to have laser surgery

“hoe” tips debunked

i made a post similar to this a while go and i decided to make another one but instead of giving you tips i’ll be telling you which ones to avoid because theey are harmful/work temporarily/don’t work at all

-instagram makeup artists lie. a lot. you don’t need to buy a $70 face mask to have nice skin, and you don’t need to buy a gold elixir to have soft lips. even so, most face masks are temporary and will only make your skin clear for a day or so. 

-drinking pineapple juice before sex doesn’t do anything. it takes days for the fruit to actually settle into your body.

-douching is fucking terrible for your vagina because 1) it only pushes bacteria farther into your vag 2) NOTHING IS SUPPOSED TO GO UP YOUR VAGINA IT WILL CLEAN ITSELF

-anything that smells like perfume is not meant to go on your face. scented products will irritate your skin/make it itchy. go for something unscented/naturally scented with things like aloe vera, etc.

-don’t invest too much time or money into getting rid of acne scars, they usually fade on their own, and products for fading acne scars usually aren’t that pricey. unless in your case you have extremely bad scarring that calls for laser surgery, don’t stress about it. 

-coconut oil is bad. it’s bad for shaving, it’s bad as a moisturizer, it’s not supposed to go on your skin. coconut oil is supposed to go in your hair and ONLY in your hair. keep it off of your skin. 

-on top of that, rubbing coconut oil on your stretchmarks doesn’t work. in fact, none of the “hoe” tips about stretchmarks actually work. if you really want to get rid of them, invest in a good fading cream.

-like i said previously, nothing is supposed to go up your vagina. not water, not perfume, soap, nothing. you can clean your vulva with a scentless soap, but don’t ever put soap up your vag. your vagina was made to clean itself, and putting things up their will tip your ph.

-layering your skin 8 types of different acne medication will not get rid of your acne.

-it doesn’t matter how much pineapples and cranberries you eat. if your diet is trash your vagina won’t taste any different.

-if you have cystic acne the twitter/tumblr skin tips aren’t going to work for you. invest in a good acne medication, see a dermatologist if possible, because i know first hand that drenching yourself in tea tree oil does not work.

-stay away from skin products that have gold in them. gold is actually and irritant and the tightening you feel when you use a gold infused product is your skin reacting to the gold.

-pore strips can be very damaging and literally rip your skin off if you use them to often

-those spinny brushes that every ig makeup artist promotes damage your skin if you use them everyday. you don’t want to exfoliate your face more than once a week or your skin will become extremely sensitive.

-ACNE IS GENETIC. IF YOU HAVE CYSTIC ACNE THE AMOUNT OF WATER YOU DRINK WON’T GIVE YOU CLEAR SKIN. it doesn’t matter if you drink 2 gallons of water every day. acne is genetic and no amount of water will change that. if you really want clear skin, talk to your doctor/dermatologist, or invest in a good face wash and/or acne cream. what works for girls with natural clear skin isn’t going to work for you.


Little story
I have as you can see a birthmark covering about a third of my face
I’ve had a real love hate relationship with it

As a very young child when I was still living in Scotland people wouldn’t ask about it and many people assumed my parents hit me
They’d look at me and glare and my parents
But they didn’t care
They just worried about me
They knew there was a chance that once I hit my teens it would swell and sag as that can be rather common
So I did have laser surgery on it to prevent

But my parents didn’t completely remove it because they always said that would be my choice.

Most of the time growing up (I was in England at this point) I didn’t even notice it aside from when I got the few disgusted faces every now and again.

However in school and especially high school it felt like everyday I was explaining what is was, I didn’t mind doing so, but the way people asked kind of stung. They asked in a way that made me feel like I had something wrong with me, that I wasn’t normal, that it was something unpleasant.

I was bullied a lot in school but not specifically for my birthmark, to this day I still don’t know why. (I just go with ‘because people suck") but they did use it a few times amongst other insults and such.
But to get rid of anything they could pick on me for I started growing out and parting my hair in a way that would cover it completely and wearing a lot of makeup.
I even went as far as going to a charity called Changing Faces which provides special makeup and other things to people with facial differences and began to fully cover my birthmark with it.

However I never wanted to get rid of it

Because I still loved it

When I look at myself in a mirror it looks a lot like Scotland where I was born. If I get any spots there they can’t be seen
And to me it was pretty

As long as I was in the house.

Though there were many others who didn’t care about it or didn’t ask rudely about it and a small few who said it was nice and I thank them.

But then I moved to America

Since coming here I have never received a dirty or disgusted look from someone
Barely anyone asks about it
And even when they do its in such a nice way

Even someone, who in the way they seemed and the feeling I got form them reminded me of the people who bullied me, asked me what it was and after I told them they said it was really beautiful.

And all those people around me who just didn’t care about it and accepted it and my truly amazing friends who always make me feel so great about myself.

I stopped covering my face
I stopped wearing makeup everyday
I even felt confident enough to cut my hair short and fully show my face

Before I’d look at my birthmark and feel nothing but a bit of sadness
Now when I very often forget about it and when I do notice it I fee so happy and I love it

And it great for funny things like twin day at school getting to copy it onto my friends faces

I’m so happy I never decided to get rid of it
And I honestly don’t ever think I will remove it

It’s a part of me
Where I come from
It reminds me what I’ve gone through
and how I’ll never be like I was again

I love my birthmark

Hey, just wanted to say I might be inactive again because I have work and cosplay to finish. Then I’m going to a convention and 2 days later I’m going to have a laser surgery so I won’t be able to draw for a while @v@’ And I don’t believe you would be interested in seeing hand studies I’m gonna do for a next few days heheh

Anyway, I’m doing Underfell Sans cosplay for Pyrkon, with mask and all! Maybe I post some photos later. Any Polish folks [and maybe non Polish, who knows?] are going to this con too?

Evelyn had her laser frenectomy surgery today.

She had to have both her lip and tongue lasered. Apparently the snip that that doctor did a month ago, didn’t work too well. While it was a pleasant experience (the staff were amazing), it was also horrible because I had to sit in the chair and cover her nose and eyes with my hands while also restraining her. It felt like I was smothering her. I wanted to cry. They assured me she could breathe out of her mouth.

She was pretty hysterical afterwards and wouldn’t take any bottle. Finally calmed her down and she zonked out. She stayed asleep until we got home, where she took an entire bottle, only to throw most of it back up. Her latch obviously won’t improve dramatically straight away, but I can tell it’s a bit better already. I think she threw up due to her pain and also being frantic while feeding. She was clearly hungry, but in pain so she was crying while taking it which wouldn’t of helped.

I also spoke to lactation consultant and she told me that it’s not too late to start relactating so I can breast feed again because Evelyn will feed a lot better now. She gave me a lot of info, which I’m still trying to process. I am unsure of what I want to do. I know it wouldn’t be easy to start again. I had come to peace with my decision to formula feed and now I am unsure. She also recommended the “pigeon” brand bottles to help with latch and her reflux so I went and bought some. I’ve literally spent hundreds of dollars on bottles. Hoping these help, but this is the bottle I used when she threw up before. Not going to dismiss it straight away.

I was also referred to a chiropractor that specialised in “bodyworks” for craniosacral therapy. It’s used to unwind, relax and reorganise soft tissue. It’s recommended for after laser frenectomy surgery. She said it would help a lot with all the built up tension and wind she would have as a result of her poor latch and the air she’s been taking in over the past 7 weeks of her life. I’ve already booked an appointment for this Saturday. If the chiro can release some of her tension, that’d be great and she might be a lot less fussy during and after her feeds.

So that’s that really. Really hoping it improves. Poor babe is sleeping in her swing now because she didn’t want to be put down. I only put her in there for a moment so I could quickly feed the dogs and she fell asleep.

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Hello~ I'm the anon that asked about the Dongwoo pool clip a few days ago lol I've been watching so many Infinite videos over the last week and I'm in love with them 😍 I was wondering, could you tell me some of your favorite or interesting facts about each member? Thank you so much :) I really love your blog 💖

Okay you’re my favourite anon at the moment because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT INFINITE OMG COME SIT BY THE FIRE AND LET ME TELL YOU THINGS!


  • Birthday: 28th April 1989
  • Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He was in a rock band at high school
  • He auditioned for SM and JYP before getting into Woollim (who he auditioned for because he was a huge fan of Nell)
  • Sunggyu used to be pretty nervous around dogs, but after doing Birth of a Family with INFINITE he got a lot better
  • He’s actually really clever, when he puts his mind to it. You can see how intelligent he is on The Genius
  • Watch him on 4things Show because it really gives you a good insight into his personality
  • He doesn’t have a good stomach when it comes to foreign food and always takes Korean food with him when he travels abroad
  • Even though he is strict and the other members often mock him, he’s a good leader and truly cares about them. Just watch the first episode of Showtime and you will see what I mean
  • When they were in Japan for concerts recently, both Sungyeol and Sungjong had their birthdays there and Sunggyu personally went out to buy them clothes as gifts
  • He has an allergy to certain types of metals and so he has to be careful about the jewelry he wears (I have the same allergy :3)


  • Birthday: 22nd November 1990
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He used to be a dance teacher before he joined Infinite
  • He is really close to his family. His mum has been on TV shows with him, and he posts pictures of his niece Sebin all the time. Sadly, his dad passed away a few weeks ago. Both his parents always attended his concerts, even ones abroad. He had a box he kept full of receipts and notes of things his parents had got for him so that he could eventually pay them back
  • He’s a really kindhearted and caring person who puts others first and is totally loving towards the other members and the fans
  • He always takes the time to read fan letters, and there are numerous pictures of him doing it at airports before boarding flights
  • He self composed his solo stage for the That Summer 3 Concerts this year
  • His laugh could probably cure all diseases in the world
  • He dressed as a woman on this show and was prettier than I can ever hope to be
  • Dongwoo is a very very heavy sleeper
  • One time he farted on national TV


  • Birthday: 8th February 1991
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He tried pole dancing on Star King
  • He originally wanted go be a solo singer when he auditioned for Woollim
  • Pre-debut, he was a model for a shopping mall and catalogs
  • Woohyun has an older brother called Boohyun who owns a barbecue restaurant in Seoul
  • He is really close friends with SHINee’s Key and was in the sub-unit ToHeart with him
  • This is my favourite performance of Woohyun’s, from Immortal Song earlier this year when he got the highest score for an idol on the show
  • His audition song for Woollim was Lately by Stevie Wonder
  • He’s known for being the creator of the finger heart, or at least for popularising it
  • He may seem like a total greaseball and like he’s never serious, but he’s a really sweet, thoughtful and loving person. Sometimes he just has too much love, I think. He loves the fans so much, he even wrote and composed a song for them: 함께 (Together)


  • Birthday: 28th March 1991
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Blood Type: AB
  • He is an a-ma-zing dancer, and his performance with Choi Hyojin on Hit The Stage is a thing of absolute beauty that I will never get over
  • He has a YouTube channel called REAL HOYA where he occasionally  posts covers of songs ~
  • Hoya dropped out of high school to follow his dream of being a dancer (but he did get his high school diploma later on)
  • He has acted in dramas, one of my favourites being Reply 1997
  • He is known for his pretty R-rated solo stages
  • He’s got a lot of sass, is known for his sharp tongue and judging faces, and often makes weird jokes only he seems to find funny. He’s also a little awkward baby
  • Hoya has been writing and composing a lot, and a song he co-composed is on the new album - One Day. He also wrote this song, which he performed for 4things Show.
  • He used to have to wear glasses, but had laser eye surgery last year
  • He has two brothers, one older, one younger. And! His birth name was Hodong, but his parents changed it to Howon as their was a popular comedian/MC called Hodong at the time


  • Birthday: 27th August 1991
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He used to study acting at the SM Academy before becoming a trainee at Woollim. He originally didn’t want to be a singer
  • One of his nicknames was Choding (elementary school student) because he was known as a prankster and joker, but he has tried to move away from that image in recent years
  • He has acted in dramas (Please Remember Princess, High School Love On, D-Day and more)
  • Sungyeol always aims to entertain, and his solo/special stages are always amazing
  • During Sesame Player, Sungyeol went through the members’ stuff while they slept and also fed them vinegar bananas
  • He has a younger brother called Daeyeol who is a Woollim trainee
  • He had a cat called Jureumi (which means ‘wrinkles’) but she lives with a member of Woollim staff now. He also has a dog called Aga (baby).
  • He was scouted for Woollim instead of auditioning and was the last member to join INFINITE
  • Sungyeol is a really sweet, funny, kind and caring person. Even though people often mistake him for being childish and silly, he’s a very sensitive guy who takes any criticism to heart and is always trying to be the best he can be


  • Birthday: 13th March 1992
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: O
  • Myungsoo was scouted for Woollim too, probably because of his flowerboy looks. He is INFINITE’s visual.
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair
  • People say he has two sides to him: L and Myungsoo
  • He has acted in lots of dramas, including ones in Japan. He speaks Japanese well. 
  • He has a cat called Byul (Star)
  • He is known for doing a lot of charity work with disabled children and with animals too
  • Myungsoo loves photography and has actually released his own photobooks in both Korea and Japan (L’s Bravo Viewtiful). You can often spot him with a camera and even his instagram is full of artsy shots.
  • He can play the guitar
  • The other members always tease him for constantly wearing black, but he knows he looks good so who really cares :3


  • Birthday: 3rd September 1993
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He is known for being extremely good at girl group dances
  • He is definitely the “maknae on top” and although he gets teased a lot by the other members, it’s clear that they adore him
  • One time he pretended to be a zombie and has never lived it down
  • One time he awkwardly acted in a drama and has never lived it down (lemon candy)
  • Sungjong is really interested in fashion and often attends shows during Seoul Fashion Week. He always looks freaking flawless, just look through some of his fantaken photos…
  • He is also known for doing charity work
  • He lived with the CEO of Woollim for a while as a trainee so that they could make sure he was attending school
  • He has a teddy bear which he hits whenever he is mad
  • Sungjong has had hate for years over the way he looks or acts, and it means he sometimes overthinks things and worries about his image. Recently he lost 10kg for this comeback by only eating a spoon of food a day. It’s worrying! So we gotta make sure we give him a ton of extra love ~

More important videos to watch:

I hope you find this useful and please do love INFINITE a lot!!! 

this news just in: I am a fucking nerd

a couple of weeks ago I went to the optometrist to see if I was eligible for laser eye surgery, which involved having an eye exam

and one of the tests they did on me involved looking at a very bright, moving blue light, and I’m sitting there, a grown-ass woman with my not-quite-two-year-old-child in tow, perching my head in this clunky machine while the optometrist explains what he’s doing

and I just stare at this stupid blue light and whisper

“there is no war in ba sing se”

Glasses part two
  • Nick walks into the lobby wearing glasses
  • Clawhauser: Nick what's with the glasses
  • Nick: ugh I've lost my contact lenses
  • Clawhauser: i didn't even know you had contact lenses
  • Nick: yeah I try to keep it a secret but now these chunky things don't help
  • Judy walks into the room notices Nick and blushes
  • Nick: I was thinking of maybe getting laser eye surgery
  • Judy: NOPE
  • Clawhauser: when did you get here Judy?
  • Judy: doesn't matter
  • Nick: why can't I have laser eye surgery? They're my eyes
  • Judy: because I said so
  • Nick: you're not the boss of me. *smirks* I think there is something you're not telling me
  • Judy: what? No!
  • Nick: yes there is come on you can tell me
  • Judy blushes harder
  • Nick: well?
  • Judy: it's just. You look really good
  • Nick: huh?
  • Judy runs off embarrassed
  • Clawhauser: woah
  • Nick: looks like the eye surgery can wait. I've got a bunny to catch

i wish i was a support main so i could spend time posting about how sr gain differences are ruining my experience instead of having five people yell in my ear about a single genji and i have to perform laser surgery on him and get perfect six-man gravitons because apparently the two dps on my team are too busy browsing the latest elle magazine while sipping a bloody mary and can only press their push-to-talk and remind us the genji is still on this material plane instead of helping to kill him

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I just saw your post about Harry's writing influences. I think he can evoke a lot of emotions in his songs (and his voice) but less ballady if you know what I mean? It has a bit more of a rock edge? I'd love to know your thoughts!


Thank you for the ask.

Harry has a unique voice that has a raspy, rough edge. I noticed that in early, live versions of “What Makes You Beautiful,” his voice was not well-supported when he sang softly– he tended to rely on boosting his volume for expression (remember when he ran out of breath on stage, cried, googled “Harry shit”? The wee little baby muffin 😢). @itwilltoteshappen has talked about it extensively. Consequently, he developed some bad habits, especially as the concert venues got larger, of belting sound out.

If done consistently, this can lead to vocal damage, such as vocal cord nodules or hemorrhagic vocal cords. That’s why singers get put on voice rest–there is no medicine or surgery that can reverse a bruised vocal cord. Adele had to have laser surgery on her vocal cords. NO SURGERY AT ALL is the preferred treatment–any surgery can leave scarring, which changes the voice.

You notice that Adele also has this raspiness to her voice? It makes for an extra edge to the voice, more rock ‘n roll, less top 40, if you know what I mean. In technical terms, a voice with a raspy edge has a lower harmonic-to-noise ratio–a little bit of air goes through the vocal cords that isn’t used to make the sound. It makes the voice sound rough, raspy, growly. Opera singers and Broadway singers train to get rid of any noise in their voices, but noise actually gives rock singers some cool factor, a rebellious sexiness.

If you watch old movies, 20-year-old Lauren Bacall has this sexy raspiness in her voice when she asked Humphrey Bogart, “You know how to whistle don’t you, Steve? Just put your lips together, and blow.” (To Have and Have Not, 1944). It’s no coincidence that Bogart married her in real life.

Some voices that have this characteristic in rock music are Steve Tyler, Paul McCartney (at times), Axl Rose, Jon Bob Jovi, Rod Stewart (oh, remember when Harry said to a guy in the audience with “Rod Stewart hair,” “Sir, I think you’re sexy and I want your body”?– you bet Harry knows Rod Stewart songs).

Harry has always been able to put a lot of emotion in his voice. The other singer in 1D who can project a lot of emotion with just the voice is Louis. Think about this–you have almost as much emotional information from an audio recording as a video. You don’t really need to see their faces, right? That’s different from a lot of singers, who project kind of a bland, generic emotion. I wonder whether it’s because Harry/Louis have actually experienced some intense emotions, whereas other may not have. I think Niall and Liam have also really improved their emotional projection when singing.

With Harry and Louis, what they project always sounds honest, real. They can put little sighs and turns into their voices to do this. Harry also has a voice that I describe as “somewhere between praying and crying,” a voice I immediately feel drawn to. It’s sympathetic and it’s sexy as hell. Really, a person who sings like that shouldn’t look like that. It’s criminally unfair. A person like him comes along once a generation.

Harry and Louis are able to project their emotions like this because they have training, both when singing loudly, but more importantly when singing softly. Harry now supports his soft passages really well. Listen to the tail end of his phrases–the voice doesn’t just fade away. The sound is supported until he stops singing. That’s the sign of good support and good training. For example in Never Enough, “I don’t need my love” in the chorus isn’t just shouted out. It’s actually carefully sung. In “I Want to Write You a Song,” “Everything I need I get from you” is also carefully sung, so that every note is balanced in volume, and the end of the phrase doesn’t just fade, it’s intentionally ended.

@itwilltoteshappen and I have a pet peeve where, when the boys are on the road, they’re tired, they play a lot of venues, and they fall into bad habits, especially Harry.

And Louis, if you ever read this–cut down your smoking. God. Do I even need to lecture you? You can drink a tankful of water, but smoking is going to ruin your voice.

I just got an ask about Harry and Louis’s duets, and I’ll answer that soon–I’ll go into more detail about why they sound so good together. I could talk about that for days.

Thank you for the ask.

Have a good one! 💖💖


Koreaboo friend-aru 눈u 눈

Mkay so, I have this really sweet friend we’ve been friends since kindergarten but the thing is she’s a HARDcore koreaboo. Like next level shit. This post is like half of it.

Exhibit A: She wants to bleach her skin so its white/pale like a Korean (she’s Egyptian and native so her skin is fairly dark).

Exhibit B: She wants to get her freckles and moles removed with laser surgery because “people in Korea don’t have those”. And I guess to tide that over because she’s only 16, she wears foundation that’s like 15 shades lighter than her skin color its so awful.
Exhibit C: We had exchange students from japan come to our school last year and she started dating one of them even though they were here for like a week and a half. And she was DEVASTATED he wanted to break up after a month. Crazy long distance.

There’s all that and of course the obsession with kpop and everything Korean. She’ll even do presentations in Korean with translations at the bottom it hurts. I love her to death but this is actually destructive and going way too far. I gringe :(

When you talked about the Japanese students I was half expecting her to just attack them over war crimes.



I woke up with my head still buried in the crease of Alex’s neck. His arms were tightly wrapped around my waist to a point where I could barely move.

A part of me was happy that he broke his promise and stayed with me until he fell asleep himself but another part of me knew I shouldn’t be.

I scooted my body up to a point where i was able to see his face and what i saw made my heart break slightly.

His had his eyes tightly closed and there were tears rolling down his cheeks; it was evident that he was having a bad dream.

Keep reading

I’ve always wondered why the fuck Harry just didn’t get his eyesight corrected. I mean, I know it’s to show how vunrerable he is, but I feel like we would have gotten it fixed.

(Taiga’s note: they didn’t have laser eye surgery in the 1990’s, when the book took place. though he could certainly get it done when he got older. or maybe he was just horrified at the idea of pointing lasers in his eyeballs, because i know i am.)

(edit 2: i was thinking maybe Harry’s eyesight was messed up beyond magical repair when You-Know-Who did You-Know-What. then again, there were plenty of wizards who wore glasses. idk what to think now!)

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Well I don't have stretch marks Cuz I'm not gross. There's so many ways to get rid of them so to sit on your ass and say you're proud of them because you're too lazy to get rid of them is pathetic. You probably weigh 300lbs am I right?

Oh hon. I just showed you pictures of Amy Winehouse, Selena Gomez & Kate Moss but by all means, keep saying stretch marks are gross and only occur for fat people. As for methods of removal, there actually aren’t that many: Bio-oil only slightly reduces the appearance of stretch marks, as does most lotions. The only process that severely (but not completely) reduces their appearance is plastic surgery/laser treatments, and I’d have to have a lower IQ than you do to fork over that much cash just to change the natural appearance of my skin. 

And I don’t know:

am I 300 pounds?

Are you right?

Judging by the erroneous statements you’ve made throughout our conversation, I think it’s safe to say otherwise. And even if I were 300lb, I’d still be hot as hell. But sweetheart, let me do you favor and tell you what you’re apparently incapable of realizing: you’re not going to gain any leverage in this conversation. The original post that incited your message has 42 thousand notes and has yet to slow down. My previous reply to aforementioned message got over 100. No one’s going to see this message and think you’re right. You don’t have any support in this, and you’re just gonna keep wasting your time. 

I understand that we all need to vent, but maybe you should talk to your followers about this- or, better yet, write down your feelings in a text document or journal. You obviously have some strong emotions running around currently, and I think you should really try to analyze where all this body-negativity is stemming from, rather than trying to avoid it via antagonistic online messages. Is this due to your own body confidence dilemmas? Was there a childhood event or environment that caused all this anger? Perhaps the fat kids in school were picked on, and you had to join in so you could fit in? Or were you the fat kid yourself?

I really think the key to letting go of all of this bottled-up resentment is to allow yourself to be honest about how you’re feeling and why. It can be hard, I know, but everyone deserves to make peace with their psyches. I wish you the best of luck in uncovering the root of all this turmoil within you, and hope you can learn to accept your body and that of others! ∪ ◡ ∪)ノ♥

slashcat2000  asked:

I seen you post about Lewis having laser eye surgery, I'm just wondering how it went, because I'm considering getting it at some point in my life because glasses are just annoying in general with having to keep them clean, no sunglasses, 3D movies get annoying, not to mention the price of them.

It went great, thanks for asking! A few words of advice for laser-eye treatment, since you’re interested and I’ve been talking to my optician about getting it when I’m ready:

  1. there’s no point getting it done unless you need glasses the whole time - your eyesight will deteriorate naturally when you get older (40-50), so you’ll probably end up back where you started if you were just putting them on to read (that’s less aimed at you personally, and more generic advice).
  2. my optician recommends getting it done no earlier than 30 years old, just in case your eyes change in your 20s.
  3. contact lenses are a great alternative if you aren’t yet old enough, or your eyes are still changing. I’m on contact lenses and have been for over 5 years, and they’re great.
  4. if you get it done, do it properly, don’t half-arse it because it’s cheaper. It’s your health, so if you do it cheaply, it could make matters worse!
Bold what applies to you





I love my name

My name is just my name

I wish I was named something else 

I hate my name

My name is hard to pronounce

My name is boring

I have a nickname


My age:

I am considered a minor

I am over 18

I am under 13

I am between the ages of 13 and 18

I wish I was older

I wish I was younger

I like my age it doesnt suck

I know how to drive

I drink/smoke and I am underage


My appearance:

I have brown hair

I have blonde hair

I have black hair

I have red hair

I have an unnatural hair color

I’ve dyed my hair before

I’ve gotten highlights/low lights before

I have curly hair

I have straight hair

I have wavy hair

I have frizzy hair

I straighten my hair regularly

I have brown eyes

I have blue eyes

I have grey eyes

I have green eyes

I have hazel eyes

My eyes change color

I use color contacts

I have glasses

I use regular contacts

I got laser eye surgery.

I am under 5’4”

I am over 5’4”

I am under or on 5 foot

I am over or on 6 foot

I love my height

I hate my height

I am happy with my size

I wish i was a bit skinnier

I wish I was a bit larger

I wish I was a bit taller

I wish I was a bit shorter 

I am trying to lose weight

I have gone on fad diets before

I have taken diet pills and laxatives

I have fasted before

I have purged before

I have/had an eating disorder

My shoe size is a 3-5

My shoe size is 6-8

My shoe size is a 9 or above

It’s hard for me to find shoes that fit  



I shop at stores like Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle

I shop at Hot Topic

I shop at stores like PacSun and Zumiez

I shop at stores like Bloomingdales and Saks

I shop at stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters

I shop at Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart

I shop at H&M , Zara , C&A , New Yorker and River Island

I hate shopping

I love shopping

I own clothes I bought more than 5 years ago

I own a designer purse

I love over-sized tote bags

I hate skinny jeans

I wear high-waisted jeans

I love buying shoes

I own a pair of converse

I love Uggs

I love flip-flops

I get my nails done regularly

I wear perfume

I hate pedicures

I wear fake eyelashes

I wear a lot of makeup

I wear a decent amount of makeup 

I wear a small bit of makeup

I don’t wear any makeup

I wear eyeliner every day

I wear lipstick every day

I wear lip liner every day

I love Burt’s Bees

I feel uncomfortable wearing mini skirts

I wear a lot of low cut shirts to show cleavage

I like high heels

I can’t walk in high heels

I love wedges

I love jeans

I wear thongs and g-strings only if im wearing leggings or a dress/skirt

I wear granny panties

I wear regular underwear

I’ve bought one+ bra from Victoria’s Secret 

I buy all of my bras from Victoria’s Secret

I love Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line



I am in middle school

I am in high school

I am a high school dropout

I am home schooled

I went to a private school

I went to a Catholic school

I have skipped a grade

I have been held back a grade

I have Honors marks

I am in one or more advanced classes

I am in regular classes

My favorite class is English

I love science

I hate English

I love math

I am currently failing one or more classes

I have straight A’s

I have straight B’s

I have C’s or D’s

I love all of my teachers

I love some of my teachers

I hate all of my teachers

I hate some of my teachers

I want to graduate now

I love high school

I am in one or more school clubs

I am in school sports

I am on a Varsity or JV team

I am in drama club


My friends:

I have a best friend

I have multiple best friends

I have many acquaintances

My friends are crazy but I love them

My friends and I do everything together

I have a lot of guy friends

I have equal girl and guy friends

I have had the same best friend since kindergarten

My best friends change like I change my underwear

My friends and I get into many fights



I love my parents

My parents annoy me

My parents are embarrassing

My parents are strict

My parents don’t care what I do

I tell my parents everything

I don’t tell my parents much

I have 1+ brother

I have 1+ sister 

I have 1+ step-brother

I have 1+ step-sister 

I am the oldest

I am in the middle

I am the youngest

I am an only child

I have a sibling in college/university 

I babysit my siblings

I love my grandparents

One or more of my grandparents are alive

I have family reunions


Other stuff:

I am a grammar nazi

I love erasers

Chocolate is sex

I am pro-choice

I am pro-life

I believe in evolution

I believe in creation

I am a Democrat

I am a Republican

I don’t know what I am

I love Bush

I check the computer daily

I use MSN

I love Facebook

I love MySpace

I love Twitter

I love Tumblr

I hate people that TYpE liiKe ThIIs 0r Th!$ oR tHiSsIsSSs

I love Chinese food

I’m happy