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Gloomverse Week, Day 2

Yeah, I’m a bit late, I know. I was bussy all day, unfortunately. Oh well, here it is anyway.

For day 2, I was to draw a platonic or familial ship or a headcanon of mine. I chose the former again.

Here we go:

So, yeah. Harold and Purple. Because reasons. I still have no clue how to shade things. Or the hell that background is. But whatever. I did it.

If you wanna know the hell this is or do it too, you can find the “Challenge Post” here:

Also, check out the creator of Gloomverse, the almighty Cryon Queen, and her comics if you haven’t yet, cause she’s awesome. You can find her tumblr, with links to her comics, here:

I decimated this village days ago! Just for you…

Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 


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anonymous asked:

As a bit of an enthusiast when it comes to historical fashion it annoys me they tried to "modernize" it. Like the original dress wasn't period-accurate either, but it DID have a basis in history (albeit the wrong period), whereas the new dress doesn't seem to have any respect to history

i feel you, but if they had ditched the historical accuracy for a good looking dress, i would let it slide. like, i can’t speak for historical accuracy on cinderella’s dress, but just look at this

it really looks like a magical dress. like a big, fluffy, beautiful blue cloud of a dress. just looking at it makes me want to reach out and feel it’s texture. the only downside is the too tight corset, imo, but just loose it up a bit, let the poor girl fucking breathe, and you have a simple, yet regal and dreamy dress. a++

now compare it to this and just

what is this stiff, piss-colored thing. what the hell. it looks as sad as i feel while seeing it.

actually, for better accuracy, just take these two similar shots of the princesses wearing their respective gowns:


really, in my opinion, there’s no competition. this dress is lazy and boring. step up your game once more, disney.

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food


Nozomi phone backgrounds ( ´ ♡ ` )

(happy belated birthday Nozomicchi!!) 。.:*♡


Kevamie Week | Day 4: Free Day


Here’s some more Kevamie Jamie Edits of Last One Out of Beach City! I love this scene~

Steve season 1: *opens door with ‘raise a little hell’ playing in the background* Hello ladies.

Steve season 2: *Opens door while wearing an apron that says ‘Worlds Best Dad’ on it* Thank goodness you guys are finally here! Are you all ready for family game night? I made cookies! You better have all worn your seatbelts on the way over here and Lucas what did I tell you about not wearing a sweater it’s getting chilly and I do not want you getting a cold.