to get pulled another way

i’m literally going to defend ‘bandwagon’ and new hockey fans until the day i die. every hockey fan has to start somewhere. every hockey fan gets pulled into hockey one way or another, and if it’s because of a popular team or a popular player or a successful team or a successful player then so be it. 

you can’t make all of this noise about wanting more hockey fans and wanting hockey to get bigger and then go “well you have to do X and Y and be able to list off these three things and not be a fan of this team to count” like that’s not how it works. you can make efforts to (politely, not condescendingly!) explain more about the rules and teams to new fans (if they want! don’t force it on them, lord. some people just are casual fans, and that’s fine too.)

i’ve been dealing with gatekeeping regarding hockey my entire life , and i’m so tired of it, and i’m going to do everything i can to make sure that nobody else has to deal with it. 

if a person likes a team because they’re popular or successful or because of a certain player, let them. sometimes these people turn into multi team fans who pay super close attention to stats and standings and rumors and stuff. and sometimes they don’t, and that’s okay too. 

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Omg, these promts are completely hilarious. :') I imagine so much this one with the poor Izuku :“I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass in greeting.” And keep the good work ! Your blog is amazing ! èwéb

Midoriya Izuku

You called out to you best friend as you walked into class but he didn’t turn.  You called him again as you got closer but he still did not respond. Thinking that this jerk was ignoring you, you decide to get his attention another way. “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

You pull back your hand and give him a hard smack in ass. He jumps and your hand stings as you pull away. You have a wide smile on you face and your quite proud of yourself until he turns around revealing the fact that you have just touched the ass of an innocent boy.

“Midoriya?” You burst out laughing at the way his face goes completely red. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else!”

“Ah ha. I was wondering.” He laughs nervously but it is obvious he isn’t bother by your mistake, just a little embarrassed. “You have quite an arm there.“

“You think? Thanks haha!” You give him a little nudge and teasingly add, “You’ve got quite a rear.”

Thats it. You successfully ended him in one sentence and he falls apart. He cant even look at you in the face for the rest of the day.

Tenerife Sea - Peter Parker x Reader

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Words: 1288
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: tad bit of swearing, evils people’s
Requested by anon
can you make something cute about peter parker based on “tenerife sea” by ed sheeran? thank you!:)
Author’s Note: this is a song fic from the song above ^^^ you can listen to it here! Thank you all for 1600 followers, too!


Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me

"Wow, you look amazing.” Peter smiled at you, when you walked out of your house.

You blushes and looked down at your hands. “Thanks, Peter.”

Your parents took photos of Peter and you, it was prom. Going all out, everyone was excited.

And before long, you and Peter were in the car, on your way back to school for the dance.

Peter had a feeling in his gut that didn’t sit with him right. He felt something was going to wrong. Either he was going to spill something on you, or if someone was going to come attack the place, he didn’t know. But he stuffed his suit in an extra bag just in case.

When you two arrived at the school, Peter was beyond excited that he was actually going to prom. You and Peter had been friends for a while, and you both decided that going together would be fun. You guys always love hanging out, this was just an excuse to dance together.

You met up with a few of your friends and Peter said hello to some people he knew. But for the most part, you were planning on just hanging out together.

Thanks to high school health class, you made sure you didn’t drink from the punch. Someone probably spiked it.

You and Peter went to dance, and you could tell that something was off about Peter. “What, are you upset that you’re here and not zooming around the city?” You smirked.

Of course you knew about Peter’s special ways. You’re his best friend of, how long? (Too long.)

“Oh, no no, I’m just, I’ve got a bad feeling that something is going to go wrong.” Peter sighed.

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Temporary Fix-Part 4

Friends With Benefits/Fratboy Luke Imagine

Summary: He was supposed to be temporary, so why did he leave such a permanent mark? Perhaps this is the one love that was meant to be more than just a good time. Can things be fixed? Or are some things better left in the past?

A/N: This is the fourth and final part of Temporary Fix! Thank you so much to everyone who made this series even more fun for me to write. All the kind words about this fix made my heart absolutely soar:) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and of course, I hope you enjoy it! 

~Contains Smut~Approx. 4.3k Words~

|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|


His words continued to linger in your mind for weeks on end. He was all you could think about, even after all this time. You hardly saw him however, despite the two classes you had with him. However, this time it was you that made moves to ignore him. Your tendency to skip class and pick up homework after hours had turned into a habit. You had barely held it together during your last confrontation with him and you knew if he even so much as looked you in the eyes your resolve would crumble. As much as you hated to admit it, the feelings you had harbored for him were genuine and those don’t just disappear overnight. The world felt bleak now. It was like the whirlwind of your relationship had painted your entire world in color and now that he was gone, the colors had faded back into the dull grey they had been before. On the lonelier nights it took you everything not to call him and beg him to take you back. To tell him that you had made a mistake and that you wanted him too. But your fear held you back. Did he still want you after your rejection? And more importantly, did you trust him enough to hand him your heart again? It was still fragile after the last time he had dropped it on the floor and you weren’t sure if you were ready to give it back to him yet. Though you couldn’t deny the aching in your chest when you replayed that conversation over in your head. He had told you he loved you and you couldn’t deny that he looked as if he really had meant it. The more you mulled it over the more you couldn’t help but think you had made the wrong decision.

A pillow hurtling towards you caught your attention and as it hit you square in the face, you heard Lola’s shrill voice pulling you from your thoughts. “Earth to Y/N!”

“Hmm, yeah?”

“Did you hear anything I just said?”

“Uh, no.”

“I asked if this dress was cute!”

“Yeah it’s cute.” You responded, barely even looking at her. You heard her scoff.

“But is it date night cute? I mean I know it’s cute but what is it saying? Does it say ‘hey I like you we should hang out more’ or does it say ‘hey i’m not wearing any panties under this so you should rip it off me later?’”

“Oh my god, Lola.” You groaned, chucking the pillow back at her.

“It’s important to distinguish the two!”

“:And you think that a dress will do it?”

“Oh I know a dress will do it.”

“Well what do you want it to say?”

“I need it to tell him that I’m interested, but I need him to put some more effort in before I let him fuck me.”

“Go with the blue one.”

“Y/N, you’re a peach!” She yelled over her shoulder as she ran back to her closet.

“Who are you going out with anyway?”

The doorbell rang before she had a chance to answer. “Can you get that? I’m still naked!”

You laughed, getting up from the couch and walking over to the door, sliding the bolt and swinging it open.

“Calum? You’re the guy Lola’s going out with?” You stared at him in shock, your eyes landing on the small bouquet of daisies in his hands.

“Uh, yeah I am.” He laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh. Well, you can come in I guess. She’ll be out in a minute.”

He nodded as the awkwardness increased, the room silent as the two of you waited for Lola to emerge. After a moment, Calum broke the silence.

“He’s a wreck you know. If that makes you feel any better.”

“It doesn’t.”

“Well. Okay then, I uh, just thought you should know.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled, wanting to avoid the subject altogether. “And thanks for trying to stop me from walking in on him that night.”

Calum snickered, “What I should have done was punch him in the face before it even happened. I’m sorry I didn’t.”

You laughed halfheartedly. “Thanks for the thought Calum.”

“Honestly Y/N, I’m sorry this happened. You didn’t deserve that.” You were quiet, unsure what to say, but he didn’t give you time to think of a response. “But I also have to say it was shitty of you not to accept his apology.”

“Hey, I don’t owe him anything.”

“True. But I think you owe it to yourself to give it another chance. He really does care for you Y/N. Just think about it.”

At that moment, Lola emerged from the other room, clad in that blue dress and giving Calum a small smile.

“Hey Cal.”

“Hey, these uh, these are for you.” He handed her the daisies and her whole face lit up.

“They’re beautiful, thank you.” She smiled.

You couldn’t help but feel like the third wheel in the small room and so you quietly exited the premises, allowing the two to continue on. You couldn’t help but feel a little bitter at the prospect of such a beautiful couple conversing in the next room. You did not need to deal with all the negativity you were feeling right now. Of course it was all brought on by you, but you didn’t want to think about that.

As you heard the front door slam shut, you made your way back into the small kitchenette. Under the sink Lola kept a stash of cheap liquor and tonight seemed like the perfect time to put it to good use. You could use a little numbing. You pulled out the plastic bottle of clear liquid, put in your headphones that were blasting the best ‘get over him’ playlist you had and got ready for a pitiful night in.

By one in the morning, almost the entire bottle was gone but the memory of Luke stayed put still. Even with the clouds in your brain he was still all you could think about. But with your inhibitions lowered,  the idea of calling him started to sound better and better. You wanted to hear his voice, even if it was through the speaker of your phone. You fumbled around the house for your cell phone, finally locating it in Lola’s potted orchid of all places. It took you a few tries to punch in your code and you giggled every time it buzzed telling you it had been input wrong like it was the funniest joke in the world. Finally, you found his contact. The picture of him was one you took right when he was waking up, his hair was a mess and his eyes were puffy but at the time you thought it was the cutest thing in the world. Honestly, you still did.

It rang twice before he picked up.

“Hello?” He asked cautiously, like he was afraid it wouldn’t actually be you on the other end.

“Lukey! My little Lukey you picked up!” You slurred, giggling from your place on the couch.

“Y/N are you okay?”

Suddenly, the familiar pang of sadness in your chest returned. Had your mind not been impaired, you would have hung up the phone but tonight all the words you had to say flowed right out.

“No Lukey, I am not okay. You’re supposed to be here with me tonight. You’re always supposed to be with me but you’re not. And it’s all my fault isn’t it? I walked away from you because I’m too stubborn to admit that I love you. Even you could tell me you loved me but I ran away. I ran away Lukey. And I wish I hadn’t because then you would be here with me and I need you here” You blubbered, practically forgetting that he was still on the phone.

“You’re drunk Y/N. You wouldn’t be saying this if you were sober.”

“But I’d still be feeling it wouldn’t I?! It’s not my fault I don’t know how to communicate my feelings.” You huffed.

“Y/N please, I’m trying to get over you.”

“But Lukey, I don’t want you to.” He was silent on the other end, and you thought maybe the call had been disconnected. “Hello?”

“Yeah I’m here.” His voice was barely a whisper.

“I need you here with me. Right now. Please?“ Your voice was hushed now too as he thought over your offer.

“Are you in your dorm?”

“Mmmhhm.” You sighed dreamily.

“Okay I’ll be there soon. Don’t do anything stupid okay?”

“Seems I already have.”


Luke hung up the phone gingerly, barely able to believe that you had reached out to him. Sure you were clearly pretty drunk, but either way you had reached out and he was not going to pass this up. He had long since decided that it was time he put you were. You went above everything and he’d be damned if he let his pride and ego get in the way of another chance with you.

He pulled his coat tighter to his body as he walked across campus and towards your dorm, his feet taking him there automatically. Luke couldn’t remember ever being as nervous as he felt right now. It felt like this was his last chance with you, but he had no idea what was going through your mind. If you rejected him again, he didn’t know if he would ever recover. In all honesty, he probably shouldn’t be going to see you. He needed to get over you, but when it came to you he had never been able to be rational. His heart raced as he stood at your door, a soft smile spreading across his face as he remembered all the other times he had been standing in this very position. His knuckles rapped on the wooden door, almost of their own accord.

The moment you opened the door, he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. You looked beautiful as ever in your night shirt and shorts, he thought.

“Lukey! You came! Like my knight in shining armor.” You giggled and Luke couldn’t help but laughed at your intoxicated state. Your hair was a mess and your face was flushed, your eyes dilated as they roamed over his body. “Take your coat off and stay awhile!” You opened the door further and he stepped inside, shrugging off his jacket. “Want some?” You asked, handing him your practically empty bottle of vodka. He took it from you, only proceeding to set it on the table.

“I think you’ve had enough Y/N.” He sighed. unsure how to handle you in this state. Usually he was just as drunk and you two were hooking up in a public bathroom at this point. Luke couldn’t even remember the last time he had taken care of a drunk person, but he had to admit you still looked as cute as ever.

“Aw but Lukey we used to have so much fun like this!”

“Why are you calling me that?”

“Because it’s your name silly!” You giggled. “And because it’s my name for you. It belongs to me. Just like I belong to you, isn’t that right Lukey?”


“It’s true! You made it so I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you, didn’t you? You poisoned me and you have me asking for more of it.” You rambled on, your head feeling lighter and lighter and the feeling of warmth beginning to take over completely as your eyelids drooped shut. “I don’t think I can ever get rid of you Lukey. I’m yours forever and ever.” You sighed, just as the warmth took over completely and you drifted off into a hazy, drunken stupor.

Though unfortunately for Luke, you had been standing up when you decided to pass out. You immediately fell over and into his arms, your face smashing into his chest as his arms wrapped around your torso to steady you. In one swoop, he lifted you into his arms and carried you over to your bed, your head lulling as mindless babble sounded from your mouth. He placed you gently down on the duvet, tucking the thick cover under your chin for warmth . He smiled, stroking your hair back from your face and placing a gentle kiss to your forehead.

As he turned to go, suddenly your arm shot out and grabbed hold of his hand. “Stay.” You mumbled, scooting over and making room for him on the small bed. He never could resist you. He pulled off his shoes before laying down and snuggling into bed next to you. The feeling of your body entwined with his felt so perfect and so familiar and he could only hope that in the morning when the alcohol’s affect had worn off, you would still want him there next to you. You had told him everything he had been hoping you would tonight, but he couldn’t count on your words just yet.

With a long sigh, Luke closed his eyes and embraced the familiar feeling of you, praying that this wouldn’t be the last time he felt your body in his arms.


He awoke with you still snuggled tightly next to him, your legs tangled in his and your back pressed against his chest as snored quietly. For a moment, he almost forgot that this was temporary and that you were not in fact his anymore. He lay like that for a while, simply enjoying the feeling of you so close to him and admiring how beautiful you looked, even as your mouth hung open and drool fell from the corner of your mouth. He was almost sad when your eyelids began to flutter open, almost like with your awakeness his dream world would come crashing down.

“Oh my God, I feel like death.” You groaned, shielding your eyes from the sunlight streaming in through the small window.

Luke chuckled, “Well princess, maybe you shouldn’t have drank so much.”

Luke felt your whole body stiffen at the sound of his voice and immediately you sat up, eyes wide as you took in the blonde haired boy lying in your bed with you.

“Luke?! What are you doing here? Did we…oh shit what happened last night?”

Luke couldn’t stop the pang of disappointment in his chest at your words. Seems he had been right in assuming you wouldn’t remember a thing. “Long story short, you got piss faced, called me, and then proceeded to collapse in my arms.”

Your eyebrows knit into a line as your processed his words. “So we didn’t…you know?”

Luke let out a dry laugh. “Of course not Y/N. I would never take advantage of you like that.”

“So why’d you stay then?” You inquired, pursing your lips as if you expected the worst of him.

“Because you asked me to. Listen if you want me to go that’s fine, I’ll go. ” He spoke solemnly, getting up from the bed and pulling his shoes back on.

“No! Wait, I didn’t mean it like that! Or, er, what I really mean is, um…thank you.” You blurted, and he stopped moving.

“You’re welcome Y/N.” He sighed, before continuing to put his shoes back on. Without a word, he slipped out of your room leaving you dazed and confused. But you did know one thing. You weren’t letting him out of your life again.

“Luke wait!” You hopped out of bed, the long shirt you were wearing brushing over your bare thighs as you ran after him. You caught him right as he was opening the front door to your dorm room. “I don’t want this to be the end.”

“Do you? Because that’s not what you told me that night Y/N.”

“I know, I know, but can you honestly blame me? I was scared Luke. Scared that you would break my heart again and I guess in the process it was me that ended up ruining things. I know I must’ve said something about it last night because you wouldn’t have stayed if I hadn’t. Please Luke, I don’t want this to be the end.” You were practically begging, but if that’s what you had to do to make him stay then you certainly weren’t above it. You could feel tears pricking your eyes. You couldn’t remember being this emotional before he entered your life. Maybe he just brought it out in you.

“No, princess don’t cry.” Luke whispered, stepping towards you and taking your face in his hands. He hated to see you sad.

“We can make this work Luke, I know we can. Just tell me how you feel. I need…I need to hear you say it.”

“Do you remember what I said that night?” He spoke curtly.

“Which part?” You chuckled dryly.

“The part when I told you that I saw nothing but problems for us? The part when I said it would be chaotic and that I always detach myself from people?”

You swallowed a lump in your throat, unsure where he was going with this. “Y-Yeah, of course I do.”

“I told you I was in. I told you that no matter how many people are against us, I’m in. Do you remember that? Because it’s still true. And it will always be true. You’re all I want and I am not afraid to admit it. You make me want to be a better man and I just love you, you hear me? God, I am so in love with you it makes me crazy.”

His lips were on yours before you even had a chance to respond. You had missed the feeling of his lips, the way his hands cupped either side of your cheeks and pulled you in before one hand drifted down to the small of your back and pressed you into him. It felt so natural to be with him, like the weeks without him hadn’t ever existed. Your fingers threaded through his soft locks, playing with the small hairs at the base of his neck. Swiftly, his hands moved down to caress the back of your thighs, signaling you to jump. He lifted you up, carrying you over to the worn leather couch and placing you down gently as he climbed on top and settled his body on yours. He slowly worked his hands down your body, kneading your breasts through the thin fabric of your tee shirt. You let out a little moan, egging him on further as he reached down to pull your sleeping shorts down your legs, moving then to tug off his own shirt so that you could caress his torso. You giggled as he awkwardly fumbled with the belt around his waist, trying to get his pants around his ankles as fast as he could. You cupped his face in your hands, pulling him in for a small kiss. “We’re really doing this again?” Your voice was worried, but the twinkle in his eyes calmed you immediately.

“I guess we are.” His lips ghosted over your own and you could feel him smiling. He pulled back just a little, so he could look you in the eye. “I want to do this Y/N. But I want you to know that I want to, well, keep doing this. I mean, not like we had been doing, or er, yeah like what we’ve been doing but with some minor differences, or maybe major differences I’m not really sure how it all works…” He shook his head, letting out an awkward chuckle. “What I’m trying to say is that I want you to be my girlfriend.” He breathed, his nervousness causing him to stumble over his words.

You eyed him coyly, tracing your fingers down his biceps and giving them a little squeeze. “I think I like the sound of that…boyfriend.” You winked playfully and he smiled wide, attempting to lean back in for a kiss but you put a finger to his lips instead. “No, no, no, I think I want to do a little something for you today.” You spoke coquettishly as you sunk down on your knees in front of him.

“Baby you don’t have to do this if you don’t wan-” His voice hitched in his throat as you palmed him through his briefs, his bulge becoming more prominent with your every move. “Oh God.” His hands gripped the edges of the couch as he watched you strip off your shirt, leaving your chest bare for his eyes to roam, your nipples peaked and ready for him. You eased him out of his briefs, tugging at the hem until he relented. His cock sprung to attention, the tiny beads of precum inviting you in. His eyes were trained on you, desperate to capture your every move as you took his length in your hand, pumping it slowly before you lowered your mouth down and swirled your tongue along the slit. He groaned, his knuckles white from gripping the couch so hard.

“B-Baby, please do something I can’t handle the teasing.”He begged, his eyes now squeezed shut as you took more of him in your mouth. You went as deep as you could go, his tip hitting the back of your throat before you pulled off him, one hand still pumping his cock, which was now fully hard, and the other playing with his balls like you knew he loved.

“Does that feel good?” You asked innocently, your tone of voice turning him on even more, if that was even possible.

“So fucking good princess, f-fuck you look so sexy with your lips wrapped around my cock.” He whimpered as you put your mouth back on him, licking a long stripe up his shaft before swirling your tongue around the top, giving the head little kitten licks. Again, you took him fully in your mouth but this time his hands found your hair, threading his fingers through it and gripping your roots. He helped you find a steady rhythm, bobbing your head up and down as his hard cock slid in and out of your mouth. “There you go princess, that’s it. Suck my dick baby, suck it like a good little girl!” He moaned, throwing his head back as the pleasure became more and more intense. “I wanna…wanna fuck your mouth, is that okay baby? Can I fuck that pretty little mouth?” He rasped, staring down at you with his piercing blue eyes, his cock still completely buried inside your mouth. You nodded in approval and opened your mouth a little wider so that he could fit his entire length snugly inside. You could feel your eyes watering as he began to move, in and out of you, small bits of drool dribbling from the corner of your mouth as you choked on his cock. Your hands moved up to hold yourself steady on his thighs, your nails digging into his skin. You could feel the familiar heat of your arousal coursing between your legs and so you subtly moved one hand down and pushed your panties aside as you slowly began rubbing over your sensitive bud.

Luke groaned as he gripped your head, pistoning his hips just gently enough that he wouldn’t hurt you, but enough so that he could feel his orgasm building, your wet, warm mouth like heaven to him. Though as he looked down, he saw your fingers moving around between your legs as you pleasures yourself and it gave him an idea. He pulled out of your mouth, almost climaxing then and there from the sight of you on your knees staring up at him with a mix of your saliva and his arousal dribbling down you chin.

He leaned down so his face was level with yours, and brushed the hair out of your eyes. “It’s not fair for you to be doing all the work now is it baby? How about we compromise?” He grinned before pulling you to your feet and then sitting down on the couch. “Take your underwear off baby.” He commanded and so you slowly stripped yourself of your panties, making sure to go slow enough so that he could savor your hips moving back and forth as the lace material moved down your thighs. “That’s it baby, good girl. Now come over here and let me eat your pussy.” Happily, you obliged as you reverse straddled him so that you glistening heat was mere centimeters from his face. His cock, still slick with your saliva, stood at attention directly in front of you making your mouth water. You took it hungrily back inside your mouth just as you felt Luke’s tongue enter you from behind. You moaned around his cock, the feeling sending vibrations through his whole body. You could hear him slurping and sucking at your wetness and occasionally his lip ring would graze your clit, sending you into spasms of intense pleasure. You could feel your orgasm building as it threatened to take over your whole body. Luke had added his fingers to the mix, roughly pumping them in and out of you while his tongue devoured your clit. His hand came down on your ass, giving you a little spank of encouragement as you sucked on him. The feeling of his cock in your mouth and his lips at your core was almost too much and you could tell he felt the same. His dick began to twitch as he moaned and whimpered, rasping out your name.

“Baby I’m gonna come! Oh god, your mouth baby you’re so perfect, I missed your little mouth so much!” He whined as he pushed his fingers deep inside of you, the final thrust you needed to take you over the edge. You groaned around his cock as he spurt his load inside your mouth. You swallowed every bit of it, making sure he had done the same before you turned around and snuggled under his arm.

“You’re so amazing baby. I love you so much.” Luke sighed, pressing a kiss to your temple. “I’m never letting this go. Never letting you go again.” He said happily, pulling a blanket over the two of your naked bodies.

“I love you too Luke.” You exhaled in content. You had never felt happier than you did in that moment. The boy who was supposed to be only temporary ended up being the most permanent thing in your life. And nothing could be better than that.



Seventeen Joshua Vampire AU ~Dating would include/How you meet

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~Joshua Vampire AU

  • You were walking back from the corner store because you got late night munchies when you heard noises coming from an ally 
  • You decided to go check to see what it was when you saw him with some blood on his shirt and a girl on the floor so you did the most reasonable thing you could think of. You screamed and ran out of the ally way to your house
  • You waited a week and heard nothing about the incident that you saw and thought maybe it could have been a prank. That night you decided to get another snack when you were pulled into a alley way and you saw him
  • You guys ended up hanging out every week just talking about random things
  • Over a short span of time you guys ended up being close friends and he decided to introduce you to the rest of the group
  • It was kinda at awkward introduction at first but they ended up loving you
  • After knowing each other for a few months you guys started to like each other but didn’t say anything
  • You guys meet each other at a restaurant and ordered your favorite dessert and he asked you out
  • You guys immediately told the group after about you guys
  •  He would take you on cute dates and would always treat you like a gentleman 
  • Joshua would drink your blood but would always ask before he did
  • Always gives the best cuddles
  •  Would give sweet and passionate kisses
  • Would treat you like you were his world
  • Any vampire that would try to hurt you would have to go through him first
  • Joshua would want to spend forever with you but would never turn you unless you frequently asked to be turned
  • If you were ever cold he would always give you his jacket
  • He doesn’t do a lot of PDA but he does hug and hold hands

stydiariarkle  asked:


  • when or if I started shipping it. It took me quite a while to actually start really shipping Bellarke, I knew they weren’t just platonic but it took until I listened to a fantastic meta station podcast on 3x13 that I went, huh, I think I ship Bellamy and Clarke. I’d also done quite a few gif requests and you know how giffing goes, you go to make a gif but end up just rewatching scenes instead.
  • my thoughts: I really adore them. They need each other and the head heart trope is one of my weakness in fiction. I squealed when they agknowledged the head heart stuff in 413.
  • What makes me happy about them: That no matter how much they mess up or get pulled apart they always find their way back to one another. Also the fact that they both have so much faith and trust in one another and they really understand each other better than any other characters do.
  • What makes me sad about them: PRAIMFAYA
  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me: I don’t read too much Bellarke fanfic so I’m pretty selective with what I read so I can’t think of anything.
  • Things I look for in fanfic: I usually like canonverse the most so that?
  • My kinks: I’ll pass on this question.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I’d be ok with Bellamy being with Raven because they’re both favourite characters of mine but I just can’t see Clarke with anyone else tbh? I’d say Niylah but that really feels just like they’re having casual sex for them to be the endgame relationship.
  • My happily ever after for them: Them being together and reunited with all of their people building a peaceful life and family on the ground. No more war, thank you.

Send me a show, ship, or character

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"I thought you were my friend so I slapped your ass as a greeting" with Imayoshi XD

Hope you guys don’t mind, I’m grouping these together! @car1ba

~ Nia ~

You called out his name as you walked into the class but he didnt turn.  You called him again walking over but he still did not respond. Knowing, without a doubt, that the tall boy with black spiky hair standing beside your desk was your best friend, you decide to get his attention another way.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” Pulling your hand back, you smack him right in ass. He jumps and your hand stings as you pull away. There is a wide smile on your face up until he jerks around to look at you. You gasp violently and step back after realizing this boy was not your best frined but the guy you’ve had a crush on since middle school. “I-Imayoshi!?”

You feel your face grow hot but that is the least of your worries as you figure your suprise must be as genuine as his. You both just stare at each other, prcessing what has just happend. However, he recovers from it faster then you can.

“___?” He cocks his brow and looks you up and down. There is no sign of annoyance, only amusement, which worries you more. “You have quite an arm there.“

"Ha ha, you think so? Thanks, ha ha…” You make your best attempt to act natural but you are covered head to toe in awkward vibes. You sigh, giving up and accepting the fact that you just slapped your crushes ass and now he’s complementing you on your swing. “Sorry about that. I thought you were someone else.”

“Oh? Well make sure to give this to him from me when you find him.” Curious, you watch as he steps beside you, grabs your shoulder and turns you away from him. The next thing you know, he smacks your ass and you yelp from both the sting and the shock. At this point you are so surprised all you can do is blush while chuckling.

You turn to him and give him a halfhearted pout. “Hey! I hit you on accident!”

“And I didn’t.” With arrogant smile, he waves and begins to leave. Without turning, he adds, “damn” as he rubs where you hit him.

Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini. - Joe Sugg Imagine (Part Three)

Your jaw slightly dropped when Tanya suggested you all go clubbing. You’ve only just,landed in Santorini and you were already going clubbing? “That’s a great idea Tan! And there’s no other way to celebrate the first night here in Santorini! I mean, we all rested on the plane and we’re grabbing a bite to eat now, and it’s almost the evening. By the time we get ourselves ready if will be darker and time to dance our asses off!” Zoe beamed sipping on her drink as everyone instantly agreed. You felt like curling up in a small little ball. You just met all of these people, well apart from Tanya and Jim but you were already going clubbing? This was crazy!

You all finished lunch and you all chipped in to pay before grabbing a cab back to your holiday home. As soon as you entered, Tanya grabbed your arm and pulled yourself, Niomi and Zoe up the stairs and squealed. “See you later boys! Better be prepared!” She giggled before she stopped you all at the top of the stairs. “Okay girls, everyone go pick out their outfits, then let’s all meet in Y/N’s room and we can all help each other with getting ready!” Tanya explained out in am excited rush which only made a large smile grow on your face. Even though you weren’t an every Friday night sort of club going person, you did love having a good dance.

Thankfully before you all headed out to lunch earlier today, you all unpacked your clothes and toiletries into the wardrobes and bathroom cupboards provided for you in your own room. You opened your wardrobe and sighed biting your cheek. ‘What should I wear?’ You thought as you drummed your finger tips against your chin and eyes your wardrobe. You didn’t want to overdress yourself..but you did want to doll yourself groaned in frustration and ran a hand through your clothes. A dress? Cute? Frilly? No Y/N..everyone will be wearing a dress at the about a skirt? Nah..skirts..they’re cute but you knew nearly every other girl would also be sporting short, mini tight skirts..

'Think..different Y/N..go for something you wouldn’t normally wear..’ You told yourself whilst pushing clothes out of the way to get a better view of what you could choose before you instantly stopped, spotting your Michelle Keegan Diamond Mesh Puplum top and wear the matching Michelle Keegan Pu Biker Treggings with a pair of spontaneous red heels to match and bring out your outfit. Is this good enough? Is it too casual? Is it too over the top? You asked yourself many questions before taking a deep breath and settling on not changing your mind and taking a risk and going for it. You placed your outfit on your wardrobe and just as you sat down to get started, Zoe, Niomi and your best friend Tanya all walked in giggling to themselves before they locked the door behind them.

Tanya had a red cocktail dress thrown over her arm and a pair of shoes to match. Zoe had a baby pink dress with crossed straps thrown over her arm and a pair of heels to go exactly with her dress and Niomi had a small floral black and white skirt and a top to match. Tanya also held many bags of make up and make up brushes and set them out on the dresser. “Y/N, is this what your wearing?” Niomi gasped gazing at your outfit on the wall which made your cheeks instantly heat up and the voices in your head instantly nag at you for picking out such an atrocious outfit. “It’s gorgeous!” Never mind then..Niomi was gleaming with excitement at your outfit before she turned to Tanya. “You know what you should do? You should do the Nicole Scherzinger make up look on Y/N for this outfit. The red lip will bring out the shoes as well as the outfit and the bronzer on her eyes will make them pop!” Niomi rambled to Tanya as Zoe whipped out her curling iron and plugged it in to heat up. The three girls smiled rather..sneakily at you after getting into a group huddle of whispers which made you feel very nervous.
Tanya sat you down in the high chair as Zoe began to curl your hair. “Y/N your going to have all eyes on you tonight..” Niomi giggled as she painted your nails for you which made your cheeks turn rosy.

You were finally finished with! Your make up look was completed and your hair perfectly styled by Zoe and your nails freshly painted. You felt so different. Over the last two hours, you managed to get to know the girls a lot better and they welcomed you with open arms. You laughed a lot and took many selfies and you even cowered out of your shy cocoon and opened up to your new loving friends.

“Let’s wow the guys! They’re going to be so shocked..” Zoe laughed quietly looking around to you all. You instantly felt nerves and butterflies hit your tummy. You were alone. All the girls had their boyfriends with them and you were just left..alone, with no date. You felt very insecure in that moment but covered it up with an excited smile. You felt different..Tanya had an outfit that showed off her curves beautifully and Niomis outfit showed off her amazing legs..and Zoe..she just looked so felt completely different all of sudden and felt very shy, so you wrapped your arms around yourself.

“It will be dawn by the time you ladies decide to show yourselves! Are you lot going to come down or will we have to come get you?” Alfie laughed loudly from the end of the stairs making you all giggle. “Oh hush! We’re coming down now!” Zoe smiled beginning to lead the way down the stairway. You all descended down the stair way, one after the other to meet all the boys cleaned up very well and had their jaws dropped.

“Oh me, oh my..don’t you all look stunning..” Jim smiled widely at you all before he wrapped his arms around Tanya and pecked her cheek, whilst Alfie pulled Zoe into his side and Niomi pressed herself against Marcus. You stood shyly, like a third wheel near the door close to Joe who scratched the back of his neck sheepishly and flashed you a shy smile. “You all look gorgeous girls..” Marcus complimented you all which made your cheeks heat up like the rest of the girls. You all clambered into an awaiting taxi and you were last to get in but unfortunately the taxi was too small. “You can sit on my lap..” Joe offered which made your cheeks heat up instantly and your heart race quickly. “I..erm..are you sure? I could just catch another cab..” You stumbled over your own words in shyness and felt yourself melt under his sweetness. “It’s completely fine..I swear!” Joe smiled and before you could take another moment to try and get another way to the club, Joe had pulled you onto his lap and Zoe shut the door which have the taxi driver the signal to start the drive to a night full of friends, dance and drinks.


|Joe’s Point Of View|

I decided to join Zoe and her friends on their little trip to Santorini knowing she wouldn’t mind. It all sounded like such an adventure and I’m always up for an adventure, and it was Santorini, I mean, c'mon, who wouldn’t want to visit there for two weeks? I’ve been dying to cross this place off my bucket list for years now but never had enough time to go fly there but thankfully I had two weeks completely free which made it an easy yes to Zoe’s little offer of me going with her and her friends to Santorini.

I’ve been in desperate need of a small holiday and I just need to get away from the rainy, dull weather of London and enjoy some sun and have a complete detox from the Internet. I just needed to escape myself and get lost in what this beautiful city has to offer to me.

When we first arrived at the house, we realised Tanya had yet to arrive with her friend but I told Zoe, Alfie, Marcus and Niomi not to tell Tanya since I wanted to give her a jump scare since she’s so easily scared. We huddled up in the kitchen and when Tanya arrived we all jumped out and screamed but I was suddenly lost for words. There stood a beautiful girl with long luscious your/hair/colour hair and a stunning pair of your/eye/colour eyes. She was so beautiful. Did Zoe know this girl? I’ve never met her before..who is she? She was so..perfect.

As soon as our hands touched to shake I felt a spark and I couldn’t shake the feeling off all day. It made me want to smile so big. Y/N had such a beautiful name that just matched her beautiful face. She was so sweet but so made me so intrigued and curious. Woah Joe. Please clam’ve only known her how many hours? I kept reminding myself that I wasn’t looking for a relationship..and it’s true..I wasn’t. My YouTube channel is currently my life and I’m not ready to have a girlfriend or a proper relationship. After unpacking and freshening up we all decided to head out for lunch and to be quite honest, I couldn’t quite wait. I wanted to learn so much more about Y/N and who she is and if I’m being honest, if she was single. She was hot. We all headed out to a small pizzeria down the coast line for lunch and I’ve never been so happy to sit in front of anybody before. Y/N was very quite and only answering questions when asked so I decided that it was now my time to jump the gun and question her on everything. I learned that she works in a retail shop and is often at the counter serving people, and she’s an aspiring photographer who got accepted into a very highly intelligent college that only accept the best. With each word she spoke I was intrigued more and more and I don’t know why. She was like a magnet and I was metal being lured in by those big your/eye/colour eyes that were so mesmerising.

When Tanya suggested clubbing, I couldn’t have been any happier. I was going to show Y/N my moves and I was most definitely going to wear my best outfit. I took a quick shower to freshen myself up and used my best colognes and aftershaves. I walked out of the bathroom to find Jim sitting on my bed with a smirk. “Woah, Jim..mate..what are you doing here, eh? I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this..but we can’t recreate peoples fantasies of us being together..You’ve got Tanya and I’ve got my’s not going to work..” I smirked chuckling as Jim burst out laughing. “Oh Joseph, what will I ever do with you? Actually I came in here to talk about Y/N..” Jim trailed off which made my eyes widen in fear and a slightly rush of nerves pulse through my veins.

Hi beauties! I’m so sorry for the long wait on this part! I’ve been so busy with my summer job that I’ve just found it so difficult to find the time to write! So I’m so sorry but I really hope you liked this part! Pleaseeee tell me if you do because I love your feedback! All the love❤️xxx

Salty Stains & Parallel Lines

AN: Hartbig smut. Not much plot. About 2.5k words. Leave feedback maybe?

It’s a reoccurrence, a sort of habit that they fall back into from time to time. A certain kind of trust that is between them, a comfortable knowledge of one another.

Grace cries when one of her longer relationships is over, and Hannah’s shirt is there to soak her tears. Hannah cries when Grace starts dating again, because she’s happy that her friend is happy, and that’s what matters most, and a reason for happy tears.

Hannah needs intimacy, needs someone to come home to, a stable thing, a constant. Which she finds, eventually. But Grace is still there, a best friend, so well-known and comfortable. Hannah’s shirts still have stains on them from where Grace once left little salty lakes of sadness.

It’s a reoccurrence. They fall back into each other from time to time.

When Hannah pushes Grace back upon the bed for the first time, it’s a whole lot of skin-to-skin contact at once. It’s overwhelming, the softness and the shape of Hannah’s body, new and yet familiar.

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5/15/15 Upd8: Strider Meet Strider

Sorry for the delay, guys! Hey, at least I’ve churned it out, right? 

I don’t have much else to say for the preamble, really.

Reaction and speculation below!

And once again, Vriska demonstrates just how much respect she has for John. More or less saying that *he*, not her, deserves credit for the improved state of the timeline. It’s not the first time she’s indicated she’s willing to give up the spotlight to him:

At times like these, I wonder if John even realizes just how much sway he has over her.

I knew it. Karkat and Kanaya have to get the Genesis Tadpole from Echidna, like Jade said in the GO!timeline:


Vriska is referring to the A2 trolls original ideas for the universe they created. To quote Karkat:

And there’s Earth! Huh, I wonder if that means Jade got it before she went to stop the meteor…

Oh, so THAT’S what the wallet was for! And it looks like John just saying the wallet was needed was important, rather then having the wallet itself. I figured as much, I had faith in GO!Terezi. But how did Vriska….Oh, right, God-Tier. She can fly. It’s easy to overlook that sometimes since she doesn’t wear her GT outfit 24/7 like the other God Tiers.

Endgame information! So that’s what the ‘Ultimate Alchemy’ is, huh?

Oh, so now we’re going to learn what Vriska is going to-


Okay, let’s calm down here. While this is obviously shades of her old behavior, after this upd8 dropped, I realized a couple things through chatting on the forums.

First, it’s made clear that the dreambubbles were partially made as a ‘distraction’ to keep Lord English from killing the Horrorterrors:

Which implies that once Lord English finishes with the dreambubbles (a pretty bad prospect in itself), he’s going to turn on the Horrorterrors. And, well, to quote Rose:

The Horrorterrors getting killed off is not a good thing.

But the Game Over timeline had a disturbing theme. Namely, characters refusing to fight, or giving up against Lord English:

So, with the overarching threat to reality and characters either not willing to fight him, or in no shape to do so, where does that leave things? Maybe Vriska’s initiative is exactly what needed right now.

Looks like she’s going to take advantage of the weapon Ghost!Vriska and Meenah still have:

I’m going to come back to that at the end of this.

Ouch. Poor Dave.

Okay, Vriska, I’m with Karkat here. What the hell?

Good question, Dave.

Hey, isn’t that Roxy’s portal gun?

OH! I get it! That answers the earlier question:

Also, look at Roxy. XD.

Looks like Roxy’s fenestrated planes weren’t the only thing Vriska raided Roxy’s place for, lol.

Yep, looks like we’re going to see the elder Strider sooner then we thought!

Bwahahaha! Well, that works for the occasion!

This panel is a callback. I KNOW it is! Damn it, why can’t I remember where I’ve seen it before!? 

Whelp, that explains what Vriska thought of her encounter with her ghost self:

So, ghost!Vriska and retcon!Vriska…Place your bets, everyone! Who is going to win? Hah!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking. If this maybe IS the timeline where the B1 kids get sucked into the house juju:

Maybe Vriska putting the plan to defeat Lord English with it is how they’re going to get out. And maye that’s how they’re going to get pulled into the final fight. The B2 kids might get there another way, since they survived the end of the Masterpiece:

There’s indications Vriska doesn’t know what happens to the group after this point:

Which means she’s likely not aware that the kids might be going towards a pretty bad fate. One that she’s going to help them escape, perhaps? Just a thought! We’ll see what happens.

Hope you enjoyed!

Take Care

Take Care

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous- I love your writing!!! can I have a deanxreader imagine where they go on a case and when questioning a lot of witnesses, the reader gets hit on a lot and they’re just laughing the whole time at how pathetic and cheesy it all is. thank you sm !!

Word Count: 1,779

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Not my best piece, but I hope you like it :)

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Hard to Breathe: a Harry Styles Imagine

A/N: requested by a lovely anon! I hope you enjoy it babe! It makes me want to cry!! Let me know if I should do one with the rest of the boys!

You had to take your daughter Steffani to gymnastics for practice on Saturday morning. Usually Harry did it, but he complained that he wasn’t feeling well the night before, so you told him to stay in bed and that you would take her.

While watching her practice a new floor routine you realized her inhaler wasn’t in your purse. You left her there and raced home to get it. You pulled into the driveway and noticed another car in your way. Thinking nothing of it, you went into the house anyway.

“Harry?” You called through the house. No answer.

“I came to get Stefi’s inhaler,” you said as you took it from the kitchen counter.

Still no answer.

You figured he was asleep so you went upstairs to check on him. When you opened the door, you let out a silent scream. There he was in your bed lying beside another woman. She was pale and blonde, not to mention more than likely naked under the sheet that covered their bodies. They were intertwined the way you would be. He was holding her like he held you. It had seemed like in an instant your life was over. It felt like the world had been ripped from under you. Here was your husband, the father of your daughter! The man you thought would never do anything to hurt you. The man who made a vow to you that you were his only one… Here with someone else in your home.

“How could you?! HARRY HOW COULD YOU?!?”

Your screams woke both of them up.
Harry sat bolt upright, shocked to see you.

“Y/N, I can-”

“Fucking save it, Harry. Save it. I don’t have time.”

You were choking out tears as you ripped your wedding ring from your finger to throw it at him. You didn’t know wether to hit him or the now terrified girl in your bed.

“Just let me talk to you!” Harry pleaded.

“And say what? That it was a mistake? She mistakenly fell into our bed naked?”

It was silent. He couldn’t say anything. He had been caught and that was that.

“I want you out before Steffani and I are home. Take her with you.”

“What are you saying?” He asked.

“I’m saying I can’t look at you,” you snarled. “I don’t know wether to beat your ass or hers. I’m too mad to deal with it so just get the fuck out. That’s what I’m saying.”

The girl had somehow gotten dressed during the war of words and was waiting for Harry. You could hear him let out small sobs as he packed himself a bag to go.

“Please,” he begged, making one last attempt to console you. You said nothing. You just watched him walk out the door and went to get your daughter. You knew this was going to be the most challenging thing you ever had to go through, and it was only the beginning.