to go right next to your periodic table of elements


Anxious whispers danced around the room as professor Zhang passed back the chemistry midterms. You were just as anxious as everyone else. Finally he approached your desk and laid your test face down. You didn’t have the nerve to look up at him. You knew he was wearing the same disappointed expression he wore with the other students. A look that says “why didn’t you study more” or “was that really your best effort”. You had seen the look to many times, and didn’t want to see it again.

The white paper screamed at you from the desk, asking to be turned over. With shaky hands you delicately grabbed the edge and lifted it just enough to see the angry red “D” at the top of your paper along with “see me after class.” Your heart dropped. Never had a teacher asked you to stay after class. You could only imagine what he would say. Before class had started you wished that it hurry up and end, now you wanted nothing more than for time to stop.

Sooner than you wanted, the class ended. Students filed out of class discussing their grades with one another. You sat at your desk until the class was empty before making your way to the front where professor Zhang was waiting, patiently leaning against the edge of his desk.

“_________ do you know why I asked you to stay?”

You shook your head in response, looking only at your feet.

You heard him sigh before continuing, “I asked you to stay because you are failing. You are an honor student and you excelled at all your other classes thus far, so why are you failing mine?”

You looked at him as he said this, and caught the flash of hurt that went across his eyes and laced his words. Your heart thumped loudly in your chest, you didn’t want to be mean and question his teaching, but you also didn’t want to stay quiet and fail.

“I can’t learn through your teaching method. I can’t just read a book and retain information. I need hands on lessons. I’m sorry”

You felt your cheeks heating up. As you watched your professor, waiting for his reaction. He stood up straight, smoothed the wrinkles out of his shirt and walked behind his desk. He pulled out a note pad and pen from a drawer before scribbling something. He folded the paper carefully before handing it to you.

“Meet me here tomorrow afternoon.” He seemed to pause, debating whether or not continue before adding, “I don’t do this for every student, but I can’t stand to see you fail. Please meet me at the address on the page, and please be ready to learn.”

You nodded, feeling a little more at ease than when the conversation had first started. Professor Zhang grabbed his brief case and coat, waving goodbye to you as he made his way out the classroom. As he did you could have sworn he winked at you. Your better judgment told you that wasn’t possible however, so you went back to your seat, grabbed your belongings and mentally prepared yourself for your one on one teaching lesson with professor Zhang.

You hardly slept a wink that night. All your thoughts revolved around whatever lesson your professor had prepared for you. Groaning loudly you turn to the clock on your night stand. The blaring green numbers informed you that it was 7 am. You didn’t need to be at the lesson until 12. Your sleepy mind was made up for you. With covers tightly wound around you, you drifted back to sleep.

“Now _______ what is the 33rd element on the periodic table?” He asked from across the table. He wore a white tank that stuck tightly to his torso. You could see the outline of his abs clearly. Your thoughts were filled with lustful images of him taking you right there.

“Miss _______, I am only going to ask you one more time. What is the 33rd element in the periodic table?”

You shook your head mentally to rid yourself of such sinful thoughts.

“Ummm its arsenic.”

He nodded in approval of your answer. His hands that were folded behind him moved to his belt buckle. His fingers expertly undid the clasp before he pulled it off altogether and dropped it on the floor next to him with a clank. You say and watched in shock, not knowing if you should be turned off or mortified that your professor began stripping in front of you. You crossed your legs tightly, trying to calm your hormones.

“Don’t suppress your feelings ________. I’m only rewarding you for getting the question right. His sultry word fell from his lips like a sweet siren call, just begging you to give into him and the growing heat between your legs.

“I-I thought I was here for a chemistry lesson” you squeaked as he ran his long fingers across your jaw and down your neckline, stopping just above the valley of your breasts.

“We are” he replied, taking your earlobe gently between his teeth.

“you wanted a hands on chemistry lesson, now I’m giving you one,” he began grabbing your hands from your lap and placing them on his waist, “a very hands on one.”

Riiinnnnnggggg riiiiinnnnggggg

The shrill sound of your alarm pulled you from the amazing dream you were having. You sat up, heart still beating rapidly. Without even getting up you knew you were beyond soaked. You checked the time and realized you had to be at the address on the card in less than 2 hours. Hurriedly you jumped out of bed and headed for the shower, putting behind you the images still dancing across your mind.

“It’s just a dream” you breathed, “only a dream” you repeated, letting the warm water run down your body as you prepared for this preempt lesson.

-admin Sara