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Man-child David Tennant making funny faces at the camera (Doctor Who behind-the-scenes). 

Yup, he’s a real grown man and a very well respected professional actor.

Note: In all fairness, it’s usually the Doctor Who Confidential cameras or video diary cameras that he’s goofing around with - not typically the real camera that is filming the episode.

Professional yet fun at the same time - that’s DT.

After a long line of supposedly subservient female companions, Sarah Jane Smith was intended as the show’s nod towards the nascent Women’s Lib movement. I didn’t want to make a big thing of this, though, assuming the Doctor to be a more liberal thinker than 1970s Britons. As the only girl running around UNIT’s military set-up, Sarah Jane needed to make herself heard, but I figured this could be achieved simply by making her a strong character. Of course the writers occasionally had other ideas. In ‘Monster of Peladon,’ for example, the Doctor actually orders Sarah Jane to give the Queen the full 'Women’s Lib’ lecture, no punches pulled. The irony of male writers getting a male character to 'order’ a woman to talk about feminism wasn’t lost on me.
—  Elisabeth Sladen’s autobiography
In My Veins (1/?)

Title: In My Veins
Rating: K+ 
Pairing: Ten/Rose, human AU
Summary: –Telepathic bond soulmate AU– Everyone kept saying kids couldn’t develop telepathic bonds, that it was completely impossible. John Smith and Rose Tyler defied the impossible.

Notes: Well I finally managed to hash out a soulmate AU enough to be happy with writing it. All the blame for this entire story goes to @lastbluetardis​, who not only encouraged it, but also allowed me to yell at her about it until I was happy enough to start writing it. Blame her entirely.

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  • John: 10; Rose: 8

The headache was back.

“Aunt Saraaaaaaah,” John whined, rubbing his temples as he walked into his aunt’s study. He had been trying to do his homework when the headache had struck, sharper and severer than ever before.

“What’s wrong, love?” Sarah Jane asked, looking up from her computer. “Your head again?”

John nodded pathetically, and Sarah Jane stood to get him into bed, giving him some of the liquid pain medication the doctor had given him when these headaches had first started a month earlier. They were still trying to find a cause for them. The doctor had said it could be an early development of a soulmate bond — but John was only ten, that shouldn’t have been possible for a few more years. The earliest telepathic soulmate bond that had ever been documented was between a fifteen and an eighteen year old (John had discovered that when he went home to research the subject after the appointment). John was only ten, it wasn’t possible for his mind to be developed enough to sustain a bond like that.

The headaches had to be caused by something else. That was what the adults had determined, at least. John wasn’t willing to put the soulmate thought on the back burner just yet, though.

That, of course, brought up a lot of its own questions. What if his soulmate was older than him? He was only ten, but what if they were like… eighteen? Was that creepy? Would they be disappointed that they would have to wait eight years for John? Would they even want to wait?

Thinking about it scared him.

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RANT TIME! No. 1: Moffat Haters

Hello, my Tumblr followers. I have decided to start a new section on my blog called RANT TIME! In RANT TIME!, I will rant on certain aspects of a show or a fandom which really grind my gears. So without further ado, what time is it? It’s RANT TIME!, where no stone is left unturned (unless I decide to save it for another RANT TIME!)! Today on RANT TIME!, I will be looking at the Moffat haters, a section of the Doctor Who fanbase that has started to get on my nerves as of recent. Like many of the users on Tumblr, I love Doctor Who. My iPhone case is a TARDIS and my computer background is the Dalek “To Victory!” poster. I am also pumped for Series 8 and I can’t wait to see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I am also pumped for the return of Gallifrey and THE MASTER (da da da dum)!

However, not everyone is as excited for Series 8 as I am. There is a group of Whovians on Tumblr known as the Moffat haters. They will tear apart anything that Moffat says or does every chance they get. While some of their criticisms are valid, they will not. shut. UP! about their hate for Moffat. If I took a drink every time I saw a Moffat hate post on my dash, I’d be joining the choir invisible with the Dead Parrot from Monty Python.

For those that don’t know who Steven Moffat is, he wrote many of the best episodes of Doctor Who during the Russel T. Davies run, including The Empty Child, The Girl in the Fireplace, Blink, and The Silence in the Library. He is also known for taking over the show after RTD left. He also co-created Sherlock with mark gatiss, another Who writer. His episodes were known for having wonderful dialogue and for scaring the crap out of the audience.

However, Moffat is not without his problems. For example, Series 7 of Who felt incredibly rushed due to the fact that there were no two-parter episodes (despite the fact that Moffat’s first episode of Doctor Who was a two parter), which meant that some of the episodes felt incomplete. He also wrote The Time of the Doctor, which was NOT a worthy follow-up to The Day of the Doctor and was one of the worst episodes I have seen of Who so far (Worst for me is still Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, but while we’re on the subject of Time of the Doctor, why is The Parting of the Ways the only good regeneration episode of New Who?). He is also accused of being a sexist and a jerk. With all these problems, it is understandable that a group of Whovians would hate him.

Now, my problem with Moffat haters is that they lionize RTD while overlooking his flaws. Now, RTD wrote some great episodes of Doctor Who (Midnight and The Waters of Mars come to mind), and he gave us Donna Noble, one of the coolest companions of New Who. However, I had some problems with his run of the show, especially with RTD’s attempts at making His Mary Sue Rose Tyler the Doctor’s one true love, even though it’s implied that he’s shown his sonic to other women, if you know what I mean. RTD also gave us the most egotistical and self-indulgent New Who regeneration in The End of Time, where the Tenth Doctor, being whiny and mopey about his regeneration (the opposite of Nine, who welcomed regeneration with a smile), decides to screw over his next regeneration by crashing the TARDIS with his regeneration energy.

Even the BBC lionized Davies over Moffat. For example, Moffat was not allowed to make a spin-off show for Doctor Who, even though the BBC let RTD make two spinoffs (Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures) and was planning on giving him a third spinoff (Rose Tyler: Defender of Earth) However, RTD cancelled that third spinoff during pre-production because he felt that it would be one spinoff too many!

Yes, Moffat has made many mistakes in his time as showrunner. However, it comes across as hypocritical and mean-spirited for Moffat haters to constantly bash Moffat while worshipping the ground that RTD walked on.

That wraps up this edition of RANT TIME! Have any questions, comments or concerns on my rant? Put them in my ask box! The reason that I started this series was so that I could inspire discussion among various Tumblr users.

Next time on RANT TIME!, I’ll be looking at the impossible to please section of the Disney fanbase that accuses them of using the same female body design for all their CGI movies. See you next time!

great-payne  asked:

Hey so I am doing a research project for History, and I am looking at feminism and pop culture in the 60s and 70s and I was wondering if you had any insight into this is regarding some of the classic Doctor Who episodes? This would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


So, are you looking for a general analysis of Doctor Who from a feminist perspective? Because that’s a bit too large of a topic to tackle in a simple Tumblr ask. But if you’re looking for specific moments where feminism is invoked or discussed in pop culture during the 60s and 70s, I can definitely help you. 

So the Pertwee era actually included a number of specific references to feminism and feminist movements, with the companions specifically aligning themselves with these movements and criticizing the behavior of others.

Here’s Liz Shaw in “Doctor Who and the Silurians” criticizing the Brigadier for not allowing her down in the caves to investigate the Silurians.

And here’s Sarah Jane Smith in “The Monster of Peladon” giving Queen Thalira an introduction to women’s liberation in a pep-talk designed to encourage her to take more power for herself. 


And I’m really upset I can’t find a gif for it, but in “Frontier in Space” there’s a great moment where Jo Grant is confronting the Draconians, who refuse to acknowledge her or let her speak because she’s a woman, and she says:

You know, I think it’s about time that women’s lib was brought to Draconia.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you much with the Hartnell or Troughton era, because I’ve only seen a handful of episodes from each (and a large portion of them are missing). But I know I have some Classic Who fans that follow me, and I’m sure they’ll fill in any moments I’ve missed!

A Place For Us To Dream || Stolen Earth

Title: A Place For Us To Dream (61/65)
Rating: T
Summary: —Doomsday AU— What would have happened if the Doctor’s lever had been the one to slip? If the Doctor had been the one trapped in the parallel universe? Rose has to pick up the pieces and carry on in his place. After all, someone has to be the Doctor.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble
Notes: This story was inspired by a number of things — namely badwolfrun trying to keep me entertained at work by sending me this ask, which became this graphic and this graphic made by MK, and subsequent discussions with MK and perfectlyrose. Enjoy! 


As soon as the TARDIS landed Rose was out the door, with Donna close on her heels. The street they had landed on was so normal it was boring.


“It’s fine,” Rose breathed, looking around. “Everything’s fine. Nothing’s wrong, all fine.” She caught sight of a nearby milkman. “Oi, sorry, excuse me. What day is it?”

The question was obviously bewildering but he replied all the same. “Saturday.”

“Saturday,” Rose repeated, sighing. “Good. Good, I like Saturdays.”

“So… I just met your Doctor?” Donna asked as she came up behind Rose.

“Not mine. But yes.”

“But he’s locked away in a parallel world.”

“Exactly.” Rose ran her fingers through her hair, turning to look back at Donna. “If he can cross from that parallel world to yours, that means the walls of the universe are breaking down, which puts everything in danger. Everything.” She looked back at the street, mind spinning with possibilities. “But how?” She shook her head. “Come on.”

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TWDg 2.4 feels

Kenny being angry at Clem cos I chose to ax Sarita

Jane giving Clem selfish ideas

Convincing Sarah to fucking move

Kenny finally holding it together

Bonnie and Mike

Luke and Jane doozing it


Jane not wanting to save Sarah




Arvo stirring shit, accusing Clem of stealing


Shots fired