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  • Steve: So, Wade, what are your interests?
  • Wade: Your son in my room.
  • Steve: What?
  • Wade: The sun and the moon. Astrology.

I woke up today and thought “You know what this blog needs? A Pokémon vocab post” so here you go

das Pokémon - the Pokémon (sing.)
der Starter - the starter
die Weiterentwicklung - the evolution

der Pokémontrainer - the Pokémon trainer
der Pokémonmeister - the Pokémon Master

der Orden - the badge
die Arena - the gym
der Arenaleiter (m.), die Arenaleiterin (f.) - the gym leader
die Top 4 - the Elite Four
die Pokémon Liga - the Pokémon League
der Champ - the Champion

der Kampf - the battle
die Attacke - the move
der Volltreffer - the critical hit
der Typvorteil - the type advantage
das/der* Level  - the level

fangen - to catch
sammeln - to collect
schwächen - to weaken
heilen - to heal
kämpfen - to battle
züchten - to breed
tauschen - to trade
gewinnen - to win
besiegen - to defeat
verlieren - to lose
fliehen - to flee
aufleveln (colloq.) - to level up
sich weiterentwickeln - to evolve
besiegt werden (lit. to be defeated) - to faint
in Ohnmacht fallen - to black out

stark - strong
schwach - weak
wild - wild
selten - rare
legendär - legendary
verwirrt - confused
paralysiert - paralyzed
verbrannt - burned
vergiftet - poisened
eingefroren - frozen
schlafend - asleep

Normal - normal type
Kampf - fighting type
Flug - flying type
Gift -poison type
Boden - ground type
Gestein - rock type
Käfer - bug type
Geist - ghost type
Stahl - steel type
Feuer - fire type
Wasser - water type
Pflanze - grass type
Elektro - electric type
Psycho - psychic type
Eis - ice type
Drache - dragon type
Unlicht - dark type
Fee - fairy type

Ich will der Allerbeste sein, wie keiner vor mir war - I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was
Komm und schnapp’ sie dir! (lit. Come on and catch ‘em!) - Gotta catch ‘em all!

* I (native German speaker) once had an hour-long discussion with my best friend (also a native German speaker) about whether you use a neutral or a masculine article for “Level”. You don’t understand WE WERE YELLING, WE NEARLY DESTROYED OUR FRIENDSHIP BC OF THIS. Then we looked it up. Turns out both are correct. I hate German.


Obviously I left out a lot of things like Pokémon names, trainer classes, items etc. because there’s just so many of them. I might do something like my top 10 German Pokémon names in the future tho.

If you feel like this post is missing something incredibly vital, feel free to tell me and I’ll add it!

(this is a repost from my old blog which I deleted so please please please don’t send me hatemail accusing me of stealing it)

Please stop hating on hetero pairing just because they don’t match up with your ship or because both parties involved appear to be heterosexual. One or both of the characters in the pairing could be bi or pan so calling it homophobia just because it’s a m/f pairing is wrong and for a lot of people who preach acceptance for all types of love except for hetero, hypocritical. Trust me, the latter isn’t that rare of a bird on tumblr. And if the pairing is straight then so what? Are you telling me that by having a straight m/f pairing, they are automatically an insult to every other type of romantic/platonic ship? That’s just ridiculous. If you don’t like the ship, okay, but don’t label it falsely and spread hate because you want to discourage/shame others from shipping it. How about spreading positivity towards something you do ship? After all you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.