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when the moon fell in love with the sun (pt. 2)

u thought i was done with this?? *cackles* NEVER @slutorama

(part 1)


Tara’s not nervous. No really, she’s not. In fact, the thought that Faith’s slyly avoided hanging out at her place until today hasn’t even occurred to her, so there’s really no pressure at all.

So yeah, she’s not nervous.

“You’re late,” Faith says, opening the door to her motel just a crack so she can peak out. “Said you’d be here at 4:00, remember?”

Tara feels a smile unfurl, slow and pleased, on her face. “You were waiting for me.”

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so if 1 person is talking about their suffering/oppression/whatever tumblr thinks the appropriate response is SO WHAT AT LEAST IT'S NOT AS BAD AS WHAT THIS PERSON OF X BACKGROUND IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CONTINENT HAS SUFFERED OMG YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL YOU"RE SO PRIVILEGED. like i had absolutely 0 knowledge of ireland's troubles it's not something w studied in school and i'm guessing it's not in the us either so the least they could do is educate themselves, *sigh*

empathy/tumblr is such a notp, SUCH A NOTP. also idk I studied irish history in a fairly summary way in high school but we had a specific british history curricula separated from regular history - like, you’d do it along with everyone else without going too much in depth in regular hours, but we had like six hours of english language per week in the last three years of HS and we’d do three literature and three history. so since we did ONLY FUCKING BRITISH HISTORY FOR THREE YEARS we did irish history as well because it went hand to hand with it and we had an entire didactic section or unit or whatever it’s called just on the famine…….. in italy lol. (nvm that I read a comic book where the protagonist lived in london and at some point he had a story with an irish girl tied with IRA and that’s how I learned the troubles were a thing. spoilers: it was a horror comic ops but let’s say italian comic industry is fairly ahead of the times when it comes to educate you on recent history.) anyway from what I gathered our system is atypical so obviously not everyone might know but good lord GO ON WIKIPEDIA AND READ SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of…. saying to go eat a potato which is the equivalent of a lot of things they wouldn’t say about *nonwhite people TM*

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Lately there's been a lot of talk in the fandom about Jeyne Poole becoming the next Sealord of Braavos. With Ferrego gravely ill, is there a chance that Jeyne will get elected over the more popular choice Tormo Fregar? If so, would Arya be a good choice for First Sword?

I may well be missing something obvious here, but why exactly would the magisters and keyholders vote for a foreign teenager with no knowledge of Braavos and no governing experience whatsoever? IIRC the Sealord has to be be a citizen of Braavos, which she is not. Same deal with Arya: she’s undoubtedly a li’l ninja, but she’s not the finest swordfighter in Braavos by a long shot, and also, she’s eleven. 

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Is it wrong that I'm legit upset that my best friend skipped FTF even after I repeatedly told her to watch it and when I told her again her only reaction was "eh"???

It’s absolutely not wrong for you to feel any way you happen to be feeling. Feelings aren’t wrong, they are what they are. But back to your main issue. Does your friend not understand that The X-Files: Fight the Future is a cinematic masterpiece, in addition to being the last semi-coherent contribution to the show’s mytharc before TPTB completely lost sight of whatever end game they might have had in mind? And also that David and Gillian are at peak hotness? And also the Hallway Scene™? Is it a question of interest on your friend’s part or just a lack of understanding that FTF is literally the XF at its finest?

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Horror, romance, shoujo

The Bathory Academy is a prestigious school sitting high atop a mountain, far from any city. It has a reputation for taking and producing only the finest, but every fifty years or so, a female student in her senior year goes missing. The story has become a local legend, with many odd rumors regarding the headmistress, Mandalina Elendil. Some say the same woman has run the school for centuries; others will tell you she’s simply the descendant of the original headmistress.

A chance encounter with Ms. Elendil’s young and mysterious assistant, Cyrillien, prompts the 18-year-old Iieha Beautemps to apply and get accepted into the Academy for her final year of schooling. Little seems out of the ordinary until she accidentally overhears Cyrillien and the headmistress discussing “sacrifices” in the teacher’s lounge. Even stranger– Cyrillien refers to Ms. Elendil as “Liz”!

What’s going on here at Bathory Academy, exactly? What will become of Iieha? Find out in Volume 1 coming April 1st!


A Castle, so prestigious
it would fit any king.

Skokloster is considered
one of Europe’s finest
Baroque castles which
still is intact with furniture
and an full Armory among
other things.
Built by Count Carl-Gustaf
Wrangel during the years
1654 - 1676, never totally
completed, thus Wrangel
died in 1676.

This amazing Castle is
located in Håbo township
between Stockholm and
Uppsala, beside the lake

Photowork by:

Un château si prestigieux
il cadrerait un roi.

Skokloster est considéré
l'un des meilleurs d'Europe
Châteaux baroques qui
est encore intact avec des
meubles et un arsenal
complet entre d'autres
Construit par le comte
Carl-Gustaf Wrangel pendant
les années 1654 - 1676,
jamais totalement Terminé,
ainsi Wrangel est décédé
en 1676.

Ce château étonnant est
Situé dans le canton de Håbo
Entre Stockholm et Uppsala,
près du lac Mälaren.

Photowork, par: