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Is there anything that does bother you about Zack Snyder’s DCEU? I adore the movies, but (especially in Man of Steel) the Jesus imagery surrounding Superman really irks me, not in a thematic way, but just because I’m Jewish and want to see Superman’s Jewish roots referenced for once. Is there anything like that-from a critique standpoint or just personal preference-that you would change about the DCEU?

i love snyder’s vision for the universe, but i wouldn’t have adapted TDKR. the way snyder did it, in my opinion, is absolutely masterful - BvS is dripping with references, from the mechanical suit to robin’s case to batman’s characterization to the burned-out manor he doesn’t even live in - but that’s not what i would have done. 

i wouldn’t have wanted the first cinematic meeting of the two biggest superheroes on the planet to have been them beating the shit out of each other - the movie i would’ve written would’ve been called world’s finest, and i would’ve layered it with every tribute to the two’s partnership i could give it. TDKR, in my opinion, is about the furthest thing from a true world’s finest story a person could find; miller’s superman is a hollowed-out political criticism, gutted of the nuance superman could be potentially given. TDKR’s not a bad comic to choose to adapt, quite the opposite in fact, but my personal opinions on it make it a no from me. as much as i love BvS for all its depth and power, i’ll still always crave a true story of friendship between comics’ two greatest friends.