to have smth to look forward to

hp blog aes !!

i still have like 4 days of break, which i should probably spend on stuDYING but i dont wanna do that all day so i’ll do these too!! i did these b4 and they were rly fun so yeaa :)

  • mbf ur local nerd™
  • rebagel this post, likes donut count
  • send me smth ur looking forward to in 2017 / ur fave pokemon (yes im still obsessed sue me) / book recs / anything u want, rly!
  • this may take me a while to do, please be patient! 

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do u ever order smth online and ur like anticipating the whole time but when u actually receive it theres this sense of disappointment bc u dont have smth to look forward to anymore.. is tht just me…

fjrebolt  asked:

1. top 5 characters (can be from any fandom); 2. call out 5 blogs that you think are underappreciated but incredible; 3. what's your favourite time of day? 4. tell me something wonderful that's happened to you lately; 5. what are you most looking forward to in the near future? :)) (3/3)

THANK YOU SM NAT!!! I don’t like strawberries…  like at all but thanks!! *runs away bc people get angry at someone not liking strawberries* (I’m such a picky eater, you guys have no idea)

1. Top 5 characters: I HATE YOU!! bc I don’t have and now I have to think smth on the spot!! (THIS LIST IS TOTALLY UNTRUE BC I HAVEN’T THOUGHT THIS THROUGH!!)

  • James Potter (He’ll represent all the marauders k?)
  • Dipper and Mabel Pines (yes they count as one bc they’re twins!! Is that not how twins work??)
  • Sherlock
  • cutie Dr. Spencer Reid 
  • Jake Peralta or Gina or Holt

2. call out 5 blogs that you think are under appreciated but incredible

can I put you here bc you deserve 99 octoquadragintillion followers?? if yes then @fjrebolt if no then here are other 5:

@quidditchplayer @magnusfray @scvrhead @tonksnymphdora and ME!! @oblviqte!! >.<

OMG JK!! and @percivalsgravess (honestly idk how many followers these people have, so… but they probably deserve more lmao!! honestly everyone I follow and probably people whose blogs I haven’t had the chance to enjoy, deserve more followers bc they’re all incredible!!)

3. What’s your favourite time of day?

like 2 am when I’m on vacation and have nothing to do so I can do anything

4. Tell me something wonderful that has happened to you lately

today I got 100 in a physics test I did 0 studying for… does that count? that’s usually what happens, so it won’t count and I’ll say something different does getting to 700+ count? No? ok, I ate some delicious steak yesterday… my life is so lame

5. what are you most looking forward to in the near future?

Is finally graduating too far in the future? if yes then I say sleeping bc I’m soooo tired!!


Shoutout To You;;

I want to thank everyone for sticking around through all this Kiiklo nonsense and commission/digital art hiatus.

I’m.. Stuck in Las Vegas (my home town) until we can figure out what’s wrong in my head that is causing me daily pain. Being here is not healthy for me. Every day I am here longer gets more and more difficult. Not only that, but the condition in my head worsens with time, too. I’m scared for my mental, emotional, and physical health here, but I don’t have much of a choice but to stay until we find smth that works.

It sounds pretty dumb, but drawing Kiiklo every day is helping me stay sane. It gives me a reason to smile and something to look forward to. Something to daydream abt when I feel like crying my eyes out at the pain or this trapped feeling I am left with. I cant be on my computer or go into daylight or even walk around my house if the light is too intense. It’s really hard staying strong and wanting to persist when I feel like I’m not even a human being.

Every time I post Kiiklo, I lose followers. I completely understand that some people may find it annoying or childish that I ship a self insert with a canon character, but I’m having fun and others are enjoying it, too. I have no problem with people unfollowing, and i say good day to you. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope to see you again someday.

But for all of you who stick around… Thank you. You are so sweet and wonderful for being with me through this incredibly difficult time. 😊☺️🤒🤕