to go where no man has gone before


Space: The final frontier.                                                                             These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

so many fucking space memes between the IPRE y’all

- “so long space cowboy”

- “to boldly go where no man, woman, dwarf, elf, or gnome has gone before”

- “stabby the space roomba”

- how long before a rogue plant monster ends up roaming the ship, merle

- “no dogs on the ship, they just run right off the goddamn thing”

- *tour guide voice* “-and if you look on your left you’ll see… nothing, as we are currently floating endlessly through the fucking abyss”

- “we will rule over this plane, and we will call it… This Plane”

On Break - Roman Reigns

For Anonymous 

Smut One-Shot

Warnings: Vulgar Language, Possible Kinks, Possessiveness

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It had been two whole months and a few days now since (Y/N) and Roman decided that they’d take a break from their relationship and work out things they needed to. (Y/N) stated Roman was too obsessed with his job and Roman argued that she spent too much time with her friends. Neither of them had reasonable arguments but they still loved each other - at least they thought so.

Roman received numerous texts from his friends that (Y/N) was spotted with guys, every week. Not as if she were a whore but two or three guys as if she were going on dates, trying to move on. That wouldn’t do. (Y/N) and Roman promised to not see anyone else until they both agreed their relationship wouldn’t last and so far, she hadn’t told him anything about this. Was she hiding it? Was she afraid he might do something out of control? She was right. Roman would kill for (Y/N).

The front door to (Y/N)’s apartment busted open, “Why the fuck are you hiding? Lying?” Roman’s voice boomed through the small area.

(Y/N)’s date jumped in fear as he saw the  Samoan man breathe heavily with venom at the tip of his tongue, ready to release the poison. The guy grabbed his jacket and quickly made his run for it, not on Death’s list today. (Y/N) sat there as she didn’t know whether to feel angry that Roman ruined the date or if she was happy to see he noticed.

“You can’t just bust down my door and demand answers. We took a break. We weren’t together during the break, you dumbass.” (Y/N) got up as she fixed her shirt.

“You made a promise.. we wouldn’t date unless we officially broke up. I shouldn’t have to see you mooch other guys and cuddle them. Matter of fact, your ass IS MINE and no one else’s. You will NEVER leave me.” It was as if some Demon entered Roman’s body and took over. That sweet Teddy Bear of a man was long gone.

“Ptff, yeah right. You couldn’t control your dog to sit in one place. And you think you can control me? Ha.” (Y/N) brushed by him to put the stuff away but the plates fell to the floor and cracked once Roman grabbed her roughly and pinned her to the couch, where she had been only a few minutes before. The look in his eyes were dark - almost frightening. His tongue swiped across his lower lip to and from while he hummed.

“I CAN control you and I WILL. You think I’m going to let this pretty pussy of yours please another man’s cock? No.. I won’t. This pussy is mine and I’ll show you why..”

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“Breakfast in bed really isn’t that original, you dork”

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Pairing: Chris Beck x reader

Warnings: FLUFFY with a tiny bit of sexual references

Word count: 1.688

Summary: After Chris returns to Earth, you are finally able to peacefully wake up in his arms again, or so you think.

A/N: Part of the Valentine’s challenge as hosted by @oneshot-shit (prompt in bold) and this is also for the amazing @writing-soldiers, seriously, go check her out!

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Kirk: Mr. Sulu - Mr. Spock and I are going down to the planet’s surface. You will be in command. Your responsibility is to the Enterprise – not to us. Is that clear? 

By putting Sulu in command of the ship, Kirk has allowed the Enterprise to retreat. If he were aboard, if his first officer were aboard even, they would be expected to stand and fight. 

The first officer holds the same title and responsibilities as captain in situations where they are in command, beyond the first officer there’s no designation in chain of command. Sulu is chosen often, but we also see Scotty take the helm often and there’s nothing in the series to suggest that Sulu has been given the assignment of third-in-command as a title or designation. He’s still Acting Captain, but that holds far less weight. If he were to make the ‘wrong’ move, it wouldn’t be his fault. Kirk knows this. Kirk knows that if he or Spock were commanding the Enterprise, they would be actors of the Federation, not crewmen of the Enterprise

Sulu’s responsibility is to the Enterprise. Not to Kirk and Spock.
Not even to the Federation. 

Sulu: Perfectly, sir.

Kirk: The Klingon fleet is in this quadrant. [We know Organa will be a target.] Should they emerge –

Sulu: We’ll handle them, sir.

Sulu understands that they are actors in a war. These men wear ranks and insignias, follow a chain of command – can you blame him? The United Federation of Planets is a governing body, and Starfleet has been used as a quasi-military organization. 

But it isn’t

Starfleet is a delegation of scientists and explorers charting peace – to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. 

Kirk: You will evaluate the situation. If there is a fleet of them, you’ll get out of here, Mr. Sulu.

Sulu: But, Captain –

They aren’t here to fight a war. They’re here, and they’ve been given their orders, but by no means does a single man or woman on this ship really want to go to war. It’s been anticipated – Kirk and Spock’s previous discussion showed this. 

Kirk: Well there it is – war. We didn’t want it, but we’ve got it. (…) War or not, we’ve still got a job to do – denying Organia to the Klingons. 

At this point, those are the only orders Kirk has been given. A declaration of war does not give combatants blind free reign to carry out attacks. There has to be some semblance of planning. Even a provoked attack can change the tides, completely change the dynamic at hand. Kirk’s here, the Enterprise is here to follow orders, and those orders are to protect a weak planet from occupation. (Not even to set a Federation outpost and occupy it themselves, I might add. Kirk has taken it that way as well – “deny” the Klingons the opportunity, not take it for themselves.) 

Kirk is telling Sulu to turn tail and run. 

Kirk: No buts. You’ll get back to safety and alert the fleet. You will not attack alone. Mr. Spock and I will be all right.

An attack against one Klingon war bird is one thing, and one thing they’ve just handled with minimal casualties. But an attack against a fleet of ships is another thing entirely. Even if they’re able to take out an entire fleet (which is unlikely, but not impossible), Kirk has made clear that the risk of destruction isn’t worth it. 

The Klingon’s attack was before they were officially at war, or at the very least before the Enterprise got word through the ranks. The Enterprise is the flagship. If she were to be lost in their first battle, it would set the tone. 

There are 430 people on this ship. They will not be the first casualties. 

Kirk references the fleet once, but returns to the personal level. “Mr. Spock and I will be all right”. People Sulu knows, respects. The interest here is returned to the safety of two individual men. 

Faced with war, Captain James T. Kirk’s thoughts are on the people.
The planet, Organa, isn’t just a prize to be won. 

Kirk: Another Armenia, Belgium. 

Spock: Sir? 

Kirk: The weak innocents. They always seem to be located on the natural invasion routes. 

War is too often seen as a game of chess. Kirk plays. This is different. They aren’t simply capturing knights and rooks – the Enterprise is not going to be a pawn in a black-and-white game.

sometimes I feel very non witchy

half of y’all on my dash are like “oooh, mermaids! Ocean! Sea shells! Look at the pretty waves!” 

The other half of y’all are like “SPACE! STARS! to boldly go where no man has gone before!” 

I’m over here in my corner thinking “space can literally kill you, and nobody knows what the actual fuck lives in the ocean, but it can probably kill you too.” 

“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” coldflash AU 

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The smell is driving Barry nuts.

The day he moves in, he appreciates the homely undertones of vanilla in the air, and thinks that the previous owner of the tiny apartment must’ve been the type to collect those pricy, excessively scented candles. It’s not an unpleasant smell, per se, so he opens a window and doesn’t think twice about it.

The vanilla, however, persists for some time. When it finally goes away and Barry takes a deep, relieved breath, a hint of cinnamon tickles his nose. He spends two hours rooting through the apartment’s shelves and cabinets in search of the offending candle, but comes up empty-handed.

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OH MY GOD so I started my period and was bleeding really bad, but my brother was taking a shower and wouldn’t let me in. So I just was sitting there was a bloody hand waiting to be let in the bathroom. And then my dad saw me and was going ‘oh my god Jewel where are you bleeding from?!’ I just looked him dead in the eye and whispered, 'Where no man has gone before.’ I’ve never seen a man back away so quickly in my life.