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Dating Josh Includes

A/N: this was just a little update, if you like it there will be a Tyler one! Remember to keep messaging me with requests! My ask box sadly isn’t open right now, so just message me.

•Cuddles, a lot of cuddles.
•His Squinty-Eyed Smiles
•Calming Him Down When He Gets Nervous/Anxious
•Him Showing You How To Drum
•His Kindness
•Watching Disney Movies
•Him Arguing That Aliens Are Real
•Him Being Super Cute And Shy Around Your Family
•Him BLuShiNG Everytime You Give Him A Compliment
•Sweaty Hugs After Concerts
•Him Always Staring At You And Your Beauty
•Little Smirks During Concerts
•Him Having To Have You With Him During Interviews/Award Shows
•Late Night Trips To Fast Food Places
•Him Always Insisting On Paying For Dinner
•Tyler always teasing you two
•Him Getting All Anxious When You Give Hickeys And They’re Noticeable
•Him Softly Singing To Your Children
•Him Softly Singing
•Helping Him Dye His Hair
•Momma Dun Absolutely Loves You
•Being BFFs with Abigail/Ashley
•More Cuddles
•I’m Running Out Of Ideas

touring with best!friend Calum would include:

  • getting mad when the boys try to photobomb the pictures of you two he takes
  • him leaving you his credit card so you have something to do while he has interviews all day
  • proceeding to mention you in every said interview
  • ‘having y/n on tour is awesome because its like a sleepover every night and you get to carry a little piece of home with you no matter where you go’
  • not being able to keep your hands off of him after you watch the interview because you know you’re the only one he is that sweet to
  • bringing you a box of cereal to your bunk in the morning and calling it breakfast in bed
  • eating the cereal together while going through your ship name tag on tumblr
  • him not being able to go to sleep unless you climbed down to the bottom bunk and told him you loved him
  • ‘what was that, y/n? what did you say? you love me?’ really loud so the boys would hear
  • the boys replying ‘shut up and kiss already!’
  • wearing free 5sos merch he gets you
  • him getting really worked up when you wear one of the t-shirts to bed that says ‘hood’ on the back
  • and only the tshirt

ashton   michael luke


please send requests!

anonymous asked:

Hey. Movie theatre person again. I also meant to ask if you wanted like, a poster or something? I get all the posters and merch for free, and I'm more than happy to send one your way!

oh my god THANK YOU!! this is the sweetest offer i’ve ever received on her thank you so much

i would love a fist fight poster, yes! and uh…. i don’t know what the story on them is, but i’ve seen the punching bags that have cube and charlie on them? and if your theatre has them and you’re like…. allowed to keep those whenever they’re done being displayed….. that would make such a neat conversation piece. no pressure on those though i’d imagine they’re a little more special than just the posters!

i’d be willing to pay for shipping on all of this too, since you’re being so kind as to offer them to me free of charge! thank you again!

Here’s the OFFICIAL line of merchandise for our CD release show tonight in Mexico City. Anyone who buys our official merch inside the clubs will get a free sticker.

I feel like Chowder and Farmer is the kind of couple who goes on food dates. They just like to eat out and spend time together. Then they come across an eating challenge, the kind that goes “finish this ridiculous meal within this time limit and it’s free (plus you get merch or some trophy and your pics on the wall of fame)”, thus the beginning of the couple who just dominates food challenges.
They try to beat each other’s times.
They have a collection of trophy merch.
They do this at most once a month, sometimes they skip a month cause they needed to find a new restaurant to conquer.

The SMH team find out and helps them look for date places (wherein the team joins them to watch and cheer. Bitty records and posts the vid online. Ransom and Holster are the commentators).

  • Psych2Go needs a slogan and we're asking YOU to come up with one.
  • PRIZE: Psych2Go Travel Mug with the winning slogan
  • Write a status/tweet with the hashtag
  • #P2Gslogan
  • and what you think our slogan should be. We will design it on merchandise and the winner will get a free merch!
  • Get hashtagging!! : )
  • **winner will be required to give mailing address

HEY GUYS! About the left over holiday cards:  thank you for so many kind messages!  After much deliberation, I’ve decided to do a thing I’d been hoping to do but have been putting off: open an ONLINE STORE!

Will probably be a storenvy, and although it’s the wrong season now, I plan on putting the BH6 holiday card there, and maybe cards with the old fem!Bucky thing I drew last year too.  Hopefully I’ll have a few other things to add by the time I open it, mostly BH6.  Prints would be nice too, since postcards are kinda tiny and you lose most of the detail in the above cards ^ ^;  I’m also thinking of possibly ordering shiny custom merch from Japan, starting with keychains and maybe clear files, if people are interested.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

So when will this hypothetical store open? Unfortunately, not until mid-February…I’ll be going to Japan in a week, and need to get senpai’s advice etc.  >.<  But I hope some of you will still be interested then!

(also, am working on Adagio tea labels for BH6 <3)

An updated picture of my Nagisa collection since today’s his birthday and I got quiiite a bit of stuff since the last two times~

I currently have two more on their way (not including the three new figures that have just been announced and I’m eagerly waiting for), so I’ll post another update as soon as they join the rest c: 

It’s sweater weather, so what better way to celebrate that then drawing the baes in winter wear?

It’s GIVEAWAY time! IwaOi New Year’s style! Just like last month’s Halloween giveaway, we’ll be sending out New Year’s themed IwaOi packages to anyone interested (international is OK)! Just fill out the google form here if you’d like to give me an excuse to make some IwaOi goodies! You do not have to have a tumblr or be following me to participate. It’s really just a free way for you to get some merch and an excellent excuse for me to make it! It is the season of giving after all!

Signal boosting is very appreciated!