to heart 2 cosplay


『またね相棒』I ‘ L L  B E  W A I T I N G

First batch of photos of mine and yumidun s akuroku shoot with mrevilfaget  are finally done and I have to say I LOVE how they turned out, the perfect mix of cute, sexy and angsty! Can’t wait to share the casual pictures we took too so stay tuned for that! 

Roxas - birthbysleeping (me)

Axel - yumidun

Photography - mrevilphotography


The stunning shots of my Roxas cosplay ❤
Roxy has always been one of my dream cosplays ever and on July I had the chance to cosplay him for the first time! Still have to fix and improve it but I’m proud for now 💖💖
PH (fb): Cherries & Bubbles Photography // Zemzelet - photo gallery


Some of my favorite shots from @yumiduns and my casual akuroku shoot! I live for my punk Axel and skater Roxas AU so these are just a whole load of hnnngggs for me *3* More to come (once someone tells me to get off my ass and start to edit the other pictures heh) 

Roxas, Kingdom Hearts - @birthbysleeping (me)
Axel, Kingdom Hearts - @yumidun
Photography - @mrevilphotography 
Edit - @birthbysleeping


Yo dawg ! I heard you like hackers, so I put a hacker in a hacker ! lmao

Finally done ! I was supposed to finish it this morning if it was not the universe evil schemes. Then I saw someone else did it just before I could finish it, tbh I raged alone a bit lol

When I saw @godd707 request, my hand started moving all alone like an idiot… no regret tho, this is the best thing I have done so far !

I tried to make a gif with the pics ?? But It was such poor quality ?? I raged even more ??  (눈_눈)
Didn’t check mistakes, didn’t do any corrections. God, it’s 4a.m I’ll go crash on my bed…

Why All KH Fans Should Buy Jesse McCartney's New Album...

Close to a week ago, I went and saw Jesse McCartney in concert i.e. our beloved Roxas and Ventus’ voice actor. I’ve been a fan of Jesse even before I started playing Kingdom Hearts, but because I’m a nerd extraordinaire, I decided to cosplay to the show as Namine in celebration of 2.5 being released this December.

I felt super awkward about the entire thing, and almost chickened out, but…

Guess who was the biggest sweetheart about the entire thing? He signed my games…

was a complete gentleman, and when I asked for a fake/air kiss on the cheek…

This happened. I felt super rude even asking for a fake kiss, but Jesse surprised me and planted a swift little kiss on my cheek.

I wish I was more photogenic/prettier, but such as life. Jesse is wonderfully photogenic/attractive for the both of us.

And just to note, I cosplayed Namine because that’s the only KH cosplay I have/she’s my favorite character/I am, personally, a RokuNami fan.

BUT…I Respect ALL ships, so…this isn’t to start some sort of epic shipping war. This was just for fun, to advertize his new album, and to show that Jesse still supports our fandom.

So…please go buy ‘In Technicolor,’ and support the lovely fellow who’s been lending his voice to this series for nearly eight years. It’s really a great album, and I’m sure some of the tracks will serve as the perfect inspiration for fanart/fanfics.