to find socks

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Heeey Chen. Two questions. Do you recall where you got the cutie socks Cello is wearing in this post post/167564927819/cleo-ahhhhhh-cleo-what-a-great-morning ? TYSM if you do. Second, any idea when we'll be seeing more of the Guerrero Legacy?

hellooo!!! ♡♡ yes! u can find these cute little socks right here! there’s a low and high version, cleo’s are the low version (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ also here’s some cute recolours that i use, hope this helps!!

ohh that is a good question ahh i think about eloise a lot, i wanted to revamp the story and looking back i wasn’t happy with the editing and stuff BUT i DEFFO want to continue it, probs some time in the new year? once i’ve planned it out a bit better? im surprised anyone remembers!! ✧ ✧ ty godi!! ly ♡


i got commissioned back in feb for some quick busts of sock from welcome to hell and i figure now that they’ve actually been paid off i can probably share these here

what hearing jins voice in a song is like

- finding five dollars in ur laundry
- passing a test when u thought u failed
- seeing a rainbow
- a friend giving you a nice gift for no reason
- eating fruit thats perfectly ripe
- learning at the check out counter that ur items are on sale
- wearing matching socks
- finding something cool u forgot u owned
- a cool rock thats free cause its on the ground so u take it
- the day ur phone data refreshes each month
- taking a good selfie after 1000 ugly ones
- beating a boss at like 1 hp
- learning a cool new word and using it in conversation


Another of team voltron shenanigans initially prompted by seeing @ironinkpen‘s headcanon post.

I swear this was funnier in my head. 

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Somewhere in your mind is the cistern where all lost things collect. Find that place.

Taurus: Wear socks, heat escapes through your toes.

Gemini: There are strange gossamer things floating through the night in your neighborhood. Wonder not what they are, and enjoy the glow.

Cancer: Dream of a maze of shelves and scholars. Within its twisted halls lies the answer.

Leo: The next step is cran-razzberry flavored. Keep an eye out.

Virgo: Visit those you cannot in your mind. Sleep is the longest beach.

Libra: All gifts should be repayed in some way or another. We all have something to offer, however small.

Scorpio: Sometimes its just not a knickknack anymore. Sometimes it might as well be a fond memory, crystallized.

Ophiuchus: Art made is art consumed. Art consumed is a bad case of indigestion.

Sagittarius: The heart wants what the heart wants what the heart wants what the heart wants what the heart wants what the heart wants

Capricorn: Play your card whatever it may be. The time is now.

Aquarius: Roll the uncertainty in your palms like a marble and gaze into its depths. It will all be okay.

Pisces: You are small to some. Enjoy this.

Can't decide
  • Percival: Which socks should I wear black or blue?
  • Newt: .....
  • Percival: Quickly Newt I have a meeting in 30 minutes!
  • Newt: Both seem fine to me Percy
  • Percival: *Starts crying* I'm going to be so fucking late!

even his fucking wrist is beautiful i can’t believe i have to quit my job now nothing i’m saying is coherent i just told my friend i was making tea like i’m not even doing that why did i lie about it i can’t find my socks nothing makes sense

Pro tip: do not, I repeat, DO NOT, go shopping with Bandstand’s “You Deserve It” going through your head. You will impulse buy everything in sight and not feel the slightest bit ashamed until the charge is rang up at the register. Do not recommend.

Imagine that first time Bitty leaves a toothbrush at Jack’s place.

They haven’t really discussed it but it’s just sort of happened – Jack left a shirt at the Haus, Bitty left a pair of shorts – and it just began to gradually build from there. It wasn’t uncommon for Jack to find a stray sock or two in his laundry, but one morning after Bitty had gone home from staying for the weekend, Jack walked into the bathroom, bleary-eyed and yawning, and picked up a toothbrush that wasn’t his.

Jack stared at it for a long time. The bristles were stiff and straight, the vibrant blue perfectly intact, as if Bitty had just purchased it and used it that weekend for the first time. Then he left it there on purpose, next to Jack’s, just so he wouldn’t have to worry about bringing one the next time he came over. Because there would for sure be a next time, a next evening or morning that Bitty would need it.

Jack returned the toothbrush to the holder on the counter and picked up his own instead; brushing his teeth that morning came much easier since he couldn’t control the wide smile on his lips.