to get in contact with people that know her obviously

Okay so me and @aceofstars16 talked about the thought of Sabine leaving like a weeks ago…

We came up with this idea where they somehow manage to get a holo communicator thing set up; so they could talk to Sabine; but since it’s so far away; it doesn’t really last more than a few hours a day.

We thought how since Ezra and Sabine are close in age and shiz; they would’ve talked to each other a lot about problems, and bad missions etc. Now she’s gone, Ezra doesn’t really like talking to Hera and Kanan about these things so he just keeps it all bottled up which makes him all depressed… So Hera worked with some other people to get this system set up so Ezra can talk to Bean again; after that his smile starts to come back…

(Obviously Hera would have her conversations with Sabine; making sure she’s okay and everything’s going well) 

So; we thought of how Ezra would contact Sabine after a late mission; and he’d just stand there listening to her talk about everything 

(We came up with so many headcannons holyshiz)

Toast and Furiosa -- yet more parallels

I just wanted to add some thoughts to this wonderful post:

Toast is a loner among the wives, but once the Sisters move from produce hold to War Rig cabin she begins to form her own partnership with Furiosa. This movie is full of parallels/closed circles/pairs, and while Toast beginning to follow in Furiosa’s footsteps is not the most featured of them – it is there. In addition to taking some of the responsibility for Team War Rig’s weaponry, she becomes invested in their strategy and is frequently next to Furiosa or reacting in the same way. They are frequently in shot together, or shown in consecutive cuts.

With apologies, some of these caps are arse because people/objects are moving quickly in the shot.

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People complaining that the new short didn’t deepen the lore at all.

Like yeah, we knew that Mei and her team were put into hibernation longer than intended and Mei was the only survivor. We assumed that she was pretty upset upon that discovery, but now we see just how she went through that.

We knew she came into contact with Winston when she woke up, but we didn’t know how she came into contact with him.

We knew she obviously left the facility, but we didn’t know how she managed to get out. 

Sure we didn’t get much in regards to lore, but we got far more detail on Mei’s backstory and if anything, we got a better read on her character with this short. We saw how she faces adversity, how innovative she is, how compassionate she is for the dead, we saw her friendship with snowball, and even got a peak at how her weapon was created. 

Like seriously be grateful and stop whining. Everyone’s been begging for the Mei short and we got it.

So Jacqueline’s family seemed entirely unsurprised by Jane’s arrival at their home, almost like this is a bit of a regular occurrence with Jacqueline.

Which made me think…. what if it is?

What if Jacqueline will every so often invite some of her employees to her home, to get to know them outside of a professional setting and let them get to know her. It’s never right away or not every employee, obviously, but the ones she works with more often, like the writers, she’ll invite over after they’ve been working there a while.

A lot of the younger ones end up being babysitters for her kids or dog/house-sitters for Jacqueline on the rare occasions she takes long vacations. Some people will give her recipes she can try out at home. One person gave her the name and contact information of their old cello teacher when Jacqueline expressed an interest in learning. Sometimes people will help her think of gifts to get for her family and recommend restaurants to go out to. 

It ends up creating this big - somewhat secret - extended family within Scarlet.

The Laundromat Debacle - LUKE SMUT

i realised i hadn’t written any luke fics since december so…

inspired by: ‘i’m in my underpants in a laundromat waiting for my clothes to get washed and your clothes are in the machine next to mine and i noticed that when you put your clothes in they were all covered in blood what the fuck’ au from this post



“Oh god.” I groaned out loud, realising what I had to do.

I glanced around the empty laundromat, checking to see if anyone was walking past the hugely unfortunate glass window that lined the front of the shop. No one was. I blushed as I quickly stripped my jeans from my legs, hiding behind a washing machine as I was now left in only my boxers.

This wasn’t how my Tuesday night was supposed to go.

I was supposed to meet Natasha, take her to the restaurant and have an enjoyable first blind date. But of course it all went wrong. Her heel broke just as she left her apartment, meaning that she threw a fit and refused to leave her house. They looked expensive though, so I couldn’t really blame her. Then my car broke down on my way home; typical. I spent an hour trying to fix the fuel pump, covering my once pristine white shirt in grease. Eventually I abandoned the car, and began to walk here. And, lucky me, I got a free shower from a puddle as a huge lorry zoomed past me, ruining any chance I had of salvaging my best clothes. Having been refused access to public transport due to my state I found myself wandering around the town, and ended up here, a laundromat, half naked and damp with murky puddle water.

I gasped at the sudden exposure to the cold temperature as I peeled my trousers off, my pale skin prickling and causing me to dramatically shiver. Shoving my trousers and a quarter into the washing machine I slammed it, wanting this particular point in time to be over as soon as possible. I jumped loudly as I heard the little bell above the door ring, signalling that someone had just walked into the small building.

I instinctively covered my lower half with my hands as I felt my cheeks glowing bright pink.

“Hi. Sorry.” I chuckled nervously, apologising to the girl I had just seen burst in, unsure as to why I even initiated conversation.

She was busy emptying a bin liner full of clothes into the machine next to mine, but stopped as I spoke and smirked as she looked me up and down.

“Don’t be, you’re the best view I’ve seen all day.” She began attending to her clothes again.

I watched as she did so, suddenly growing wide eyed as I realised they were covered in some red liquid that looked suspiciously like… blood?

The girl must have caught me looking as she hastily shut the lid of her machine, coughing loudly. I started and rubbed the back of my neck in embarrassment, pulling a face as my hand came into contact with my uncomfortably wet blonde hair.

She sighed loudly before speaking.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Her tone was filled with annoyance but her face told me something else, she looked innocent; scared almost.

“You mean that your clothes aren’t stained in blood?” I joked.

She shifted uncomfortably but her facial features hardened and she turned to look me dead in the eye.

“Why don’t you mind your own business? Just stand there, wash your clothes, shiver in your very tight underwear and leave.”

Her gaze was piercing, mesmerizing. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t, my eyes didn’t blink as she finally tore her stare from mine, sighing heavily and leaning over her machine.

“Y-you mean, that was blood?” I began silently panicking.

Was I standing in a room with a murderer? She could be on an FBIs Most Wanted List. She could have stabbed someone. Is she going to stab me? Oh my god I’m going to faint.

“Chill out.” She threw me a nonchalant look as she saw me getting tense.

“Chill out? Chill out?” I got louder as I spoke but then whispered, “Did you kill someone?”

“What? No! Jesus Christ who do you think I am?” She shrieked, however she seemed slightly amused, causing me to become defensive.

“Hey, I don’t know! You’re the one who walked in with all your bloody clothes! What was I meant to think?” My pitch bordering on hysterical.

“And you are in your underwear.” She kept her tone low, leaning towards me and poking my bare chest.

“That,” I remained uptight and crossed my arms over my stomach, “is irrelevant.”
She began giggling and circled me, looking me up and down.

“No, no, why are you in your underwear? Not that I mind.” She quirked her eyebrow.

I felt my cheeks go bright red before answering.

“A series of unfortunate events.”

“Elaborate.” She stated sharply, she wasn’t letting me out of this one.

I sighed loudly in protest and ran my hand through my drooping damp hair before continuing, forcing her curiosity to peak.

“I was going on a date, a blind date.”

“Squirter, huh?” She said brashly, smiling broadly from her wisecrack.

“Oh my god.” I chuckled and looked down at my feet.

“Don’t let me distract you… On with the story!” She demanded, jumping on top of a machine and swinging her legs as she waited for me to continue.

“You know you shouldn’t sit on the machines. There’s a sign.”

She just laughed as I stated the rules of the laundromat. I began grinning at myself, noticing how utterly prudish I sounded.

“Do you ever break the rules?” She leaned forward, speaking in a half-whisper.

“Yes!” I retorted, but I barely convinced myself.

“Hmm…” She slipped off the washing machine and began circling me, “Blue eyes, blonde hair. I don’t think you’ve broken a rule in your life.”

“I object to that comment.” I stuck my nose in the air, “I once didn’t hand in my Chemistry homework, at all.”

“Wow Mr Wild, I guess I had you pegged all wrong,” She smiled before staring up into my eyes, “Have you ever done something you shouldn’t?”

Her voice relayed a tone that I didn’t recognise. She was daring me, daring me to do something.

“Like what?” I couldn’t decide whether I was just playing along with her game or actually this naive.
“I don’t know… Like sneak out when you’re grounded. Drunk so much you can’t tell which way is up. Kissed the girl when you could get caught by her boyfriend at any moment.”

She didn’t break eye contact with me at all, she was endearingly confident and something told me she knew people, and knew how to get what she wanted.

“What are you suggesting?” I squinted.

“I’m not suggesting anything blondie.” She quipped back, but remained steadfast.

“Really? So you’re not suggesting I do this?” Lust overcame my body as I pressed my lips softly to hers.

She was taken by surprise initially, obviously not expecting me to make a move, but she adjusted and wrapped her arms around my neck, prompting my own to curve around her waist. I deepened the kiss, pulling our bodies flush against each other. She attempted to gain back dominance, her tongue battling mine but I refused to let her take control, nudging her back into the washing machine so her body was pinned underneath mine. I could feel her smile into the kiss, she wanted me to dominate her. And who was I to deny the lady what she wanted?

My hands travelled down to her ass, squeezing a gasp out of her. She didn’t need prompting to jump onto the washing machine, she let out a moan as the vibrations of the cycle jolted through her.

The noises spilling from her mouth made my stomach flip and knees go weak, she had such power over me and I didn’t even know her name. At this point my mind was far too interested in her soft lips and how her legs were wrapping around my waist,  allowing my hard on to rub torturously against her crotch. God I need her now despite how utterly strange this whole situation is. Fuck it.

I kissed down her jawline and sucked harshly and deliberately on her neck, only satisfied once her whimpers filled my ears.

“Shhh, we could get caught.” I muttered in between kisses, my hands busy unbuttoning her jeans.

“Doesn’t that make it so much more exciting.” She grinned as I stopped in my tracks and looked at her in surprise, suddenly overcome with embarrassment and lust.

I yanked her jeans down her smooth legs, desperately trying to regain dominance over the situation. My actions prompted her to pay me some attention, her hands palming me teasingly. By default I sucked my lip ring between my teeth, stifling a moan as she giggled. I snapped out of the trance she was putting on me and grabbed her thighs, roughly pulling her towards my crotch and startling a yelp out of her. I dipped my head to kiss her again, slipping my tongue in her mouth, my fingers daringly dancing over her underwear.

“I need you.” I growled, just smirking as her only response was high pitched whimpers.

“Please.” She breathed out, peeling my boxers down my legs just enough to let my erection spring free.

I groaned and untangled my arms from her body, pumping myself a few times before lining up to her dripping entrance, licking my lips and looking up to her for reassurance. Her mouth had fallen open in anticipation, her fingers snaking down her torso to gently rub her clit. She caught my gaze and nodded, kissing my neck and sighing in pleasure as I sunk into her. I took a moment to let her adjust before moving cautiously, being careful as to not hurt her. She stopped sucking hickeys onto my collarbones and grabbed the back of my neck, forcing me to stare into her stunning eyes.

“Look, I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be treated nicely. Fuck me,” She brung her lips to my ear, her breath tickling, “Hard.”

I didn’t need telling twice, if anything I was painfully hard now, her words turning me on more than I’d like to admit. The combined tension of being caught and her dirty words caused us both to reach orgasm fast.

“Fuck, I’m gonna…” The girl whimpered under me, her arms wrapping securely around my shoulders as I felt her tighten euphorically around my cock.

I pulled out before I came, Lord knows I don’t need an unwanted pregnancy scare, but now I was just panting and slightly unsatisfied, the knot in my stomach disappearing fast.

“Hey now,” The girl breathed, kissing my lips tenderly and reaching down my body, “we can’t leave you like this.”

I gulped as her hand wrapped around my cock, her body sliding off the washing machine and onto her knees in front of me. She glanced up at me from her position, pumping gently and obviously enjoying my shocked facial expression as her lips wrapped around my tip.

“Christ…” I let out a stuttered moan, my head lolling back as she expertly worked her tongue along my length.

She quickly swirled her tongue around my tip and unexpectedly deep throated me, my breath hitching as I felt the back of her throat and struggled not to buck my hips. I scooped her hair into a makeshift ponytail, guiding her pace as I neared my peak.

“Shit…fuck…” I choked out, looking her in the eye as silent permission to release in her mouth.

She nodded as much as she could, her palm jerking faster and faster until I came loudly, grunting a plethora of swear words that my mother would not be proud of. She smacked her lips as I came down from my high, kissing my happy trail and pulling my boxers back up as she straightened up, fixing her own clothes.

“Wild enough for you?” I smirked.

“Eh.” She replied nonchalantly, but I could see a smile playing on her lips, confirming that I had done well, “Our clothes are washed.”

“Finally.” I sighed with relief, even though my insecurities from earlier had completely flown out my mind, “Are you going to tumble dry yours?” I asked, only really wondering how much longer she’d be staying.

“Are you?” She replied quickly, busying herself with emptying her machine.

Why did this girl never make anything easy?

“Yeah I think so.”

“Well then it would be rude of me to leave you here by yourself.” She held in laughter, “wouldn’t want a passing stranger to take advantage of your…” She looked me up and down, “Nakedness.”

I blushed and scratched the back of my neck, moving over to the tumble dryers as she did also. We stayed silent as we loaded our machines, shutting the doors and awkwardly standing around as the cycles began. I couldn’t help but look at her, accidentally catching her gaze.

“Round 2?” She brashly questioned.

“Yep.” I said without a second thought, rushing to envelop her in my arms again.

           I was thinking, and then this random thought hit me: the Dragon lives in a tower, right? An isolated tower in the middle of the woods. And okay, there is this thing in fairy tales that wizards usually live in isolated magical castles because they apparently like that, but who also lives virtually locked up in a tower, in the middle of the woods? Princesses.

           But there is more to it. It’s all pretty symbolic, I swear. If you read the whole book, you can see that the Dragon doesn’t just have this habit of holing himself up in a tower in the physical sense of it. Wizards live a long time – maybe too much time – and regular non-wizard folk is usually wary and scared of them. Sarkan is more than a century old and he has started to alienate himself emotionally from other people, and from important emotional things, too. He keeps everyone at some distance, he feels uncomfortable around the villagers, he is scared of taking roots in a place, he is reluctant about getting close to Nieshka. He doesn’t know how common people think, or how to deal with them anymore: he ‘forgot how to be human’. He also lives in a metaphorical tower. And it’s more of a princess’ style of tower, something obviously bad, that is keeping him from getting in contact with the outside world and other people, and from experiencing good things like love, something that must be overcome, if you want him to have a happy ending. And (surprise!) this is where Agnieszka waltzes in, with all her peasant common sense and goodness and hopeful youth that clings onto the little things that matter in life – the same things that Sarkan is trying to ignore – and she forces him out of his comfort zone, because she is so alive and authentic and human. And this somehow brushes off on him, and now he cares about her, and can’t hide away in his tower anymore, and finds himself playing along with people and their stupid emotions again, and I find this adorable. Because, you know, Sarkan is a nice person, he just was very lonely. And snarky.

           So, what I’m really trying to say is that the Dragon is a snarky princess and Agnieszka is the knight in shining armor that comes to save him.

There are so many things I want to read headcannons or aus about right now:

- How did Abby react when she found out that she had survived? When she realised she wouldn’t get to see Clarke for at least five years? Did she even know that Clarke survived? Maybe they talked over the walkie talkie? Would Niylah and Abby bond anything? How’s her relationship with Marcus?

- How did Clarke find Maddie? How young was she? How many other survivors has she found? None? Several? Maybe she found some others but for some reason they didn’t want to stay? What does she teach Maddie? For how long was Clarke alone? 

- How’s everyone in the ark? How are the dynamics? How will the group’s different relationships (romantic and platonic) evolve? Will they be this strange family? Or will they mostly just tolerate each other? Will Emori and Echo like space? Will Raven get to space-walk some more? 

- What will the hierarchy in the bunker look like? Octavia is on top with Indra as her second; but will she have a council, or advisors, or something? I’m guessing the leaders of the different clans will want to have some say in things, and they do have people with a lot of experience with surviving and leadership. 

- How will being in charge affect Octavia? Will she shut off? Or will she allow herself to feel, but use the people around her as support? Obviously Indra will be crucial to her, but who else will she rely on? Niylah? Abby? Kane? Jaha? Gaia? Miller? Someone else? (I don’t know, I’m just throwing out names at this point) Did Clarke manage to contact her and tell her that the others managed to get into space? (although she doesn’t know if they survived, she figures (hopes) they probably did because Raven)

- If Wells, or Anya, or Lincoln, or Maya, or other characters who are gone were still alive (or lived longer); Where would they be now in cannon? In space? In the bunker? Neither? What would their stories look like?

- Some aus/headcannons where; 

In some way or another Lexa is alive, and her and Clarke survive Praimfaya together, and they travel to find other survivors (if the nightbloods Lexa helped raise was still alive it would be amazing)

Luna didn’t get screwed over in every way (and preferably survived. Maybe even an au that’s about her and Clarke surviving Praimfaya or an au that’s about her joining Raven and Murphy and the others into space and how she would interact with them)

Raven somehow becomes a part of the Murphy and Emori relationship (because those last scenes, as well as Murphy helping Raven, and other scenes made me happy)

We get to see more of the Murphy and Monty relationship. I want them to be friends (or whatever) and I want to see how they would work on the ark. 

Bellamy and the others can hear Clarke (and can talk back?)

I mean…those Bellamy and Clarke hints weren’t even subtle… so it would be fun to read some stuff about how their relationship would’ve worked out if Clarke had been on the ark

Clarke got on to the ark with the others and she and Raven got together (Raven just looked so damn sad over Clarke you know)

I really liked how supportive Niylah was with Clarke and how safe she made her feel, so some stuff where they talk over the walkies, or where they meet up after Niylah’s able to be outside again (or even some stuff about the time Clarke was on her own after season two and met Niylah)

Octavia and Gaia somehow become closer since they both care for Indra (I’m thinking as siblings, but it’s also fun to imagine Indra seeing two people she love falling for and supporting each other)

Okay I need to stop or I’ll go on all day~ Feel free to add some more stuff, I would love to read it~

shadowalex2000  asked:

Could I request some lesbian percabeth headcanons? I recently read your headcanon on it and I accept it so damn much.

  • Percy braiding/brushing Annabeth’s hair for her (honestly this works with any version of percabeth)
  • Annabeth idly playing with Percy’s hair the same way people play with their own hair when they’re thinking about something, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it sometimes
  • Making eye contact over their shoulders while they’re changing and blushing furiously and trying to Act Casual
  • In places where they know they’ll be safe, Percy likes to play the game How Gay Can I Possibly Make This Before People Catch On
  • Annabeth is mesmerized by watching her put on makeup
  • Annabeth loves her hair she loves her hair so much (and obviously percy loves annabeth’s just as much as canon) Percy has such beautiful hair
  • Percy paints both of their nails all the time and they always get messed up but it’s a good thing because before they start dating they are both very happy to have the excuse to sit hand in hand
  • They work out the system that Percy clucks her tongue when Annabeth says something cissexist and so they don’t have to derail the conversation for Annabeth to correct herself
  • Percy drys her hair neatly by running her fingers through it and pulling the water out, Annabeth always comes to her for help drying her own hair because it makes it so much easier to manage
  • Annabeth is much more timid about showing affection in public and Percy is very respectful and understand of that
  • They squeeze each other’s hands when they’re in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable doing anything more
Questionable Artistry

Hers is a craft that leaves marks, and he just handed her his heart.

Modern AU, Solavellan. 3800~ words, rated T.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3part 4 / part 5

She stands on the pavement outside the gallery. It’s been ten minutes, but she’s no closer to deciding whether or not to brave the front door than when she’d first arrived.

The entrance is at once cheerfully welcoming and woefully intimidating – a periwinkle blue door, the paint recently touched up, lovely and unassuming and with a frosted glass window bearing the elegant script announcing Madame de Fer Art Gallery. But the large, curved iron door handle suggests nothing quite so demure, and her hands twitch, restless indecision sitting like a tremble in her fingers. The wind tosses her hair into her face, a shock of cold bearing the promise of snow, but her feet won’t budge from where she’s all but dug her heels into the sidewalk.

It’s just a question. Either she knows or she doesn’t. Worrying her bottom lip between her teeth, Ellana takes the first three steps in two strides, before pausing with her hand on the door handle, gloved fingers curling around the cold iron. Just one question. You don’t even need to do anything about the answer, if you get it.

A short breath. The cold is a burn in her chest. Here goes.

There’s no bell to chime her arrival, and the gallery is draped in a quiet hush, making her footsteps jarringly loud on the dark hardwood floor. Not much has changed since she was last there. Pristine white walls bear the cream of the artistic crop – works of both famous and nameless hands, the latter of which Vivienne has garnered something of a reputation for digging up and out of obscurity. Ellana allows her eyes to trail along the wall to her right, gaze lingering on the small plaques sitting just below the frames. She wonders if she’ll see his name on one of them, or if he’s the sort who prefers the cloak of anonymity to the mantle of fame. The temptation to walk along the rows of paintings to check is greater than she’d like to admit, but instead of indulging she turns, and veers into the room on her left.

Dark eyes glance up at her approach, before a smile blooms, smoothing the severe lines at the corners of a full mouth. Sitting behind her desk, Vivienne embodies the paradox of her gallery – wearing a soft white blouse hanging onto a slender frame, but seated behind a desk that takes up almost the entire corner of the room. A wood so dark it almost looks black, the wyverns carved along the front and sides are Ellana’s own work. She’d spent days on that desk, and it’s one of her favourite pieces. Perhaps all the more so, because Vivienne had approved of it.

“Ellana, darling,” she exclaims with delight, coming around the desk to greet her. “How long has it been?”

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Hi all, I am currently in a very bad position right now. My roommate is trying to evict me and I have no where to go.  I have some work friends who could take me for a little while but I’m desperately trying to find a place in the Asheville/Hendersonville/Fletcher/Arden NC area, as I work in Arden.  There is a long story involved with my roommate and if you follow me you probably know what’s going on, but essentially my roommate is refusing to pay her share of this months utilities because they are too high. I have no issues with paying rent or utilities, as I’ve lived with her for almost a year and a half and paid my share, but now she’s forcibly evicting me over something that’s not my fault.  I’m 24 years old, I pay my rent on time, I have a full time job with references, I JUST NEED SOMEWHERE TO LIVE.  Currently my roommate is out of town on her trucking job so I am not sure when she will be back to kick me out, but she legally has to get an eviction notice and give me 30 days notice in order to do that, per the NC law and the apartment complex itself.  However, since she’s been so erratic and since she’s been threatening me to get out and pay the entire utilities bill “or I won’t want to see what happens” I am VERY scared she will come back and harm me or forcibly evict me via throwing my stuff out of the apartment (which is also illegal but I do not trust her anymore).

If anyone knows of ANYONE in my area who has a place PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I can obviously pay rent, I am a mature adult with a full time job and no pets and no significant other. Right now my stuff if pretty much packed but I need to get out ASAP. I have contacted several people who have not responded, and I am currently attempting to get approved for a place but now that person wants to talk to my roommate regarding “her side” of the story and I do NOT feel comfortable giving her my roommate’s information.  That’s confidential and private.  I’m desperate.  I just need somewhere to go so I can stop having a breakdown every day due to the stress that I’m having. I am looking somewhere in the $350-450 range but that can be negotiated as far as rent goes.

I’m still getting messages and reblog comments saying that Emma must have been lying because she kept friendly contact with her rapist after the assault. I don’t know how many times and in how many ways I have to explain that pretending that a traumatic event didn’t occur is an extremely common defense mechanism for survivors of trauma. Obviously these people have never experienced anything like that level of trauma or they would know better.

I love getting mostly men and other very privileged individuals saying that she must have lied while at the same time other rape survivors are coming to me to tell their stories about how they couldn’t accept that they’d been raped at first. Tell me why exactly should I be listening to a bunch of ignorant fucks who haven’t experienced trauma over actual rape survivors?

Part of rape culture is ignoring the words of survivors in favor of so-called “logic” borne of ignorance.