to have been a fly on the wall

One of my favorite little backstage things is when people recognize someone else’s job as more important than their own and move the fuck out of the way.

Anticipated or not, we’ve all been there. You’ll be meandering back to the dressing rooms to rest your feet before the next scene when you see the prop runner bolting toward you. Turning, you instinctively hug the wall just as they fly past. You go on your way.

Or you have just descended the stairs when, “Fuck!” Before you know it you’ve turned around and every actor ascending to make their entrance pins themselves to the rail while you pound up the stairs. You accidentally bump into a guy on the way, but you both forget the encounter.

Or that moment every show when you step to the side with your arms out. Seconds later, an actress drops her prop in your hands as she dashes to her quick change.

It’s (usually) wordless, instead relying on bounding feet and focused eyes to communicate that their job is more important than yours in that moment. Knowing theatre is full of mishaps, we rarely follow up or know what it was about, but trust that it was all to serve the show.


Built in the 13th century, Houska Castle in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the country’s most haunted landmarks. It was built with no fortifications, no water, no kitchen, away from major trade routes, and with no occupants at its time of completion. The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because a large hole, nicknamed “The Gateway to Hell” needed to be covered up. People believe that, by building this huge castle, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level and they built the thickest walls closest to the hole to keep the supposed demons at bay, away from nearby villages. Spooky tales of humanoid creatures and dark-winged creatures flying out of this hole have been reported for centuries, and the ominous castle is host to further paranormal occurrences.


Oh, boy. To have been a fly on the wall of the Pierrot meeting where this plan was constructed.

The Clowns, at least those higher up, totally know what Furuta is doing with the CCG. He isn’t playing them. Those Clown mobs are headed to their death and Donato knows that. He planned it that way. I wouldn’t be surprised of the clown troops know it to. Considering the balloon clowns take their own heads off in the explosions. And the ghouls in front of Suzuya were just standing in a row and laughing.

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Headcannons about artsy Gryffindors? Like crafts and art and such?

  • when they start a new project they take up every space available to them like every bit of floor is covered in stuff
  • lying down by the lake in the summer and painting the mountains
  • having chats with the fat lady about different art techniques and eras of paintings
  • which ends up being super useful because she’s much more lenient when you show up in the corridor past midnight and the password’s been changed
  • talking to dean about how much you both love art while seamus rolls his eyes and starts tapping his wand on the table
  • which very nearly sets fire to your painting and you never let him live that down
  • painting on the dormitory walls
  • and then deciding to try and enchant the paintings to move because how cute would it be to have a little snitch flying around the walls??
  • but then the spell turns out to be more complicated than you thought
  • and long story short there’s now a square foot hole in the dormitory which MCGONAGALL MUST KNOW NOTHING ABOUT


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What I loved that no matter how much angst was flying around you would managed to put little things that were just so funny. Chistophe asking Yuri about "eating Russian" and the bit where the boys tripped and fell during the sex scene^^ I would love to have been a fly on the wall during Yuri and Victor's "random hookup that you mentioned on your last post :D

I am intending to write it someday so you will get to see it eventually ;)


Imagine saving Peter from Apocalypse when your powers fully emerge…

“Peter!” You immediately run to his side when you see Apocalypse trap him in sand and break his leg. “You absolute bag of dickheads!” You shout at the god as you use all the strength you have in you to send your power flying in his direction.

It works only for a short while until Apocalypse shoots a blast of sand your way that has you sailing into the nearest wall and rendering you unconscious. “Y/N!” Peter shouts in distress.

“Professor - Professor, you have to help Y/N.” Jeans says as she sits beside Charles, gently shaking at his shoulder.

Charles stretches out his mind with the little strength he has left to reach out to yours. “Professor?” You ask curiously and look around. It appears as if you’ve been transported back to the school.

“I’m afraid this isn’t real, love.” Charles says as he moves towards you. “But what’s going on outside of here is so I’m going to have to ask you to focus, Y/N. You need to unleash your true potential onto Apocalypse.”

You nod and suddenly you’re back in reality as your power engulfs you and everything around you. It takes only moments of your assault coupled with Magneto, Jean, and Ororo to defeat Apocalypse.

You run as fast as you can back over to Peter where you easily break his leg free with a well aimed blast and pull him into a tight hug. “Never do anything stupid like that again.”

“Sorry no promises, babe.” Peter huffs a laugh as he leans into you before stealing a kiss.

House Party

Simon x Reader

Summary: literally just making out w simon at a house party lmao id say tho that everyones collectively 19 years old in this bc i accidently made it at his parents house but what can ya do

Warnings: none but theres hints at like sexual acts or whatevs near the end 

A/N: this is the first fanfic/imagine ive had the guts to actually post so like send me suggestions for the other lads if you want fam

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Azriel: What We Know by the End


-he still isn’t sure where he fits in even though he’s deeply loved

-wins the wing span contest

-hears and speaks to shadows (shadowsinger)

-is the one with most control over his emotions, making him the only one that doesn’t show if he’s bothered by torturing (and therefore even more mysterious than he tries to appear)

-totally in love with Mor (platonic or not)

-and Cassian (duh)

-quiet but observant which helps him be there for his Court and his friends (honestly the most he speaks in this book is to Feyre after she asks him to fly her through the wall)

-is overall freaking adorable I mean just look at that quiet lil bat babe

-should have been Elain’s mate but sure ok I guess Lucien makes sense instead for a dramatic plot and character development point, sure, I’m ok, no really, I’m fine, Mor just needs to get to loving him plz so Morziel can happen

a rant about nursing

It upsets me that nurses are notorious for “eating their young.” There is NO REASON for a nurse to be like that. I don’t care if your assignment sucks and you don’t want to work with a student. I don’t care if you think the student shadowing you is too quiet or doesn’t have the “right personality” for your certain setting: chances are they are quiet because they can sense the disdain oozing from you, and they probably don’t want to specialize in whatever area you’re in anyway!

I have been a registered nurse now for seven years. I have mentored new grads, I have worked with students going through their clinical rotations, and I have worked closely with students in their final year as their preceptor. I have not been rude to a student or made them feel insignificant or talked down to them. 

You know what I do when I see a student in our PICU looking like a frightened fly on the wall? I walk up to them, smiling! I tell them my name, I ask theirs, and ask them if they have questions, what things would they like to see, and ask them if they would like to come see one of my patients later (if it’s okay with the family members) because I am caring for a child with a rare genetic disorder or taking care of an infant on a high frequency ventilator that they may not ever see again in their career. Later in the shift I like to show them the resources we have both online and as reference guides on the unit, or ask them about medications my patients are on to boost their self confidence, because hey, they know what that medication does and why the patient would be on it!

The same goes for any of our new hires. I like to try to mentor those who are open to it, and grab them when I can to help them practice their skills (central line dressing changes, helping to turn an intubated patient or retape an ET tube, etc). If the older / experienced nurses aren’t passing on their knowledge to the new people, how can they expect them to know about things? It irritates me when I hear someone talking badly about a new hire or a student because they didn’t know about X Y or Z. Like NO KIDDING?!? they’re new!! TEACH THEM. HELP THEM. Luckily, the unit I work on has a team of amazing people who all try to teach one another and not be complete dickwads.

I hope that in 10, 15, 20, and maybe 30 years from now I still approach new hires or students in this same manner. The last thing I want in my career as a nurse is to become one of those nurses that treats the new generation of nurses as a burden and doesn’t “have time” for students or for teaching new skills,

To all you nursing students out there right now who are experiencing the feeling of being “in the way” or are being looked down upon by other nurses, I’m sorry. All I can ask is that you forgive them for their lack of compassion. They don’t appreciate all the sleep-deprived nights you have as you spend 10 hours on your care plans, and the sacrifices you made with your social lives, and the anxiety you have over next week’s midterms. They must have forgotten what it was like to be in your shoes.

When you student nurses become seasoned nurses, please remember what it was like to be a frightened student and do your best to mentor and teach the new generation.


Exorcism of Roland Doe

Known as the “real” story behind the novel and Hollywood movie The Exorcist, the tale of fourteen year-old Roland Doe is one of the most notorious stories of demonic possession. In fact, Roland Doe is not his real name; it is a pseudonym assigned to him by the Catholic church in order to preserve the boy’s privacy. 

In the late 1940s, Doe’s aunt encouraged him to use a Ouija board, and many speculate that after her death the boy attempted to contact his aunt with the Ouija board, an act which opened the door for the demons who wished to possess him.

The possession started with strange sounds, like dripping water, that no one could place. Eventually, religious artifacts began to quake and fly off the walls, and unexplained footsteps and scratching noises could be heard around the home. Scratches began to appear on the boy’s body, including words that seemed to have been carved into his flesh by unseen claws. The boy spoke in tongues in a guttural voice and levitated in the air, with his body contorted in pain.

His family brought in a Catholic priest, who determined that the boy was possessed by evil spirits and needed an exorcism. The exorcism ritual was performed over thirty times, with the boy injuring the priest many times throughout. When, at last, the rite was successful, the entire hospital heard Doe’s cries of bestial anguish and reported a horrible sulfuric odor hanging in the air. (Source)

Honestly I don’t know who would have recommended this: Nedzu, who is known for his adorable eccentricity and would think this would be hilarious, or Aizawa, the Softie in Secret who wanted to delight his students and make them feel better. I’m simply perplexed.

To be a fly on the wall when that conversation took place, holy fuck.

For Aizawa, it would have been pretty easy.

  • “Hey, Nedzu, I thought it would be pretty funny for you to pop out of and crawl down my wrappings. It would take some of the stress away from the kids who will be freaking out about the exam. Thoughts?”

  • “I love it! But you’d have to keep a straight face, that would make it funnier.”

  • “As if I would do anything else.”

However, if Nedzu was the convincer:

“Aizawa-kun, your students are going to be awfully stressed about the exam, aren’t they?”

“Yes, but they’ve been preparing very hard, so I have faith in them.”

“Yes, of course! But I was just thinking… we should do something funny to put them at ease.”


“For example! It would be funny to hide in your wrappings, and then pop out when I begin talking to them! I think they would really like that.”

“…is that so?”

“Aizawa-kun, I am your boss.”


One of them is either flying upside down or they’re flying sideways.  I hope they’re being careful

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The last ten ones, sweetpea.

dragon: would you rather grow wings and soar through the sky or grow gills and dwell in the water?

I would definitely rather grow gills and dwell in the water. I’d be a more solitary, sinister water creature, I think. Probably a naiad-type creature that dwells in a a deep, clear freshwater spring

sylph: have you ever wished you were invisible? if so, when?

I have wished I was invisible many times. I’m not particularly sure when, I just know there have been many instances where I wish I was a “fly on the wall” so to speak

angel: what are three things you love about one of your close friends? (you can name them or not)

3 things I love about my best friend is: she’s hilarious, she makes time to come and see me (she lives across the country), she supports me 100%

griffon: what’s your favorite animal?

Foxes :)

valkyrie: is there something that you would fight to defend? if so, what is it?

I would fight to defend my beliefs, my family, and animals. If I see anyone insulting my family or my beliefs or hurting an animal, I lose my cool. 

gnome: what’s your favorite plant or flower?

My favorite plant is clover and my favorite flower is probably honeysuckle or hydrangeas

doppelganger: do you know anyone who looks like you?

No, I don’t know anyone personally who looks like me, but I have many people tell me they were somewhere and saw someone who looked identical to me. Apparently I have a lot of twins running around out there in the great wide world

goblin: what do you fear losing the most?

I fear losing my spirit. As I’ve been getting older, the type of “adult” life has put me in a place of constantly working and doing schoolwork to finish my degree. I just hope to not lose my adventurous spirit and still travel.

mandrake: when was the last time you screamed out loud and what were the circumstances?

I don’t really scream.. I mostly just curse out loud haha. I’m not sure when the last time was though!

Thank you for the ask dear! Warm wishes<3 xoxo

Some ideas for Ghost Vanellope for the Monster Hunter AU. She’s been bound to the same house for years and can’t remember how she died so she can’t pass on to the afterlife. She doesn’t seem to mind being dead, though. Not having a body means she can fly and go through walls, plus she can make some pretty freaky faces and play pranks like never before.

She doesn’t show herself when Ralph first comes to the house, just moving things around and making whiny moaning sounds at night for laughs. They finally make contact when Sorceress arrives and uses a ouija board to talk to the ghost. Vanellope’s first message is to Ralph, asking “Why are your hands so freakishly big?”

After trading comebacks for a bit, she gets frustrated with having to talk through the board and finally shows herself so she can pester Ralph in person. After that she feels comfortable enough to stay visible around these weird new friends and let them stay.

TW for some body horror.

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They likely think you're too stupid to make your own medical decisions due to your having made heinous ones that landed you in this situation in the first place. Maybe the problem is you, and not the 75 trained specialists, genius. And if you don't like the care you're receiving from them, you're welcome to look elsewhere, as I'm sure they can't wait to get rid of you as a patient.

ehhhhhhhhhh. you should have been a fly on the wall for the conversation. 

you sound SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking stupid. You’re lucky I’m in a good mood today