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Hello hi!

I’ve made a sideblog for my photography called @drxgonflysphotos (super creative I know) I’ll still be posting my photos on this blog under this tag because this is where all my traffic comes from. If you’re a photographer or someone who follows me just for my photos and don’t want to be spammed with all of my reblogs, I won’t be offended if you unfollow me here and refollow me over there. I don’t take enough photos to keep it super active but in the future, it’ll be updated at least once or twice a month. At the moment I have a queue going of 3 photos a day.

I also have a sideblog called @drxgonflyups where I just reblog my uploads and photography. All uploads are posted on this blog under this tag, again, because this is where all my traffic comes from. 


@drxgonflysphotos - my original photography will be reblogged here

@drxgonflyups - my uploads & original photography will be reblogged here

@drxgonfly - everything is posted and reblogged here

Thanks! <3

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some succulent asks

burro’s tail: what was the last dream you had?
agave: what’s your favorite time of the day?
crown of thorns: are you more of a cozy rainy day or a warm sunny day?
sempervivum: what’s your favorite artist to listen to when you’re sad?
jade plant: what is a bird you associate yourself with?
aloe: what is your favorite season and why?
pussy ears: how do you take your coffee?
ponytail palm: what is your favorite flavor of macaron and ice cream?
perle von nurnberg: what makes your heart flutter?
moonstones: do you have a significant other?
agavoides: what is your first plant you ever owned and does it have a name?
cupid: what are five aspects you like about yourself?
flapjack what are five flaws you have?
string of pearls: do you prefer soft pastels, warm neutrals, or cool darks?
lavender stones: what do you look for in your significant other?
black prince: are there any pets you would like to have?
melaco: how would you describe a perfect date?
wooly rose: what are some names that you like?
haworthia: are a you more of a fruit popsicle kind of person or ice cream popsicle kind of person?
lithops: how do you spend free time by yourself?
aeonium: what is your favorite tea and how do you take it?
baby toes: what was the last book you read?
topsy turvy: what is the most comfortable sleeping position?
calico kitten: what is something valuable that you learned in your life?
cactus: how would you describe the last photo you’ve taken?
irish mint: do you like to cook or bake more?
blue elf: do you have a favorite scent?
jelly bean: do you prefer walking, driving, or biking?
california sunset: what accessory do you always have on you, no matter what?
little jewel: are you an art museum or a science museum kind of person?
painted lady: do you have cute nicknames?
debbie: how would you describe your handwriting?
moonglow: how do you relieve stress?
key lime: do you have a quirky catch phrase?
lola: do you play any instruments? if not, are there any you wish you could play?

Types of Stranger Things blogs:

Part 1

Blessed, positive energy, probably won’t hurt you:

The Steve Stan: has loved Steve since season one, rolls their eyes when you say he was redeemed in season two, blurry Joe Keery pictures, dad Steve headcanons/memes

The Soft Mileven Shipper: reblogs every gif set of the kiss™, listens to Every Breath You Take everyday, doesn’t ship Millie and Finn, respects other ships, isn’t homophobic

The IT Fan: crossovers with ST and IT, wants the two casts to hang out more than anything, loves Africa by Toto, doesn’t know if you’re talking about Mike Hanlon or Mike Wheeler but loves both of them with all their heart

The Heterophobe: hardcore ships Byeler, believes in lesbian Max, despises Billy and wants you to know it, Henclair, Elmax, tired of the straights testing them, doesn’t need your approval

The Will Byers Fan: always super nice, kind of stressed, wants to know what’s wrong with their boy, probably ships Byeler but that’s not their main focus, biggest advocate for Noah Schnapp winning an Emmy

Part 2

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