to have something for Light's.

okay but i just thought… The death note could make people do ANYTHING before dying, as long as it stated their death right?

Dude, you could literally map out people’s entire LIVES with that thing- like make your family and friends rich and have them die at a good age of 90 from something calm like passing away in your sleep or something.

Idk, just… The fact that some college age students FIRST thought was “become god” rather than “dude i could get my administrator to pay for the rest of college and have him die years later of something chill.”


Light was not a very smart kid.

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              ‘      UUUUUUUGH…

                           whaddya think i should get my VALENTINE this year ?
                           she’s way too COMPLICATED for stuff like this…

                                                —— are you disappointed it’s not you ?

  • tumblr:we want more complex villains!
  • kylo ren:has been manipulated from a young age and essentially brainwashed, is extremely conflicted over the choices he makes, feels isolated and alone, is unable to control his emotions, pounds on his own wounds to intensify his pain and drive him further toward the dark side, doubts the actions of the first order, and is tempted by the light instead of the dark, SOMETHING WE HAVE NEVER SEEN IN A STAR WARS MOVIE BEFORE
  • kylo ren fans:erase all of his negative traits in order to make him essentially an unproblematic fave; ignores all of the bad he's done in favor of blaming his actions on others, making him unaccountable; because he was brainwashed it makes him not culpable, even tho these exact same traits are almost wholly mirrored in Finn but he did in fact choose the light instead of the dark so I guess that's not as compelling to people as erasing all of the negative traits from a villain in order to make him Likeable
  • tumblr:you've ruined a perfectly good villain is what you've done, look at him, he's got no responsibility for his actions
Sakamaki: sleepwalking. Requested by Anon.

You had chosen to sleep in a room by yourself tonight. While you were staying over at the Mukami manor. While they slept in their own room, what neither of you could foresee is that you would sleep walk into his room.
They were of course still awake, since they found it hard to sleep without you in their arms.

Smiling he watched you stand there in the doorway, in only one of his shirts and his boxers.
“What lewd attire you wore to bed, maybe you were planing this.” He smiled then frowned as he walked up to you and softly kissed your head.
“Even so, no one should see you in such a state but me. I’m scared one of those idiots could do something to dim that beautiful light you have inside of you.”

“Mmm, so you were able to sleep, but you still came to me.” He smiled slightly as he sat down his tea.
Walking up to you he noticed you were covered in goosebumps,
“Darling you have such a chill, don’t worry I’ll take care of you forever and evermore.” He whispered as he kissed your forehead and picked you up laying down down in his bed. He took care to make sure you were comfortable.
“You own my heart, and it rests in your heads, please don’t break it darling.”

“Heh, I could do anything right now.” He snickered naughtily, which soon soften into a smile.
“But I would never, I couldn’t, your much more than any girl I have ever met. You deserve the very best from me, and all my ability to care. Tsk, I’m glad you can’t hear this I’m such an idiot.” He cursed as he picked you up and sat you in his coffin and laid himself beside you.
“Your not an idiot your my great Yours Truly.” You muttered in your sleep.
“Oi now your sleep talking!”


Modern AU crossover aesthetics: Thor and Boromir.

“Luckily I am mighty.”

“I am weary, but I still have some strength left.”

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hey ness! do you have any tips on studying w dpdr?

oh boy, that’s a tough one. I decided to make this a masterpost bc I can’t be the only one who struggles with this. Here are some tips I have:

  • Haven’t showered? Shower. Take a hot/cold one and recognize how it feels on your skin.
  • Can’t shower? Wash your face.
  • Make sure to have some music playing, I suggest Flower Garden ,which is a mix of Ghibli Studio tracks. It’s perfect for making you feel productive and getting things done.
  • Get a cold drink, a fruit and something tasty that you can stomach. Munch on them while you’re working.
  • I personally open the windows to get some natural light in.
  • Always have something in your hands. It’s easy to drift with dpdr, so while one hand is working, I recommend having putty or maybe a plush toy in the other to keep yourself occupied.
  • Take breaks. It’s good to remember that during these breaks, you should walk around and avoid napping because you’ll just want to fall back asleep. A pattern I like is 20 minutes of work, and then a 10 minute break. If you’re studying, try 30 minutes of studying, then a 10 minute break. But don’t get too off track with your break!

Hope that helps!

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Hi, I was just wondering: would you consider hosting another gift exchange like the one you did for Christmas just for Valentine's day?

hiii, it’s so sweet that you’re interested in that haha but uuhhh sorry, no :(  apart from the fact that there’s probably not enough time to do the sign ups/prompt assigning/making the prompts, i honestly don’t want to host another event like this. some people to this day haven’t handed in their gifts (even though they promised us they would), meaning that some people didn’t get a gift. and while it weren’t many that fucked off like this, it were certainly enough to make me wanna single handedly throw a truck down a cliff lol i dont need this unnecessary stress in my life again

i don’t know how but the arrow fandom always makes angst worse. like, normal fandoms try to stay positive and shit, but the arrow fandom is like, “this is it. they’ve ruined it. they’ve completely ruined a perfect relationship,” or “it’s all over. felicity and oliver are ruined!!!!”

like….. 🌚🌚🌚

Just wanted to do a shout-out to those fat gals who want to be creative but are always resisting. I’d never been involved in social media before or liked seeing pics of myself, but after being diagnosed with agoraphobia I didn’t get out as much anymore. My husband bought me a smartphone and I started taking my own photographs and sharing them on Instagram @loquaciouslorna and here on Tumblr.

I’d always been interested in photography, but didn’t have anyone to model and couldn’t stand seeing myself. I thought people would mock me, like who wanted to see a fat girl model? Of course, I want to tell you that’s silly! But the excuses stacked up, often when we’re afraid we find reasons not to do something. I didn’t have a fancy camera or understand lighting.

Those things are still true! But now I take photos on my smartphone and slowly but surely am showing more of myself in full-body images, inspired by the bodypositive community I see around me on Instagram and Tumblr. Since I have nobody else to model, I often use myself.

Just wanted to let you know that the more you tear down your fears and do stuff, the easier it starts to get. I know it’s scary, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive for me and I love inspiring other fat girls like me to get out there and do their creative thing! Seeing yourself nail that shot where you look just as amazing as any other model (thin or fat) or showing off your fave outfits boosts your confidence like crazy, so go for it!

<3 Lorna

  • me:before i put out the aftermath i have to do something easy
  • me:tone geoff is like... so light it's so easy
  • me:i could finish that up in like a day
  • also me:::starts plotting for HOURS::
  • also me:::gets really invested::
  • also me:::is 45 THOUSAND words deep and not anywhere near done::
  • me:haha this is fine
  • me:everything is fine
  • also me:::can't stop internally yelling::

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Dear dad

I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box.

Dear dad,

I was nine years old the first time I really understood what it meant for you and other police to be risking your lives on the job. I was home from school with a cold when the news came on; maybe nine is too young to truly grasp the concept of terrorism or cult worship, but I was definitely old enough to recognize the aftermath. Mom shooed me upstairs when she realized I was watching, but I had already noticed the same thing she had—a blurry glimpse of a man being carried away on a stretcher wearing a suit just like the one you’d worn when you left the house that morning. Mom nearly started crying every time the phone rang for most of the day. Mom wouldn’t usually let me wait up for you, but she did that night. I was sleeping on the couch when you came in the door.

Do you remember tucking me into bed that night, and telling me that the perpetrators would be arrested and given the death penalty? Do you remember telling me that no matter what the risk, it was a policeman’s job to catch the bad guys, so justice would always prevail in the end? Sometimes people ask me when I decided I wanted to follow in your footsteps and join the NPA. I usually say I don’t know, but looking back, I think it was then, when I realized that playing policeman meant more than brandishing a fake gun and pretending to shoot down imaginary criminals. I realized that day that you could die, any day, and I realized that someone so selfless that he’d be willing to die like that couldn’t just leave nothing behind. That was the first time I truly felt like I needed to be ready to take your place if anything happened to you. To take care of mom and Sayu, and to catch all the bad guys you couldn’t.

That’s when I decided I wanted to join the NPA. Of course, you and mom already decided for me before that.

This is a very longwinded way of saying you’re a good man, dad. You always have been. You really understand good and evil and you care about making sure you do the right thing. You’re not tempted by things like flashy jobs or promotions if it goes against what you know is the right thing, and you aren’t afraid to sacrifice everything for the good of everyone else. As long as there’s evil in the world, you’d never give up and succumb to fear. You’ve been my hero as long as I can remember. I’ve learned so much from you all my life, and as a child, I always thought that the best thing I could ever accomplish would be to grow up exactly like you. Even before I realized that I was going to join the NPA someday, I swore to myself that no matter what it took, I’d be exactly the son you wanted, so you’d never be disappointed in me. That saved my life, once.

I wish that could have been a little easier than it turned out to be. The truth is, there’s a lot I’ve been hiding from you. Some things I might never be able to tell you, because I know that you would be disappointed. You and mom both. You deserve a better son than you’ve ended up with, and I’m sorry that I can’t both be honest and be what I need to be for you. If you ever find out the truth about me, please don’t blame yourself for doing something wrong, for raising me wrong, for not being there enough, any of it—it’s not that you’re a bad father, it’s that I’m just not the right son.

Be proud of the son you think you have, alright? I know you won’t ever be proud of who I am now, but I hope someday you’ll at least understand.

Dad, you really are the greatest man I know. Take that knowing I stopped believing in heroes a long time ago.

I’m sorry for everything.


“For this uncanny is in reality nothing new or alien, but something which is familiar and old—established in the mind and which has become alienated from it only through the process of repression. This reference to the factor of repression enables us, furthermore, to understand Schelling’s definition of the uncanny as something which ought to have remained hidden but has come to light… . •… There is one more point of general application which I should like to add… . This is that an uncanny effect is often and easily produced when the distinction between imagination and reality is effaced, as when something that we have hitherto regarded as imaginary appears before us in reality, or when a symbol takes over the full functions of the thing it symbolizes, and so on. It is this factor which contributes not a little to the uncanny effect attaching to magical practices. The infantile element in this, which also dominates the minds of neurotics, is the over accentuation of psychical reality in comparison with material reality—a feature closely allied to the belief in the omnipotence of thoughts.

My problem with sleeping is that every night I get anxiety and the only way to bypass it is to distract myself, so I always have to occupy myself at night by reading or watching videos or something until I’m dead tired and can fall asleep