to have and have it all

The Sides As Things I’ve Done At Work:


Coworker: *hits fax machine* “This piece of garbage!”

Me: “Nooo, it has feelings!” *gently rubs fax machine* “It’s okay, buddy, you can do it!”

Fax Machine: *abruptly starts working*

Coworker: “No way!!!”

Me: :D


Coworker: “…oh god, you have a spreadsheet of that, don’t you?”

Me: “I have several spreadsheets. They’re color coded for maximum efficiency.”


Coworker: “How much trouble could I theoretically get into for tripping her into that filing cabinet?”

Me: “Well… let’s do a cost-benefit analysis! She’s not management’s favorite, and her odious personality and rudeness haven’t earned her many friends…hmmm…” *pulls out notepad and starts writing*

Coworker: *awed whisper* “Oh my god, you’re actually doing it. I love you.”


Me: “If I have to post one more check, I’m going to scream or walk into traffic or both!”

Coworker: “So would now be a bad time to tell you the mail’s here?”

Me: *stands and dramatically starts for the door*

Coworker: *sigh* “Get back here!”

Me: *distantly* “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!!”


Coworker: “So how’s it going?”

Me: *hisses at computer screen*

Coworker: “Oh, so like normal then. Good!”


Me and Coworker A: *stare in horror at piles of work on our desks*

Coworker A: “We could fix this with a match.”

Me: *wordlessly holds out a lighter*


Me: “Not with that attitude it isn’t.”

Have a quick scribble of ya boi

I’ve discussed with friends and settled on Mic for his nickname. Everyone in the Casino knows and calls him by that - but for his real name only a few knows.

King Dice sometimes calls him Micboy when he’s feeling snarky enough pffft

Also I didn’t mention this before, but please credit me back if you wanna use him or any of my HCs, thank you! 👌

Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution

Today, the Nekoma cast received a box of Nekoma nitotan charms, and decided they would all draw one at random and unwrap to see who they get!  

Takeru and Naoki pulled their own characters, Takato pulled Tora, Shouri pulled Fukunaga, Bishin pulled Inuoka, Noah pulled Kenma, and Hayate pulled Kuroo!  Then they traded so everyone had their own characters~

Later, Tarou (Inuoka) quickly retweeted the video (x), saying he really wanted one, and they all replied that of course they saved the Inuoka charm for him to claim.


Both Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu are capable of taking first place at a competition. I understand the idea of wanting your favorite to win at all competitions, but this isn’t about your favorite. I see people making fun of the silver medal curse and that’s fine because it’s all in happy bitterness and jokes. But what irks me is how people struggle to reason with the idea that Yuzuru is not a perfect human and attempt to lower Nathan’s achievements because apparently his best shot at winning is when Yuzu messes up. Actually hold on—some people may actually think this so I won’t go into logistics as we all have our opinions. but I will say that peeves me a bit.

All I want to say is that every athlete has his or her’s strengths and weaknesses. Part of accepting Yuzu is accepting his not clean programs. His normal performances, so to say, is not shattering world records or perfection. And when that happens, yes he is often dominant to other male skaters in the same circuit. But you have other exceptional skaters with varying levels of beautiful skating and wowza jumps who are also here to win. Don’t be a Yuzu fan just to shout really loudly about his accomplishments and overlook the scope of the competition he’s facing.



“Who are they? Will those people grant me happiness? Will they save me one day?”


I need a fresh start. What kind of fresh start? Romantically.