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☀️ headcanonnnn

Otayuri appearance:

For Yuri, I am one of those people who imagine him to grow up quite tall. He would still have his lean, slender figure, but become more muscular and broader. I also really like the idea of him growing out his hair and play around with it a little bit: braids, half updos, a high pony tail etc. As soon as it’s possible he would get piercings. He would have rows of silver studs in his ears, a lip piering, nipple piercings. He considers doing his belly button too. I love his clothing style so much and that would remain consistent all throughout his adolescence. He would also like to play around with what are considered to be more feminine pieces. They just suit him so well. I also like the idea of him getting a bit freckly in the summer.

I like Otabek’s hair so much, I would love for him to keep it like that, maybe let the top grow out from time to time so he can put it in a bun. Sometimes he leaves his stubble (Yuri loves the way it scratches). He remains quite short, so his taller lanky boyfriend looms over him like an overgrown cat. He’s quite muscly, with a broad chest and shoulders.He dresses either smartly and quite sophisticated or edgy in worn jeans, leather jackets and old band T-shirts. He prefers clothing in solid colours. I don’t see him getting a lot of piercings apart from a couple in his ears. He is the first of the two to get tattoos though and his first piece is actually quite big and bold. 

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I didn't know who else to share this with but I wanted to get this out I like to picture that Iwa was really skinny as a kid cause his mom wasn't working and had issues at the time, and Oikawa was chubby and spoiled, so it came to a shock to some people when the two grew up to be sexy and fit

OHH THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH ME!!! *hugs you* I love this!!

This has so much potential and possibilities for hcs and hc questions!!

Where is Iwa’s dad? Is there any? Are the parents divorced, is the Dad dead, or did he ran away? Now Iwa’s mom has to take care of her son by herself. What kind of troubles? Will she find a job later? Does she take care of Iwa?

I also can see Iwa not just being skinny but also smaller than other kids his age. But he still always was strong. You know, like lean. Played a lot outside and got athletic…even though he is small and more skinny.
Maybe he had his growing spurt in the end of middle school. I mean he is still smaller than his team mates but they are just fucking giants. With almost 180 cm Iwa isn’t a small 17/18 year old.

Oikawa as a little chubby and spoiled kid is wonderful :D
I also can see him being a bit taller (I also like the idea that Iwa was taller than him when they were kids but I think for this hc it’s not fitting)
So maybe when Oiakwa got older and even taller all the chubby baby fat got placed right and he grow up to be tall, slender and athletic (as he know is in canon) But before that he was this little chubby kid with squishy cheeks.

Thank you very much!! I love that you shared with me, sweet Anon. I’m sorry I took so long to answer this (/)v(/)


Lychnis flos-cuculi, Caryophyllaceae

When I found this very small colony of ragged Robin on the hills north of Glasgow it was already past its prime time, but so far it is the only occasion in which I have encountered it. This beautiful perennial native to Europe, but naturalised in North America, with tall, slender flowering stalks generally grows in wet meadows and bogs and I found it with its feet almost in running water, in a ditch at the side of the path I was following. Unfortunately, it shares a similar fate with the blue cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), as its occurrence in the wild has declined in the British Isles due to agricultural practices, in this case the drainage of marshland. 

If you look at the veined calyces left after the petals have dropped, and the swollen, green seed capsules maturing within them, you will probably see a close resemblance to other more common wildflowers belonging to the Caryophyllaceae, like red campion (Silene dioica), white campion (Silene latifolia) and bladder campion (Silene vulgaris). If you get your hands on some seeds, to be sown in early spring, ragged Robin would be a beautiful addition to a wildlife friendly garden or right at the edge of a pond, where the lacy and airy flowers will seem to float among shorter species. 


Crafting a Strong Character Voice || Part 6

Exercise 1 –
Take the above photo. Describe it with your own style and your own literary flair. Bring the scene to life. Give it its own characterization. Capture a moment.

Exercise 2 –
Now, describe the scene from the eyes of one of your characters. Don’t be afraid to borrow those moments of gold you write in exercise 1, but make sure to stay absolutely true and honest to the voice of the character.

Bonus –
Describe the scene from the eyes of the protagonist.

Goal –
A big part of what makes a story stand out is character voice. Your own personal style changes as you do, and a character’s voice changes as the character does. When the two come together, there’s potential for literary magic, but bringing out and differentiating between different character voices takes lots of practice and even more reading.

Write for yourself, but also take time to write with the intention of improving skills. There’s reading for pleasure, and then there’s reading like a writer. The same applies to writing: write for pleasure, then write to improve. Experiment in these exercises. Try things you haven’t tried before.

Remember, the image is meant to generate ideas, so it’s intentionally vague. If you’re not used to writing about the subjects in the image, good. Write something you’ve never written before. Push yourself.

Need some help? Check out the guide on character voice, or look at the Voice & Style Summer Camp exercises for additional tips!

Share your pieces, however perfect or raw, with other KSWers by posting under the “ksw exercise” tag!

Need an Example? Here’s a Poor One PLUS BONUS –

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Princess Elizabeth (Ella) was growing into a remarkably pretty young woman, tall, slender, with graceful features. Her outward qualities matched those of her spirit. She displayed complete absence of selfishness, always trying to please and help others, frequently at her own expense. She never criticized, never blamed others, but rather tried to find excuses for their misdeeds. At an early age, she knew already how to arbitrate children’s quarels, and, with her cheerful nature and delicate sense of humour, she became her brother’s and sisters’ favourite.

Lyubov Millar: Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia, New Martyr of the Communist Yoke

Okay, so after much deliberation with the lovely chaitea09, I have finally finished Varlen’s pre-Inquisition backstory now that he is not the Herald (that role goes to his lovely twin sister, Riven Lavellan, who let’s face it would do a much better job)!

Under the cut for those who happen to still be interested in Varlen the Alpha-Dork (it has been a very spammy week, and I do apologise. I’m just in real deep guys help me).

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