know your sick but come help me!” Dean grabbed the bags and you turned around to take off your winter gear.

“Do you know how many cars almost hit into me?? It was insane, no one knows what to do when it comes to snow.” You turned around and nearly fell on your knees when you saw who was standing behind you.

“S-Sam…?” Your legs felt like jelly as you ran up to hug him and your instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck. Your tears soaked his crisp uniform.

“Shhhh I’m home,Y/N/N.”

“You told me you weren’t coming home for Christmas! I was so sad!” You said, hitting his chest and he grinned at you.

“I wanted to surprise you. I know how much you love Christmas..” You grinned giving him a kiss that held all of your feelings. He wrapped his arms around your waist.

“You’re the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.” Dean huffed with mock hurt.

“Better than that sweater you got me??” You laughed, throwing back and Sam’s heart leaped at the sound.

“Waaaayy better than that ugly sweater.” He pouted and stomped off,so you and Sam can get alone time.

“Well I’m home for Christmas…” You grinned and grabbed his collar.

“Wanna open up one of your presents early,solider?” His eyes darkened with lust and you pulled him up to the bedroom.

mavieaveceux  asked:

I was wondering if you want to get matching frozen themed bras that light up when we chest bump? We can go to dark places like theatres or clubs and show off our new gear. Also if we lose something in the dark they might help find it. 👌🔦

Sounds great to me! I’ve worn a few bras in my life

Update on myself, my blog, my writing, and my future

So on top of having some good sessions with my doctors, I just finished watching Jack play Beginner’s Guide, and I have a lot of thoughts.

Long story short; I’m feeling better than I have in a while.  I’m sorry to anyone and everyone I’ve worried in the past month or so; a lot of things sort of came crashing down all at once, and I panicked and sort of quit everything.  My comeback will continue to be slow as I’m still recovering, but I’m more or less back now. 

There are several changes, however, and I’d like to discuss that.  These are things that have been on my mind for months now, some of them years, that I’ve been putting off for various reasons; but rest assured that I’ve thought these all out.

I hope I can prepare myself and you, whoever’s reading this, for the future, as well as give you a bit of insight into who I am, or maybe, who I want to be.

  1. a url change will be coming soon–really a small change but I thought I’d give a heads-up. 
  2. Some of you may have noticed that my AO3 fics are only available to registered users; this was to protect myself from Mark and Jack reading my stuff.  If they make good on their decision to read something, then my work will remain protected until afterwards.
  3. I will not be writing any new fanfiction until further notice; I may never write fanfiction again, but I don’t want to rule out the possibility.  I may still finish up a few things I’ve started but never posted, but I’ll have to go through it and decide one piece at a time.  I’m so honestly, genuinely sorry to anyone who’s requested something or that I promised a gift to, but while fanfiction is fun, it’s not sustaining
  4. I’m going to be focusing much more on my original stuff, and seriously try to get something published.  Writing is what I’ve always wanted to do with my life(literally, since I was eight and writing my first stories about my lego people’s adventures), and there’s no time like the present.  On top of short stories, I’m going to really start hammering out my novels.  I want to see what I can do.
  5. Related to that, I’d like to somehow make my original stuff open to you guys.  As I’m sure you understand, I can’t show you everything or I’ll never get published; but I’m considering a blog or something of the like where I can share snippets or poems or even write small original things and put them up for sale privately.
  6. I’m going to start a YouTube channel.  Not “I’m thinking about it”, not “maybe after surgery”, not “when I have money for good equipment”.  I’m going to start it before Halloween.  It might start out as crap, but I don’t care.  It’s something I want to do.  It’s something I’m going to do.

I’m making this list to set my mind up for the future, and to help you guys understand that I’ve got bigger plans and ideas that I’ve been sharing.  I really need to get my life in gear and I’m not going to wait around anymore.  I’m going to get it done.  And if you want to be my friend or just hang out or read my stuff or see what happens, then I’m grateful, I appreciate the company.  I hope you have fun!  I hope my work or I can do something good for you.  If not?  Fine, that won’t stop me.  I’ve decided on a plan and I’m going to make it happen.

Thank you for reading, thank you for caring to read.  Thank you for waiting for me to come back, and thank you for supporting me in all the ways that you have, even if you don’t think you have actively. 

I’m going to make something good.

anonymous asked:

how long were you on tumblr before you would say you got a “real” audience?

okay, so check this out, i’m going to address your question in a second but first i want to give you a bit of serious advice: don’t expect start a music career on tumblr. i didn’t. i was actually halfway through writing i clung to you hoping we’d both drown when i first made a tumblr and it was originally just to document the recording process. before that i wrote songs, released EPs, played a bunch of shitty shows, just like everybody else trying to do music. i stopped for a few years to focus on releasing some really solid albums i was actually proud of. then i fell into a pretty big pit of despair, dealt with very heavy anxiety and depression for a while, and now i’m gearing up to record another album and start the whole playing shows nonsense again to help promote. 

i have a blog because i like blogging and i like writing and i like to share stuff about my life with people who care, not to mention it’s a good way for people to reach out to me. but other than that, i mean, so what?

i guess what i’m saying is, don’t post your songs online and expect people to automatically give a shit, because that’s seriously the hardest part of being an independent musician. getting people to give a shit. especially on tumblr of all places, because the truth is this website was built to embrace our extremely small attention spans. notes mean nothing for your career in the long run. they do about as much for your career as a musician as they do for the careers of amateur photographers who’s photographs get 100,000+ notes every day on this website. it’s posted to entertain, awe, or interest someone for that split second as they’re scrolling down their dash. it’s reblogged to make someones blog look pretty. then it’s gone. which is not a bad thing, that initial reaction is important, you just better have something to show them if they care enough to google you. a discography, upcoming shows, a new project you’re working on, something. if not, they’re gone.

at the end of the day you don’t want to be a tumblr user who also makes music, you want to be a musician who also has a tumblr account. on top of that, you want to use it well, and interact with people, and be a good blogger, but always be a musician first. expect it to take just as much time and effort as anything else.

to answer your original question, i’ve had a tumblr since about 2010. before then, i had fans who would send me letters and bracelets in the mail. it wasn’t anything close to what i have today, but for high school it was pretty neat to me. i didn’t make a blog and say, “i think i’ll be a musician”. i was a musician and said, “i think i’ll start a blog”. 

it’s very similar to a lot of the youtube musician friends i have. the majority of them don’t want to be looked at as a youtuber who decided to make music, they want to be looked at as a musician who’s also does youtube. as silly as it sounds, slight changes like that in your thought process really play a major roll in “making it” as a musician. at least to me. 

stay busy and good luck lil’ homie.

Delayed Reaction - (Prompt Fill)

Requested by morbidmegz

Sherlock gets the chicken pox. He didn’t get them as a kid so he’s entirely to unbearable for the Watson’s who have Baby Watson to think about, and so Molly volunteers her help not giving a hint to the fact that she too has never had the illness before. She tries to keep mum about it even when she starts to get sick herself.

Thanks Megan for coming up with something fun to get my creative juices back in gear. I’ve been dealing with life things and writing has not been on my radar but I’ve missed it immensely. Hopefully this will put me on the right track haha!

Hope you all like it!


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