to finally see what the heck is going on

I sat on the couch reading when my phone rang, picking it up I saw a message from Klaus. At first I ignored it but after many more messages I finally looked at one, he was asking for help, over and over again. After a few more minutes I finally decided to go and see what the heck was wrong.

“Klaus?” I called stepping into the house. Agonizing groans filled the house, I walked further into the house and found him in the living room.

“Klaus?” I asked confused. He looked up at me from where he was bent over on the floor. His face was pale and his body was sweaty as he clawed at his bare back, which was bleeding.

“I got your 14 hundred texts…what happened?” I asked stepping down into the room.

“Siles…he stabbed me with the white oak stake…” He spat through gritted teeth, “there’s still a piece in my back…I-I need you to get it out!”

“Wait what?” I asked still confused, “how did Siles-”

“I don’t know! I was a bit busy getting stabbed!” He hissed.

“Okay, okay. Let me look.” I said walking closer. Klaus turned and held himself up on the piano, and handed me a pair of hand held flower cutters, “here.” I took them and carefully stuck them in Klaus’s back where he had already been clawing. He yelled in agony. After digging around for a few minutes I pulled them out, “there is nothing in there Klaus.”

“Yes there is! I can feel it moving closer to me heart!” He hit his hand against the piano.

“Well maybe you just need to calm down!” I growled turning and falling onto the couch.

“How can you tell me to calm down when I am dying?!” Klaus demanded.

“Klaus, I couldn’t find anything in your back. You’re just killing yourself faster by freaking out.” I answered crossing my arms.

“You’re lying!” He hissed, “you want me to suffer and die!”

“You’re not dying!” I snapped.

“LIAR!” He yelled falling to his knees. I crossed my legs and picked up a book from the end table by the couch and opened it.

“Help me!” He demanded.

“You know, you haven’t even said please, or asked nicely. You just started to yell and demand.”

“I’m dying! If I die, you die!” He snapped.

“Already dead.” I replied calmly. He growled and began to claw at his back, “how can you just sit here while I need help?!”

“I already tried to get the stake out, nothing is in there. I told you to calm down.” I flipped a page in the book.

“I AM CALM!” He yelled. I looked at him unamused, then sighing turned back to the book. After a moment I felt him sit on the couch with me.

“Help me…please…” He asked through gritted teeth. I handed him the book, “read out loud.”

“What?” He huffed and looked at me in disbelief.

“Read. You need to calm down, read.” I said pushing the book at him again. He grumbled something under his breath but took the book, slowly and with pain in his voice he began to read. After a few minutes his voice evened out and he stopped sweating. I smiled lightly as he relaxed, he put the book down and looked at me, “the pains gone.”

“Told ya.” I said getting up, “you gonna be okay if I leave?” He nodded and looked up at me, “thank you.”

“Klaus Mikaelson says thank you. Must be a miracle.” I said before walking out and towards the door. Suddenly he flashed in front of the door stopping me.

“What?” I asked.

“Thank you.” He said again.

“You already said that.” I said nodding slowly. Suddenly he put his lips to mine gently, after a few moments he pulled, I looked at him surprised. He smiled, “I wanted to thank you properly. I hope to see you again.” He said before opening the door for me and smiled watching me leave.

“You’re welcome.” I answered before leaving. I walked to the car still processing what had happened, it wasn’t that it was a bad kiss, it was just unexpected…and it was Klaus. Pondering this for a while, I realised while the kiss was unexpected, I didn’t exactly hate it.

Yo have another thing fam

The short and sweet: Pidge becomes a badass and I’m Seasalt trash

The long version: The team is aboard a Galra ship for a mission, Pidge is doing her usual thing of hacking the main computer and pulling the strings when she’s discovered, she manages to secure the room again but in the process gets shot, like mortally wounded if the team doesn’t get to her soon she’s dead kind of shot. Cue her four big bros freaking the heck out and trying to get to her. She can see the odds are against them, she knows that they’ll either escape without her or get captured with her so she does what she needs to do, leads them away from her and to safety before, with what’s left of her strength, rigging the ship to short out and trigger an explosion that’ll knock out the systems and get the team out. In that final moment before in all goes to hell Lance murmurs “We’re going to need a miracle to get out of this” and Pidge manages to choke out “Then say hallelujah cuz here it is.” Things blow up, hangar doors are flung open and everyone is sucked out into space. Cut to Shiro’s visor and all you see is a reading on Pidge’s armour showing she’s flatlined. No time to get her though, Allura swings in, picks them up and off they go. Once inside the ship it starts to settle in: Pidge just blew herself up to save them. Shiro practically roars amd punches a hole through the wall before sinking to the floor, face in his hands. Keith sits next to him, staring blankly ahead as his eyes grow glassy. Poor Hunk doesn’t have the chance to give way to his own grief as he tries to calm down Lance, who’s having a full blown grief driven panic attack. Allura and Coran arrive and try to console them but it’s no use. The final shot of is of the inside the Green Lion’s cockpit, the lights are all off, everything is dimmer than usual. As the screen fades out we hear a small sniffle and see Lance’s leg poke out from behind the empty pilot’s chair where he’s sitting.

Weeks later, the team has gone numb, Pidge’s loss still heavy in the air. But they have a mission to complete aboard another Galra ship. It’s going well, until they’re attacked by something. It’s cloaked in black, small and moving freakishly fast, darting in and striking before retreating back into the shadows. Shiro manages to grab the robe and pull it off, revealing Pidge. Only it’s not her.

Haggar’s handiwork is instantly recognizable.

Every part of her has some kind of Galra tech now. Her left leg from the knee down, her right from the thigh down, the right arm from the elbow and most of her left hand are all prosthetic as. There are power nodes and panels across her body and her left arm has some kind of control band built in. Even the base of her skull, under what’s left of her hair, is Galra tech now, all of it glowing eerily purple. She stares at them, expression blank and eyes vacant. Her right eye glows purple in the second before she launches forward to attack with enough force to leave dents in the floor. Her attack is mechanically precise, each move carefully calculated and executed, her size and speed used as an advantage as she lands blow after blow. Hunk is the one to save the day here, while the other three fight just to keep her at bay he rips open a wall panel and uses the wiring to short-circuit her. The glow of the tech fades as she falls heavy and limp to the floor, surrounded by her teammates nursing the wounds she gave them.

They get their Pidge back of course. Once Hunk hooks her up to the Green Lion and uses the Lion’s energy to re-boot her she’s back with no recollection of what happened - her brain is half electronic now so the memories were literally deleted. Everyone’s ecstatic, Pidge is ok and has some p cool new abilities including downloading info directly into her brain, hacking things at a finger touch and the increased strength, stamina and resilience that her mostly tech body gives her. (She also loves her new ‘techno undercut’ and the fact that she glows green) Lance jokingly calls her the Miracle Maker but it sticks. He starts affectionately referring to her as ‘Miracle’ and whenever she does something techie and helpful on a mission he’ll say “hallelujah” and it kind of rubs off on the rest of the team and becomes a sort of call-sign for her. One time Lance called her ‘My Miracle’ and didn’t even notice until Hunk told him later “So that’s why she blushed?”

So I downloaded flycam finally and wanted to check out what it looks like when you go down the mountain in Skyhold.

I make my way down there and start seeing these weird little wiggling figures in the distance and some fire

So i go to take closer look because I want to know what the heck is going on down there, and this is what I see

there’s like a ghost dance party going on down there??? And I wasnt invited??? What the hell man.

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hello hi hello modern au! jack and davey meet because jack accidentally breaks into daveys apt and just starts going through his fridge and davey is sitting on the couch like "what the heck are you doing in my apartment?" and jack just. Freezes, arm full of food, and turns around v e r y s l o w l y, going "i have just realized that this is in fact your apartment and not mine i'll just , see myself out"

this is probably at 1 am during finals week.

Trickster ep 19

Kobayashi’s remembering and going to find out the truth! Hanasaki’s finally going to him! Inoue should’ve accepted him back though. Hide-chan is awesome as always. “Life is too short, so do what you want to do!” Twenty Faces is gonna be surprised to find Akechi using his name! Probably to lure him out of hiding. I mean, the heck Akechi!! But, next episode, Kobayashi’s past is finally revealed, and Hanasaki’s feelings might be as well. As for Akechi’s plan to catch Twenty Faces… We’ll see.

Back from the Clefairy Full Moon Ball

Fruit and Orange return home, a little more roughed up and they wished they were. Orange, being dragged by Fruit, is kicking and screaming incoherent intoxicated nonsense. Danrol opens the door and sees this, asking “What the heck happened to you two?!” Fruit grumpily replies “Someone tampered with the marshmallows.” Orange finally screams something coherent. “LEMME GO SO I CAN KICK YER ****ING ***!” Fruit and Danrol agreed to put her in bed until she recovers.

Random Drinking Night, Going to Bar With Ellyza~

Elly: “Fuck offa my sis, ya buncha creeps!”

NPC: “What are you, her brother?”

Elly: “WHAT?! How dare you?! I’m a girl too!!”

Elisa: “That’s right, though handsome with small breasts, valiant and charming my darling is, but she is a genuine female!”

Elly: “See?! I’m a— wait a min, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!”

NPC: “… Let’s leave these weirdos. The girl isn’t even that pretty…” -_-;

Elly: “Waita min, I’m not done with ye—“

Me: “Pfft. It’s okay, Elly. We’re not here to get you drunk so you can pick a fight with such guys.”

Elisa: “Let them go, darling. Now that I’m here we can finally have some real fun!”

Elly: “Well, but Hunter… what the heck is this witch doin’ here?”

Elisa: “I’m here to have fun with you two of course! Come on, Elly, darling, look that piano over there? I can play some songs, you be the one to sing, okay?”

Elly: “What? Wait, don’t drag me like that— and I’ve ever told you not to call me ‘darling’!”

Me: “Sing to your heart content, Elly! I’ll be listening from here!”

Elly: “What the…?!?!”


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I don't know but this idea is stuck in my head: something about your lapidot fic but san valentin day, Lapis go to the apartment and Amethyst open the door "hey Laz! you are early... or I'm late? oh shit I'm late sorry I have to go to work, if you are searching for P'dot follow the red path bye!" and then she leaves. Inside Lapis see a path with apparently rose petals? no those aren't petals, those are just tiny pieces of red paper that go to Peridot room (part 1)

“I was supossed to say want to take a better look and then show to you my…. I’m going to kill Amethyst I told her this was a bad plan!” Amethyst plan? a better look to what? Lapis finally undertand a bit what the heck was happened. “Peridot… are you trying to surprise me for valentine?” Peridot with a red face respond very quiet “well, yeah. I don’t have enough money to take you out to a fancy dinner or something like that, also I have work tonight!” (part 3)

Morning and noon was the only time to spend together this day, so Peridot could sleep before go work. “Peridot…” say Lapis when she walk to hug her girlfriend, she tried to do something just for her? No one tried that before, “I like this don’t worry, is perfect”, but oh that wasn’t the only surprise that day. Because Peridot finally fulfil her promise about the private dance. And apparently the liquid chocolate was more useful than the hard one, (last part, Happy valentine to you nick!)

ooohhhhh my god this was so sweet thank you so much for this!! It made me smile so hard aaaaaaa <333

So y’know how each preview at the end of Joker Game is supposed to introduce the next character and give a clue as to what it’s going to be about?? Like Ep 3 was Hatano hinting about memory loss…Ep 5 w/ Kaminaga and the “sleep”er agent etc etc? They all fit right?

But then we get THIS guy and I never understood how the heck Tazaki’s line related to his episode cause we did not see him swoon anybody’s heart (at least, not intentionally) until after the umpteenth repeat it finally dawned on me….

Kokoro - - > Heart - -> Hato - -> Pigeon…….

It was a bilingual pun……….omg this ojii-san likes puns

In the end: it was still about the pigeons      .___.

Okay so, more I looked at her legs more I hated it, so I had to fix it. I removed the old version because heck it was weird. That’s what you get when you can’t draw for a long period and suddenly anatomy gets all kinds of messed up. Sorry for the double-post.

From the original:
Since exams are finally over I can get back to drawing again.
I’m going to pop Christmas gifts now (in no particular order), and when I’m done I might open for commissions again. I have to get back to both the labs and have to start writing my thesis, so we’ll see. MAYBE.

The first one is for Leon. I would like to add here something emotional, but I can only think of inappropriate sexual humor, so let’s skip that before I’ll embarrass the both of us.

“What is it you want to show me Jean?”

“Just go to my room and you’ll see,” Jean told Marco as he was looking through his dog’s toy pile, confused on where the carrot toy went.

Marco shrugged and went as Jean instructed.

After another minute of searching, he finally gave up. “Where the heck is it? Oh well, I can focus on that later. Time to surprise Marco with that chocolate i bought for him.”


Hearing his name, Jean looked up in confusion and worried Marco already found them. “Shit.” He sprinted to the bedroom and saw Marco beaming brightly as he saw him enter.

“Oh Jean, she’s perfect!”

“… Hah?”

Marco looked back at the bed, prompting Jean to look as well.

In the middle, was a tiny rabbit, dozing away while clinging to the carrot toy. Jean stood there baffled, wondering how it got inside.

“I love her,” Marco squealed as he cupped his cheeks.

“Marco… that’s not…” Jean tried to tell him that wasn’t the surprise, but could’t as the other boy bounced in glee.

Something i drew for my friend @dianeofarc ^^