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when their friends find out that isak is in even’s phone as mannen i mitt liv, they’ll never let him live it down. whenever isak’s doing something weird, like picking his nose when he thinks no one is looking, or pouring half a bottle of mayo on all his sandwiches, someone will sarcastically say, “look, there goes the man of your dreams.” but they only get a soppy smile from even, because that’s the man he’s spending the rest of his life with, dorkiness and gross teenage habits and all. they’re a part of isak, and even would never choose to have him any other way. so the joke turns into isak and even making eyes at each other, and honestly, did anyone expect any less at this point, when it comes to these two?

Now matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the cold open out of my head. Twelve doesn’t deserve to regenerate alone, screaming in the snow. I can’t help but to notice how much of a contrast it is to Eleven’s regeneration. 

Eleven was with Clara, in the comfort of the TARDIS with his clean-cut and tidy appearance. 

Twelve is alone, out in the harsh cold with torn up clothes and broken appearance.

I just really hope that this isn’t what his regeneration will be like. Cold, broken, alone.  


because i believe
as we go through time
that all of the best things
haven’t happened yet

Snapshots [Chriseva/Post 4.10/Future Fic]

Dedicated to all the Chriseva fans left hurt, angry and disappointed by the finale. I wrote this as something therapeutic for myself to try and get over my sadness even though I didn’t think I could ever bring myself to read or write another Chriseva fic again.  

May we all stick together and bring each other up in this time sadness. I love you guys. The Chriseva fans have been some of the nicest and best people I’ve met on this site.

I hope that this may ease maybe a little bit of the hurt we’re all feeling.


When Eva was fifteen, she thought she had everything figured out. If someone had asked her then where she saw herself in ten years, she’d probably said married to Jonas with two kids, a pair; one boy and one girl; the girl with a long mane of cascading black hair and the boy with a head of tight strawberry blond curls and the eyebrows to match. Or it could be the other way around, or neither, it didn’t really matter to her. But she genuinely saw her happily ever after with Jonas and if she pretended hard enough she’d be able to ignore the agonizing stab of guilt that came along with it.

When Eva was sixteen, she just wanted to make it through the school year without too much trouble and she wanted Jonas to love her the way she loved him and she kept hoping that he wouldn’t keep putting her in the corner with the rest of the things he constantly took for granted. At least that’s what Eva felt on the inside, on the outside she was living her happily ever after with Jonas. Right?

When Eva was seventeen, she just wanted to party and she wanted to fuck, all the time and every one. She partied with Chris most of the time and fucked him even more frequently than that. Chris was easy; he didn’t expect anything more, just like she wasn’t willing to give anything more. He always came prepared with his Cheshire cat grin and his devil-may-care attitude and he was hot as shit and fucked just as well. He was what Eva needed in the moment. But just that moment. Right?

When Eva was eighteen, everything suddenly turned out too complicated. Chris wanted something more, more than she was willing to give and Eva fell back on old habits, doing the same thing she always did when things got too hard: she ran. This time the path led her to Jonas’s door and his bed. But this was what she really wanted, right? Getting back on the right path, the path that included Jonas and their two kids and the white picket fence on their lawn and the big blue house that sat at the edge of the cobblestone path. Chris said he loved her and that he was ready to settle down with her even though she wasn’t, and as it turned it, Chris wasn’t ready either.

They came together but they left separately, but that was okay.

When Eva was nineteen she realized that Jonas would never really change; not for her, not for anyone. She’d fallen back on bad habits and lost the voice she’d finally acquired after so long. Once again her opinions always came in second; her needs were always put last and her feelings were always made to be a joke. One day, Eva just picked up her strewn clothes from off the floor and left, and she never looked back.

When Eva was twenty she put herself first for the first time in her life. She finally put men to the side and hooking up only on the weekends when she’d meet up with the girls for a night out. She went back to school and studied to be a teacher; perhaps one day she would be able to help a kid avoid making the same mistakes she had in her youth. She still partied hard on the weekends with her crew. They’d laughed when she used that term for the first time, but Eva thought it was appropriate. The little voice in the back of her head laughed at the irony of everything, but for some reason the laughter sounded too familiar, but it didn’t belong to her.

Every night though, she’d go home alone, but that was okay.

When Eva was twenty one, she met Chris by chance at the club during the weekend she was out. He was DJ-ing at the club that night and meeting him had been purely by chance, or maybe it had been fate instead. She went back home with him that night and he left early in the morning after fixing her breakfast. He had another gig that night in a club in a different city. They promised to keep in touch.

They didn’t, but that was okay.

When Eva was twenty-two, Vilde announced that she and Magnus had gotten engaged. Everyone thought it was too soon, but no one said anything, not even Sana. Magnus made Vilde happy and it was obvious and that was the only thing that mattered. She asked them to be her bridesmaids at her wedding and all of them were too happy to oblige. That night they went out and got shit faced drunk. Eva had sex with the bartender in the backroom of the club, but she left alone.

When Eva was twenty-three, Vilde and Magnus married. She, Sana and Noora were the bridesmaid and Chris was the maid of honour. Vilde looked absolutely stunning in her white dress and Magnus looks smart and sharp in his tailored suit. Eva doesn’t think she’s ever seen Vilde that genuinely happy in her life. Perhaps it was only in part because of the wedding, the other part was probably because her mom was there, present and sober and walked her proudly down the aisle.

When Eva was twenty-four, she finished her studies and moved out of her mom’s house into her own apartment. She found employment in the elementary school just down the street from her new place and it was perfect. Everything was perfect. The day she graduated, her mom and her friends all managed to make it to the ceremony to watch her receive her degree. It was the proudest moment of her life. She went out partying that night with her girls at the club and the DJ playing the music winked at her from across the room. She was too drunk on alcohol and giddiness to really pay attention to the person until she was locking lips with him in the dark corner of the club while the music was blaring in the background.

Chris went home with her that night and they stayed in the whole weekend fucking.

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General Update

Well my wrist has been getting progressively worse, in part due to work so I haven’t been able to make ANY drawings lately. (This is, in turn, driving me up a wall.) I’ll be seeing a family doctor about it in July but since that is a bit of a ways away I’m going to be having to take a lighter load in regards to drawing, just in case. In all honesty I might not be able to make any drawings at all, since even holding my phone at a usual angle makes my wrist twinge.

It feels like theres a chunk of something in my wrist but that makes zero sense logically. Either way; kind of painful, mostly uncomfortable. 

So the next set of pages/chapter are going to be very late. In the meantime I’ll post little drawings here and there of old sketchbooks and such. 

Like this grumpy Bill, who kind of sums up my feelings on the whole matter.

generic female big brother contestant: “i dont wanna work with the girls cuz guy alliances always do better!!!”

me: “maybe the guy alliances always do better cuz they actually respect each other and dont call each other catty bitches”

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KCON EXPERIENCE ~rough version bc im a tired bish and im still in shock

okay so
1: met edward avila twice didn’t get pics tho, met joan (with eddy yesterday + again today and got a pic) met JRE and got a pic but i look soooo bad we’re both squinting bc the sun
3. yesterday during highlights performance they threw plushies off the stage and i caught??? a white tiger !!!! it fell right into my hands !!! I OWN A PLUSHIE THAT MOST OF HIGHLIGHT HAS TOUCHED??? BRUH
4. met really great people like amelia (who gave me a win win fan and hyped me up ily thank u, u deserved that hat from up10tion smh @ that mom in front of us) and kat!!! (who i gave up10tion hitouch to and she gave me sheet masks?? so sweet, and we hung out so much and she bought hella nct albums and got her boy doyoung’s poster and gave me the win win sticker from it 💕 ily wooooo) and these two girls who we stood near both days in the platinum pit (never got their names rip they were so pretty and i hope curly haired girl took her heels off bc omg)
5. ummm dude in up10tion wearing the black jacket with the zipper in the back was ?? gorgeous!? i might need to stan up10tion now, and cnblue was SO GOOD LIKE ??? fan service to the extreme also knk on day 1 has cake??? thighs ??? ass?? booty??? white pants with everything poppin, they were?? iconic
6. NCT 127 were SO GOOD live i wanted win win to notice me so bad but i feel like they didn’t really interact with the crowd that much except for Johnny, mark, and maybe jaehyun but then again maybe he interacted on the other side of the platinum pit idk but rip 😢😓😭 ily win win he was so precious his dancing killed me he looked so good?? we were both wearing white hats i feel like we have a connection
also MARK KILLED IT and yuta? taeil? doyoung? jaehyun? live vocals that spoke to my soul?? so ?? good??

this isn’t even everything i’m just a mess im sunburnt and thirsty and my feet are killing me but wow so much sooooo much in such little time


Description: Lorna Morello is scared of thunderstorms, and a certain ex-junkie has become her only way of sleeping through them. Set vaguely in season 4.
Pairing: Nicky Nichols x Lorna Morello
Requester: no one

If there was one thing that freaked Lorna out (besides the constant feeling of impending doom that never wanted to leave her), it was thunderstorms. She knew it was irrational - the chances of getting hit by lightning was slim to none when she was outside, let alone indoors, but that didn’t leave her any less freaked out every time thunder rumbled in the distance, seemingly getting closer and closer with every round. It wasn’t a new issue - in fact, she’d lived with this since she was small and thunder first crashed around her. 

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HOLY FUCK YOUR SHANCE ART GAVE ME LIFE i love it so much and i love all your art and ahhhhh!!!! such a blessing!!!! (also whats your main blog btw?)


Shance gives me life. I was expecting hate for posting art of it but so far I have yet to receive any, thank goodness! 🙏

I was wondering when someone would ask that. My main is @juniperjadelove