to feel your heart

Do you know that kind of pain where you actually feel your heart pounding on and on and you feel like your very last breath is on its way
When your whole body feels light as a balloon and your toes and fingers start to numb out
You’re shaking and trembling but the tears just cease to exist
Your whole being is screaming and growling like your soul is pleading to finally leave its home
You just sit there, eyes wide open, flat figured and a heart fighting to dislodge from your chest
Everything, everything is ready to leave your body,
But you still think as long as the tears haven’t showed up yet, you’re “strong” and in control
—  datragic-poet 

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The thing you described about falling asleep is called Sleep paralysis and it is the state before REM sleep (rapid eye movement) Which is the most important state of sleep. During REM sleep, you have many different dreams and so your mind is still technically conscious. Your mind purpously Paralyses your body so you can't move or feel your heart beating ect. Sleep paralysis is when your mind acts too fast and puts your body into a state of paralysis before you have actually entered REM sleep.

Thank you so much anon like- WOW?? I’m so glad I know this now!! :0


To quote KDS,  ‘Awww, believe what you want!’   Believe it with all your heart.  But believe it because it rings true for you, not just because it might stick a wrench in a strangers’ dream.  Believe what you want and search out blogs, or better yet, create your own blog, and shout it from the rooftops.  You’ll attract followers who share your belief and you’ll make friends and spend many hours discussing your shared belief.  And when you have done all that, I promise not to search you out and call you names or tell you you’re wrong.  Why go looking for discord, after all, when friendship is at your fingertips?   If your belief is truly based on what you feel in your heart, and not on what might hurt a stranger the most, or give the biggest boost to your ego, then your belief is as valid as mine, and my inbox is open for you to share it, but only if you can do it respectfully. 

Do you guys ever like

Have this impression at night that you’re gonna fall asleep very soon, and you actually FEEL yourself falling asleep like feel yourself leaving consciousness, you can’t feel your body and everything is numb, your heart doesn’t beat anymore and you suddenly have to pull yourself back awake in fear of dying?

Because it happened to me around 3 times last night and it was terrifying

On another note I finished today’s exam woooo! Hardest day is tomorrow rip \o/

You know, if I could stop having these stupidly awesome headcannons…

That’s be kinda sad, actually…

Here we go again!!

Chat sings songs from Mary Poppins to Marinette… because if you shorten Marinette what do you get? Mari.

“Oh it’s a jolly holiday with Mari,” Chat sings as he lands on Marinette’s balcony. Marinette is sitting there quietly waiting to see what he does next, half intrigued, half enjoying his voice, “Mari makes your heart so light!”

Chat gestures to the sky above them, “When the day is gray and ordinary, Mari makes the sun shine bright.” He holds out a little flower to her, “Oh, happiness is blooming all around her, the daffodils are smiling at the dove!”

Marinette takes the flower only to have her hand captured by his own, “When Mari holds your hand, you feel so grand. Your heart starts beating like a big brass band!”

Chat imitates a drum as Marinette laughs at him, “Oh its a jolly holiday with Mari! No wonder that it’s Mari that we love!”

Marinette laughs uncontrollably before hugging Chat, “You are such an adorable dork, you know that?”

Chat smiles as he returns the hug. The two eventually have the song completely choreographed because Chat sings it so often to her.

It’s Practically Perfect in Every Way~

All I want is to be your annoying girlfriend that you won’t ever get tired of even in my most irritating mood I could have but a matured and deep girlfriend at the same time. Why can’t I do both? All I ever want is enough time from you, enough time to let you feel that whatever you do or wherever you go, my love won’t fade. All I want is to feel loved everyday and even when you’re mad at me I could still feel the love in your heart. All I want is to feel secured and be proud that I’m your girlfriend, but I’m not sure if you know how to make me feel secured because you’re securing someone else other than me. All I want is my trust for you to be worth it, that I won’t regret that I gave all the trust you need. Sometimes, I trust too much that it makes me look like a fool for trusting so much. Sometimes, my trust and my love makes me blind for the things I should have see and things I should have feel. All I want is to be yours; to be the girlfriend you will take care of, even if you knew that I can take care of myself. Most importantly, all I want to be someone that you think don’t deserve to get hurt and accepts me for who I am. Why do I feel like I never deserved to be treated well? I reserved and protected myself for how many years and now that I opened my heart again, it’s breaking over and over again. Maybe, that’s really the meaning of opening your heart and embracing someone with love while my arms are wide open– the pain will always follow.
—  Why can’t I be that someone?
There Are Days

Hard Days & Easy Days

Days that break your heart open & days that give you extreme joy and happiness. 

The secret is, you don’t learn from those happy days. They’re 100% amazing, incandescent, euphoric, but they don’t teach you. 

You learn from the days when your heart feels like it’s been broken open. When there’s so much hurt and pain in your life, but you keep going anyway. You have to keep going, there is no other choice. 

You learn resilience, you learn how to build yourself up, you find strength, and you grow. You learn to appreciate all that is happy, you learn to find joy in the little things. You learn not to take everything for granted, and you learn to let go of burdens not meant for you to carry.

If your day is light and happy – I wish you many more & hope you share that light and happiness with others. 

If your day is hard and heavy – I hope that you find strength, and that you’ll feel light again soon.

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I'm bisexual and my family doesn't know, the only ones that know are my 2 best friends

i mean !! dont come out to anyone you dont feel like coming out to. its your life do what makes your heart happy

IOLITE’s Bloodstream courses through my veins, electrifying me inside out with its dark sultry R&B and electro pop. The Denver singer songwriter displays impressive vocal calisthenics on her new single, dipping into husky depths and soaring with fervent passion. Bloodstream was born out of raw personal pain. IOLITE wrote the song about the torment which people we love are capable of inflecting upon us, but “that’s when you know you love someone, when you can really feel it in your bones and in your heart.” This magnetic chanteuse gives off the smoldering allure of BANKS alongside the fiery mettle of Kiiara. Bloodstream is out now on iTunes.

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7 and 14 with beloved best of all best friends Jon Snow, hope you'll be happy about it because of Jon Snow :)

Jon Snow - “I almost lost you.” 

“Jon!” You stormed through the familiar gate and tried not to stare at the direwolf banner covering the walls once more. “Jon Snow!” You had trouble controlling your voice, you had trouble controlling everything. 

“(Y/N)!” Jon rushed out of the front door and he wrapped his arms around you as soon as he was near enough to do so. “I am glad to see you again.” He was no longer wearing the black of the Night’s Watch and his dark curls were tamed by a tie holding them together in a bun. 

“I am glad to see you again too.” You could still feel the adrenaline racing through your veins and you were certain that Jon could almost feel your heart beating in your chest. “What were you thinking during that battle?” You shook your head and stepped back to be able to watch him carefully. 

He was still covered in blood as if he had not had the time to take a bath just yet. His eyes were glimmering however and even though he had almost lost the battle, he seemed satisfied that he was in the possession of his home again. 

“I almost lost you!” You locked your glance with his and the smile on Jon’s lips disappeared while he bent his head to stare at his feet. You could hear the barking of dogs in the background and you wondered whether or not it was a good idea to ask what had happened to Ramsay Bolton. 

“I had to try to save Rickon.” Jon spoke softly, as if he knew very well that he had been taking a risk he shouldn’t have been taking. He had walked into the trap set by Ramsay with wide open eyes and you were certain that several people had tried to warn him not to do so.

“Rickon was lost the moment Ramsay had caught him.” You sighed and you grabbed the fur of his cloak pulling him closer towards you. “We all would have been lost if you would have died on that battlefield.” You looked up and Jon couldn’t help swallowing a few times.

“I know and I’m sorry that I took the risk to fight for what I thought was right.” Jon placed his firm hands on your shoulders and he stepped back while he lifted his chin and straightened his back. “Actually, I believe I didn’t even think about it. It was more of an instinct. I just wanted to save my little brother.” His voice broke during the last word and you cocked your head.

“I know.” You exhaled once more and you nodded. “And even though I hate you for taking such risks for an almost lost cause, I think I also like you because of it.” You licked your lips. “I’m with you, Jon.” You spoke firmly. “Always.”

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do you ever just hurt so much that it's like you can't even feel anything at all? like you feel so empty but at the same time it feels like someone is taking your heart and twisting and pulling it in your chest until you can't take it anymore. if you have, do you have any advice on how to get through it?

I have. I’ve hurt so bad that I’m not hurting at all…if that makes sense? What I usually do is just sit and think about why I’m feeling this way. I think proceed to tell someone about it and they usually ask me questions and keep me distracted. If no one is around I just do something to keep my mind occupied: computer games, driving, singing, dancing around, journaling, anything that keeps your mind stimulated. I usually come out of it a few hours later

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I don't want to die(please don't tell me how to "be happy",,, tell me something that I can relate to please)

okay so life, yeah, it’s pretty fucking shit, it rips things away from you, it crushes your heart, it makes you feel like you can’t get back up, and life, for all the bad, is also good,,of all the dogs that smile at you, and the sun hitting your face on warm spring days,,life is yin and yang, there is good in the bad and bad in the good,,you’re going to hurt, life is going to push you around for as long as you’re alive, but it also gives you opportunities, life hands you great things, a future, a job that you love, a partner (if that’s your thing), it offers you warm coffee shops to run into when it’s cold outside and it hands you compliments from a friend about how lovely you look that day,,and death, death offers you, well that’s the thing isn’t it, we don’t know what death offers, is death cold and dark? or is there light and warmth, is there an endless nothingness? or are there trees that blow in the breeze and flowers that reach out to you as you walk by,,death is a chance, a chance at escape, but it’s also a gamble, you could live in an endless nothingness for ever and ever, or you could sit in the shade and talk to past family members,,life is also a gamble, we don’t know what’s going to happen to us, we could end up with everything we wanted or we could end up on the streets, cold and hungry,,but since we know what life has to offer to a good extent, isn’t that a better solution? to live and take a chance to make something of yourself even if you’ll fade into nothingness at the end of it all, to ensure that you’ll see those smiling puppies, to know that you’ll see those colorful flowers that bloom in the spring time? death is so,,death is unpredictable and not worth it,,you’ll waste a life that hasn’t fully lived, even if living doesn’t seem worth it right now, someday you’ll think back and say “fuck yes, i lived” and yeah, your life might not have gone all happy unicorns and rainbows,,but that’s unrealistic, life isn’t supposed to be great, it’s supposed to hurt, and trip you up, so that you can learn and grow, death is easy, life is not, but you get so much more out of living a full life, even if you’ll die one day, you fucking lived, and you did awesome things and even if no one will remember you and even if you don’t make a huge impact, you did something while you were alive, you saw some flowers and you held hands with your best friend, and you got some coffee from a shitty coffee shop, it’s hard yes, and even though the easy way out seems better now, it’s not, live a life because you can, because you were given the chance to, don’t waste it because it’s not easy living right now, it’s no supposed to be,,life is some great but shitty fucking journey, and even if we fall into an endless nothingness at the end of it all, at least we, you, can say i did something and made the best of life while i had the chance

your arm around my shoulders. you oscillate your eyelashes, draw circles on my hand. you’re the only thing binding me together besides the scared skin your salty tears touch. you’re a part of the ocean, current resting in your winding curves. vast space, unkind to strangers and those who do not try. your leg moves involuntarily to the feel of your heart beat, so much of something (no one really knows what) that you can’t contain it. the rhythm you unknowingly play against my leg is the closest to your heart i’ll ever find myself
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #88// anonymous

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Thoughts on an Aquarius sun and Sagittarius rising? Love your blog btw! I always love when you post things on your blog. It makes my day! ^^

Candor is a trait that Aquarians with Sagittarius Risings share.

Independence is a need that Aquarius and Sagittarius share. You will most likely find an Aquarius/Sagittarius Rising to be independent and outspoken. In a romance with an Aquarius/Sagittarius Rising , the closer you get to them emotionally - the farther they are from you in feelings. It almost seems that your absence makes their heart grow fonder. Weird, right?

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Amanda my soul hurts. Do you ever just feel so bad about something your heart like wretches with saddness? I think I'm in love and I don't think he cares. My world is crumbling and shining brighter than the sun all at once. I am terrified. God speed.

Hey (Klaudia here):
I’ve been there. You’re right, it is like that. But it won’t be forever. I’m sorry this hurts so much right now. ❤

I didn’t know that it was possible to grieve someone who’s still alive.
—  I’m not being dramatic it’s just that missing you is like ripping my heart from my chest