to get away soon

This is why I said I didn’t want to.
With a surge of regret, my body was slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool.
Was I going to die in this indoor Samezuka Academy pool, at this joint practice?
The cry of “Rei-chan!” I can hear from the poolside is slowly getting further away. It seems like I’ll lose consciousness soon. At times like this, it’s said that people see revolving lanterns. My the theory as for why a revolving lantern? It’s because the brain cells activate just before death, and so it’s the result of all the synapses firing together, and thus showing your state of mind. I’ll probably start seeing that revolving lantern any moment now.
But still, If I were to die I at least wanted to die with a more beautiful appearance. Not while only wearing this speedo. It’s not beautiful.

Now that I think of it, my first memory is of something not beautiful.
It was a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant that was not beautiful. When faced with this cheeseburger that looked nothing like it’s picture in the menu, before even entering preschool I asked my mother why this cheeseburger was not beautiful.
At that time, my mother said to me.
“Rei, you’re really fussy.”
It was completely unexpected for a child to hear.
What’s wrong with being fussy? What’s wrong with having reasons for liking things, reasons they’re not good, having thoughts and logic about why you think those ways and being able to talk about it? Everyone in society decides things too casually. Too many people decide things without any particular reason, they just say ‘because everyone says that’s how it is’, or ‘that’s just the way it is’, and let it be. I couldn’t accept that.

For example, the colors used to denote girls and boys.
Whether it’s on signs for bathrooms or anything else, it’s been determined that that boys are blue, and girls are red.
It seems that long ago that even backpack colors were decided to be black for boys and red for girls. I think it’s all ridiculous. Why can’t a boy have red? Why can’t girls have black?
For example, even when choosing the color of glasses frames, those same boring stereotypes are held. Early in elementary school, because I read too many books, my eyesight became bad and so I had to get glasses. My parents took me to the glasses store in the mall, and I chose a red glasses frame. I had fallen in love with the beauty of those red glasses in the showcase window at first sight. My parents and the shopkeeper tried to convince me I should get black or a metal frame instead. But I was determined and didn’t budge.



Black Hat x Dr. Flug

A/N: Paperhat! I’ve had a few requests for this, so here’s my first one! This is the 800 follower long awaited Paperhat fiC! Don’t worry, I have more in the works x)&.
This idea has totally been done before, but I like it and I thought it would be a nice way to start off writing for these two.


“Dr. Flug!!”

At the mention of his name Flug could feel his blood pressure rising. “Just don’t do anything especially stupid, and this will all go fine.” He told himself mentally, turning to face Black Hat.

The man looked at him impatiently, wanting quickly to get this interaction over with and get away from Flug as soon as possible. Something about the scientist made Black Hat feel…off. Yes, that was the best way to describe the sudden rush of instability that came his way whenever Flug approached him.

“Y-Yes, Jefecito?” Flug asked hesitantly, somehow maintaining eye contact with the taller man. Black Hat scowled down at him.

“Is that new device I asked for ready yet?” He asked, squinting his eyes over at Flug’s work bench where parts were scattered about haphazardly. Clearly the answer was “no”.

“Y-you only asked for it y-yesterday, S-sir.” Flug replied, already preparing for the bodily harm that always followed not meeting Black Hat’s expectations. Flug stayed up for most of the night, only breaking to grab some coffee, to produce the basics of the ray assigned to him the afternoon previous.

“How disappointing…” Black Hat growled, something inside of him holding his hand back from striking the poor scientist, “I’ll be back after I’ve had my breakfast, and you will not disappoint me again. Got it, Flug?”

Black Hat raised his hand threateningly as he spoke. The scared scientist simply nodded through the whimpering before his boss stalked out of the room. Flug sighed. It was impossible to do as Black Hat asked in such a short time, but Flug began work anyway.

However, several days without sleep began to take their toll. The world grew dark as Flug struggled to keep his eyes open, even to sit up on his chair. He attempted standing, but soon then aged man collapsed onto the floor, unconscious, his body forcing him to rest. Parts of the device had fallen with him, and he still has a screw driver in one hand.

Black Hat returned to the lab an hour later, rather upset that he would have to endure his own unrecognized emotions so quickly. He couldn’t see Flug at first when he entered the lab, and for a moment presumed the Doctor was hiding.

“No…Even he’s not that stupid.” Black Hat mumbled to himself, dismissing the thought and heading over to the work bench. His eyes widened slightly when he saw Flug collapsed on the ground.


No, Flug was breathing and Black Hat could hear Flug’s heart still pumping blood through his body.

But why did just the idea frighten him?

The temptation to become angry arose quickly in the tall demon, but soon was dismissed when Black Hat took a moment to think. When was the last time Flug slept? Within the past two weeks, Black Hat couldn’t remember seeing the doctor outside of his lab, and come to think of it, the Doctor’s room had sounded consistently vacant for a while now whenever he passed by it.

“You haven’t been sleeping.” Black Hat grumbled out loud, “I suppose it’s my fault, then?”

Of course, Flug didn’t respond. However Black Hat began to realize how especially difficult Flug’s job had been lately, how he had been even more demanding than usual.

Did he feel…bad about it?

Black Hat sighed and picked up his employee. Despite being overworked, Flug still had a pleasant smell to him, clean, much like the lab was. Black Hat brought Flug to his room, marked with an airplane on the door.

The room was simple, with just a few pictures on a dresser, a computer that sat on a simple desk, along with some papers covered in scribbles, diagrams, and notes; a few other pieces of furniture lines the walls; posters of airplanes were all around. Flug’s bed was next to the desk and Black Hat set him down quietly, pulling a blanket over him.

He stared at the doctor a little longer, not entirely sure as to why. Black Hat didn’t want to leave right away, so for a while he sat in the desk chair next to Flug’s bed, watching the man sleep.

When he left the room, Black Hat closed the door quietly behind him before turning to see Demencia staring at him. She blinked a few times, then raised her eyes brows. Black Hat…being nice to Flug? Whaaaat?

“Unhealthy employees are not effective.” Black Hat said, turning so Demencia couldn’t see his blush, “Dead ones are even worse.”

Apparently satisfied, Demencia shrugged and wandered away. Black Hat had said those things more to himself than anyone.

Surely, he wasn’t going soft…surely not.

But when he looked back at Flug’s door after only a few steps down the hall, he couldn’t fool himself anymore.

When you know yourself, and yet have no self-control

I know these things to be true about myself.

1. If I eat something carb-heavy (cereal, donuts, waffles) I will be ravenously hungry in a couple of hours, despite the incredible number of calories ingested.

2. If I am hungry I kinda panic. I mean not really, but it’s a state of being that I really don’t like, and I will eat something (fried, sugary, also carb heavy) as soon as possible to get away from feeling hungry. 

3. See issue #1. Plus I get lethargic. Like a wool blanket over my brain making my whole being heavy. 

So you see the problem. I see the problem. This is not about my weight, it’s about feeling good, feeling “right”. You would think after 40+ years of this I would have figured out how to eat right, but I still reach for the pancakes every damn time. 

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)


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that bitch face taemin makes at minho when minho can't remember his birthday. i think about it a lot.

concept: since that broadcast taem’s been popping up with a bday cake for minho on every 9th of the month except for december. the spelling of minho’s name on the cake gets worse each time - it starts with ‘choi mango’ and somehow ends in ‘alola exeggutor’ because taem’s salty like that

Anybody notice where Jess is standing in this picture?

I’ve commented tangentially on this before, but I want to point it out very directly. First, think about the home in which Jess grew up…the one in which he “[didn’t] like any of the guys” his mom dated, but, as he put it, “She r e a l l y doesn’t care what I think. I’ve got 19 years of proof to back me up.” Want a glimpse of those years?

He watches her in his peripheral vision. She’s on the telephone, anxiety mounting. He knows before asking who was on the phone, and even if she doesn’t say so, he can tell that HE is on his way, and she’s scared, even though she doesn’t want to show it.


But there’s no way he’s leaving her to face him alone. When h e gets there, keep things light and casual. …Nope… H E ’ S MAD. Change of tactic. Just keep talking–keep h i s eyes on YOU–draw h i s fire while you casually step in front of her…between them– …That’s right, buddy, I’m your target, over here, if you’re gonna hit somebody it’s me, if you’re going to yell and scream at somebody, I’m right here, I caused all of this trouble, anything you don’t like about this situation? ALL ME.
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Wonho x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. Face riding, slight spanking, dirty talk,

Word Count: 3,035

Summary:  You’re new in the neighbourhood, and decide to be a good person and go introduce yourself to your neighbours. Turns out that was a bad idea.

A/N: This is my fic. I’m re-posting onto my sideblog.

Being the new girl was tough. It was tough in high school, it was tough at a new job, and it’s still tough on moving day. You had just moved downtown into a cute apartment on the 10th floor of a pretty nice building. You loved being so close to everything, and the view you had made the hassle of moving up here worth it. You were still unfamiliar with your neighbours and neighbourhood, having only moved in a week ago. You took the opportunity a rare day off gave you to walk around and explore, as well as introduce yourself (finally). Baking wasn’t your strongest skill, but you tried, and made some cookies to take to your neighbours. You were glad you had taken this chance to introduce yourself, as everyone you met seemed friendly and kind.

Until you met 10A.

10A was the guy that resided in the apartment next to yours; he was relatively quiet, so you didn’t know what to expect. You knocked on the door and waited for the owner to open it, and when he did, you regretted doing this ‘introducing-yourself-to-your-neighbours-to-be-nice’ bullshit in the first place.

He was beautiful, and he was in nothing but a towel. His milky white skin still glistening with water even in the harsh lighting of the hallway, his damp bleach blond hair that begged to be touched, wide brown eyes that made him look both cute and sexy, and plump, pouty pink lips that made you want to bite them until they bruised, his toned chest and stomach that made you want a peek under that towel, he was too much at once and you were quickly becoming a flustered mess. Your eyes travelled back up only to see him staring back at you, eyebrow raised, head cocked to the side, and a smirk plastered on his face.

“You gonna tell me what you’re here for or are you gonna just keep staring, baby?” he smirked. You rolled your eyes, your earlier lust filled thoughts were shattered by the conceited remark.

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"The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” with Cass pleaseeee

Cassian: *walks in Feysand’s room* Hey Rhys! Rhys! Wake up! I need you to do me a favour.

Rhys: *groans* It’s the middle of the night Cassian!! What do you want?

Cassian: *entusiastically* Tomorrow at lunch, I need you to say how good I am at teaching baby bats how to fly

Rhys: *confused* But you are not teaching them?

Cassian: *puts a finger on Rhys’ mouth* sshh you idiot, be quiet. She’ll hear you.

Rhys: Who? Cassian this is ridic-

Cassian: *whispers* Nesta of course! What kind of question is that?

Rhys: *rubs his eyes* Cassian, please, I don’t understand what this all is about.

Cassian: The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids, Rhys. Everyone knows that!

*tomorrow at lunch*

Rhys: *speaking loud on purpose* So Cassian, the rumor is you’re a very good teacher.

Elain: What are you teaching?

Cassian: *not so subtly glancing at Nesta* I’m teaching little Illyrians how to fly.

Elain: Oh that is incredible. Did you hear that, Nesta?

Nesta: *uninterested* Poor children want to learn how to fly as soon as possible so they can get away from him


Elain: Rhysand, I umm, where can I find that place where Cassian is with children?

Elain: *gets elbowed by Nesta* And, uhh, I blackmailed Nesta into coming with me.

Rhys: *looks like he’ll be sick* Meet me in two hours, I’ll fly you.

Rhys and Cassian: *gather all children possible and bribe them so they won’t say the truth*

How them 2000s live actions kids shows be
  • Normal Girl: *internally* I'm just a normal high school girl. I suck at math. I hate my parents. When someone asks me about my opinion on complex socioeconomic issues, I just go "What the heck!?" and start "texting" or something like that. My life would be just like yours, except for one thing: I have an amazing power... I can talk to cetaceans!
  • *at the docks, a bell tolls as our normal protagonist hears the voices of cetaceans bubbling in her mind*
  • Normal Girl: *staring deeply into the ocean*
  • Best Friend: Ahoy! What're you doing?
  • Normal Girl: Just staring into the oceanic abyss, thinking about how much I hate my parents. *internally* I have to keep my ability to speak to cetaceans secret or else... uh...
  • Best Friend: Haha, I feel that, friend. What a colorful life we teens live, our seaside environment awakening a rumbling darkness within ourselves of which we mull on our own with nothing but the unbounding depths of the ocean as our one escape. An escape which serves to only maim our fragile egos with newfound adolescent anxieties.
  • Normal Girl: What are you even talking about?
  • Best Friend: I don't know. I haven't slept in a week. Let's go to the mall.
  • *at the mall*
  • Normal Girl: *internally* My town might as well be called Lamesville. Nothing ever happens here, but the mall can be pretty fun. It's only place in the whole town with anything in it that isn't fish or excessive amounts of woodlice.
  • Best Friend: ...So I'd just dance and I'd dance until my feet broke. When that happened, I'd just get up and dance on my broken feet. And I did this until they were raw and blood was everywhere. I kept waking up in the morning extremely exhausted after this dream. I decided to record myself one night and it turns out I was dancing in my sleep. I haven't slept since I saw that. *leans in close to the normal girl* I'm afraid of what I'll do in my sleep.
  • Normal Girl: Wow, sounds weird... I guess. *sips coffee*
  • Best Friend: OMIGAWD! It's Chad Alphakid. He's coming this way!
  • *the normal girl and her best friend squee*
  • Normal Girl: *externally* That's Chad Alphakid. Who is he? He's only the hottest most coolest boy in this entire lame city. I've been crushing on him since I was like twelve.
  • Chad: Uh, okay.
  • Normal Girl: Did I just say that out loud!?
  • Chad: *sits at the table* Listen, I don't care what you or your friend think of me. I need help!
  • Best Friend: Have you murdered somebody?
  • Normal Girl: Do you need a girlfriend?
  • Chad: No, it's the ocean. The sound of her waves crashing against the shore is like a faultless siren song. There isn't a single night where I don't have visions of floating within her cold embrace. The allure of her boundless depths beckon to me like a lover. I'm afraid that if I don't get help soon, I'll find myself taken away by her to a fate unknown.
  • Normal Girl: *internally* Great, this is a chance to finally use my power to speak to cetaceans to my benefit! *externally* But why do you need us to help you?
  • Chad: You guys are the biggest fucking degenerate weirdos in this washed up town. If anyone knows how to deal with this, it's you two.
  • Best Friend: Haha, truuuuuu!
  • Normal Girl: I'm not a weirdo! I'm a completely normal girl.
  • Chad: Dude, you fucking talk to fish.
  • Best Friend: You do talk to fish.
  • Normal Girl: I don't talk to fish! *internally* I talk to cetaceans, they're mammals, not fish. Also, that's supposed to be a secret, dammit!
  • *at the shore*
  • Chad: Ah, Mother Ocean! Take me!! Take me!!! *attempts to run into the ocean, but gets held back by the normal girl and her best friend*
  • Best Friend: Simmer down, aqualad!
  • Chad: Why did you fools take me here, if not to release into the embrace of sweet Mother Ocean!?
  • Normal Girl: We talked it over and we decided that the best way to get you over your obsession is make you hate the ocean.
  • Chad: Does it involve you talking to fish?
  • Normal Girl: Yes, I mean no. I mean, fuck! Cetaceans aren't fish.
  • *the normal girl sits at the edge of shore, her eyes rolls up in her head as she proceeds to make fucked up porpoise sounds*
  • Normal Girl: *falls over limp*
  • Best Fried: She died.
  • Chad: Does this mean that I'm free to wade into Mother Ocean and meet my fate among her ever chaotic waes?
  • Best Friend: *lets chad go* Yeah, dude. I'm too far gone to care about things anymore.
  • Chad: *strips off all of his clothes* Good. I now understand that there was no avoiding this. This was always a forgone conclusion. My fate is with the waves. Sayonara, weird best friend guy.
  • Chad: *runs into the ocean*
  • Best Friend: *kicks the normal girl's body* Guess she really is dead.
  • Best Friend: *walks home as the night encroaches* My closest friend is dead, and Chad is probably dead too. I wonder where my fate lies?
  • Best Friend: *yawns* Maybe I should go to sleep and just dance myself to death finally. No, I don't think I could go to sleep even if I wanted to anymore. I'm probably going to die from exhaustion in the next few days, not having felt rest or comfort again. Or maybe I'll just stay awake forever. I feel like I was supposed to have an epiphany here, or some type of awakening. But, there's nothing. I feel like everything I've ever done has been pointless. God, I'm just really tired.
  • *back at the shore*
  • Porpoise: *beaches itself*
  • *a gray fleshy version of the normal girl crawls halfway out of the porpoises mouth*
  • Normal Girl: There goes my corpse! *drags her weird porpoise body towards the corpse* Why did I die with such a dumb expression on my face? Lame! I hope Chad didn't see.
  • Normal Girl: *looks around with beady eyes* No one's here. I can finally do this.
  • Normal Girl: *kisses her dead body on the lips* Blargh!
  • Normal Girl: *spits out blood* I bit my tongue when I died. Gross. I guess I can cross making out with my dead body and becoming a mermaid off of my bucket list, though.
  • Normal Girl: *sighs*

GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS Chapter 12 vs. Chapter 13

Me- Talk shit, get hit is the plot of Hamilton.

My friend- You mean talk shit, get shot, ami ri- are you okay?

Me- *wiping tears away* Too soon, man.

1 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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Seoul; the party capital of the world. At least that’s what you’d heard at university from the girls who hadn’t spent their adolescence in exile. They would all squark with delight as they exchanged crazy stories about unrequited love and getting so drunk they blacked out and still can’t remember a thing; of course that was merely Sarah Holt’s way of justifying kissing her best friends boyfriend at social gatherings, but that was none of your business.

You had always been the foreigner, sent to England after your parents died in a plane crash at the tender age of fourteen. To say the girls from school lived up to their British stereotypes would be an understatement, they all relished in the unveiling of your sob story. Unfortunately the past wasn’t a talent show and the truth did you no favours, it only weighed heavily on your heart. Admittedly life wasn’t all bad being Park Jimin’s younger sister, he was the youngest billionaire in South Korea after all, much to your friends’ envy. A teeny part of you anticipated catching up with your older brother, not that you shared anything in common beyond DNA.

After spending three years almost five thousand miles away from your childhood home, the limousine finally pulled up to the manor house. It was still the same as you remembered it; shapely colourful shrubs adorned the surrounding fields as soon as the gates opened. A beautiful cherry blossom tree swayed calmly in the summer breeze right outside the front door, it was so surreal returning home after spending so long avoiding it.

“Y/N? Is that you?” A voice you recognised straight away asked, though it seemed much manlier in comparison to three years ago.

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Cold (Yoongi x Reader)

- pt 1 -

words: 3,687

genre: angst

summary: he always had a cold personality and kept you at a distance

a/n: When you get to the 2nd hospital scene, just insert some random guy’s name idk I was too lazy to actually make one up. Btw I’ve never had a concussion and I don’t know much about hospitals yet, despite being a nursing major (pretty sure South Korea is different from America too). Disclaimer just in case I get some stuff incorrect. Let me know if you want a part two!!

Min Yoongi had always acted cold towards you.

The members tried to justify his behavior, that he was cold to everybody and on the inside, he cared for them all deeply. But it never really seemed that way to you.

You were just an outsider, anyway. That’s what he had called you when you had started to hang out with the boys a lot. An outsider. You tried not to think too much about it. All you did was ignore his presence once you realized he didn’t want to be friends with you.

You didn’t talk to him. He didn’t talk to you.

You sat against the fence of the basketball court, watching the members play basketball with one another. You were okay at basketball, but you weren’t amazing like the other boys were at it, so that’s why you were sat off to the side.

Yoongi had sat down as well, tired from playing so much. It was his favorite sport after all, so of course he went all out for it. You glanced over to him, noticing the far distance between the two of you. He was drinking a bottle of water, sweat dripping down the side of his face.

You looked away soon, trying not to get swayed by his attractiveness. You had a crush on him, but you knew that you had no chance by the way he treated you so coldly. Even the members themselves told you that he wasn’t ever going to date anyone. They said something about him not wanting to get intimate or share his emotions with someone else.

It was pretty obvious that he didn’t even like you anyway.

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