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Kaze to Ki no Uta v09 c04

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The people who will be bringing you the new chapters from now on are myself, London, Chives ( @chivesy ) , Cai ( @gilgamemesh​ ) , Dorian ( @sootonthecarpet ), Ellie ( @whenyousayrun ), Plastic Lions ( @plastic-lions ) and Momo.

We went from being a small family of 3 to almost being able to form a baseball team! From now one releases should occur a bit more often.

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I [Ferret], would personally like to thank the fandom for coming through. Though I did expect some people to answer, I never expected this many, and so quickly. Effectively, I wasn’t even expecting to have a new chapter released so soon, but the new members have been so excited that we have yet to see a lull in the internal activity of our new group.

Well, this is it for now. More good news to come in the future!

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You aren't autistic shut the fuck up

holy shit dude does this mean i’m free?

does this mean i’m free of the sensory overload i get 8 times out of 10 in busy and/or loud spaces? does this mean i’m free of my need for routine and the stress that comes when that routine is broken? does this mean i’m free of my desperate need, my compulsion, to know every single thing about any given subject?

holy shit!!! dude!!! thank you!!!!!

now i can call my university and tell them that the times i had to go home because i had full blown meltdowns in bustling corridors were just me imagining things! now i can go tell my family that if i’m not autistic any more then maybe neither is she or my little brother or four of my cousins or several other extended members of the family! now i can take this diagnosis form i have that specifies in extensive detail how a specialist came to the conclusion that i have autism and precisely how it affects me in daily life and fucking burn it!!!!!!!

now i don’t have to deal with fucking crusty pieces of rotten tree bark masquerading as people telling me things about myself they don’t fucking know anything about!!!!!

oh wait except you, just,

Under the table (Ereri smut)

((Smut warning, ignore typing errors, I’m on my phone.))

Eren excused himself from dinner at the table because he said he felt “sick”. Levi watched the male disappear and thought nothing of it. “Brat can’t even take care of his own health.” Levi muttered as the table seemed to eat in silence as they usually did, casual conversation here and there. Everyone always took their time eating, it was the only time they seemed to relax together. Eren had snuck his way beneath the table. Levi unaware of his intentions. Levi listened to the people chatter tensing every muscle when he felt hands on his legs. At first he almost kicked upward, just a natural reaction but he looked down at his lap, seeing Eren’s head peek from the table cloth. The little shit. Levi glared daggers, warning the boy he’d he dead if he tried anything. He said this with no words, just by glaring. “You okay, Levi?” Hanji asked with a raised brow. Levi reached down and shoved Eren back beneath the table. “Of course. Just got food on my lap.” Levi claimed. He continued to eat and could feel Eren’s hands slide up his legs. Levi cleared his throat, which caught everyone’s attention. Levi looked around at everyone’s face as they seemed to expect him to speak. He grabbed his tea and drank it, avoiding eye contact. Eren had managed to get his pants open and Levi was on the edge of his seat, back straight and most muscles tensed. Placing his cup down he stared at his plate, focusing on the feeling of Eren. Eren kissed the insides of his thighs and started to tease. Running his tongue up the side of his extremely hard member. Levi didn’t know if he’d be able to keep a straight face, not with the teasing Eren was doing. Eren finally took him into his mouth and started to bob his head. The pleasure pulsing inside of him, Levi reached down and clenched his hair, breathing slightly heavy as he resisted the urge to moan. His hips bucked upward with pleasure and Eren smacked his head on the table, at the same time Levi moaned lowly. The table shook from the impact of being hit from beneath, the plates and silverware shook and everyone focused on Levi. With full attention on him, he kind of panicked. Coming up with a quick lie; “Shit, I…h-hit my knee on the damn table.” Levi claimed with a small growl. Levi gripped Eren’s hair and pulled him away. Levi was quick to fix his pants and get up. “I’m done. I’m going to go see how Eren’s doing. Don’t need him too sick.” Levi claimed as he nearly threw the dishes into the sink and made it to Eren’s room, which Eren had made it there first. “You fucking brat! Come here.” Levi claimed and shut the door and locked it. He took no time to slam Eren’s back into the wall and finish where they left off.

Hey look it’s Asriel!

I wanted to sketch him, because I like his design, but also because his story is way too sad…

Also I like how Toby played with his name.
We (well, most of) know that his name is anagram for Serial Murderer, but!
Did any of you saw it’s also combination of Asgore’s and Toriel’s names?
As Riel.
I really like this. Omg. This coat fam is amazing.

Day 3

Michonne locked the front door and made sure that the porch light was on before she started the process of shutting the blinds on the windows. The meeting at the church had gone on later than they’d anticipated and Judith was already asleep when she and Rick had arrived at home. Michonne thanked Olivia for sitting with the fussy little one, whom she suspected was teething, and after filling Olivia in on the meeting details, she sent her home with a promise to stop by and see her before Negan and his people arrived in the ASZ tomorrow.

In the short amount of time that they’d been living in Alexandria, Michonne had gotten used to their home being filled with the incessant chatter of her newly formed family, but tonight the house was eerily quiet. With all the changes and tragedies they’d experienced in the last few weeks, their once boisterous home had been whittled down to just the four of them. Carl disappeared after he stormed out of the church, and Judith was upstairs, which left just Rick and Michonne; and he wasn’t exactly in the mood for idle chit chat.

Michonne walked into the kitchen and wasn’t surprised to find Rick slumped over at the table with his head in his hands. A small tumbler of some dark liquid, probably whiskey, filled his glass about half way and he rubbed the wet glass along the crease in his forehead. Michonne walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a small bottle of ibuprofen and shook out four little orange pills. “Here,” she said quietly handing him the pills, “take these.”

Rick looked up at her long enough to take the pills then turned his gaze back down to the table top. “Thanks,” he mumbled, placing the pills in his mouth and washing them down with a large gulp of his drink.

She stood behind his chair and rubbed his shoulders with strong fingers. A low groan passed through his lips and she smiled at his delight. His neck was full of knots, a clear indication that Negan’s upcoming visit was weighing on him heavily. But Negan was only part of his burden, she knew. He was upset about Carl. After the prison, he and Carl had been in an unstable place, but eventually things had gotten better between them. Now it looked like their relationship was even worse than before. Michonne hated seeing her boys so broken. It was something she’d hoped that she would never have to see again.

“You know,” she started quietly, “I remember that day that we walked up to the fence at Terminus. I saw how you looked at Carl when he walked away from you, and I saw how he looked at you too. You were both so scared.”

“Scared?” Rick scoffed and took another long swig of his drink. “What was there to be scared of?” His voice was quiet and calm, and if it wasn’t for the way his jaw clenched, she wouldn’t have known how upset he was.

“Oh, I don’t know… maybe of not measuring up to expectations,” she answered. “Of going too far. Of letting this world turn you into something you’re not. Or worse,” she stopped rubbing his shoulders and pulled out a chair to sit next to him, “maybe you were a little scared that this… thing you’ve become is really who you’ve been all along. That no matter who you thought you were before, you’re really just some kind of monster, and that you always have been.”

Rick exhaled and nodded his head in agreement, “Yeah, well…” His rough voice trailed off and he took another gulp from his glass. All this alcohol wasn’t typical for him and Michonne worried that he would regret it tomorrow if he didn’t slow down. She waited for him to continue his thought, but he just stared off into space, so she continued, quietly.

“I talked to him that day… when we went off together?” The words came out as a question but she didn’t wait for him to answer. She knew that he was with her. “Carl sees himself as some kind of a monster. Or, at least he did. That’s what he told me, that he’s just another monster. He broke my heart that day. He’d just lost Lori, and then the prison fell. We thought Judith was gone… Herschel.” Michonne’s voice broke with emotion and she shook her head and cleared her throat to stop the tears that threatened to fall. “He was so angry, and hurt.  And then, after what you did to those men…”

“I did what I did because -” Rick started, but Michonne cut him off.

“I know why you did it,” she said with a firm look. “There’s no judgement here Rick, not from me. You know that.”

He nodded his head, and the two of them sat in silence. For a long while, the only sound was the clink of the ice cubes in the glass that Rick was holding. She watched as he tilted the glass from side to side, the brown liquid sloshing against the edges and each time coming precariously close to spilling, but never quite doing so. He raised the glass to his lips and downed the remaining bit of liquid in one sip. Michonne took the glass from his hand and placed it on the table between them.

“I’m worried about him,” she admitted with a deep sigh. “I’m afraid that he’s going to try to do something stupid and that he’s going to get himself killed. He’s smart and strong, I know… but he’s young. And so angry.”

“He should be angry. I let him down… again. I let everyone down,” he said.

“You didn’t let us down, Rick.”

“Yes, I did. We lost one of our own. And I just stood in that church and told everyone we know, our family, that we’re gonna have to bend our knees. To that fuckin’ lunatic.” Rick grabbed his glass and stood up from the table to pour himself another drink. He silently asked Michonne if she wanted one but she shook her head, declining his offer. A heavy silence sat between them and she watched as he leaned against the counter and took a long pull from his glass. “Carl called me a coward, right there, in front of the whole town. Maybe he’s right, maybe I am a coward.”

“Richard Grimes,” Michonne pushed out of her chair and crossed to him, “you are the bravest man I know.” Rick scoffed and took another sip and she remove the glass from his hand, setting it on the counter. “This isn’t easy, Rick; living in this world. It’s messy and dangerous. And everyone looks to you to get them through. Do you know why that is?”

“‘Cause they’re scared of me,” he offered.

Michonne looked up into his eyes and was pleased to see the small glint that danced in the blue depths. “Yeah, I suppose some of them are. I’m starting to lose count of how many times I’ve seen you covered in someone else’s blood.” She stood on her toes and gave him a chaste kiss. “But no, that’s not it.”

He wrapped his hands around her waist in a loose embrace. “Why is it then?”

“Because,” she said with a smile, “they’re your family. And just like me, they know what family means to you. They know that family is why you almost turned me over to Philip. Why you did what you did by the train tracks that night. Why you killed Pete, why we killed those people at Negan’s compound, all of it. They know that you’ll stop at nothing to protect them because they are your family. They trust you and they are still with you. And you already know where I stand.”

Rick tightened his hold on her and she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you,” he said.

Michonne felt her heart skip a beat and she looked up at him with wide eyes.

“What,” he asked with the barest hint of a smile, “does that surprise you?”

“No, you’ve just never said it before.” Her cheeks were warm and flushed and she found herself suddenly fighting the urge to grin like a teenage girl who’d just been asked to her first dance.

“Well, I do,” he said.

“I love you too, Rick.” Their lips met in a soft kiss that almost made Michonne forget about the events of the last few days.

The sound of the front door opening broke up their tender embrace. Carl entered the house in a huff and headed straight for the stairs.

“Carl,” Rick called out, “you know not to stay out this late. Where were you?” Carl ignored the question and continued his ascent up the stairs. “Carl!” He shouted again, but the boy disappeared into his room without a word, slamming the door behind him. Rick sighed deeply; his defeat was a tangible presence in the room.

Rick’s upper lip twitched as he fought back the grimace that wanted to break out on his face. Michonne frowned and cupped his cheek in her hand. “You’re going to have to talk to him.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, “I know.”

A single tear fell from the corner of his eye and she used the pad of her thumb to wipe it away. “But not tonight. We have a lot to do tomorrow. The guards are at their posts, we should try to get some sleep.” Michonne took his hand in hers and together they headed towards the stairs, but she knew that sleep wouldn’t find either of them any time soon.

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There are many reasons why people become "stuck"...

There are many reasons why people become “stuck” in their development. One common problem is habitual thought patterns and the self stories that people tell. For example, some people have stories from their past experiences that they tell over and over again when they meet new people. This may be a story about a challenge they faced, or some terrible event that happened to them, or maybe even a repetitive story from their youth, about rebellion, pranks or trouble. Sometimes these stories involve interpersonal drama in the form of social, relationship or family “war stories.” They tell these stories repeatedly without noticing that these stories reinforce a part of their old self (or lower self) that does not represent the person they presently desire to be. So, an important part of becoming your best self is being very careful about your self-talk and self-stories. These stories, though seemingly harmless, represent a form of self-hypnosis. Negative self-talk and negative affirmation can keep you anchored in old thought patterns and identities. My advice for everyone is to carefully analyze the old stories that you choose to perpetually tell, for these are really life-long meditations. If those stories are negative or not supportive of the vision you have for your future self, it would be wise to quit telling those stories completely. Instead, develop new stories from new positive experiences and relationships — the experiences of your emerging new self! Resist at all cost telling your old negative stories.

— Bryant McGill

The Book:

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WHY do you love bones?

I love Bones because there have been and continues to be 6 main characters who are so different from each other, who have experienced their own hardships and overcome many challenges, who have been lonely and desperate for companionship, who are strong and fragile at the same time. Despite these differences, they have formed a family where they experience their hardships together rather than alone, where they all use their individual talents and knowledge to help each other overcome those challenges, where they don’t have to be alone and there is always someone willing to lend a shoulder to lean on, where they make each other even stronger and protect each others fragile hearts. Bones tells a story of 6 sophisticated individuals who came together to fight crime. Along the way, it became about much more than science and crime. It’s about the love and support and sense of belonging that you can only find in yourself and another person. They all found their place in each other and they all belong with each other, in a family where they spread happiness and share their pain. 

The development of the relationships, both romantic and platonic, is so realistic and we get a look into the domestic lifestyles of partners who are in love. Brennan once believed that her most meaningful relationships were with dead people. How was she to know that at that moment, her friendship with Angela was blossoming into the most important and secure friendship she’d ever been in. That the fluttering in her chest whenever she spoke of Booth would turn out to be the feelings of love, and that with that love would come a marriage and children and a home. Brennan spent her late teen years and early twenties believing that she would be alone forever, that no one would care what happened to her, or no one wanted to be friends with her. Myself, as well as many others, have experienced those exact feelings, but Bones shows us that their are friendships right around the corner and sometimes we have people we don’t even know are there caring about us or praying for us.

There has recently been representation for those who are disabled and it gives insight to how difficult living with a disability can be, both mentally and physically, but we got to watch a strong man learn to live with his disability with the help of his wife who has unwavering patience and love. The message that I got from this storyline, and the message I believe they were attempting to show, is that we are more than our disabilities and that there is life beyond our disabilities, and that we need to let other people help us because life is not something we have to do alone.

Angela, our favourite bisexual, has showed us what it’s like to be surrounded by people in her workplace and in her family who accept her for who she is. She was confident and not ashamed of her sexuality which is how every member of the LGBT+ community should feel but often can’t because of the homophobic people in this world (smh). 

POC characters!! Cam is a strong, confident, independent, beautiful woman who inspires young woc to become the best they can be and to not let people tell them they can’t be or do whatever they want. Angela challenges the Asian stereotype and is completely original. 

WOMEN IN SCIENCE! Three of the main cast are female and all three of them have great intelligence and work in science. They are equally, if not more, smarter than the male characters and are all experts in their fields. One thing I love about Emily Deschanel especially is that she encourages young girls to get into science. I think it’s pretty obvious just by watching one episode of the show that female scientists are pretty freaking awesome and should be respected. 

The cast and crew of Bones are what makes me love Bones even more than the reasons I stated above. They have worked together for 11+ years and have formed a bond that (I hope) will never go away. They are all so dorky and influential and beautiful. I will love and admire them for the rest of my life. I will always owe Hart Hanson my everything for creating this amazing show that has changed my life. 

“Cartomania” and the Confederacy

It may seem quaint to those of us who “collect” friends on Facebook or create virtual photo albums on the iPad, but roughly 155 years ago a small, card-mounted image called the carte de visite took America by storm and spurred an early form of social networking. 

Cartes des visite were initially family mementos, but quickly became publicity pieces and collectibles. Bitten by the bug, average citizens bought up sets of their favorite celebrities and statesmen, trading popular images and even purchasing pirated pictures from unscrupulous sources.

No wonder, then, that by 1861 there was a photographic album developed specifically for housing and viewing cartes de visite. Within a few years, these books were proudly displayed alongside the family Bible in parlors across the country. A fine example is the Confederate album featured in the National Portrait Gallery’s Civil War exhibition. It is especially rare because so few photo albums of the Confederacy survive.

The Totten family, whose Virginia ancestors included a Confederate officer, donated their family’s intimate, leather bound album to the Portrait Gallery. The fifty cartes des visite of Confederate leaders are inserted back-to-back into specially designed slots, so that one image appears on each page. Each individual is identified in a handwritten caption. Confederate president Jefferson Davis and his wife, Varina, appear in these pages, as do spy Rose Greenhow and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.-  —Amy Pastan, for the National Portrait Gallery

I know everyone celebrates the strong, independent, heartbreaker aspect of Aphrodite, and that’s all good and well, but I’ve always been drawn to the softer side of Her.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic, but the side of Aphrodite I see Her as most often is…warm. Motherly. Compassionate. She is love incarnate - She wants you to love and be loved. Love in all its forms - romantic and sexual, but also love for family members and friends. A gentle and kind Aphrodite. A soft Aphrodite.

I love Aphrodite in all Her aspects, of course, but I feel like the gentler side of Her isn’t as celebrated as often as it should be.

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Yeyy ! Adam and Elina are finally progressing !! Now we all just gonna wait another 100 years and then ONLY THEN they will be ready to take the next step. Its gonna be... *insert drumroll* kissing longer than 6 seconds ! 😂 Love your legacy bea!❤

Lmaooo it definitely took long enough! Thanks, nonny!

House in Mikage is a minimal home located in Hyogo, Japan, designed by SIDES CORE. Simple containers made of quality materials are the easiest to use, and they bring out the best in whatever is inside. We think of living spaces as containers, which bring out the best in your family and your life. The project began with a request from a couple that owns a beauty salon the architects designed 15 years ago. The salon still feels modern today, and shows how well the owners have taken care of it. The property is located in a quiet residential area of Mikage, a nice contrast to their salon in downtown Rokko. It sits two meters above the street that forms its southern border, protecting the family’s privacy from the eyes of passersby below. A forested area on a cliff, spared from development, is visible to the south. The view from the house takes full advantage of the borrowed scenery.

Last year at @AFROPUNK was my most striking performance to date. I brought most of my siblings on out and even my Mother to grace that stage💗 . This was an emotional moment for us as we also celebrated our family reunion knowing our Father, our KING would lead us and continue to show us the importance of staying together on this beautiful journey we call life🌿. I just want to thank my beautiful family for keeping me alive because life would mean nothing to me withought them and I would like to thank all of our collaborators in all forms that keep sharing this love to me and my family. When you all see us this weekend let’s share the love and congrats to another AFROPUNK 2016!🎉 #TeamMelanin #Afropunk

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morphogenetic field/esper headcanons because i still think it’s the coolest shit:

  • espers are often “prodigies” or excel in a specific or a variety of specific fields. they’re often very creative with developed imaginations, though this is a trend rather than a rule
  • often have high empathy, easily understand the feelings of others (not all cases)
  • genetic component, resonant pairing most often occurs between siblings, often stronger connection if twins; “psychic twins” myth stems from this phenomena. however, it’s entirely possible for espers to be unpaired or have no family history
  • resonant pairs can form due to strong non-familial bonds as well. however, even very strong bonds may not produce resonance
  • espers that cohabitate for an extended period of time are likely to develop some degree of resonance with one another, though the strongest resonance still exists in pairs
  • they remember dreams more easily, lucid dream more easily, more prone to nightmares/night terrors
  • espers are more prone to dissociation, disorders that involve detachment from reality, hallucinations/delusions, and relatedly daydreaming + fantasizing
    higher occurrences of ADHD, autism, and other kinds of neurodivergence/neuroatypicality in espers
  • more likely to have promonitions, especially if shifting component is present; for non-shifting espers, these are still possible but rare. lateral premonitions– or memories from alternate timelines– may occur in any type of esper
  • espers may vaguely pick up on memories/dreams of others, especially other espers and especially those they are resonant with
  • it is possible to resonate with multiple other espers (see: akane with aoi and junpei), but it’s rare
  • training greatly increases esper ability– lets espers send and receive data from thoughts and images and experience through the field, allows shifters to shift laterally deliberately, allows jumpers to jump longer timeframes
  • ability to access the field increased when in danger, when searching for an answer (puzzles); ability to shift/jump increased when many black and white decisions are being made (see: door choices)
  • espers of any variety have their powers absorbed by stronger espers, whose powers are then amplified; however, when many espers of the same “level” gather, they all resonate to a degree with one another and all of their powers are amplified
  • espers exist on a spectrum, both in type and degree of their powers. most espers are the kind able to send and receive data across the field, usually more proficient in sending or receiving. less common are shifters/jumpers, shifting specifically being transferring to alternate timelines and jumping being transferring forward and backward in time; this is almost always concurrent, though most people are more proficient in one or the other. esper-ing and jumping/shifting not always concurrent; there are some espers that are just espers and some that are just jumpers/shifters and some that are both. not all espers come to realize their powers, some are naturally gifted, some will train all their life and never exceed a certain threshold, and some will have minimal powers without training but blossom when trained
  • ganzfeld experiment is generally a good indicator of esper powers when performed with a resonant pair, though there are a variety of other tests
  • everybody, even non-espers, access the morphogenetic field to a degree– however, the difference lies in that espers are able to access it deliberately when trained
  • potential/type of esper powers determined at birth, not genetic. again, it can be improved with training, but if somebody absolutely cannot shift whatsoever they aren’t going to learn to no matter what
  • the field subconsciously affects all living creatures, as shown in experiments explained in 999. very strong espers will have a stronger imprint on the field, meaning they can influence others more strongly; in rare cases, extremely strong espers may be able to record resonant events so strong that they control people or individuals. they also may be able to read even the most faint of events, especially those of other espers, leading to “mind reading”
  • espers may pick up on memories/information associated with certain locations/objects; for example, historical sites
  • espers often have stronger connections with animals
  • under very specific circumstances, two espers’ resonant events may line up perfectly, allowing them to… basically share an existence/all actions for a time. like what akane & junpei did during sudoku. weird shit man
  • i might add more to this eventually

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Aaaaa imagine corrupted Steven trying to rehabilitate the corrupted gems with his new form sndndndn... sparkly puppy eyes and trying to be like a pack family to calm them down... but would his healing spit still work?


Also, I’m not sure of the healing spit. I don’t think it would work on his corrupted form, but @kawaiinyanya had an idea that his spit would leave trails of roses. which is a really nice idea. 

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I'm a non-shipper (bc all I saw was Ichigo forming strong friendships and caring about his family) but I was surprised Rukia and Ichigo didn't end up together (not even strictly romantically). Ichigo and Orihime had the weakest friendship/bond to begin with. He didn't even believe in her abilities until the last chapters of the last arc or call her by her first name! This ending did a disservice to all characters.

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Wise words from a non-shipper, folks!!