to have or to hold

Name Meanings 8/?

↳ Adolin

“His name, Brightlord?” asked Ishal, an aged ardent from the Devotary of Purity. “I would burn the proper glyphwards, if it pleases you.”
“Name …” Dalinar said. “Adoda.” Light. He glanced toward Evi, who nodded in agreement.
“Without a suffix, my lord? Adodan? Adodal?”
“Lin,” Dalinar whispered. Born unto. “Adolin.” A good name, traditional, full of meaning.

the breakfast club: silicon valley edition

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Modpic munday?

Totally forgot to answer this on Monday! Here have a full body shot, I don’t post these often, but it’s from awhile back. If you follow my mod blog, you’ll see selfies every now and then so you don’t have to ask on here. Also, I wanted to prove I have legs and I’m not a floating torso. I have an older phone so pardon the graininess //wheeze

Also to everyone else who sent me such lovely messages, thank you so much! I’ll answer them when I can, I got a couple of commissions to do and I’ll be back!


Happy trails, Ben!


I have finally completed my prompts from the first 100 followers!

All together, there have been 50 FICS written per your requests! And many follow ups because I couldn’t leave things unfinished.

Thank you all for your patience and thank you all for your penchant for pain! 

Thank you all so much for following. 

Thank you all so much for leaving kudos and reblogging and sending in prompts in the first place. 

I appreciate each and every one of you. You’re all the best. <3

Now I am going to sit back, rest on my laurels, take a bit of a breather, mayyybe focus a little more on Pas de Deux (lies that’s exactly what I’m going to do) and the Obiyuki challenge for the end of the year and then I WILL BE BACK, answering prompts for my 200 followers and introducing a VERY SPECIAL SUPER SEKRIT PROJECT in January.

Expect much screaming in January. 

Much screaming, indeed :3

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happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 


that small moment of sadness because even if you miss being Voltron’s leader you are immensely proud of what Keith has become

bonus: Keith not having any of it because he knows Shiro belongs with Black



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