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TVD BTS Photo Shoot Music Video   - Gifset

“Find your breath, 
dry your eyes, 
take a moment and leave the rest,
let it go”

- Move Along by Alexandra Schultz (x)

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I’m wondering why I shouldn’t just kill you.” There’s a pause. The tension had seemed to peak as soon as they had made eye contact. And yet it continued to rise.

Benny rebounds soon enough. A quick thinker, as was expected given his current line of business,but baby - you’d be disappointing me. All the trouble you went through to arrange this shin-dig? Must be something more you’re after…?

Was it another play? Another move to get him ahead? He couldn’t be sure. Regardless, the offer was intriguing enough to play along.


“You speak to the best in humanity. I have endured the worst. You imagine the reality of the Holocaust, of the Nazi death camps. I grew up in one. Perhaps, as you say, I am tainted by blood and rage - and death. But perhaps as well, that blood and rage and death will sustain me and those who stand by me through the ordeal to come.”

“Somebody Like You” Vicbourne Fic Cover

Summary: Modern day teacher AU. Victoria is a young English teacher facing her first year of full time work. After making friends with the staff, she comes to rely on William Melbourne, the head of History department, and the teacher across the hall for advice and wisdom as their departments work closely together with the senior class.  As the two grow close feelings start to emerge which complicates various parts of their lives. Will they act on their feelings or choose to do what each thinks is best? Title from the Keith Urban song.

Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Made an easier way to find my Vicbourne fic “Somebody Like You” with a photoset edit I created to go along with it. :)

scribbleature replied to your photo “Half an hour until the train comes so vote fast, which one do I take?”

If you want orgies in the middle of your murder mysteries try reading Laurell K Hamilton - the Anita Blake series. (do not. do not do this. you will regret it)

Are those the ones where they shapeshift into animals? And eventually there’s a lion orgy? Or am I mixing them up with some other super weird murder mystery/sff novels? 

archwrites replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”….”

OMG In the Garden of Iden was SO BAD. I wanted to like it because I was going through a major time travel fascination and also 16th century! But I don’t think I ever finished it. I had blocked it from my memory until you mentioned it.

I just got really mad at it not so much because it was internally inconsistent (which it definitely was) but because the author spent AGES setting up all these super intricate and complicated rules of time travel – like not rules men have made, rules of physics, we got like this super long lecture in the physics of time travel which were important to the plot of the book – and then immediately broke all those rules. And didn’t acknowledge it, just like, they would say “Only living beings can travel through time, not physical objects” and it would be an incredibly important plot point that you can’t just go back in time and take something and bring it forward – and then in the next scene the heroine would be carrying a basket of food along with her for her trip. It was enraging.  

lnsybird replied to your photoset “@arukou-arukou asked if I would share the full recipe for spinach soup…”

I’m having a hard time accepting that this maybe not meant to be a fake recipe???

I mean, I don’t know where these recipes come from or if anyone test-kitchened them. They seem fairly….generic; they weren’t especially unique in terms of the dish or imaginative in terms of the recipe itself.

amemait replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”….”

Are you enjoying the recipes in the book Sam? Some of them could even be Sam Cooking Adventures…

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed them, I basically just didn’t pay any attention to them. A lot of them were dishes I wouldn’t eat personally, or wouldn’t eat without a lot of modification, so they fall into the same category as “cookbooks” for me – they’re fine but I don’t use them because I usually have to heavily modify any recipe I encounter to remove the wide swath of food I don’t eat, so I might as well just get recipes free online. 

luthorchickv2 replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”….”

Does this mean we get bisexual pool boy fic now?

I would not entirely rule it out. Since his biological mother/former employer blew up the house with the pool in it using the stockpile of explosives her husband had been amassing (I know), he’s not the pool boy anymore. But in the summary for the next book he is described as “her eighteen-year-old live-in helper“ which is not really better in terms of suggestivity. 

cactusspatz replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”. I’ve been reading it pretty…”

Technically, you strained your oblique not sprained it, because it’s a muscle and not a ligament. *insert ‘The More You Know’ rainbow here* Also, please don’t break yourself any more. *pats gently*

I was looking for a better word than sprained! I wanted to go with “twisted” because a twisted ankle is not as painful as a sprained one, but like, you can’t really twist your ribcage the way you can an ankle. Strained is perfect!

Droughtjoy 2017 | day 1 | Prompt 6: Going along with the theory that Theon was “napping” while waiting for Dany in Dragonstone these last two episodes, he does to sleep but is haunted in his dreams by Ramsay, Yara, Robb, and all those he feels he has betrayed. (Submitted by Anonymous) .

@mylittlehony replied to your photoset “Thursday - 1 September, 2017 If someone who actually knows how to…”

Abba would like to compliment Ivy on her nice brisk pace, but suggests she makes her nose-in-air-sticking more obvious because humans aren’t very subtle and don’t take hints.

I will be sure to pass Abba’s suggestion along to Ivy! 

I’d imagine she would agree that humans are pretty dang obtuse about these things. Isn’t faster always better? Especially in the cool fall weather?

It’s either time to go fast, or it’s time to eat grass! No in between! Silly humans…

Creamsicle masterpost

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Favorite Female Character [5 / 20] series or books: Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

She didn’t need it. Well. She didn’t want to need it. Yearning for love made her feel like a cat that was always twining around ankles, meowing Pet me, pet me, look at me, love me. Better to be the cat gazing coolly down from a high wall, its expression inscrutable. The cat that shunned petting, that needed no one. Why couldn’t she be that cat? Be that cat!!! she wrote, drawing it into the corner of her page, cool and aloof.


Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been having fun these days! School is starting up for a lot of you, maybe it’s already started, so I hope the transition back into the routine is easy going for you.

As for the announcement, it mostly has to do with the subject of this blog reblogging “[character] aesthetic” photosets. I have one in the queue right now but I’ve decided I’ll be removing it, along with the few others that have already made it on this blog.

It’s not a matter of them being inherently wrong/bad, but it comes down to the fact that I noticed that there’s never any credits to the photos used in the post. The photos used are from photographers that post their work online, and I notice that they’re never credited for their beautiful shots. It’s the same thing in regards to art theft on the internet; these photographs are a photographer’s artwork. So I feel wrong for spreading them around further on the internet without proper credit.

Because of this, I’ve decided to exclude these types of posts from this blog. I want to support editors for their work of compiling these beautiful photosets, but as an artist myself I cannot support the practice of uncredited reposting of photography. I hope you all understand.


Behind the Scenes of The Poison Sky / The Sontaran Stratagem (Part Three)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant, Russell T. Davies, and producer Susie Liggat:

DT: It’s funny how the weirdest things can be very difficult.  That bit where I chuck that gun away, which has to look terribly carefree, careless, and yet throwing a gun away is so difficult because it’s an expensive prop

RTD: Yeah, yeah

DT: …that you can’t afford to break or scratch.  So to toss it away with such elan, you have to have fourteen people holding up duvets and cushions, desperately trying to catch this gun before it scratches itself or something else.

SL: I think Phil is an ex-rugby player or something because he’s got pretty safe hands, hasn’t he?

DT: Phil Shellard the grand-master of props

SL: He’s a legend

DT: I broke that [the device the Doctor makes in Rattigan’s lab].  There’s a Phil Shellard story!  The first time I did that, hitting that thing with a hammer, the prop broke in two.

RTD: [ laughs loudly ]

DT: And Phil Shellard mended it in about 30 seconds to go for another take.

SL: He was amazing.

DT: And you can’t tell.  Maybe if you freeze-frame you can just see a hairline crack, but I bet you can’t.  Oh you can!  Just at the bottom, see?

RTD: Oh yeah, look there!

DT: Below the red switch.

RTD: You vandal.

DT: Sorry 

A big “thank you!!” to everyone who shares set photos

Additional parts of this photoset: [ one ] [ two ] [ four ] [ five ] [ six ]
The rest of the behind-the-scenes photosets are available [ here ]

Dropping Anchor - 3/5

SUMMARY: As if returning home penniless and heartbroken isn’t bad enough, the last thing Emma needs is for her mom to get her a job – and for her future boss to pull her out of the harbor before she even knows his name. But Killian Jones has never been afraid of the water…

Rating: M (later)

Ao3 or 

A follower appreciation “one shot” for @32variations that got completely out of hand, part 3. 

Everyone can thank @lenfaz  for this delicious photoset which may or may not give away some of the contents of this chapter… 


Emma pretends the kiss never happened.

It’s easier said than done, her dreams haunted by the memory of his lips and the tempered strength of his hands on her hips, the low noises she drew from him with a shift of her weight and sweep of her tongue. And maybe he knows her well enough not to bring it up, to go along with her obvious intentions to not discuss it – and not let it happen again.

Still, there’s something different in the weight of his eyes on her, something that makes her breath catch and her belly burn – and makes her wonder if he’s just biding his time, waiting for her self-control to inevitably fail.

But it also draws Liam’s attention, and big brother does not appear happy. Not one bit.

So Emma steers clear of the two of them, keeping her head down and her hands occupied. There are a few terse conversations between the two elder Jones brothers that Emma pretends not to see, pretends not to notice when Killian’s lips flatten with anger and his eyes still seek her out.

Emma does a lot of pretending.

It’s the youngest of the brothers who catches her on her way out of the bar a few days before Halloween. He looks like he’s up to something, and Emma can’t help her curiosity as she turns to give him her attention.

“Tomorrow night we’re going to carve all the pumpkins for the bar. It’s a tradition,” he explains, gesturing around the place. Killian – at least Emma suspects it was Killian – has already strung up some orange twinkle lights and fake spider webs, and there are a few pumpkins scattered about, but no jack-o’-lanterns. The place has a festive vibe going for it, but Emma has been too caught up in her own thoughts to notice until Liam points it out.

“I’m not really good at that,” Emma hedges, shoving her hands in her jacket pockets and fighting the urge to fidget. It’s not a lie, but the truth is that she doesn’t want to be caught in close quarters with the older brothers.

“Please? It’s just me and Killian. Liam is going to be at the bar.” His expression doesn’t so much as flicker, but as Emma stares at him, the very tips of his ears begin to turn red. 

“You know there’s nothing…Killian and I…we’re not…” She waves her hands, helpless when confronted with the actual words. They’re not, but why is it so hard to just say so? “I’m not sure it’s a good idea for me to come,” she finally says, firmly shoving her hands back in her pockets.

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Universal Century Photography is BACK everyone! And with our return comes a brand new photo-set, this time featuring one of our newest additions, the RGM-79FP GM Striker!

Half our photo-set today consists of the RGM-79 GM, whom I’ve playfully nicknamed “Red-shirt”, along with two more GMs alongside. Their poses in the first two sets pay homage to a trio of characters that fans of another popular sci-fi series might recognize.

Next, our classic GM reunites with his other variant brethren only to discover he’s been replaced with a new guy! The GM Striker, with his double beam lance doesn’t seem so intimadating, so Red-shirt challenges him to a duel… and promptly surrenders when he realizes he’s been outmatched.

The last couple sets highlight the awesomeness that is the GM Striker, to which I have to admit, has always been a model I’ve been after for a long while. Expect to see more of this guy in the future.

Stay tuned for the special bonus pic going up right after this photoset, along with a special message!

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