to go to the beach

my girlfriend has never been to the beach/seen the ocean so i’m like… Determined to take her & have been for awhile b/c 1) she’s never been & deserves to go & 2) i love the beach & want to be the one to taker her for the first time & it’s s/t simple, sure, but i am.. very adamant about this as a goal! i have a very nice mental picture of us in our own little nice tent w/ string lights that probably take too long to put up & get tangled! our own tent! by the beach! us walking on the beach & her getting to see the ocean for the first time! gathering shells! having to constantly shake sand out of our sheets b/c that’s what happens when you’re at the beach for longer than five minutes! sand everywhere! walking on the beach w/ her at night & sitting out there together on a blanket & listening to the waves! anyway. it will happen. & it’ll be nice. & she deserves it. & i’m going to keep being here & working for moments like that. getting to spend time w/ her. So ✌🌊🐚🐠🌴🎇💛

*Woo!* I got all my lesson planning done for next week so now I’ve got a few hours that I can spend writing in my grimoire 🕯📖🕯

The witchiest thing I did this week was cleansing my house while I mopped the floors using my normal cleansing floorwash. I made sure to clean the floors, but also all the windowsills and the door frame using the floorwash. My house feels a lot lighter now.

In my grimoire at the moment I’m writing a balance sheet on lunar phases and how they can be used for spells on one page and curses on the other.

I’m also hoping to add curio items to my daily rune draw (I collected a crab claw from the beach which is definately going in the pouch! There’s also an acorn, a tooth from my dog, a small sd card and other trinkets in the pouch). Hopefully by adding these items I will get greater clarity on modern issues (which is where my runes seem to struggle).


Pairing: EXO Suho X Reader (ft. OT9)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1105

A/N this was such a cute idea, thanks anon. this got me hyped for summer


Junmyeon and you were in early stages. He’d asked you out almost a month before, after the members of EXO had had enough of your constant flirting back and forth, pressing him to make a move. All nine members had planned a trip to the beach to relax and Junmyeon had asked you to come along. You had politely declined at first due to not wanting to ‘intrude’ on the boys’ trip, but Junmyeon had told you they were more than happy for you to go.  

You had your beach bag packed. Sun cream, flip flops, your purse, a towel, your book – was there anything else you needed? You slipped into your sandals and stuffed your phone into the back pocket of your shorts which you wore over your bikini bottoms. You also had on oversized flannel shirt over the top of your outfit. It was sunny outside, so you placed your sunglasses atop your head, sitting comfortably in your hair. Taking a last glance at yourself in the mirror and adjusting your hair, you took a deep breath. You weren’t nervous but anticipated your first day out with EXO as a group whilst also being Junmyeon’s girlfriend.

Hearing a beep outside, you spotted his car through the window. Grabbing your bag, you rushed out the door, locking it behind you. You noticed Sehun clambering out the front seat.

“Oh, it’s fine, I’ll sit in the back.” You said. Sehun shook his head.

“I had to do this. Junmyeon made me.” You frowned at his debateable humorous comment. Climbing into the front leather seat of Junmyeon’s high class car, all four members greeted you. Sehun now sat in the back right seat with Baekhyun squashed in the middle and Yixing on his left.

“Hey guys. Hi Junmyeon.” You smiled shyly at him.

“Hey Y/N. Have you got everything?” He asked.

“Yep.” You nodded.

“Sun cream? A towel?” He asked, concerned.

“Yes. I’m prepared.”

“Not even a minute with her and Junmyeon’s gone into full maternal mode already.” Baekhyun chirped from the back.

“Let me take that bag from you.” Junmyeon ignored his comment and gently took the bag off your lap, tossing it in the back. It landed straight on Baekhyun’s lap who yelped in shock.

“Such a gentleman.” Baekhyun sighed. You couldn’t help the smile from toying at your lips.

“Are the rest all meeting us there?” You asked.

“Yeah, Jongin, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Jongdae and Minseok are probably almost there now. Sure you’ve got everything?” Junmyeon checked before flicking the ignition on.

“I’m sure.” Junmyeon pulled out into the road. Luckily, you were situated a short drive away from the beach, meaning you wouldn’t have an awfully long time in the car with the boys. Although you had worried it could end up to be an awkward drive, all five of you were comfortable and they made sure to include you in their conversations.

The group of boys had splashed out to enter an exclusive part of the beach where there was a bar selling cocktails and food, loungers and additional entertainment. Plus, it was far less busy. Junmyeon had of course paid for you.

You had taken off your shorts and you lay across your towel on a sunbed, in your bikini and open button down shirt. You sat under an umbrella in the shade with sunglasses on and your book out in front of you.

Junmyeon was off buying cocktails for the both of you at the bar. You looked up at a shout that had erupted from Baekhyun – him and Chen were both splashing around in the sea. You enjoyed admiring the two messing about together. Your eyes then flicked over to the volleyball court where most the members were. They seemed to currently be arguing over the rules. Chanyeol was sprawled out next to you on the lounger on your left.

“Y/N.” He drawled, the sun affecting his attentiveness.

“Yeah?” You asked, closing your book slightly.

“Junmyeon really likes you.” You didn’t quite know how to reply. As you searched for words, he continued. “Don’t hurt him. You know how hard he works. He wouldn’t deserve that.”

“I would never. I would never dream of it.” You said. Chanyeol smiled.

“That’s good. I think you’ll be a great match for him.” He pulled down his sunglasses slightly and you noticed his eyes flicker upwards to something behind you. “I think that’s my queue to leave…” He mumbled. You turned your head to see Junmyeon carrying two brightly coloured cocktails in his hands. Chanyeol got up almost instantly, beginning to jog over to the volleyball court to join the rest.

“Is Piña Colada alright?” Junmyeon asked, letting you take it from him.

“Perfect.” You said. Junmyeon set his glass down on the small table between the loungers. His hands snaked to the bottom of his shirt where he played with the hem, before beginning to lift it up and over his head. You froze for a moment, regarding his abs which seemed to have been carved out by God himself. You noticed your mouth agape, slightly, and you quickly snapped it shut. Junmyeon delicately dropped his shirt on the sun bed before shaking his head and ruffling his hair back into place. He caught a glance at you and his mouth twisted open in horror.

“Y/N!” He bent down so quickly you dropped your book. He pulled your sunglasses up from your eyes and cupped your cheek. “You’re sunburnt already! Didn’t you put sun cream on?! Did I forget to tell you before I picked you up?” Junmyeon had in fact sent you at least three texts reminding you to put sun cream on the day before and in the morning. And you had. At this, your face continued to heat up. Hastily, you pulled your sunglasses back down to cover your face.

“I put sun cream on; I’m fine.” You looked away.

“You’re so red!” He exclaimed, reaching your chin again and tilting it towards him. Quickly, you reached for your book and opened it up on any page, pulling away from him and nuzzling your face into the pages.

“I said I’m fine…” You sheepishly muffled. Junmyeon stood back, his hands on his hips before the penny seemed to drop.

“Ah…” He paused. “Jagi?” You looked up at him through your sunglasses, the book still shielding your face in embarrassment. “You’re cute when you’re flustered.”

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Omg I was playing episode 7 and I NEED to share this thing. I was looking for instructions or Leiftan's imagen and according to this site one of them is that you must have the masked man's imagen. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Hello dear anon!! ^^

Well, this isn´t really true though :v
There´s some steps that you need to do to get Leiftan´s illustration, but that one about masledman´s illustration isn´t really one of them.
Here are the steps:

1. Before starting, change the Crush to “Someone”
2. Compare the footprint with your foot on the beach
3. Go to tree´s rots to get the rabbit;
4. Pick Ezarel so you have Ykhar, which will determine you get Leiftan´s illustration or not.
5. Ykhar needs to say to Ez “You exaggerate, I do not do that!”
6. Ask Elliot if you are Elliot
8. (Keep searching around the burrow)
9. Ask Kero “Is something wrong?”

Unfortunately, the thing about the Masked Man it´s not true :´)


Imagine Mob, after seeing Shou’s damp hair once from running under the rain, inviting him over and over for a swim in the pool or going to the beach, even though he barely knows how to swim.

(“Please teach me how to swim”)

Imagine Shou, giving Mob a hairband, because the rare times he sees Mob’s hair flying up when in use of his psychic power, it takes Shou’s breath away to see what’s under it.

(“It’s pretty useful in summer”)

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i too like to go to a private beach with my fake girlfriend and 20 of my favourite stalkers lmao but seriously can you imagine how extremely awkward it must have been when they met again? she looked so stoked in those pictures too but it was a "delight"




I was kinda disapointed that the new gem was Ronaldo’s gemsona… it sorta felt like a bit of a tease. But damn, Steven’s getting into some DEEP emotions. Each episode resolves the new tension… but it doesn’t.

Why don’t you go by your gem name?

A lot of people are going to call this filler, but damn, this developement is important.There’s a very important divide that’s coming between Steven and the humans of Beach City. I predict that this is going to come into bigger play. 

Remember how he reacted on his birthday when Connie+ Greg were talking about being human? And he was like ‘um.’

Then Blue Diamond + Yellow Diamond bomb, the whole zoo, there’s really… 

I am scared for Steven. We’re getting another steven arc and it’s going to take him dark. 


(Sidenote: The nod to stevonnie as a ship was, well, like awkward. And I really don’t think it’s endgame. Seems too obvious. Protect m/f friendships!)

Trey Songz Is...A Trainer (Part 1)

A/N: So this is the first request I received for 2017 and it was perfect! Thanks to @simplicityruleslife for making the request and I hope you enjoy the mini-series. Yes! I decided to do 3 parts to this request. Check out Part 1 below and Part 2 and 3 will be posted on both Saturday and Sunday at 5pm CST. Enjoy loves! And pardon any typos! lol #NewMomLife 

As requested by @simplicityruleslife

New Year, New You… 

“Girl. I don’t know why I let you convince me to join you for this class tonight. My ass is so tired.”

“Elle you said it yourself that if you were going to get that beach body ready for Spring Break you were going need a swift kick in the ass to get it, right?”

“Yeah. I vaguely remember saying that after several New Year’s cocktails.”

“Well tonight’s class will do it. Plus the instructor over it is fine as hell.”

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Pawnee by @lilcedar 6B00 0044 D387 

This is a beautiful sunset town. I took my mayor, Aurellia, today and I liked the clothing options and chose the blossoming dress for her. I liked the running around barefoot idea until I found some fairy boots on the beach. I’ll always put on boots. (it’s funny how I don’t like wearing boots much IRL but in ACNL my characters are almost always in boots) I was totally digging the wetsuit/leaf/straw hat/boots look I had going on at the beach. That is a level of ridic that I approve of and may need to recreate. 

This was another town where I really liked the beach and spent a good amount of time there. There was another leaf-chewing bumpkin on the beach as well with an adorable tent. 

The half bridge was really nice and there was a glitch (maybe?) where I could actually walk off it on the far right and kinda hang out in the water in front of the statue. 

For a forest town, hearing a song like Cruisin’ was rather fun and different. I liked that a lot that that room was awesome as well, but the study was my favorite room. 

I took a TON of photos of this town, but so as not to spoil it for anyone who might stumble on this blog I restrained myself to only posting six pictures. I loved how open the town is with no real paths - you could just roam everywhere, which is what I like best. 

Aurellia’s smirky, triumphant look at being master of the mushroom/fairie circle in Pawnee had to be included because it’s hilarious. 

Hi my name is Ronaldo Bloodstone Crystal Fry Gem and I have long mustard yellow hair (that’s how I got my name) with yellow streaks and blonde tips that reaches my mid-neck and mucky brown eyes like limpid ketchup and a lot of people tell me I look like Colonel Sanders (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Rose Quartz but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I'ma Crystal Gem but my gem is crushed up and running through my veins. I have pale white skin. I’m also a protector of beach city, and I go to a magic temple called Steven’s House in Beach City where I’m in the seventh year (I’m twenty three). I’m a conspiracy theorist (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red. I love Funtime Pier and Ibuy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a red button up with a matching yellow star and tan denim jeans, white socks and black tennis shoes. I was walking outside the Temple. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of citizens stared at me. Iput up my middle finger at them.

Maternity Leave

I’ve decided to take maternity leave early… my last shift was yesterday. It was a huge decision to miss out on that extra money before baby but I don’t know how much more I could’ve coped anxiety and depression wise.
At least I’m not huge yet and I can paint the baby room as it’s been on the to do list for a while now and we just haven’t got around to it.
We are going away for 3 nights from tomorrow to stay at the beach. My husband is really looking forward to it. I am 29 weeks now!

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Do you think you can do some relationship headcanons for Ruka Gojo please?

Hmmm I can try nonnie. They might be really ooc since I’ve only watched the anime and he hasn’t appeared that much

Ruka Gojou

  • Is also a part of the ‘taking baths with s/o’ club
  • Likes perfume on his s/o. He likes it since it would rub off on him, making him smell like them, therefore showing that he’s theirs
  • Versatile with big spoon and smol spoon
  • Is one of the few characters who’s okay with shopping with his s/o. He himself likes looking his best, and would like to help his s/o feel the same way by helping them pick out certain clothes and makeup
  • Loves going on pool/beach dates
  • Would 1000% probably go to the spa at least once a month with his s/o. The couples package, oh course
  • Whenever his s/o is feeling down, he goes out and buys the biggest fucking bouquet of flowers he can find, along with some food

That’s about it from me nonnie! I hope you enjoy! Thank you for the request

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Are you going to Beach City con in October?

ehhh no idea. also its buttfuck expensive

i heard i could contact them abt artist alley but i have no plans, im still a bit far away

tabling there as an artist could be SUPER fun tho even if the con is a bust (i doubt it would be as bad as Fan World lmao)

You know, I’ve always been really confused about what the initial point of Rose Quartz’s were to Pink Diamond/Homeworld. Because, really, if the plan for earth was this:

then what is the point of having a gem who has the ability to create life the way Rose is shown to be able to do? And if every other Quartz type we see is built like a freaking body builder (with the exception of the gems from the Beta kindergarten we see in That Will Be All, but according to Peridot nearly all of the gems there “came out wrong” so…) and have weapons that can be used offensively:

then why have this single type of Quartz who looks soft and approachable and give them a shield as a weapon? Then this bomb came along and…I noticed a couple of things about that zoo. The first thing was these flowers on the door.

Five petalled flowers with what looks like the centre of Rose’s gem upside down in the middle. Does that look familiar? How about now.

These look startlingly similar to the flowers Rose grows on earth. On top of this, we have the room where Yellow and Blue Diamond discuss Pink Diamond’s death. When I watched this I couldn’t help but think it was strange that all of the Rose Quartz’s were here for some reason.

Like, if this room was Pink Diamond’s version of the temple, why are there no other gem types anywhere? Surely she didn’t only bubble Rose Quartz’s in her time alive. And if they were put here…in memory of Pink Diamond or something then someone would’ve had to take the time to move all of these bubble gems to this location.

Unless, they were already there.

Unless, the zoo is where Rose Quartz’s used to work.

The zoo is meant to be calming to humans. A place where they live a life of complacency and safety. Would it not make sense that the gems working there would be approachable to humans should they ever need to go into the enclosure? Would it not make sense that they would be able to grow new wildlife should something happen to the ecosystem in the enclosure? Rose Quartz’s would make the perfect guards for such a place.

At least until one of them decided she liked humans a little too much and didn’t want the planet they came from to be destroyed.